Kyrie Irving

Weekly Review/Preview


A 2-2 week which could’ve been 3-1 or 4-0 if we had played a lick of D in San Antonio and Turkoglu’s effort had rimmed in. The disappointment in San Antonio was followed by two poor first half showings against the Bulls and Clippers, but the team found a defensive gear and pulled out wins… Read more »


The Republic Adds A Leader


A few weeks back, Raptors Republic rolled out user forums as another way to become a one-stop shop for all things Raptors related. Some readers raised their dislike of blog comments being the only place they could speak their mind and having their viewpoints lost in a wave of 148 comments didn’t sit well. To… Read more »


Turk comes up short in thriller


Channing Frye provided the daggers from deep, this one in the third quarter. Raptors 100, Suns 101 – Box Sometimes it hurts bad to lose a game and this one brought that hurt big time. A one point loss to the Suns when we easily could have and probably should have won. Turkoglu misses one… Read more »