Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Feb 3 vs Vanilla Ice

The “stop, collaborate and listen” edition.

The “stop, collaborate and listen” edition.

Banks – the third stringer played like a second and a half stringer tonight. He did what he had to do: give Jarrett some blow and not turn the ball over.  He excelled at these things.

Bargnani – he looked a little run down early on. Maybe the allstar break is coming at a great time for our 8th team NBA All Star.  6 of 17 and some turnstile D is not what we expect from the second banana.

Belinelli – forgettable to say the least. He showed as much passion tonight as a trucker shows while being forced to watch the Tyra show when she has on cross dressers.

Bosh – he may be Toronto’s AllStar, but he is also Toronto’s version of this when it comes to playing interior D. Yes you bulked up and your conditioning is a lot better, but how about standing in there, taking a charge, making your mark change his shot, SOMETHING to show you care as much about stopping people as you do about making them look foolish guarding you on the other end.

Calderon – anything less than the best is a felony.

DeRozan – love it or leave it you better gain weight.

Evans – the girlies on standby waving just to say hi.

Jack – buddy was sweating more than Patrick Ewing.  Great game in which he played 40minutes while under the weather. He was finding teammates rather than forcing the issue, had one amazing pass to Andrea in the second quarter and went 3/4 from long range. He wasn’t sick…he was ill.

Johnson – it’s getting to be a habit where he drives you crazy early (tonight with 3 fouls in 4 minutes) then comes back and absolutely makes you want to believe that he is a younger thinner Charles Barkley.  Some nice boards and steals in the 4th and a perfect night from the floor and the charity stripe.

Nesterovic – one of the few nights this year where he has been inserted and he just didn’t produce. Granted, the Nets are a team he doesn’t match up well against, but as a veteran you have to find ways to insert yourself into a game. He didn’t tonight.

O’Bryant – keep my composure when it’s time to get loose.

Turkoglu- magnetized by the mic while I kick my juice.

Weems – Sonny gets the start and he says thanks with 14 points and 11 rebounds. He had a hilight dunk off an inbounds play in the second that I’m sure had a half seasons frustrations behind it. Turned the ball over a bit too much and got burned on D a couple of times, but coming off a pathetic performance last night, he redeemed himself enough to make critics sit up and take notice.

Wright – some nice work defensively, a nice stroke from deep, and a solid 18 and 7. Look, his name is being offered up as a sacrifice right now and I think it’s a mistake to let him go, especially given how he is starting to step up. A guy like this is who you need should someone go down in the playoffs. He’s showing it.

Driving The Bus:  Jarrett Jack

Under The Bus:  Rasho Nesterovic

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