Breaking It Down: Why did Amir Johnson pick up this foul?

Amir Johnson’s been known to pick up fouls at a fairly quick rate, every 5.49 minutes to be exact. He picked up three fouls in a span of 1:57 against Cleveland, one of those fouls was a little interesting and is a subject of this BID segment.


Morning Coffee March 2

Without Calderon’s penetration and range, as well as Bosh’s scoring and glass-cleaning, Toronto often settled for mid- or long-range jumpers. Once the Rockets picked up their defensive intensity, the Raptors’ shots stopped falling and their point total stopped rising.

Kyrie Irving


Part of me wants to put a bullet through my brain than write this recap but have you seen the price of bullets lately? Hopefully you turned this game off after halftime because it stopped being a family show after that. The Rockets were spanking us by 21 at halftime and the game was already over, but the Rockets had had a very miserable evening in Utah a couple nights before and they wanted to erase all memory of that, so we were forced to take it deeper than we’d prefer.