Raptors Roll Call March 7 vs Sixers

The “disappointed in your home team” edition.

The “disappointed in your home team” edition.

Banks – well, he did something better than his backcourt mates and did it better from the bench: no turnovers and nobody blew by him except the towel boy.

Bargnani – man, those double teams sure knocked him off his game tonight, huh? Is it bad to ask for, you know, production on both ends of the floor on a somewhat consistent basis?  The only D this guy has is from his online fanboys.

Belinelli – he must circle the Sixers games on the calendar, knowing he’ll get some playing time against Kapono.  He played well, but that is like saying the 10 year old housecat played well against the scratching post.

Bosh – back on the floor but did nothing to help his teammates come together, become a team and rally against a team we should have beaten. The 12 boards look good in the stat sheet, but that’s the end of it.

Calderon – going to be sporting a shiner, but he shouldn’t be proud of it since it came in a losing effort.  Didn’t come to life until the fourth quarter and it was too little too late. Uncharacteristic turnovers, no attacking the hoop, and no trips to the free throw line. Telling.

DeRozan – the rookie saw more minutes go to Marco Belinelli. Think about that. His handlers have to get to this kid and wake him up.  He has lived up to the hype as much as Oden.

Evans – certainly showed his offensive prowess today. Odd thing is, it came at the cost of his defence. He was getting knocked around and just didn’t bring it today. Jay yanked him, playing him for reduced minutes for the second game in a row. Wise move.

Jack – played well, but was easily shown up by the Sixers backcourt. He found himself turning around and seeing names and numbers as opposed to facing up and seeing team names.  He must have been having flashbacks to Celtics games.

Johnson – sick? just didn’t care? inability to compete? Choose one. All applicable to Amir tonight.

Nesterovic – pictures speak louder than floortime.

O’Bryant – well, at least he’s 7ft.

Turkoglu- missed the game due to a tweaked ankle.  Did you notice?

Weems – comes off a career high night and gets the start in place of Hedo. He came out tighter than Joan Rivers’ face and promptly set the tone for the day. He picked it up as the game wore on and he faced some lesser defenders, but those first few minutes were terrible.

Wright – hey, how does 2/10 grab ya? How about the only reason he was left out there is because, quite simply, we had nobody else left? A horribly off day.

Driving The Bus:  Jarrett Jack

Under The Bus:  Antoine Wright

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