Kyrie Irving

I’ll bet on Ed Davis…will you?


It’s an age-old debate rife with controversy, a taboo topic conversation piece alongside politics, religion, and your wife’s sister. What makes us who we are? To what can we attribute our successes or blame our failures? It’s obvious to most that they aren’t mutually exclusive. In some cases nature takes the lead, while in others nurture is predominant.


Three Point Defense Continues to Haunt Raptors, Pacers Roll to Easy Win


It is now to the point that I think I should resign as a writer for Raptors Republic. Three games covered, three early deficits, three displays of lethargic play, and three losses. I’ll keep trucking and hoping that the Raptors turn things around when under my writing microscope, while in the meantime, I refuse to mail in this article the way the Raptors mailed in tonight’s loss to the Indiana Pacers.