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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Pistons Dec 11

The “admit it, you turned it off to watch Frosty” edition.

The “admit it, you turned it off to watch Frosty” edition:

Alabi: for the first time in weeks, he gets to stay in a hotel where he doesn’t feel the need to use a UV light.

Barbosa: you think the young guys are giving him a bit of a push? Since Jose didn’t feel the need to join the team, Leandro again assumed the role of backup PG for most of the night and looked like he was a talented Jarrett Jack. Solid game showing strong veteran leadership.

Bargnani: really impressed by that light bulb on top of his head on my HD screen. Sometime in the 3rd, he realized that an over the hill guy was making like Hakeem on his ass, so Andrea decided to rebound and fight back. Not only that, but he was giving direction on the offensive side of the floor and he had fire in his eyes. That second half was utterly jawdropping in my house.

Bayless: okay, admit it, who forwarded last nights Roll Call to Bayless’ iPad? From the jump, Bayless was aggressive and played with a chip on his shoulder. He got to the line 12 times, he was hitting shots from all over the floor and he made Stuckey look like he was playing with one leg in the second half.

Calderon: a little Grey Goose, some soft music and a current copy of the NOW classifieds. Just sayin.

Davis: you could almost hear his sphincter tighten when he saw the size of Ben Wallace. Again, Ed’s natural abilities (see: jumping and looking like a babyface) were present in all their glory, but he isn’t NBA ready yet. I’m kind of hoping Dorsey knocks him around in practice a bit.

DeRozan: started the game as confident as J.Cole in an all-girls school. As is customary, he took his foot off the gas a bit and let himself get shown up, but overall he had a nice night.

Dorsey: I still think he doubletakes when Jay calls his name. Still, mini-mountain played well. This was a team he could have seen major minutes against given his size and I’m surprised he didn’t, especially during Wallace’s off the charts run.

Evans: do you think his teeth rattle when it’s cold?

Johnson: early foul trouble, leading to the usual “how can you help us when you are on the bench” sigh from Raptorland. I’m beginning to re-jig that to say “how can you help us when you are wearing a Raptors uniform”.

Kleiza: hoot hoot. Workmanlike, stealthlike, looking like an auto worker from Flint (they still have those, right?).

Stojakovic: doctors note? Anyone? Anyone?

Weems: if this game was like, say, going to Winnipeg (first you think “hey, it’s a trip”, then you get there and get pounded with snow so you start to hate it, then the winds come, blowing said snow, meaning you really hate it, then the Blue Bomber cheerleaders show up, making it a bit better, then you find out they are all staying in the suite next to you and are planning a slumber party, so now it’s amazing, THEN you find out you have a connecting door to said suite and it’s unlocked, so now it’s historical) well Sonny is like the cop that comes to shut the slumber party down and arrest you for being an instigator. No fun.

Wright: another great performance. He helped turn the tide, he threw the reverse gear into at least neutral, and he has proven over the past few appearances that he deserves a longer look. Listening, Jay?

Driving The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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