Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Pistons Dec 22

The “payback is a bitch” edition.

The “payback is a bitch” edition:

Alabi: best +/- on the team tonight. He should start.

Barbosa: the one spark on the Raptors roster tonight. He tried to carry them on his back again, but the Pistons wouldn’t let it happen. Great final game before the break from the guy who has my vote for the best addition to the roster this year.

Bargnani: you can tell he just isn’t himself and he must be ecstatic for the break. Good to hear he is staying in town too, so even more rest.  Although, if his hot piece is here….

Bayless: apparently went to Reggie’s place for some chicken and took the night off for food poisoning.

Calderon: an astonishing number of turnovers for Jose who was outplayed more than a Bieber song.

Davis: quiet but got his job done. Appears to have taken a step back athletically, though. He doesn’t seem to have that bounce he first had and I’m hoping it’s him getting his head straight as opposed to Jay telling him to pull back.

DeRozan: Started great but then faded faster than a Kid N Play haircut. The aggressiveness he shows in flashes like he did tonight is intoxicating, but the fact he can’t harness it and make it come back on a consistent basis makes him expendable.

Dorsey: like baking bread with no yeast, you can’t expect much..and especially nothing to your satisfaction.

Evans: see ya next year, homes. Put your leg up, relax, eat some turkey and get yourself right.

Johnson: started but looked like a Wendy’s baconator but on the way out of your system as opposed to on its way in.

Kleiza: the starting spot agrees with him. Another markedly better performance tonight that saw him aggressively try and make things happen. Really like this version of him. Hoot hoot.

Stojakovic: eating gumbo in N’awlins.

Weems: out with back spasms. Probably from carrying that ego around in his carry-on

Wright: he’s going to wake up in cold sweats tonight yelling “Must Stop McGrady”. Well, too late wingnut. 

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: Jose Calderon

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