Filling in on short notice for a wasted Sam.

Last night I saw Boston and Minny go at it, it was a tight game where Michael Beasley went off in the fourth quarter, even played some D. Then I realized that every time I check the box score this guy’s usually having a good game along with Kevin Love (who is on his way to more double-doubles than Wilt). Then I remembered the people that absolutely refused to take him back in a Bosh-trade with Miami, which I could never figure out.

Yes, he smokes some pot but who hasn’t. Yes, he’s got some issues with effort but so does every Raptor save Reggie Evans. Now, I don’t know whether he was even on the table, but it made no sense to me how Raptors fans viewed him as a “cancer”. Doing a quick search over at our TrueHoop Minny blog, you realize that Beasley is having a pretty solid season. There are defensive issues to be sorted out, but he’s averaging 21.8 points and 6 rebounds while shooting 48%. By comparison, Bargnani is averaging 21.5 points and 5.6 rebounds while shooting 47% in the exact same amount of minutes. So, Beasley isn’t so bad after all, is he?

Bulls game tonight and Andrea Bargnani will play. Last time around Carlos Boozer killed us and there’s no reason to think this should be any different, unless Triano has come up with a strategy countering the hulking beast. I can’t quite recall just how he tore us a new one last time, but I figure this time we try to use bulk over size. See if Dorsey can move him away from his comfort zone rather than put pressure on Amir Johnson to deal, who gives up 50+ pounds.

I’ll leave for Bulls By The Horns to provide the main thing going for the Raptors:

Chicago’s biggest concern should be protecting the offensive glass, since Toronto is ranked fourth in Offensive Rebound Percentage. And the Bulls are ranked only 14th in Defensive Rebound Percentage (.747), making them roughly average. Particularly in Joakim Noah’s absence.

There’s no Joakim Noah tonight.

Anyway, enjoy the game. Sorry for the shortness of this post.

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14 Responses to “Bulls game tonight”

  1. Roarque

    I thought the concern with Beasley was that his attitudes would serve as a cancer in the room. After TJ Ford, Turkoglu and others coming into town and bringing their egos to mess with the younger player’s heads, wasn’t it decided by the big hats that beasley was more trouble that he was worth?

    One other thing: does it make sense to design an offense around the skill sets of both Bargs and DDM. Their offensive styles are effective and different. Should they be on the floor at the same time? Perhaps the answer lies in the much maligned Spaniard who has demonstrated his skill at distributung the ball effectively to the young gunz – can Jose find it in his heart to speak a little Italian from time to time?

  2. skeptical

    People say hindsight is 20/20. That’s a load of bull.

    You can’t just transplant players onto a different team, surround them with different people and motivations and influences, and then expect them to develop the same way – especially for young and talented players that have already demonstrated a lack of emotional maturity.

    There is no assurance that Beasley would be the same player (or post the same numbers) if Toronto had traded for him, and even though I’m glad to see him have a strong season it doesn’t seem like a bad choice given the information available when it was made.

  3. Toshmon

    Arse, you also have to ask the question, would Beasley want to play here?
    I know minny’s record is comparable to the raptors but in a trade like that you might receive an unhappy player.

    P.S. Turk went off for a triple double last night. f*uck.

  4. Michel G

    I’ll join your Beasley love-fest when he actually helps the Wolves win. They’re 9-26. He’s a guy putting up good stats on a bad team. Just like Bargs, Tyreke Evans, etc.

  5. Scott

    Time for a Raptors win I think. Just get Rose to shoot jumpers and don’t let Boozer get deep position. All depends on which Raptors team shows up today 😛 Time for Wright to get his rightful minutes.

  6. Raptoronto

    29 teams passed on Beaz for a reason. Right after posting, “Feelin like it’s not worth livin!!!!!!! I’m done.” on twitter he checks into a rehab center specializing in psychological issues (which he is know to have had since high school…along with his love for the ganja). Hope the guy succeeds but he is a huge gamble for the team that has to manage his issues.

    So if Beasley is having a “pretty solid season” does that mean Bargnani is having a pretty solid season? I guess Bargs isn’t so bad after all.

  7. KJ-B

    *Off the board here* I just want to add that maybe we SHOULD keep Jose… It’s about time that we keep a guy on our team his been here more than a couple years… Make a commitment to developping a culture around or team which for better or worse WILL ALWAYS feature a European contingent starting from the Zan Tabak era… Perhaps he can work/replace Gherarradini… I dunno why exactly, beyond the obvious, but Jose just seems like a tough guy to move via trade…


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