Raptors Frontline Face The Love

Two things I do without fail before I go to bed: Feed my pet cheetah and check Kevin Love’s line.

Two things I do without fail before I go to bed: Feed my pet cheetah and check Kevin Love’s line. He never fails to surprise, either he’s going something ridiculous like 12-14 from the field or he’s hauling down 25 rebounds. If not that, he has a “quiet” game of 18 points and 16 rebounds. If Kevin Love was a drink I’d mix it with whatever every Raptor has for breakfast. In fact, Colangelo’s best mid-season move might be to sign Kevin Love’s parents and have them work on another Kevin Love and then sign him to a 40-year contract.

The streak hit 10 last night despite a good overall effort from the Raptors. Not that it matters anymore whether we’re winning or losing, the losing is good because all that playoff talk at the start of the season was hogwash to begin with, and it’s finally comforting for everyone to acknowledge that this is a reconstruction effort. However, just because you’re rebuilding doesn’t mean nobody’s going to question you when you go on double-digit losing streaks. A couple weeks ago I burped out a piece about Colangelo’s contract and now the Globe and Mail is bringing up the issue. Colangelo’s saying he’s made no contract demands but there are “rumours” that say he wants long-term security and “no less than” what he’s getting paid now.

Insiders expect the situation to come to a head in mid-February at the next scheduled meeting of the MLSE board. There are rumours that Colangelo, well-ensconced in Toronto and determined to reboot a club that has floundered under his watch, is seeking a five-year deal and no less than what he’s paid now; terms that some in the ownership group might find steep given the pay-for-performance ethos that permeates the executive suite of the majority owner, the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.

Mid-February? I wouldn’t put it past Peddie to get all romantic and wait till Valentine’s Day to send Colangelo a gift-wrapped contract delivered by Bargnani. Really, if this is true it’s like my cleaning lady demanding a raise after spilling red wine all over my couch, then stuffing herself with Taco Bell before proceeding to clog my toilet. I hate ridiculous demands, if ridiculous demands were a person I’d punch him in the face.

Minnesota, yes. Minnesota are 10-36 and are on a streak of their own – 6-straight losses. They’re good at one thing and it’s offensive rebounding, they collect more than 30% of offensive rebounds which is good for 2nd in the league (Portland). The formidable frontline of Beasley, Milicic and Love can hurt you and the Raptors are liable to feel that hurt if they don’t, as a team, commit to the rebounding cause. They lost last night in Utah probably because Kevin Love only had 22 points and 15 rebounds. They don’t have any major injuries except the one suffered to Michael Beasley when he was dropped as a baby.

Will Love have more rebounds than Bargnani has points? Have your say.

Enjoy the game. Drink. It helps.

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