Good news Rapcast fans – phdsteve returns with his weekly show next Tuesday, to get him warmed up I got his take and analysis on things that are central to his religious beliefs including:

DeMar DeRozan: He picked him well before anybody else did, so it’s only fair that DeRozan’s progression is broken down in the context of his draft order. The question of whether he’s the Raptor with the most “upside” is asked and the answer seems to be no, at least based on a technicality.

Jay Triano: Jay Triano was four years old when phdsteve decided that he was no good as a NBA head coach. Does that mean he should be fired? Of course not, that’s just being silly since the order of the day isn’t winning but collecting lottery balls.

Defensive Holes: Under Sam Mitchell, we were bad, under Jay Triano we’re awful. The personnel aren’t great, hell, not even good, but does that exonerate Triano or is the onus on him to adjust? In trying to figure out just what is wrong with the Raptors’ 29th ranked defense (thanks Cleveland!), a very, very surprising name comes up which to me makes little sense.

Keep or kick: The roster has some players that are right on the bubble of whether they should be brought back next year or not. Notables include Jerryd Bayless, Linas Kleiza, Julian Wright, Leandro Barbosa and Sonny Weems. Judgement is passed on these blokes with consideration given to the new CBA, nature of contract and level of ball-hoggingness.

Draft 2011: If you thought the draft being four months away would stop us from talking about it, you were wrong! RR’s resident draft expert has his say on who the Raptors should target, both early and with that late first-round pick coming our way from Miami.

Enjoy! Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (21:25, 7.71MB). Or just listen below:

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