Good news Rapcast fans – phdsteve returns with his weekly show next Tuesday, to get him warmed up I got his take and analysis on things that are central to his religious beliefs including:

DeMar DeRozan: He picked him well before anybody else did, so it’s only fair that DeRozan’s progression is broken down in the context of his draft order. The question of whether he’s the Raptor with the most “upside” is asked and the answer seems to be no, at least based on a technicality.

Jay Triano: Jay Triano was four years old when phdsteve decided that he was no good as a NBA head coach. Does that mean he should be fired? Of course not, that’s just being silly since the order of the day isn’t winning but collecting lottery balls.

Defensive Holes: Under Sam Mitchell, we were bad, under Jay Triano we’re awful. The personnel aren’t great, hell, not even good, but does that exonerate Triano or is the onus on him to adjust? In trying to figure out just what is wrong with the Raptors’ 29th ranked defense (thanks Cleveland!), a very, very surprising name comes up which to me makes little sense.

Keep or kick: The roster has some players that are right on the bubble of whether they should be brought back next year or not. Notables include Jerryd Bayless, Linas Kleiza, Julian Wright, Leandro Barbosa and Sonny Weems. Judgement is passed on these blokes with consideration given to the new CBA, nature of contract and level of ball-hoggingness.

Draft 2011: If you thought the draft being four months away would stop us from talking about it, you were wrong! RR’s resident draft expert has his say on who the Raptors should target, both early and with that late first-round pick coming our way from Miami.

Enjoy! Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (21:25, 7.71MB). Or just listen below:

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21 Responses to “Rapcast #94: Doctor’s Checkup”

  1. Tom Liston

    Steve, understand your views on Bayless, but I think the trade was more about moving Jack’s poor contract and performance.
    Jack is owed an avg of $5.0M and has a 11.9 PER, Bayless is owed an avg of $3.2M and has 12.7 PER. Jack is 27 years old. Bayless is 22. If anything, Bayless will be easier to move, Jack is a tough deal that NOH is stuck with. I think that’s more the motivation for the trade.

    RE: draft – love the idea to draft a senior from a big school late. Often overlooked.

    • KJ-B

      With all due respect to statistical analysis, I’ll take the “Eye Test”…Anyone not named DeRozan or Davis on the Toronto Raptors is deserving to be traded ASAP!!! That’s if this hole we’re in is ever to be filled again and foundation is to be laid for future accomplishment… I’m growing sick of the dysfunction that has substituted for normalcy in these parts!!!


      • Smushmush

        Add Amir to the untouchables group too(since he will be a good big man that plays off the bench for Ed Davis). Any other guy is tradeable if I am BC – this team sucks ass and I am really disappointed some fans think this is an NBA team(more like a D-league team lmao, and such fans probably don’t watch other NBA teams play and play the right way. sigh). Even Bayless is tradeable(if we get a Kyrie Irving at the draft and go for an “average” PG in Jonny Flynn(Andre Miller, Jrue Holiday and Darren Collison are “average” PGs too but their teams are playing fantastic for a small market team which we are), a third string PG in Bobby Brown(by buying out his last year contract in Europe) and trading Jose for draft picks -I don’t see where “me-first, tunnel vision” Bayless will be playing).

  2. 511

    I agree that there’s no need to be changing the coaching situation at THIS moment, but I really believe that finding our next coach should be number one on the to-do list … and no stone should be left un-turned. I also sometimes wonder if Triano being Canadian works against him in a subtle, unconscious (for some players) but ultimately very real way? I guess winning is the real key to players’ hearts but … if there is a Vince Lombardi of basketball out there, we need him like nobody else does, if we want players like Ed Davis to want to stay (I worry about him a bit, for later on, when it’s time to re-sign) as well as DeMar, not to mention being able to attract the right kinds of existing NBA players to the Raptors. A brand of a sort needs to be developed here and I think it’ll start with the head coach. Easier said than done, but it’s important enough to put it at the top of the list, in my opinion.

  3. Mediumcore

    Welcome back Steve.

    Totally agree with your first draft choice. Kyrie is about the only quality guard that would be a top 5 pick in this years draft and I love Smith whom has been tearing it up the last few games. With Kyrie out for the season I expect Smith to have a big tournament…which might screw our chances of snagging him with that Miami pick.

  4. KJ-B


      • slam

        IMHO i think Denver came out as the winner. Seriously I doubt Bilups would want to stay in New York after this season. Add in those fillers Denver sent and you just have Carmelo with basically no bench in New York.

        • KJ-B

          I’m taking Knicks as the winner of this trade… Only A 2014 pick, 2 second rounders and a bunch of players who can’t make their mind up if they’re over/underachievers… + they kept Fields!

          Knicks get Melo, Corey Brewer, who should thrive in an uptempo system with 2 defined superstars, Balkman-hey maybe a 2nd chance @ NYC might change his approach, Shelden Williams is better than Mozgov + they kept Fields!

          Felton was a product of the D’Antoni system and won’t be starting/getting traded again for who knows and his head’s spinning a 1000 miles per right about now!

    • Smushmush

      I told ya(guys like Tim W. still support a BC extension, really?). The BC guy got us nothing from the Bosh trade and held on to Bosh for too long(when he had the last and final chance at the trade dealine, ESPN made BC’s job easy in recognising that Bosh was not gonna resign by mentioning outside influences at the All star game and his girlfriend’s influence(and we all know the influence of women over their men, for more evidence see the LaLa influence of Carmelo to leave the Denver Nuggets)), enabled Miami Heat to get their big 3 through the cap space created by trading Jermaine O’neal(he even traded our first round pick then lmao and is claiming the return of that pick and a useless Miami pick with a TPE that will likely expire as “something” for Bosh lmao) and is trying to get another no-defense, no rebounding(also notice, an Italian too – the Raps organization is being run like a mafia now smh) to the starting lineup for the Raps. If that is not David Kahnish-like, I don’t know what is(even a 5 year old kid can kick the team to the curbs like BC did lol).

  5. CalgaryRapsFan

    Speaking of the Raptors future, based on a couple different articles, I’m wondering if BC might be making a run at Danilo Gallinari?

    The ESPN article summarizing the blockbuster Anthony trade indicates that Toronto is one of a few rumored potential destinations for Gallinari, with Denver wanting at least a 1st-round pick in return. article link:

    Doug Smith’s blog refers to BC saying he’d be willing to trade Miami’s 1st-round pick in the upcoming draft, for the right player. article link:–smith-all-s-quiet-on-raptor-trade-front

    Obviously I’m doing some inferring to make article 1 + article 2 = a Gallinari-to-Toronto rumor, but I think there is some logical sense to it.
    1 – the Raptors are thin at the SF position, which Gallinari plays
    2 – the Raptors have been a terrible shooting team this season, especially from 3pt land, which is a Gallinari strength
    3 – Denver wants a 1st-round pick and Toronto seems willing to give one up

    I wonder if Miami’s 1st-round pick and maybe Alabi, given Masai Ujiri’s relationship with Alabi and his role in Toronto trading for him this past draft day?

    So, I pose to questions to RR members:
    1 – do you think this type of deal could be on the horizon?
    2 – if yes, what do you thik of this deal from Toronto’s standpoint?

    • c_bcm

      Might also be a nice opportunity to get rid of Weems (instead of Alabi). Although I’m nto so sure if Denver would want to take him back…but maybe.

    • John

      I am sure he is making a run for Dalino but I don’t think Nuggets will give Dalino up for a late Miami first Rounder. That being said, I am afraid that BC will increase his offering to ensure getting Dalino and this would be his final blow to the future of Raptor organization and team

      • KJ-B

        In all honesty, if we could trade #7/Calderon for Gallo and Felton, that would be AMAZING…

      • John

        You really don’t think this is a possible scenario , right ??

        As far as Dalino, It seems like we will be safe from BC’s love affair with his Italian Boys. Clippers are offering Minny’s first round pick which is 10 top protected in 2011 and not protected in 2012 which is much better than Miami’s pick

        • C.d.G.

          Assh..e John,
          first of all what you call Dalino is Danilo in reality. Second, you stupid will get a piece of crap with that first pick (as James Johnson) and NOT a legit NBA player as Gallinari.
          Is that right?

  6. Raptor4Ever

    Welcome Back Dr.

    It is great to have you hear again. Thanks Aresnalist for this great podcast.

  7. tonious35

    Doc is right, it’s not only Bargs messing up the rotations. Amir has a lot missed coverages from the pick and roll plays as well.

  8. Smushmush

    Phdsteve being a Bargnani fan and saying he still has “upside” after 5 years in the league just drove his credibility down a notch and in addition, he says that Amir is a real culprit on not rotating and helping(when he has multiple block games and the Davis-Amir lineup looks better defensively than the Amir-Bargs one unlike the certain untouchable Italian Bargs) just drove his respctability out of the window. Unfortunately too, Nolan Smith that Phdsteve mentioned will not be around at the Miami pick(he has been tearing the NCAA of late and I see him around the 18-22 range being picked up imo. just saying).


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