Joined by Sam, the topics of discussion are vast, varied, vindictive, viscous, vehement – all delivered in very, very velvetine voices.

The GM

  • Donnie Walsh heading out in NY and the idea of Colangelo as his replacement.
  • Will Colangelo get renewed? Should he?
  • What about Walsh and Colangelo trading places?

The Coach

  • Stan Van Gundy out in Orlando? If so, should the Raps target him?
  • Adelman is out in Houston, hmmm.
  • What about some excellent defensive coordinators and former coaches like Dallas’ Dwayne Casey?

The Playoffs

  • What the playoffs have made possible.
  • Will Spurs look to rebuild? Any interest in Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or even Tim Duncan? At what cost?
  • Does Memphis’ run make Rudy Gay expendable, is his exit necessary to move in order for them to keep Gasol and Randolph. Would you trade your 1st round pick and use the Bosh exemption for Gay?
  • Will Lakers look to rebuild? Any possible moves here? How about Calderon to LA, Gasol to Raptors?

The Draft

  • Chad Ford has Kanter to Toronto at #3 and Derrick Williams to Toronto #2 or #1. Under no scenario does he have Irving coming to Toronto.
  • What is the best strategy for the Raptors?
  • Ford has Irving going #1 to Minny. Would you trade #3 to Minny for Rubio?

Free Agency

  • What is the biggest need?
  • Would you take a run at a guy like Yao? Tay Prince? TJ Carl Landry? D. West? JJ Barea? Kirilenko? (All Unrestricted)
  • Remember Rodney Stuckey? Thaddeus Young? Aaron Brooks? Greg Oden? (All Restricted)

The Cap
If Raps renounce their rights to Wright and Dorsey and let Weems and Evans walk, they will have 11 guys under contract for approximately 47 million: Calderon, Barbosa, Bayless, DeRozan, Kleiza, J. Johnson, A. Johnson, Bargnani, Davis, Alabi, and a cap hold of roughly 3.5 million for the #3 pick. Twelve guys, 51 million. The cap this year was at 57 million and its expected to go down. But if it holds, it leaves the Raptors approximately 5.5 million and the mid-level to spend on 1-2 roster spots.

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