The first domino has dropped, with Bryan Colangelo getting re-upped by MLSE. It is a two-year deal with a team option for the third. Not sure of the financials at this time, but I would venture a guess of something in the $4-5mil per year range, which is what he did on the last one.

The good news is that Colangelo is on a shorter leash with this deal, and it looks like Silvestri flexed some of his clout in getting these terms.

A few thoughts:

  • Even though he’s had his ups and downs, I think this is the right move. Continuity is something this team hasn’t had in abundance over the years, and with the shorter leash, you can expect some very inspired moves; I hope anyways…
  • The second domino to drop will be all the questions about Triano’s status with the team evaporating. Bringing in a ringer of a coach with this lot makes little sense while Triano is still under contract.
  • If the balls bounce the way they should in the lottery tonight, I can smell a trade of some sort: either trade down to get a small forward, or move the pick in a larger deal for players.
  • I’m very interested in this “winning plan” that Peddie mentions.

Quote from Peddie:

I pleased to inform you that Bryan will be staying on as Raptor President. Bryan and the board worked closely to help create a “winning plan” for the Raptors and today the board gave Bryan their 100% support to continue the rebuilding job he stated this year. I can tell you that it was a very healthy process, that definitely has everyone understanding what it will take to create a winning basketball team and everyone’s total commitment to making it happen.

Do you think it was the right move to extend him?

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  • Joeyearns

    it was the only move to make. MLSE mishandled the whole thing. The time to debate this was months ago, should have been cleared up by January. The only move to make at this stage was to re-up him for a few years, what was the alternative? Let him walk just before/after the draft? I just hope Colangelo buys into a serious rebuilding. His attempts to bring in Chandler and Diaw (which everyone forgets) indicate that he wants this team to compete immediately, even if that means competing for the 8th playoff spot.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      The right move was to let BC take his- winning plan, back to his daddy’s house.

      He should get points for trying to bring in Diaw & Chandler?

      Fact, he didn’t bring in Diaw nor Chandler plus he fucked up on the Matt Barnes free agent signing announcing it without knowing the salary cap rules.

      His big free agent signing was pre season guaranteed starter (along with Bargnani) Kleiza (a player who looks to be out of the future rotation yet is signed for 4 more years)- nuff said.

      What lies, half truths & deceptions will BC spin in the media if the Rap’s haven’t made the playoffs 2 years from now which is much more a reality than them making the playoffs?

      • Nilanka15

        Colangelo still has a better winning percentage in Toronto than Thomas, Grunwald and Babcock combined.  I’m perfectly fine with letting his “rebuild” take place….just as long as he doesn’t rush it be trading away our youth for an attempt at a quick fix.  But in all honesty, he seems to have learned his lesson. 

        • JW

          That one went over my head.  You mean I have to add the winning percentages of Babcock, Thomas and Grunwald in order t o see what a great GM Bryan is?

          What allstars has be brought to this team?  We had Vince, Staudamire, Bosh, did Bryan even bring anyone that even had a shot at getting in? I’m not saying the best, just top tier… if I had all these top picks and CV to trade I could have Andrea and Jose too.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          And it’s still below .500.

          The rebuild propaganda didn’t start until January after BC brainstormed all the Rap’s losing into a pr spin- recognize, kool aid!!lol

          If he only has 2 guaranteed years on his new contract don’t you think that he might rush it a bit in order to secure a new deal in 2014 or 2015?lol

          What lesson did he learn? Please extrapolate.

          • points

            BC does not need to rush the rebuild kemba will make it easy  

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

               Kemba at  number 5 sounds good to me right now either him or Leonard from San Diego St.

              • ak

                i guess you can drop the BC part of your name. after all it is a done deal. no offense taken.
                +1 for my man Kawhi Leonard

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  BC still has got to go in my mind until that day I will remain the 

                  Leonard may be gone before 5 though as he is rising fast due to individual workouts. I want him if Rap’s keep pick.

          • Nilanka15

            Since deciding to rebuild, he’s stuck to his plan (acquiring Bayless and J.Johnson).  Once he realized just how bad this team was this year, he resisted the urge to pull off the previously typical “Colangelo quick fix”.  This team now has some nice young pieces, is under the cap, has a high draft pick, and might have some trade assets in Calderon, Barbosa and Bargnani.  I’d say the future actually looks bright, despite dropping 2 spots in the lottery.

            If you choose to reply, I beg you to provide some ORIGINAL thought for a change.  Please spare me the list of BC mistakes and “PR spins”.  You’ve listed them enough times to fill a 26 volume encyclopedia.  And I don’t need to hear that this rebuild was only started in January….I’m aware of that too, or that BC is a product of his daddy, or anything else you’ve mentioned over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over….

            ….and over again.  Thanks.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              What plan?

              His January rebuild plan?lol

              Or his new- Winning Plan, as mentioned by Peddie?lol

              I bet you believe that BC pisses pure rainwater & shits Kobe steaks as well?lol

              BC wanted to make big trades post trade deadline but was told no by MLSE.

              The Raptors future looks bright- who the fuck are you Stevie Wonder?

              If you polish a turd it is still a turd- recognize, kiddo.

              Don’t worry about how I post mofo’er get a grip on reality and worry about yourself- point blank.

          • Nilanka15

            And I think you meant “elaborate”, not “extrapolate” 😛 

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

               I meant what I posted teacher no need to correct me- sucka, expand your vocabulary.

              • Nilanka15

                Then what you posted makes no sense….not that any of your other posts do.

                Rainwater, Kobe steaks, Stevie Wonder?  WTF are you talking about?

      • Jonathan

         It’s funny because the only person spinning lies and half truths is you, at the moment.

        “He fucked up on the Matt Barnes free agent signing announcing it without knowing the salary cap rules.”

        Yeah, uh, nice revisionist history there.  It was Matt Barnes who  “announced” it on Twitter.  It’s fine though really.  Every time I read one of your posts, I find more and more factual mistakes to   support whatever agenda you’re pushing.  Nice try though.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Correct, Barnes announced it on twitter wouldn’t that mean that BC insinuated to him or his agent that he was coming to the TDot? Why else would Barnes tweet that type of tweet?

          BC thought that Orlando possessed Barnes’ “Bird” rights and wanted to negotiate a S&T deal.  Obviously, BC didn’t read the situation right and failed to realize that a S&T with Orlando is virtually impossible.

          Instead, he went after Kleiza and signed him to an offer sheet.

          BC should have explored all his options more comprehensively instead of targeting just one player (Klezia in this case).

          Just remember I’m not the guy who called Bargnani a 5 year project when drafted 5 years ago plus many other BullChit pr statements from BC over the past 5 years- take a

    • Nilanka15

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

    • points

      thats where we’ll be next season , and i’m ok with that ,start building around the kids. 
                 cardiac kemba the heart and soul of the raptors ROY

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

       This is the BC’s consensus crew:
      Bryan Colangelo- President & General ManagerWayne Embry- Senior Basketball AdvisorMaurizio Gherardini- Senior Vice President Basketball OperationsJim Kelly- Senior Director ScoutingSteve Fruitman- Senior Director Basketball AdministrationMarc Eversley- Assistant GM
      Alvin Williams- Director Player Development
      Jay Triano- Head Coach

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        This is the BC’s consensus crew:
        Bryan Colangelo- President & GMWayne Embry- Senior Basketball AdvisorMaurizio Gherardini- Senior VP Basketball OperationsJim Kelly- Senior Director ScoutingSteve Fruitman- Senior Director Basketball AdministrationMarc Eversley- Assistant GM
        Alvin Williams- Director Player Development
        Jay Triano- Head Coach

        • Toshmon

          You’re right about his crew, he needs to fire Gherardini or tell him to find us a  f*cking point guard from Europe or South America.

  • dalmatino

    Congrats to Bryan.
    Nobody is perfect nor without sins. BC has made mistakes but he tried, constantly, to correct mistake(s) and to improve the team.
    I like ” proactive ” type of manager more than ” sit back, wait, and in meantime, critisize everyone and everything around you ” type of manager and person. 
    God bless the Raptors with win tonight at the lottary for draft position.

    • Themacguy

       I am without sin..just FYI…

      • dalmatino

        so … boring and lame …

  • Rpsfan95

    huge day, 3 yrs is much more acceptable than 5

  • sleepz

    “Bringing in a ringer of a coach with this lot makes little sense while Triano is still under contract.”
    How much sense does it make to keep a coach who has yet to register a winning record over 3 years and while continually preaching “defence” has yet to get ANY of his teams to actually play it?
    Some fans criticize Bargnani for his play and point out that it is bad for the team and the development of the young players to continue to have him around. I think the exact same thing about Triano.
    Just because there is a lock-out doesn’t mean you should keep a coach who hasn’t proven in 3 years if he should even be a  head coach in the NBA. Name me one other team in the league that would retain a coach with no track record, no winning over 3 seasons and coming of a 60 loss season?
    Stability and continuity only means something when the results have been favorable or improving. Neither is the case for these Raps.

    • Sam Holako

      I was only referring to paying upwards of $4mil while they are paying Triano $2mill+.

      I probably should have qualified my stability/continuity comment better: with the draft coming up, there was not a lot of time to conduct a proper search for a replacement GM, while scouting, meaning some sort of interim solution was on tap with Embry or someone else while a draft, trades, free agent signings were underway.

      Not sure that was the best way to go either.  

    • Theswirsky

      I think its hard to judge Triano when he has not had the players or clout to do anything with the team.

      He’s been given a slew of soft or undersized big men.  Was given raw and inexperienced perimeter players…. and then forced, if not explicitly then implicitly, to play some of the worst defenders in the league.

      “Stability and continuity only means something when the results have been favorable or improving”
      this I completely agree with.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

         Didn’t Jay take over a 50 win team (as per BC) from Sam at 8-9 and finish up and 25-40? 
        Then the next season didn’t BC sign Turk and proclaimed in the pre season that the Rap’s were a playoff team but they missed the playoffs at 40-42 did they not?
        Then BC & Jay tried to blame everything on CB (&Turk) by slandering his character as he signed with Miami but yet BC & Jay wanted to re-sign CB?lol
        This past season didn’t Jay lead the Rap’s to 22 wins while reinforcing the no accountability era under BC the past 2 3/4 years sans Sam Mitchell.
        The 1st Canadian head coach in the NBA for Canada’s team has run its course Jay is not a manager of professional NBA players- see it believe it achieve it- not.
         Jay couldn’t motivate a fish to swim much less motivate NBA players to play hard nosed defense all he does is coddle Bargnani while following BC’s rotation orders like a puppet with no brain.

        • Theswirsky

          Smitch was a hard nose coach… and he couldn’t get Bargnani to play D.  I don’t think anyone can get Bargnani to play D because he doesn’t care and/or is unable to.

          I also agree that Jay is likely just doing what BC told him to… but why wouldn’t he?  If he didn’t he would just get fired and be replaced by someone else who would. 

          I’m not saying Jay is a good or bad coach… I’m just saying I think its hard to judge how good or bad he is when he was given a bunch of one dimensional players, inexperienced kids and a WNBAer to work with.

          • cesco

            But the WNBAer played the most minutes/game on the team so what are those other players , girl high-schools all-stars ? . 

            • Theswirsky

              wow really… he played the MOST minutes per game! On a team where he was supposed to be the franchise player? On a team that never held him accountable?  Now thats a stat to be proud of!

              (Honestly I’m impressed points weren’t brought up.) 

              Calling the rest of the team highschool girls doesn’t make Bargnani any less of a woman.  So sure… if thats what you think.

      • Zigus1

         he had a team that won 47 games the year before and just below .500 record. he took the team from playoffs to lottery

    • points

      buddy what are you going to say next season when JAY gets COY 

      • Cuttyd

         LMFAO!!! Jay couldnt get COY as a high school coach. Jay has never had any success at any level at anything. he wasnt even a superstar player on the national team. he was a horrible National Team Coach, check his record. like BC he has never earned anything in his life.
        the only thing he does well kiss ass.  kissed nashes ass to go to the Olympics, Kissed BC and boshes ass to become head coach.
        thats why Jay is pissed at him. cause bosh said do me then i will do you. Bosh became 2 time all-star, Jay pulled his head up  wiped of his mouth and said..ok its my turn. bosh stood up pulled up his pants slowly then said “thanks for the blow but i gotta go and jumped on a plane to MIA

        moral of this story. when you kiss ass that much one day you will get shit on!

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    The stability of stagnation continues under BC.

    We are back in Babcock territory 5 years after the fact of BC’s arrival in the TDot- yet BC apparently gets extended?

     In the TDot where failure equals success ie losing with a purpose.

    All his lies, BullChit pr media spins and deceptions worked.

    Winning plan?

    What will BC say after 2-3 years more of no playoffs in the TDot- that’s part of the plan? lol

    If Jay comes back as head coach or in any capacity plus if Andrea & Jose are still on the roster- fuck the Rap’s. 

    CB was smart he got the fuck out of the TDot before BC fucked up his career by playing him next to Barg’s.

    • cesco

      For a guy who was thinking MVP at one time and now is the bitch to two alpha dogs , I would say that his career is fucked up all right . What happen if Rose and co. beat them this year , will he be traded again ? , you bet . 

      • sleepz

        Any player would play third fiddle to Wade and LeBron. I’d say his career is in great order right now, and don’t hold your breath waiting for a trade.
        There is a much greater likelihood that Andrea B will be donning a new uniform next year than Chris Bosh.
        Truss me!

      • sleepz

        Any player would play third fiddle to Wade and LeBron. I’d say his career is in great order right now, and don’t hold your breath waiting for a trade.
        There is a much greater likelihood that Andrea B will be donning a new uniform next year than Chris Bosh.
        Truss me!

      •  Yes, Chris Bosh’s career is fucked up, if you consider being an All-Star on an Eastern Conference finalist, and possibly more, fucked up.  Man, I’d love my career to be that fucked up.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        He was thinking, playing like a MVP under Sam once Jay took over it went to a more  laissez-faire approach to the games for the whole team.

        CB, who just signed a major multi million dollar contract this off season, is currently playing in the Eastern Conference Finals (just went for 30 & 9 in a loss to Chi).

         He’s far from a bitch to LBJ & Wade but that just shows how much you really know about basketball.

        The Rap’s haven’t ever smelled the Eastern Finals not to mention the playoffs the past 3 years under BC post Sam.

        The series isn’t over yet- time will tell.

        • smrt

          lol, ya Bosh went off for 30 & 9 because the Bulls had their hands full pretty much shutting down LBJ and Wade and can live with Bosh dropping 30 because there’s nobody else on the Heat that even comes close to being a threat.  They stick to that defensive strategy and C(ry)B(aby)3(rdfiddle) can drop 40+ a game and the Bulls will sweep.

          • Theswirsky

            Yep thought that the entire game.  They were talking about how good Bosh was playing, while in the mean time Chicago was more or less ignoring him. 

            Bosh’s year in Miami, atleast to date, just shows how overrated he was by fans around here.  But thats still miles ahead of what the Raps have right now.

      • points

        who is going to do the complicated stuff when he’s gone 

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Not sure if I like the time frame of Colangelo’s extension. This may be picky on my part, but I’d prefer a 3 year guaranteed contract with a team option for a 4th.


    Only having 2 years (guaranteed), could potentially move BC to accelerate his rebuilding plan. If this season gets sidelined for part (or all) – ala lock-out – then that leaves Colangelo 1+ years to get the team into play-off contention. Which I assume will be the criteria for MLSE exercising the 3rd year.

    Despite our record, I preferred the game plan this year to previous seasons – even though changing 9 guys all the time felt like a transfusion that gives an inspired hope – to being a Toronto fan.

    Then again, I keep saying I prefer we make the play-offs this season, so as to give a young team, a proper taste of what’s needed to win it all.


    • RapthoseLeafs

      By the way …. Silvestri the cat is a dickhead. Glad he lost this battle. F*@king Accountants have NO business running a sports based operation – or having any say for that matter.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Silvestri aka Mr S is the man!!!!

        Fuck BC!!

        He didn’t lose I bet BC wanted 5 years but only got 2 with an option because of Mr S who didn’t believe BC’s lies.

      • JW

        Two more years licking Andrea’s ball sack may make you change your mind.

        • Nilanka15

          Don’t worry man.  The expiration date on Bargnani is February 2012.  I will personally guarantee that Bargnani will be rocking a different uniform come next season’s trade deadline at the absolute latest.

      • Macy O’Baston

         Ad hominem on the accountant attack – don’t forget the Fruitman! Imagine if the Raps had signed Hedo outright without the sign & trade. Even worse news.

      • Macy O’Baston

         Ad hominem on the accountant attack – don’t forget the Fruitman! Imagine if the Raps had signed Hedo outright without the sign & trade. Even worse news.

    • Jose

      Talking playoffs this season? The East got much better over past couple of years. That eight spot is going much tougher to grab. I wish you were right, but I see no playoffs in next 3 years. I wish I was wrong.

      • c_bcm

        yeah the top of the east got better but the bottom is wide open. 

        •  Aim for the bottom.  That’s the spirit.

  • JW


    How much more torture can this market take? More euro suckage…

    • KJ-B

      U stole my reply………………………………………………………………. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miud

    pobody’s nerfect 

  • Jose

    Not a good thing to reward what really should be considered a 5 year of steady regression. However, 2 year deal sounds bit better. If he indeed creates a winning team (would be curious to know what winning team is according to the MLSE standards) that’s a bonus. Let’s see what happens tonight and over the summer…

  • BCTheConMan

     What a Shitty move by the organisation ? No wonder we are doing this bad. a GM who delivers 25 win after 5 season is extended with a Raise ??!! Wow, Where is the logic there?

    Time for prediction : This team will not go to Play off in the next 2-3 years and will be at the bottom 5 next season as well.

    • points

      don’t put it like that , if we had won 35 games we wouldn’t have a chance of getting cardiac kemba 

    • Nilanka15

      Not exactly a bold prediction considering it’s a likely scenario regardless of who’s running our team.

  • I hope they don’t trade the pick.  Especially if it’s a top 3 one.  Trading it for a veteran would be beyond stupid and a straight line to mediocrity.  

    • RapthoseLeafs

      I’m in complete agreement with you on this one.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Yeah, because at number 3 the Rap’s will get a game changer- not, plus the Rap’s are already swimming in mediocrity they don’t need a str8 line to get 2 it or another young player to absorb it they need proven quality healthy NBA vets to lead the way out of it.

      This draft is thinner than Jada Pinkett-Smith.

      If Rap’s don’t get 1 of the top 2 picks they should entertain all trade offers. For me it’s DWill or bust!

      • points

        don’t worry BC is picking a guy who is going to send a few players to the hospital next season our own AI thank you BC

  • Now, let’s properly build (with patience) to win it all…. not a perpetual 8th place team.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Patience is for waiting rooms.

      In year 5 of BC’s reign in the TDot should we be rebuilding or competing? *I don’t drink the rebuild kool aid as BC has fucked up the Rap’s- point blank his Ivy League shit does stank!

      Maybe if this was 2006 I would agree with your words but it’s 5 years after the fact of BC’s arrival in the TDot.

  • JW

    You know what sucks.  I never heard Bryan say what it is that he thinks he is doing wrong.  Does he know why it is most people are fed up?  …because, from the sounds of things he still has no clue, and I don’t know if he is capable of being any diffrent.  How does a GM that swings for the fences, rebuild?   Does he suddenly understand defence?  Does his philosophy change?  What is it that he will do that is diffrent than what he has been doing?

    Has that been stated at all, anywhere? 

  • Shane A

    Why don’t we pull a celtics and trade our heart and sole for 3 players and a championship? 

    • barenakedman

      Did you mean heart and soul or sole as in shoe? I would trade my sole for a championship but not my soul. 

    • points

      DEAR SIR,
                could you please tell me who our heart and soul is.

  • Shane_arsenault_

    Pull a Celtics? 

  • albertan_10

    we look at progress in 2 years and then the team can use their option or let him go. pretty simple.  I think it’s a good deal, let him finish what he started. If he starts to screw around with revised teams every summer then you fire him and go for someone else. 

    I think this is a good move and am glad to see it happen.

  • WhatWhat

    Well, it’s really a 2 year deal (w/ option) considering that they will most likely be a lengthy lockout.


     It is ONLY in Toronto that we welcome the culture of losing and praise people with losing results who DID NOT get even close to the goals that they set and promised 5 years ago. 

    This team and this organization and these fans deserve to be at the bottom of NBA and thanks to BC , they will stay there for few more years.

  • Well, at least they made a decision before the draft.  I’m not crazy about the job Colangelo has done by any stretch, but unless they’re going to go get Kevin Pritchard (please?) I dunno who else they get.

    They waited too long to do anything else really.  I just hope they don’t fuck up the next two drafts or keep signing guys who don’t help like Kleiza.

  • Bendit

    I find it interesting that BC had to present a detailed plan of proceedings here on. It wasnt a rubber stamp. All in all I think the best solution at this point of the year and team evolution.

    Good luck to us all on the draft position! 

  • Statement

    5th pick….we’ll see what happens. 

    • Nilanka15

      Kemba Walker or bust!

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    What is BC’s new – Winning Plan, that Peddie speaks of?

    Any pertinent details? 

    Or is that just another pr spin in the wind with the particulars to be added by ear as BC moves along?

  • omar

    so the toronto racists recieved a stay of execution for two years! regrettable in my opinion but it will be interesting to see if BC is willing to stay the course with triano, caulderron, andrea, kleiza, PJ, mauricio etc. given that his own ass in on the line! Does he double down by adding a white or “euro” player with the number 5 pick? Does he increase the numerical total of white players to 1/3 by bringing back marco in free agentcy? Does this not fit to a tee the philosophy of plantation BC over it 5 year reighn! To quote hedo ” there is something wrong with that organization and everyone knows it “! Why is TO not  a desired location for afro-american players who have a chose in the matter ie free agents? Question would you choose to come to a plantation where the white players always possess the ball ie jose and always shoot the ball and your job is to do the dirty work of defense and rebounding a clear apartide system! I think not yet BC has sucessfully with the help of his allies in the media ie smith etc. and sympathizers on this and other boards placed the blame for this reality on the fact that TO is not an american city! suggesting that it is the afro-american player who are prejudice and not him! What a crock, clever but a lie and a diversion! TO is one of the most desirable NBA cities  to live and work among afro-american NBA players and they are not the prejudice party they are the victims not he perpetrators! Can a leopard like BC change his spots? Some here have argued  that BC has seen the error of his ways and should be given yet another opportunity to clean up the mess heis solely responsible for creating. OK time or 2 years will tell! lastly I am not proposing an all black team what I oppose is a division of labor based upon race! That is the racist part  And it does not work not in 2011! In my opinion jose is the key to changing this sorry system he controls the ball and determines who gets to shoot. He is the last vestige of the apartide system. He has to go now!Andrea and linas can be valuable pieces in the post apartide era if it is to be under BC as long as they are held to the same standard as their teamates! Jay is and have never been a racist person but he sold his soul for the opportunity to be a head coach in the NBA! He is a good man and a very good coach! BC give him back his soul and his self respect and I predict he will be sucessfull as will the team the organization and the city of TO and in the process maybe save your own ass!