Canada vs Puerto Rico

Less than fifteen hours after losing to Argentina, in a game that wasn’t as close as the score would indicate, Canada faced Puerto Rico in their last chance at a birth in the semifinals. Canada started the game flat, allowing Puerto Rico to take a large early lead. They mounted a heroic comeback late in the fourth, but Puerto Rico held on to pull out a 79-74 win. Carlos Arroya played like a champ; finishing with 26 points, 7 of which were clutch baskets in the dying seconds of the game.

NBA recent champion José Juan Barea talked to FIBA on Arroyo’s role in the team:

He’s our captain, the leader, the veteran. He’s been here for so many years and he’s doing a great job leading the team.

Coming off the bench for Canada, Joel Anthony played all of 6 minutes before leaving to the locker room because “He wasn’t feeling very good” according to Leo Rautins; who spared us his usual verbal diarrhea. Sadly, on the final possession of the game, Aaron Doornekamp suffered a punch in the face and left the floor with “probably a broken nose” according to the coach.

Both Andy Rautins and Carl English played a decent game, but their lack of energy after playing Argentina the day before was evident. Rautins finished with 18 for the night, while English and Levon Kendall chipped in 13 and 10 points respectively. Kelly Olynyk followed up his outstanding performance against Argentina with 7 points and 6 rebounds in 20 minutes of play.

Yesterday, young big man Olynyk was the lone bright spot for Canada that lacked any semblance of offence and passion against the best team in the tournament; Argentina. The 20 year old Gonzaga product had a terrific game with 18 points, against a combination of Luis Scola and Andrés Nocioni, who had little success in guarding him. It mattered little as Canada fell 79-53 on a combination of poor offensive execution, poor shooting from the field and an utter inability to protect the ball that lead to 22 turnovers.

Leo Rautins on Argentina:

They are the best team here. They have some many weapons and for us with a game 11:30 tomorrow morning we have to through this game. We did good things, got an opportunity to keep it a close game but the key right now for us is to be ready for tomorrow mourning.

Leo on the tournament:

What I would like to see in a tournament like this is, What’s wrong to adding two more days? One in the middle of the first round and one on the middle of the second. It’s not just for Canada, there’re a lot of talented players here and you don’t want to risk an injury.

Kelly Olynyk on Argentina:

Argentina is a real tough team to play against. Any person on the court can score or pass. I think we play tough for a part of a game but then they got away

Olynyk on playing against big stars at a young age:

It’s a great experience, they are great players but you have to go to the game knowing that you can still do stuff. You can’t go out there thinking they are above you.

Canada now needs to win their last two games to stay in the fight for the fifth spot, that will give them a ticket to next years qualification round for London 2012.

Eurobasket: Spain and Lithuania

Spain beat Lithuania on Sunday, in a duel of undefeated teams, to secure a ticket to London. The Spanish side played a great game, with Jose Calderon leading the charge with 12 points. For Lithuania, Jonas Valanciunas benefited from the injury to Petravicius (the team first’s back up big man who is out of the tournament with a heart condition) contributing 13 points and 2 boards in 16 minutes of extended play against the very deep front-court of Ibaka, Reyes and the Gasol brothers.

Both teams played again yesterday as Spain lost its first game against Turkey with a 5 points 3 rebound contribution from Jose Calderon; while Lithuania beat Portugal by 30 with Valanciunas kicking in 8 points 7 rebounds and game-high 8 fouls drawn from in 27 minutes.

Italy, who were eliminated early as a result of being in the killer Group B, lost their last two games. Bargniani put up solid numbers in both matches, maintaining his #1 status as the team’s first offensive option and the most consistent player (lol) on a very inconsistent team. He dropped 22 points 5 rebounds against France.

In an overtime loss to Israel, that saw Italy come back from a twenty point deficit in the fourth, El Mago put up 26 (10/19 FG) points 11 boards. Bargs finished the tournament as the third leading scorer with 22.8 points per game, trailing only Tony Parker and Loul Deng.

Canada vs Puerto Rico Canada vs Puerto Rico Canada vs Puerto Rico

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  • p00ka

    “consistent player (lol)”…. petty

    • Sam Holako

      Yea, I know. Couldn’t help myself even though he’s been playing pretty well this tournament.


  • slaw

    With no offense to Canada’s point guards, the level of play in the backcourt just isn’t good enough to win. The constant mismathces on the interior don’t help either. It’s too bad Nash, TT and Bonner aren’t there.

    Olynyk has been very good given his age, inexperience and size issues. Joseph has been disappointing but he is still so young and inexperienced himself. Oh well, maybe 2016.

  • Bassostolos

    Hi there! I said it in an other post as well. I don’t know if it’s because I m Greek and our teams are traditionally great defensively(although mediocre on offence), however, watching Bargnani playing with Italy I was able to see what a terrible paint protector he is. Wow! Penetration after penetration, dunks layups, while Italy was defending half-court. He ‘s gotta be the worst defender amongst centers in the NBA. It s so obvious to me that he has to shoot at least 50% with many freethrows for him to justify being the starting 5 or 4. Let alone the fact that he often waits in the perimeter not even trying to get close to the basket. What about offensive rebounds? No body tought him the importance of rebounding the ball? It s obvious that rebounding(especially offensive) doesn’t even cross his mind.    To cut it short, if I was the Raptors I d want this guy traded for a rebounder. Especially on a jump shooting team.    All the best to your team! Trade this guy or at least use him as a 6th man! Paired with a true center, since Bargnani is a 7ft streaky shooting guard.

    • You’d be called a hater for this comment. People have been stressing what you just wrote yet others are blind to logic. Bargnani best position is a 6th man.

      • Stavros1972

        i watched all the games. he contested every shot and tried to block everything.

    • Nilanka15

      Bargnani’s shortcomings are painfully obvious for everyone to see.  But his (declining) fan base refuses to look in this direction.

  • tonious35

    Rautins is a joke.  He’s not even coaching and he’s picking illogical favorites in his rotation.  Considering if this tournament will be a failure, getting to listen to this fool on TSN again and again is an insult to all fans of basketball Canada.

  • p00ka

    lmao,, now somebody doing a really bad job of posing as a Greek bball expert, suddenly feeling the need to post here and advise the Raptors on what they should do with a player he suddenly developed a keen interest in over at Eurobasket. Precious!!!

    • Bassostolos

      I actually live in the States and have watched him quite a bit with the Raptors. I m definetely no bball expert, just stating the obvious. And by the way, it s the first time I ve watched Bargnani play outside of the NBA. And don’t underestimate Greece which has quite steadily been one of the strongest bball powers. And by the way I really like the Raptors. Love their european touch(sure I ll get some criticism for that too lol).

  • Bassostolos

    As for team Canada, I think you guys will soon get much better. I can see that there is talent there. I believe that more games in European friendly tournaments would help. Some of these european teams have great coaches(for example Serbia) and are tough to face. They would be really helpful to your team’s development.