Predict it baby:

Margin after first: -8

Margin at halftime: -4

Margin at end of third: -16

Final score margin: -9

Best Raptor: James Johnson

Worst Raptor: Ed Davis

Shots of Suns cheerleaders: 6

DeMar DeRozan three attempts: 4

Amir Johnson fouls: 5

Barbosa final point tally: 18

Rasual Butler moments of retardedness: 3

Dwane Casey yelling “go go go”: 2

Jose Calderon assists: 8

Fill in the rest

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65 Responses to “Raptors vs Suns Predictions”

  1. Nilanka15

    Point where Matt & Jack start talking about non-Raptor news: 8 mins into the 1st qtr (while the game is in progress).

    • FAQ

      Don’t you want to get the skinny on the NCAA from Matt & Jack… the dynamic college duo???

  2. Brian Gerstein

    You are way off on Casey yelling “go go go”, he will easily pass your 2 total in the third quarter.  Your 2 over/under should be a halftime line, 4 for the game.

  3. Brian Gerstein

    Against the Clips, during garbage time (pretty much the whole game) Jack was talking about the L.A. weather, his jogging, Matt having his cup of java in the morning, etc.  It was a total joke, but what else can they talk about, certainly not the game at that point.

    • smrt

      LoL they talked about baseball for about 3-4 mins of game time in that quarter as well : |  At that point just call the frikken game like a robot.  It would be less painful than their inane banter.

  4. Nilanka15

    It’s sad to say that the next anticipated date as a Raptors fan will be the week leading up to the trade deadline.

  5. Brian B

    garbage time declared : mid second quarter (Rasual Butler sighting)

    I’d be hoping that you’re “under” on the cheerleader shots, but I won’t be staying up for the whole game anyway.

  6. FAQ

    I predict that I will be watching the Cavs-Heat game tonight… and occasionally check in with the Rats-Suns game during commercials.

    • Truthkiller

      Somebody on that Suns roster (Telfair, Brown, Dudley maybe even Frye) will have a career night tonight, the stage is set.

      All I remember the last time the Raptors played in Phoenix, fucking Shaq dropped 45 on us. No disrespect to Shaq but at 30-whatever that should never happen.

  7. Raps4Ever

    “Fill in the rest”: haha

    This blog entry is as useless a space filler as one of Gots2Go’s prediction posts.


    Steve Nash is Jesus references = 213

    Ed Davis missed free throws = 27

    Spaghetti Head smiles after making insignificant shot while
    losing by 15 plus = 4.5

    DeMar spin moves = 4.5

    Jose dribbling at the three point line approximately 14
    seconds into shot clock = 75% of his touches

    LK flagrant fouling for not getting a call (but all in the
    name of team toughness and “culture change”) = 2

    Amir missing gimme lay-ups with no one around him = 55

    Jack Niagara references = 5.5

    Players with double digit rebounds = 0.5

    Dwane Casey minutes with arms cross and the “WTH did I get
    myself into?” look = 48

    Barbosa crashing into stands = 2.5

    Word count “effort” = 93 + 103

    And enough Primo pasta commercials for everyone.



  9. Brian Gerstein

    The schedule favours the Raps actually, and they are only 5 1/2 point dogs tonight, so we are expected to be competitive.

  10. Sheptor

    So I take it Bargnani is out again? Damn we could take this one, Suns played in Dallas last night and Gortat can’t handle AB.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Most likely but he could play against a rookie PF in Morris tonite if he comes back from his injury (wink wink) in Phoenix.

      I feel that Bargnani is in no rush to return to this team as he won’t stop the losing he’ll just become a part of it once again.

      If he doesn’t play tonite I don’t see him coming back to play against Utah & Denver’s big deep front lines in a b2b scenario- time will tell.

      Has AB  quit (he visibly quit on Raptors post London last season) on the Raptors after 10 games using his injury severity (same calf injury as last season) as a guise to sit out games is the bigger question?

  11. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    The Raptors with a day of rest are playing the Suns on a b2b and could steal a W here but this is the Raptors we are talking about so they’ll most likely mess it up w/ or w/o AB.

    Phx used a starting line up against Dallas consisting of:

    PG Nash 36 minutes played
    PG Price 15
    SF Hill 34
    PF Morris (Rookie) 29
    C Gortat 37


    Telfair 12
    ShanBrown 25 (ex Laker)
    Dudley 24
    Frye 15
    Lopez 11

    as the 2nd 5 leaving:


    with DNPs for the game.

    Casey is rumored to be changing the starting line up again and I could see the Raptors going with:

    PG Calderon
    SG Barbosa
    SF JJohnson or Kleiza
    PF Bargnani or Kleiza (if AB out)
    C Gray

    To start the game tonite (if AB’s rumored return manifests itself in Phoenix)- time will tell.

    That being said I see a 90- 84 W for the Suns at home even with Nash & Hill playing in potential limited minutes.

    Btw listening to both MattD & JackA ramble on & on about mindless bullchit during in game action is hard on the ears no matter the score call the game stay on point nobody wants to hear Jack promoting drinking MGD beer (I don’t drink) to kids that are watching these games while Matt sounds like a soulless mindless BC consensus Raptor robot (I know he can call games better as I have heard him calling NBA playoff games) spouting off talking points memo’d from BC.

    I would love to hear Jack or Matt say BC has messed up this team and didn’t get quality roster talent in the off season for this 66 game season in order to compete just to get beat….

    • Stephen

      You don’t drink? Well after reading your posts, it’s evident that you should start…

    • FAQ

      Anybody who writes “Raptors” and “wins” is a confused tribal honker … you can’t win with this bunch of scrubs so why hang out the delusion of “wins”… what is it about “wins” that is so important to you… don’t you want the Rats to get a high draft pick … pray for “losses”…??!!!

  12. Raptor4Ever

    Some of you guys are too depressed about the result of this team this season because simply you were the delusional type fans. 

    1) We should have known that Bayless, James Johnson are scrubs and are 9-10 player off the bench in a good NBA team. However, you were so delusional last year that you set yourself for a shock now. Accept the reality. BC has fooled you.

    2) Addition of Forbes, Gary, Jamal and … were just to complete the team and none of these guys belong to NBA. This team is NOT competitive at NBA level and this season is just a big practise for this team.

    The ONLY cause of CONCERN this season is the backward development of DD and ED. Both Players did not improve over the summer and seem to be lost. This is important because they were suppose to be a part of the future. 

    More important is that they speak volume about BC’s draft record. If time show that BC has failed with these 2 picks, then how can we trust him with the pick this year ?

    Without DD and ED and also messing up this year’s pick , this franchise can not recover for another 5 years and will stay at the bottom of the east for foreseaable future. 

    • CaseyDaMan

      Yet another uncontrollable senseless BC basher.

      People are delusional and set yourselves up, but it was BC that fooled you into concocting your own delusions based on nothing he said or did. He has incredible psychic powers to plant delusions in peoples minds? Impressive.

      DD and ED, who virtually everyone thought were great picks to begin with and very promising young pieces last year, were on their own to improve over the summer, yet didn’t, so it speaks for BC’s draft record. That actually makes sense to you? Not really, right?

      Nobody argued that he made a bad pick for either ED or DD, anybody with a brain knows he made a good pick last year, but we can’t trust that he’ll make a good pick this coming year? Thank you for your valuable analysis.

      NOTE 1: BC does not make these picks in a vacuum. He relies upon opinions of knowledgeable scouts and other experienced and knowledgeable people on the management team and coaching staff.
      NOTE 2: With the exception of the LeBrons, Durants, and Griffins of the world, the draft is a crapshoot.

      • what the

        he’s one of your fan boys Pooka maybe he saw the light go easy on him boys he is one of yours

      • Raptor4Ever

        So the Team is doing awful, draft picks turn out to be crap and not as advertised, team is not making forward progress, series of bad trades and signing ( JO, Hedo, Kapano and …) and none is the GM’s fault !!!! 

        What world are you from ??GM’s are evaluated on the success of their draft picks, trades and team, nothing more and nothing less.BC has failed in all fronts if DD and ED don’t pan out as it was advertised. Now you have to ask the question why are you giving BC the pass ?? Is it the high Color shirt and Italian suits ? Little man Crush 😉

        • CaseyDaMan

          It’s pathetic that some clowns on here feel compelled to counter with bringing up different arguable issues, implying things that aren’t in a post, and resorting to dumb little retorts like “Man Crush” or fanboy, when they have nothing to argue directly to the points made showing their original post is senseless.

          Some people are just so determined to be dumb.

          • Raptor4Ever

            lol, I guess you can not address anything regarding the draft, trades and the poor record of the team and hence, have to avoid answering them 🙂 It is ok pal, we understand. Now, look at the mirror and ask yourself why you love the guy so much ?

    • JK

      The veterans added were among the worst players in the league last year at their respective positions, notwithstanding their contribution to the “culture” they have had a negative effect on the ability of the team to do anything on offense. While I applaud management and casey for getting “good vets” who will help the team lose in a professional manner I think they overshot the mark. It’s difficult to increase your confidence + winning attitude with absolute scrubs getting meaningful minutes all around you. Magloire, Carter, Butler, name a worse player at each position, you can’t; what Ed and DD are getting now is an education in how hard it is to be good, let alone great in the nba, hopefully they come out the other side as more complete players. Last year the coaches tried to make the game easy for them, this year it’s all stacked against them, play defense, get doubled anytime you touch the ball, make a good decision, make a move to get a good shot, make tough shots, value the ball, value runouts. At the end of the season, they will have learned more than in previous years and that is development that is necessary. It’s unfortunate that injuries to Bayless & Bargnani have made it that much more difficult as the bench has been worse than even advertised, Davis Amir and DD are taking a beating right now because it’s a terrible starting lineup and the other team is keyed in on them. In the future none of these guys will be starters with the possible exception of Derozan so let’s all settle down, they’re not superstars. What the organization is banking on is jonas and andrea being a perfect fit, behind them it’s two of amir, gray and davis, maybe you have to keep the third on the deep bench cuz they have no value, no problem. At the three they have kleiza in place as a rotation player, and will more than likely pick up a wing in the draft, add that to DD and maybe keep jj, sign another two guard with the small amount of money they have, hope bayless gets better as a backup and jose stays healthy, get in the playoffs next year. The whole point of this season is preparing for those playoffs right now on defense, get Bargs at the top of his game, increase his stamina, and make sure everyone knows their role.

      • FAQ

        BC intentionally loaded the Ratpors with decrepit, incompetent veteran players to ensure tanking.

        Unfortunately, this may be unintentionally demotivating DD and Ed Davis resulting in their shitty performances.

        How would you like to play for the Ratpors… and just think how AB and Jose feel too while they collect their Million$$$$

      • CaseyDaMan

        Only thing wrong in what you said is they won’t have a “small amount of money”, but a quite large amount, which was always part of the plan for next summer.

        • James

          How much money is that exactly after paying Jonas and another first round and getting additional 4-5 players ??

          Is it 10 million ? More or less ?Next year we have: AB,Amir,DD,Ed, Jose, Keliza, JJ under the contract.

          • Matt

            Just did the calculation and if we get minimum vet. players for that additional players and don’t pick up Bayless’s qualifying offer, after signing our rookies, we will have just below 10 million to spent. That is not a bad number, with BC in charge, he can get us another Kapano or Hedo type of player with that money.

            • Nilanka15

              All you have to do is amnesty Calderon, and that $10 million balloons to $20 million.

      • James

        You have a lot of hope on Jonas , a Rookie centre from Europe and a draft pick which will probably be 4-8 in next year draft. If you think those 2 additions can make you a play off team that you have another big one coming ur way.

        • Aaron

          I disagree about the potential to make the playoffs in the east.  THe east has been terrible for the last 6 years where a below 500 team has made the playoffs each year.   With JV a high draft pick and 8-10 million the raptors could be a 500 team.

      • Aaron8007

        One of the best posts about BC’s train of thought for the 2012 season.  BC has been average too below average as general manager for the raptors since he started.  Remember the raptors had the third worst team in the NBA when BC started as GM.  
           He’s made alot of bad moves and he’s had some decent moves.  


    • FAQ

      “delusional type fans”… aka “tribal honking fans” …. who just live for “wins” because that completes their delusions over this bunch of scrubs.

      Perhaps there is a method to BC’s madness… he’s going to brutally blow up the Ratpors and start the rebuilding for serious next season.

  13. Juicy

    Some other questions:

    How many times does Leo mention Team Canada in pre-game and Half-time?  This is definetly going to increase playing against Nash.

    How many Primo pasta commercials will we see in one night?

    How many times will we be reminded that Barbosa was friends with Nash?

    With a 9pm start, how far into the game will most people fall asleep?  This question might not be answerable, as the channel is likely to get changed before that point.

    How many people might be tempted to watch the Leafs game instead?  Yes, that’s how bad this Raptor season is going.

    Also, Solo is with the team now.  Will the game get so out of hand that we might get a Solo spotting.

  14. voy

    Love the new pregame content.

    Number of times Matt Devlin sounds like Leo has just grabbed his balls, by suddenly yelling “de-ROOZANN”, after demar completes the most elementary of moves: 2

  15. what the

    how many time Primo Pasta boy name will be mension even though he’s not playing  5 times or more

  16. Antonino Ferraro

    Brian Colangelo.
    Is he a good GM? For me no.
    What kind of solution will he adopt to improve this team? Another pick in the lottery for one/two years? Why he doesn’t want to trade certain assets?

    This team doesn’t have credibility. No one wants to come here in a loser team, with a loser attitude. No one wants to spend years in Canada if the perspective is playing the RS and watching the PO games on the couch.

    Instead to spend energy to pick a new James or another All Star is necessary to improve the roster’s quality by trading some assets, now.

    Ed Davis-Derozan-Bayless are good pieces to use for trades and around the league there are possibility to take some good quality players. Instead to spend time to see the progress from them (ED-DD-JB….), we have to take the real solid players. Players that have been shown solid performance. Because, it’s clearly to me, that the way to attract decent FA is not only offering alot of money but a solid reality. Every FA prefers to play everywhere instead to Toronto if he doesn’t see any progress. And the progress, and the respect, you can only obtain if you win. If you win you can have more arguments to convince a good player to join us.

    For this reason instead to lose another 2/3 years to “develop” the team, BC has to trade some of them (doesn’t matter who from AB to JB) and try to reach the PO, not impossible considering the competitors. Next year he will be able to add Valanciunas, another pick and FA.

    In one or two years the Raptors coud be more and more competitive.

  17. Copywryter

    Number of free throws or 5-foot jumpers Magloire will airball: 1

    Direct and oblique references to where Nash might play next year and why he deserves to play for a contender: 4

    References to how this team will be less awful with Bargs back on the court: 8

    Number of drives Bayless makes immediately after the opposing PG scores on him: 7

    Number of drives that are ill-advised: 6

    Number of references to Grant Hill’s surprisingly long career: 5  

    Assists for Nash: 15

    Number of times Jack mentions the “tough schedule” Raps have: 7

    Number of times Matt mentions Twitter and/or Jack’s technophobia: 9

    Number of times Jack talks about how to “win on the road”: 4

    Number of times I think about watching something else and sparing myself the agony: 10-15.

  18. Statement

    Number of Derozan Euro-step fast break moves = 5

    Number of times he dribbles it off himself and out of bounds = 2

    Number of Bautista Booster Juice commercials = 10

    Number of times Casey coughs/clears his throat during post-game excusefest = 4

  19. Axl T

    Number of times the Raptors turn the ball over in-bounding under their own net … But we don’t get to see it because the “guys in the truck” are doing a close-up on Bargnani picking his nose.: 2

    • Nilanka15


      The production quality could definitely be improved upon.  Some issues:

      – Showing replays while the game is still live.
      – The camera following the wrong player after a made basket.
      – Replays that are “frozen” on a still frame.
      – Music to cue a commercial break is played, even though there is no commercial break.
      – It takes 30 seconds to update the on-screen scoreboard after a bucket.
      – The baseline camera is cued while the ball is at the top of the circle, so you can’t see shit.
      – Leo Rautins.

        • Nilanka15

          I cringe every time I hear that intro music.  It’s absolutely horrible. 

          I wonder if we can purchase the old “NBA on NBC” theme song.

  20. DryDry

    # times Devlin has no clue what the actual call was so he just says turnover: 8-12

    # times camera catches player on bench in jussssst post nose pick: 3

    # times Nash licks his fingers and sweeps his f’ing hair behind his ears: 58

    # times a shot is blocked but Devlin fails to see it: 5

  21. Glendresser

    So far the original predictions are eerily accurate. Off by two points on the 1st quarter margin, dead on with the half-time margin, and pretty good with best and worst player predictions, too. Some of the other stats (Jose assists, Johnson fouls, Barbosa points) have a solid shot, too. 


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