Watching Amir get dunked on…

I had a pre-game half written, when it dawned on me that this is the worst possible kind of meaningless game the Raptors could play: if the Raptors win, they’re going to jeopardize their lottery status while not proving anything against the 2nd worst team in the league; if the lose, they will have lost to the 2nd worst team in league for the second time this season. With that in my mind, I’m only going to offer a this:


Is officially blowing it up, and planning for next season, really not palatable by anyone other than me? Figure Bargnani is sideline for the half of February, at least, that’s like 8-9 more losses. I’d like to propose a solution:

  • Flip Calderon to the Lakers for Odom’s trade exception ($8.9mil) plus expiring filler and a couple 2nd round picks (doesn’t work on Trade Machine, but it should, numbers work)
  • Send Barbosa + cash (you know MJ is hurting) to Charlotte for Diaw and a 2nd round pick (trade machine)
  • Pick up a point guard from the D-League to back-up Bayless and Carter (Rafer is available; why the hell not?), and a big so Alabi has someone to talk too, and can cover a couple minutes when Bargnani gets shelved for the season in March

The roster would look something like:

PG Bayless / Carter / D-Leaguer
SG DeRozan / Forbes / Butler
SF  J. Johnson / Kleiza / Butler
PF Bargnani / Davis / Diaw / D-Leaguer
C   Gray / A. Johnson / Alabi

With Casey at the helm, you know he’ll get everything out of this lot and they’ll play hard; just less talent than we have now. I can live with this, but the picks will be crucial. In fact, at this point, I’ll take anything at all. Just need to know there’s a pulse in the front office trying to make shit happen.

Raptors by 4

Sorry for the weak piece; it was an angry night

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  • Ppellico

    I guess I still need players to be playing for positions next year.
    Being the biggest fan of Aaron Gray…I need him to do well to not only justify his being asked to stay next year, the year this team looks like it could be fun, but to play for the possibility he might be in negociations with ANY team.

    Like wise each and every player on this team. They each need to be making a reusme for being anywhere in the  NBA.

    As some have suggested this year being a throw away year for Amir…there is NEVER a throw away year. You average player only lives 3 or  4 years.

    I need to see the effort to be called an NBA player every single night.

  • 2damkule

    like an old man at a deli trying to return soup?

    as for dealing jose to the lakers…do the trade rules ‘work’ when it’s a TPE & not a player being exchanged?  i was under the impression that a TPE could only be used if it covered the entirety of the incoming contract.  since odom’s TPE is quite a bit less than jose’s salary for this year (by almost $900K), i didn’t think they could get a deal done.  not to mention whether jose’s 10% trade kicker would be a factor (i don’t think so, i think the acquiring team is simply on the hook for that little bonus, though jose could always waive it).

    also don’t think that players can be combined with a TPE, so ‘plus expiring filler’ is likely a non-starter (a separate deal would have to be worked out).

    • Sam Holako

      you could be right, but I always thought that contracts need to be within 125% of each other for it to go through. i’ll see if i can dig anything up on this. thanks for point it out, dude.

      • 2damkule

        generally speaking, yes…125% + $100K (for teams over the tax).  new cba relaxed the matching requirements for teams over the cap/under the tax such that these teams can take back the lesser of 150% + $100K (or 100% + $5M of what they trade away).

        maybe i was dreaming, but i thought i saw it mentioned in an article or a chat about how the TPE was treated differently (basically, that the above matching requirements don’t apply, and that the value of the contract coming in had to be less than the outgoing TPE).  haven’t been able to confirm that in my search, so hopefully, i’m wrong, and they can do a deal…not that i necessarily want to watch this team without jose, but because he’s a genuinely good guy, and it’d be nice to see him get to play with pau & at least have a shot at the playoffs. 

        of course, being reduced to tears by kobe might suck.

        • What the

          who knows you might enjoy Speedys cousin senor Slowpoke

        • Steve

          You’re right. The trade exception can only be used for contracts of equal or lesser value. Jose’s 9.7mil deal for Odom’s 8.9mil TPE can’t be done.

          • Matt52

            Jose also has a 10% trade kicker so the trade exemption would have to be around $10.6M.  

  • Bendit

    Too many 2nd round picks…you think the draft is that deep?  That would be 6 young uns coming in all fuzzy faced next season…(JV, our 1 & 2 and your 3). Dont think Casey likes you too much.

    • 2damkule

      picks are assets…combine a couple, and maybe you can swap them for a mid-to-late first rounder? 

      then combine that first rounder with one of your own young guys (DD? ed? amir?), and maybe you can steal another team’s ‘young guy with potential who hasn’t worked out here.’  or use that pick/player offer to move into the lottery.  at this point, it’s all about assets.

      • Nilanka15

        Yup, agree wholeheartedly.  You can never have too many draft picks.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll all be suiting up for the Raptors come September.

        • 2damkule

          or you take a flier on a 2nd rounder & stash him in europe for a couple years.  at worst, having picks/assets gives you flexibility, even if all it does is sweeten a trade package.

      • What the

        whats wrong with you guys i said it before and i’ll say it again Demar is going noooo where and he’s not coming off the bench for the TORONTO RAPTORS not while BC and JAY are still in raptorsland,its like JAY said he was drafted to start not come off the bench and we all know what happen to the last guy who made the raptors #1 pick come off the bench so all you guys who have a problem with the gold spoon in Demars mouth have a seat and relax DEE and PRIMO are RAPTORS FOR YEARS TO COME

        • CaseyDaMan

           Just because you said before and will say again, doesn’t mean it’s not crap. In fact. coming from your tongue pretty much guarantees it’s crap.

          • What the

            so what are you saying POOKIE? DEE will be coming off the bench or traded what cause your not really saying anything

          • p00ka_is_a_fish

            Guess who’s BACK!!!!!!

          • DeMar

            He’s right sorry bro

  • j bean

    Considering the last couple of games this is an important one no matter who they are up against. 
    When they were playing well they had good anticipation of the play that was developing and where they had to be on both ends of the court. Thats what I’m looking for tonight. 

    • 2damkule

      *cough* important *cough*

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Flipping Calderon for the Lakers’ trade exemption is no good because Toronto cannot attract quality free agents anyways so you would be getting all that salary cap space for nothing.  The Barbosa deal makes some sense; however neither team would be any better and I doubt the Raptors want an out of shape and over the hill Boris Diaw to replace a guy that has done so much for them.  Barbosa’s deal is expiring anyways, it does not hurt to keep him.  

    • 2damkule

      i’m a bit confused.

      you state that acquiring a sizeable TPE is ‘no good’ because TO can’t attract ‘quality’ FA’s…but TPEs can’t be used to sign FAs anyway.  in fact, they are valuable because they allow teams that have difficulty signing FA’s to make deals in which they essentially are taking on a player/$ without having to give back anything (which is basically the same as signing a FA in that it only costs the team $$).

      you then state that barbosa is valuable as an expiring contract, ostensibly because it frees up cap space that they could use…to sign a FA?

    • Nilanka15

      Toronto can attract free agents.  We just have to overpay to get them.

  • Nilanka15

    I wouldn’t be upset (or surprised) at all if we lose this game.

    At this point in the season, my only concern is figuring out if DeRozan’s a keeper or not.

    You know it’s a sad state of affairs when I’m honestly afraid of Nick Young lighting us up tonight.  Thanks DeMar, for providing us with zero confidence in your defensive abilities.

    • 2damkule

      and in ‘things i never thought i’d write’:

      i’m less confident in his offense than his D.

  • Brian B

    I care. Losing is a bad habit. Not competing is a bad habit. not hustling is a bad habit. Not taking charges would be a bad habit. Not going to the rim to draw a foul would be a bad habit. Not making the extra pass to take a bad 3 is a bad habit. We don’t need players with bad habits next year, or the year after, or whenever the team becomes decent. Unless by “blow it up” we assume none of these players remain by then.

    I also care because all the GOOD habits – hustle; taking charges; driving to the rim; good shot selection; competing, are good habits we want our players to learn. If this is a learning season, they need to do this. PLUS it makes for a game which is less ugly, decent entertainment, not an insult to fans.

    • Nilanka15

      If there’s one thing Casey has shown us, it’s that bad habits can be erased with a shortened training camp.

      Whatever bad habits set in this year, should be gone by next year under Casey…and this time with a full training camp, and with better players on the roster.

      Until then, losing is what it is.  Nothing is permanent.  There are many current examples of perpetually poor teams finally turning things around with proper coaching, and roster upgrades.  There’s no reason to think the same cannot happen in Toronto.

      We shouldn’t be afraid of losing in a year we’re all but destined to lose, if it means helping the odds of adding talent this summer (via the draft).

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ badge for today- congrats & enjoy……

        No wonder BC keeps on getting over on a segment of the fan base base…

        • Nilanka15

           Mediocrity forever!!!  Huzzah!!!

    • voy

      lets not confuse losing with effort.  these guys can bust their ass and they’ll still lose the vast majority of their games. 

      besides, 80% of these guys wont be on the team by the time we assemble the pieces to contend.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Contend for exactly what?

        • voy

          contend for political leadership in Uganda.

          • Lorenzo


          • Barbarossa

            gonna be hard, they have a gaddafi-like leader over there

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        As well, when will that time be exactly?

        • 2damkule

          if you knew exactly when they’d be competitive again, would you stay away until then?

        • voy

          as soon as andrea buys the tanks and jose convinces kamala, the ugandan giant, to endorse us

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I won’t be surpirsed by a Raptors L tonite as the Washington beat the Raptors earlier this season with ABargnani in the line up so w/o ABargnani it might even be easier.

    Has Kleiza stopped hiding like a chicken heart- will he play tonite?

    NYoung always seems to get the best of DD.

    Why are Butler, ACarter (he actually said in an interview that he was here to mentor the 30 year old Calderon lmfao) & Alabi on the roster again?

    Btw- Ish Smith (rookie PG formerly of GS) just signed w/ Orlando.

    I’ll call a Raptors L 97-83 as the Wizards cast a spell over the Raptors.

    • Nilanka15

      Get your facts straight son.  Carter said he can mentor Bayless, not Calderon.

      Besides, he’s on the roster because you need 12 live bodies to field a team.  But we probably should’ve got Chris Paul instead, right?

      Recognize game or stay forever lame.  smh @ u

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Nope, wrong, I saw the interview on RaptorsTV twice and he said he was here to mentor both Bayless & Calderon- get your facts straight, buddy.lmfao @ u 1nce again

        How about another young pg ala Ish Smith instead of an end of the road veteran when you already have a NBA playoff experienced 30 year old pg in Jose on the roster?

        Suckas like you that sit on the sidelines with no guidelines kill me- step your game up kiddo or get the heave ho…..smdh

        • Nilanka15

          Oh, you saw it twice??? Wow, amazing.  Then it must be true.  smdh @ u

          Yeah, Ish Smith is awesome [rolling eyes].

          For the sake of argument, even if Smith was in Toronto, do you think things would be any different?  Neither Smith nor Carter would be here next year (you know….because they both suck), so who the fuck cares how Colangelo fills the 15th spot on the depth chart?  It makes no difference in the grand scheme of things, but you run your mouth like it’s the one move that would lead us to the promise land.

          Seriously dude, this is real life, not fantasy sports. 

          Recognize game or stay forever lame.

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Ladies & gentlemen of RR we have a 1st today an

            -‘I am stuck on stupid’-

            badge double daily award winner!!!

            Congrats & enjoy- 1nce again, my friend. lmfao @ u and the things u do

            • Nilanka15

              So typical.  Ignore all relevant basketball discussion, and go back to your imaginary world of badge-dispensing euphoria.

              smdh @ u

  • Akash_singh

    Im sorry, but this is wack.

  • WhatWhat

    Meaningless game? You clearly don’t understand how huge this is for the tank.

  • Daniel Rouleau

    “if the Raptors win, they get a jeopardize their lottery status”Could you guys please check your insecurities at the door and stop with the lottery drama?

    Your proposals are equivalent to pushing the big red panic button in my opinion; just silly with no care about the current product.

    • Nilanka15

      Just curious, what good does a win tonight do if 80% of the current roster won’t be back next year, other than providing the casual fan some short-lived entertainment?

      • Daniel Rouleau

        Are you saying you expect the Raptors will have 12 new players next year? If that’s the case, who are the Three Amigos who will still be on the roster next year?

        You also appear to have quite a disdain for the fans who attend games and thus helps guarantee the franchise stays in Toronto. But it’s true, they’re “only casual fans” while “hardcore fans” like yourself would simply turn off the TV until next year if the Raptors would simply follow your “sound” make-sure-tank-to-the-absolute-bottom strategy.

        • voy

           Poetic licence, perhaps. Maybe not quite next year but within a few years I bet pretty close to 80%.

          I think the easy money is on Butler, Carter, Alabi, Barbosa, Forbes, Magloire to be tossed overboard the good ship Raptor.

          I dont think we’ll have both ED and Amir on the same team.  We’ll keep one, I think.

          Thats already 7 guys off the team.

          For good or for bad you cant look at this team as a finished product, cuz its not. 

        • cesco

           Who do you think the three amigos staying are , Nilanka . Right now there are only two worth keeping , Andrea and JV and you want Andrea shipped out . So you have JV and who are the two scrubs worth keeping ? .

    • What the

      if we lose Demar gets nailed to the cross

    • Akash_singh

      thank you, raps fan pick up another hobby until next year………….they ain’t worth stressing over this year.

  • Steve

    I wonder if there’s any way possible to get 1st round pick from a middle-of-the-pack team, like a team that is 6-8th seed in their respective conference, or a team that’s 9th or 10th and looking to make a playoff push. A mid 1st rounder would be awesome, guess we should just wait until the trade deadline when things really heat up.

    • 2damkule

      it’s doable, but tricky…mainly depends on how willing a team is to give up a pick, where that pick is projected to be, and who (on the raps) would be ‘worth’ it for that team.

      a team who’s looking like a 6-8th seed may not be as keen on giving up what could turn out to be a decent pick in a loaded draft unless the player they acquire is a legit difference-maker…and in all honesty, i really don’t see many (any?) of those guys on the raps roster…at least anyone who they’d actually be looking to deal.

      jose & barbosa have been mentioned as possibilities, but both make a lot of money, and so trading either is difficult (i don’t think there’s a TPE out there that can absorb jose, and the demand for barbosa could be limited to a small handful of teams).  if BC could swing something for either guy that would net a mid first-rounder (without having to take back a junk contract or nutcase), i’d have to think he’d jump all over it.

    • IROR

      The bucks?  they’re definitely on a bubble.   or the hawks?   ED and Bosa for first rounder and a filler ?  That’s probably what it would take.

  • Arsenalist

    Boris Diau and a second rounder? What does that exactly do for the Raptors?

    Barbosa needs to be flipped for a first rounder and that first round needs to be parlayed with our other pick this year for someone who knows what they’re doing already.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I agree with that as the last thing the Raptors need next season is to add another rookie to their roster especially with Val coming over they need to get a proven NBA player (pg? sf? both?) somehow someway using their 2012 1st round draft pick(s) as bait with a potential combination of players- whatever it takes to upgrade the roster talent level.

      Truthfully I would like to see the Raptors re-sign Bosa (if he’s open to it) as their 6th man for the next 3-4 years ala JTerry then try to trade for GWallace or NBatum (I know Batum has reported Raptors issues) of the Blazers while going after f/a pg Aaron Brooks (China) once he is eligible to sign with a NBA team.

      • Nilanka15

        Brooks isn’t any more of a PG than Bayless is.  He’s a SG in a PG’s body.

        • guest

          He is an sg in a mini pg body!

  • Steve

    I would like to see what Mr. picket fence has to say about trading for draft picks. I think he would want to trade Bargnani for a 2012 2nd round pick, and a 2013 2nd round pick. Maybe he’ll blog about it in the picket fence.

    • 2damkule

      if you’re so curious, why don’t you just go to his blog & ask him, rather than posting it here, where he hasn’t been seen since before the season?

  • leftovercrack

    Creepy, I went to firstrowsports to stream the raptors game – i live abroad – and a page appeared saying the site had been seized by ICE and Homeland Security

    • 2damkule

      you should probably sneak out the back…

    • What the

      every year around superbowl time they get shut down

    • What the

      no leftover crack for you it got seized by ICE

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Great W!