Gameday: Raptors vs Wizards – Feb. 3/12

Raptor have a meaningless game at home against the Wizards

Watching Amir get dunked on…

I had a pre-game half written, when it dawned on me that this is the worst possible kind of meaningless game the Raptors could play: if the Raptors win, they’re going to jeopardize their lottery status while not proving anything against the 2nd worst team in the league; if the lose, they will have lost to the 2nd worst team in league for the second time this season. With that in my mind, I’m only going to offer a this:


Is officially blowing it up, and planning for next season, really not palatable by anyone other than me? Figure Bargnani is sideline for the half of February, at least, that’s like 8-9 more losses. I’d like to propose a solution:

  • Flip Calderon to the Lakers for Odom’s trade exception ($8.9mil) plus expiring filler and a couple 2nd round picks (doesn’t work on Trade Machine, but it should, numbers work)
  • Send Barbosa + cash (you know MJ is hurting) to Charlotte for Diaw and a 2nd round pick (trade machine)
  • Pick up a point guard from the D-League to back-up Bayless and Carter (Rafer is available; why the hell not?), and a big so Alabi has someone to talk too, and can cover a couple minutes when Bargnani gets shelved for the season in March

The roster would look something like:

PG Bayless / Carter / D-Leaguer
SG DeRozan / Forbes / Butler
SF  J. Johnson / Kleiza / Butler
PF Bargnani / Davis / Diaw / D-Leaguer
C   Gray / A. Johnson / Alabi

With Casey at the helm, you know he’ll get everything out of this lot and they’ll play hard; just less talent than we have now. I can live with this, but the picks will be crucial. In fact, at this point, I’ll take anything at all. Just need to know there’s a pulse in the front office trying to make shit happen.

Raptors by 4

Sorry for the weak piece; it was an angry night

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