Blake Murphy’s fate at Raptors Republic.

Raptors 108, Wizards 111 (OT) – Box

Tanking: The act of a sports team intentionally losing to better its chances of receiving a high pick in the draft.
Blakeing: The act of Raptors Republic assigning Blake Murphy coverage of a game against a sub-.500 team to ensure a Raptors loss to better their chances of receiving a high pick in the draft.

After all, this is what we have all been saying we wanted, right? Games that are played hard, fought competitively, but ultimately lost? That should be especially true against our fellow dregs, in this case the now-5-20 Washington Wizards. Yes, the Raptors fought back from down as many as 18 to force overtime against the Wizards, ultimately losing by three after some poor execution down the stretch.

Of course, no team has any business ever being down 18 points to this Wizards squad, so we all, along with coach Dwane Casey, were understandably frustrated that such a comeback was even a requirement.

From ESPN…

“That was a bad exhibition of basketball,” Casey observed. “We had an unprofessional start.”
The Raptors trailed by 10 after the first quarter, 29-19, and by 57-42 at halftime.
Casey ripped his team at halftime, and they responded by falling even further behind before cutting the deficit to 82-72 after three.
“You have to go off on them at halftime to get them to play. It shouldn’t have to ever get to that, and that’s why I was disappointed, even with the second-half comeback,” Casey said.

Can’t say I disagree, but if we want to take some positives from the game, let’s start our analysis at the end of the third quarter, as the Raptors closed on an 11-3 run capped by a James Johnson triple, cutting the lead to a manageable 10 points…

*The Raptors continued the run to start the fourth, as a Jerryd Bayless 3-ball cuts the lead to 7 and forces a Wizards timeout at the 9-minute mark. Of course, this 18-7 run has happened with Nick Young and John Wall on the bench for the Wizards, and they check back in to try and stop the bleeding. At this point Bayless is 6/13 shooting with just a single turnover. The story down the stretch really was Bayless’ aggression and the pressure he puts on a defense weighed against his decision making.

*Five minutes have passed and the Raptors finally break the 7-point plateau they’ve been nibbling at, as DeMar deciddes to attack and gets to the line. Bayless follows with a quick 3-ball, forcing another Wittman timeout. The announcers praise Jamal Magloire for a strong screen to free up Bayless, completely ignoring the fact that he has no business being on the floor over Ed or Amir. The lead is down to 96-93 with 3:39 to play.

*Bayless rushes an early-shot clock long-two, completely negating a great defensive stand where the Raps forced a late-clock attempt. Wall follows up with a pair of free throws after a Kleiza blocking foul.

*Bayless (it’s all him right now) hits a 24-footer with just 4 on the shot clock, and Nick Young misses a jumper. 98-96 Wiz with 2 minutes to go.

*Bayless (remember him?) drives wildly under the basket and throws an ill-advised pass…that the Wizards knock out of bounds. Bayless follows it up by air-balling a three….which the Wizards knock out of bounds. With 0.7 on the shot clock, the inbounds is for Kleiza who BANKS a deuce to tie the game. Unbelievable 24 seconds of basketball there, with two big mistakes from Bayless being bailed out by a bank shot, of all things, from Linas.

*Trevor Booker reclaims the lead with a pair of free throws. Bayless misses a layup that he was driving too quickly on, but Amir grabs an O-board, setting up a wide-open Kleiza three for the lead, their first since it was 2-0.

*John Wall takes the lead back, using only 8 seconds of clock. Bayless hits a pair of free throws, and then fouls Wall too weakly, allowing him to make a ridiculous And-1 layup. Wall misses the free throw, but Jan Vesley manages to tip the ball to Jordan Crawford on the rebound, who is fouled and splits a pair. 105-103 Wiz, 17.3 seconds remaining.

*Amir sets a high screen for Bayless, who of course misses the layup….setting up an Amir Johnson put-back jam to tie it. James Johnson blocks a Nick Young jumper with 0.9 seconds on the clock to force overtime.

I’ll move a little quicker through OT…

*Raptors allow an offensive rebound on the first play, turning a potential lead into a 2-0 deficit. Bayless misses a lay-up but Amir grabs the board, only for Kleiza to miss a three at the end of the clock after 27 ugly pump fakes. Luckily, Epic Vale knocks this wild miss out of bounds for some reason, giving the Raps a fresh clock. Kleiza is fouled and splits a pair.

*A display of the Wizards sometimes-frustrating basketball-IQ…John Wall misses a layup, and all four teammates on the floor, two from the bench, the mascot, and coach Randy Wittman all try to tip-slam the miss, allowing for a Raptors rebound.

*Amir is blocked on two straight lay-up attempts under the basket. He’s fouled on the floor, only to be blocked once again when Linas finds him under the bucket. If he could get these layups off, he’d be having a monster game. He grabs another board off a wild Bayless miss on the next possession, setting up a Kleiza air-ball three attempt.

*DeMar bails out Nick Young after an awful pump-fake-and-fade, giving him two points instead of a turnover. A quick turnover on a miscommunicated pass from Bayless-to-Kleiza (and yes, the Raptors are playing with only Linas, Bayless, and Amir on the floor), but Young helps them out by rushing a shot in OT with a 3-point lead (of course he does). Hey, remember when we were all offended if someone suggested that Nick Young might be DeMar’s ceiling? I miss those days.

*Amir hits a pair with 27.2 seconds left.. The Raptors then allow 19.5 seconds to tick off the clock before fouling, in an inexplicable display of poor game management. Booker splits the pair, stretching the lead to two, but on the miss the ball is touched by three Raptors (Magloire, Carter, and Amir) but ends up in Young’s hands. He splits a pair, and it’s 111-108 with a little over 1 second to go and the ball in the back-court. Bayless has fouled out. Jose inbounds to Rasual, back to Jose for an open three….air ball short. 111-108 Wizards is your final.

I realize it’s not customary to just review some play-by-play for the post-game coverage, but the game was only really interesting for those 18 minutes. Before that, it was a lot of the same frustration we’ve been dealing with all season, although there was plenty of frustration in the fourth and OT as well.

Jerryd Bayless….well, he’s getting exposed to trial-by-fire, that’s for sure. The ball was in his hands on a permanent basis down the stretch, and he made some huge plays but some curious decisions with the ball as well. It’s still unclear whether his aggression on the offensive end is necessary or misplaced, whether it’s owing to the team requiring it from him or a lack of self-awareness (read: you’re not Derrick Rose). Bayless finished with 30 points, but took 23 shots to get there (9/23, 6/10 3FG, 6/6 FT) and only had 3 assists. He only had a pair of turnovers officially, but poor shot decisions that miss wildly might as well be considered turnovers as well. From the 9-minute mark of the fourth onwards, Bayless went 3/10 from the floor with a turnover and just one assist, a pretty inefficient line when you consider he had the ball 75% of the time. It’s obviously frustrating to watch him t times, and I’m sure the fanbase is pretty split on him as a prospect, but at least we’re getting a good long look at him in this type of role. Sure, his upside might be a change-of-pace third guard, but we need to know.

Lines Kleiza was option 1B if Bayless was 1A, and if you ignore that this flies in the face of youth and development, he’s been a very effective offensive weapon off the bench of late. He finished with 30 on 11-of-16 shooting (just 4/8 at the line, but 4/8 on threes), and added 5 boards, but with just 1 helper and 3 turnovers. Kleiza’s versatility is his biggest asset, as he can score from long range, at the elbow, or on the block. His drives to the hoop are sometimes ugly, but the defense has to respect them. With a more talented team around him, Kleiza could be a major asset in creating space and mis-matches. But this is not a more talented team around him.

And we’re now out of positives. DeMar chipped in with 15 points on 4/10 shooting, and thankfully got to the stripe 8 times (7/8) to help pick up his line. He added 4 boards and 2 dimes to the cause, and it’s ridiculous that this is a positive note on his ledger compared to most nights. He’s averaging 3.6 boards and just 1.5 assists, so if he can’t start to imrpove on that 17.2 Pts/40 he’ll struggle to be a net postitive. I suppose I should be happy that he attacked some, but when you match his line and shot chart up with Nick Young’s (9/20 for 29 points, next to nothing at the rim) you see that he needs to be a ridiculously high-average 2-point shooter to have value in his current incarnation. Please keep attacking DeMar…it’s your only chance.

James Johnson had a nice all-around game…or maybe he didn’t. His final line looked okay (4/10 for 10-4-6), but I hardly noticed him outside of his huge block on Young to force OT. It’s odd that I rarely made note of his 6 assists in my game notes, but perhaps there’s value in contributing offensively without sticking out.

The most curious thing about this game, in a match-up against a team with no interior scoring presence (Booker had a good game with 19, but that’s certainly not the norm) was the substitution pattern of the bigs. At the half, Gray, Magloire, Amir, and Ed had all played at least 7 minutes but no more than 9. By game’s end, it was Amir with 21, Magloire with 18, Ed with 16, and Gray with 8. That’s a total of 63 minutes, 0 of which should have been given to Magloire. I understand that he’s a decent defender and sets good screens, but he’s also 33 (wait…what? I looked this up…definitely thought he’d be north of 35…dude looks old). Those minutes should be going to Ed and Amir unless they’re making just unforgivable mistakes and showing no effort at all, which I don’t think was the case. Amir should probably learn to execute a lay-up without getting blocked, but he had NINE (!!) offensive rebounds. Ed played poorly in his limited time and looked a bit apathetic, and Amir had some foule trouble, but I just can’t accept a world in which a rebuilding team plays Magloire 18 minutes in a close, winnable game. But I digress.

All in all, this was a disappointing showing after shellacking the Wizards Friday and playing the Heat respectably on Sunday. This was a winnable game, but one the fan base is probably happy, long-term, to have lost. As I’ve said though, such an attitude and perspective doesn’t really mesh with single-game coverage. The Raptors disappointed again, and I guess that’s the point for now. 1-17 folks…1-17 when I cover games.

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  • Blake, you’ve obviously missed your calling as a graphic artist:)

  • Arsenalist

    Bayless – 23 shots
    DeRozan – 10 shots

    Something wrong there, someone elaborate what exactly for me.

    Also, is it just me or does DD always get outplayed by Nick Young?

    • Nilanka15

      DD gets outplayed by everyone, lol.

    • Zbaby

      Perhaps it’s because Nick Young has footwork, the ability to shoot, dribble, etc. beyond that, yeah I have no idea why DD gets outplayed.
      Btw I hate nick young. But he’s more clearly more capable.

      • nez

         And took 20 shats


      Arse, c’mon.

      Look at when he takes his shots during the game – tells you everything.

      BC can’t have him playing DeChuckster out ther during any of the relevant moments of the game, that will leave no hope for any suitor thinking there is something left in him to develop.  He would be like Herold Miner at that point, except he actually won not one but two dunk contests. (Come to think of it, he went to USC and he’s from Compton. HA!)

      We need to worry about how many times DeBust got to the line
      because, that’s obviously winning us games, not how many shots he takes. Last night he’s checking into game, Douchlin to AlchyJack: “Well Jack, he’s gone to the line 6 times”.  – clearly the mark of a HOF in his 3rd year. 

      I don’t think I
      have ever seen a player put in a more insignificant 45 minutes. The guy
      is utterly useless unless he rebounds.

  • Nilanka15

    I thought the final play call was drawn up brilliantly.  With 1.5 seconds left, the defense assumes that the player receiving the inbounds pass will be taking the shot. 

    Calderon got a sweet look, albeit a few feet farther than he’s probably comfortable.

    • mountio

      that one is a classic from the Nash play book. Ive seen the Suns run it well many times .. always seems to catch the defense off guard. Nicely drawn up by Casey and well executed .. a clean look with 1.5 secs is all you can ask for.
      Sharp contrast to some of Jay’s diagramed plays .. whew

  • Seeten

    Kleiza is only 27, and is under contract, so might as well see what we have there, too, or better still, let him drop 30 night after night and appreciate as an asset.

    • CaseyDaMan

       Apparently 27 (Kleiza) and 26 (AB) are too old to be considered part of the youth movement in some parts.

      • Nilanka15

        27 with microfracture knee surgery is probably more like 35 😛

        • CaseyDaMan

          Based on you expert medical prognosis?  Oh, you mean like Kidd was really playing like a 46 year old, 7 years after surgery, for 36 MPG in last year’s entire playoff run to a championship? Or how Amare has really been playing like a 32-37 year old these past 6 years? I see, we should not pay any attention to the progress of this surgical procedure over the years, but remain hung up on the old evidence, as well as ignore what we’re seeing before our eyes with Kleiza.

          • Nilanka15

            See the “sticking out tongue” at the end of my post?  That means I was joking.

  • Raps Loyalist

    Brutal offense down the stretch and in OT.  Bayless was acting like he was Kobe.  He’s a massive ball stopper and takes long 2s and contested 3s early in the shot clock before he even passes the ball once.  DD wasn’t touching the ball on offense at all and nothing went into the post.  Pathetic play-calling on the Raps part.

    Also, whenever Bayless makes a couple shots he always jacks up a ridiculous “heat check” shot early in the shot clock from deep that is always contested.  Happened last night and happened against Miami (Raps within 3 points to Miami Bayless brings up the ball and shoots a wild 3 with 18 seconds still on the shot clock).

    Bayless is a nice weapon on offense off the bench but he is definitely not a point guard in any shape or form (accept of course his height)

  • Aaron8007

    Kleiza is a keeper.  With JV coming to town next year you need Kleiza to help him transition to NBA basketball and north american life.  He speaks the same language as JV and is a good role model for JV.  Kleiza also knows how to play basketball and his versatility is a huge advantage of the bench.  To me the weakest position now is 2 guard.  JJ and Kleiza have been decent and should only get better as each others strength go together well  JJ-defense and Kleiza-offense.   I guy like Gilchrist could  play both positions and even barnes could play a little two guard.  Demar working on his three pointer has made him ineffecient.  New demar  is doing everything he’s not good at and thats why his PER is so bad.  He can’t shoot and he has suspect penetration skills and not to mention his terrible defense.  Demar is good when he catch’s the ball on the move and makes a strong move to the basket.  His shoulders need to be squared to the hoop with momentum going forward. Demar needs to have less of a role and spend his time going to the hoop and shooting pull up jumpers when his man overplays the drive.  His triple threat is terrible and his decision making with the ball is also terrible.

    • The JV tie-in for LK is actually a nice point that I’ve generally overlooked. Well said.

    • sleepz

      I agree regarding Kleiza but I don’t see either Gilchrist or Barnes playing much of the 2 in the NBA.

      The Raps should be running more plays for Demar to catch and shoot off screens as he never had much ability to create to begin with.

      I do think the 3 will end up being a good potential position for him unless they start running appropriate plays for him from the 2 spot and see how truly productive he is or can be.

      The jury is still out on him and I don’t think Colangelo knows what to do with him or how he fits in going forward.

    • WHAT THE

      YES coach and to you all DeMARRR is going ((((( NOOO WHEREEE))))))

    • Lorenzo

      If there’s anything this season has showed us, it’s that JJ and LK are keepers.

  • Valit

     The only good thing about last night match, was the fact that we are getting a clearer picture of what we have and what we need for the future. I’m still shaking my head when I read that we dont need player X or Y because he is ” old” and we are rebuilding and he is not for the future. For all the draft picks, cap space, TPE or other accounting schemes, bottom line is that we need to translate all these in players, actually good players. I understand the rebuilding process but IMO , it has to be done   gradually,not fire sale after fire sale in the hope that at one point we will hit the jackpot. Let’s try to get first a star 3, a solid 5 ( 10 and 10 on a regular basis) and a future PG who can be groomed in what team identity will be. It will be very interesting to see how BC will resolve the Bayless conundrum and Amir/Ed dilemma.

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    I watched the 1st quarter and overtime – here are some observations.

    – The small starting lineup was a horrible choice against Washington, as several Raptors were overmatched defensively, requiring way too much switching on D.  At the very least, I thought Amir should have started at PF instead of James Johnson, who couldn’t handle Booker.
    – I was screaming early for a timeout because of the lineup mismatches on defense and the complete lack of offensive chemistry with that starting lineup.  I was impressed when Casey heard me through my TV and called one when it was something like 8-2 Wizards.  However, I was shocked when the identical lineup came back on the floor – one poor coaching decision (starting lineup) compounded by another poor coaching decision (sticking with lineup/substition pattern instead of adapting to the actual game being played).
    – I think it was the first play out of that first time out, when the Raptors had DeRozan inbounding from the Wizards’ baseline and on an attempt to inbound the ball to JJ, DD simply threw the inbound pass out of bounds about 8′ up the sideline.  That was absolute garbage, especially coming out of a timeout!  Terrible play call and even worse execution.

    – Bayless’ box score looked fantastic!  Unfortunately, his play did not.  S E L F I S H!!!  And inefficient!  Please trade him to be some other team’s poor man’s Jason Terry!
    – After Amir’s free throws cut the lead to 1, why did the Raptors let 20 seconds slip off the clock before fouling?  For once, even Devlin was calling for a better coaching decision than the one Casey made.  Regardless what happened with Magloire’s butter fingers losing the rebound or the fact that Calderon got a potential game-winning shot off at the buzzer, the Raptors should have had 15-20 seconds to draw up a better play to attempt a game-tying or game-winning shot at the end.  Horrible coaching decision.

    Overall I am happy that they played a “competitive” game and lost, as it gets us closer to the top draft pick.  However, despite his defensive improvements, some of Casey’s decisions have me questioning his strategic in-game thinking.

  • sitnonDfence

    It looked as if they were waiting for booker to catch the ball, as he is a sub 60% FT shooter,(and evident by the fact that Amir tried to tackle him) and in theory it worked until Magloire FINALLY remembered how to box out  but waited for someone else to grab the ball and then let it slip out of his greasy mitts. IMO i dont think the clock and play management towards the end was all that bad. Just poor execution and wandering focus as per usual.

  • Fk

    Bayless shouldn’t get a pass on his trash defense. Nick Young and John Wall had a field day on him.

    • WHAT THE

      buddy you need to watch the game again before you talk

      • Fk

        I did watch the game. He made Nick Young look like Dwayne Wade.

        • WHAT THE

          i said again

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Anyone happy with this loss is stuck on stupid as this is the 2nd loss to the Wizards- a team currently worse off than the Raptors- in this bullchit 66 game season.

    Tony ‘Black Steel’ Wroten Jr a 6’5 (6.6 1/2 in shoes) John Wall 6’2 2/3 (6’4 in shoes) with better court vision & passing abilities.

    • CalgaryRapsFan

      If Wroten is so much better than Wall, a consensus #1 overall pick, wouldn’t it make sense for the Raptors to continue losing, thus ensuring the Raptors can draft as high as possible to draft Wroten or whoever else they want most???

      You can’t have your cake and eat it to.  Nobody is happy with losses like this, but nobody expects the Raptors to challenge for the NBA championship this season either.  So…. the team and its fans should think beyond this season and getting a potential franchise changing type of player in the draft is the best way to do that, which means losing games this season to get a better chance of the #1 overall draft pick!  Funny how logic works like that.

      • CaseyDaMan

         He’s only got so many lines, in his copy and paste vocabulary, to work with and sometimes they just don’t fit together very well.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Did I say that TWJr was a consensus overall #1 draft pick?

        No I did not.

        But he is a potential high Lottery pick come the 2012 NBA Draft if he declares.

        Continue (to support) losing so that they can drop from 3rd to 5th in the Stern controlled NBA Draft Lottery again?

        Don’t you ever learn?smdh

        Naw, I want the Raptors to play to win and let the chips fall where they may.

        I don’t expect the Raptors to challenge for a NBA title anytime soon either I’d settle for a yearly above .500 playoff team.

        Ever since BC’s 1st year the Raptors win (47) total has dropped in each of the subsequent seasons unto this season where I doubt that the Raptors will win more than 22 games as they did last season.

        Logic- no one can predict the future but we are living in the present with BC’s Raptors vision in action.

        • Nilanka15

          Clearly, you don’t understand the concept of “increasing odds”.

  • Brian B

    Magloire was the best of the bad choice of match ups inside. Without him, McGee and Booker would have gone wild. In the first half, the wiz were penetrating at will. It does no good to put ED or AJ in at the 5 if they just get beat up – they learn nothing and it is not a fair opportunity to evaluate them.

    Bayless WAS beaten up by Young, but, as noted already, the lack of getting bodies in front of people, plus the lack of boxing out on rebounds, killed the raps in the first half. They were playing street ball.

    Rewarding Bayless by giving him the keys down the stretch is the opposite of accountability, IMHO. This may come back to bite the Raps.


      It’s stunning people are talking about waiting on Bayless.  Waiting for what exactly?   What is there to find out?  He’s just another BC player love affair mistake that’s been following him since PHX. Bench player, at best.

    • WHAT THE

      how are we going to know what he can do if we don’t let him do it/play the stuff that Bayless is doing wrong can be fixed even if it takes having to look at the coach every trip down the court

      • FLUXLAND

        When Nate McMillan gives up on you, the writing is on the wall.

        “Right now, the Blazers envision Bayless being the team’s backup point
        guard behind starter Andre Miller. But that vision comes with a hint of
        trepidation: Is Bayless more concerned with scoring and creating his own
        shot when, really, the team needs him to run the offense and play
        pressure defense?”

        Here we are 2 years and 2 teams later, asking the same questions. What does this tell us?

        His time in Portland tells you all you need to know.

        But hey his TFG% or some fancy algorithm beyond my comprehension says he is awesome. So, ya we should probably wait a few more years and see what we got. 

        • guest1

          I watch a lot of basketball and when anyone says wants to define a young point guard in terms of Nate McMillan they lose all credibility.  Nate McMillan has not had a point guard he liked since he has been in Portland.  There is not a young guard in the league who has gone to Portland and been developed.  Brandon Roy came in as a college graduate and it is well known that Nate hates young pg’s.  Just ask any of the three sitting on the bench right now!

          • FLUXLAND

            When did this turn into Nate McMillan? And you clearly are not paying much attention to what’s going over there, but let’s just say their record is 14 -11. You are right, he’s a disgrace to basketball.

            And since we are there, have you ever seen him play or know who he played with during his career? Do you know anything about his son?

            I’m thinking Nate knows a little more about PGs and is a real PG, than guest1 who “watches a lot of basketball” and is the self proclaimed adjudicator of credibility. 

        • 511

          That article from Oregon Live (Oct. 1/10) is … interesting at the very least. Bayless was definitely the same player in Portland that we see out there for the Raptors, that’s for sure. (And I understand that that shouldn’t surprise me but …)

          Talking about how Bayless played in their annual intrasquad scrimmage, the article said: “When Bayless was directing the offense, it wasn’t an onslaught of torpedo drives down the lane like much of last season.” (This was preseason.) “He was in control and looked to get teammates involved. Late in the fourth quarter, Bayless had attempted only one shot, a three-pointer he made in the first quarter.” This was said exactly the way we might be saying it if we were excited to see him suddenly play like a real point guard. And all it took was the coach asking him to? So the next awkward question I’m wondering is … what happened after that? 

          Maybe … the good news is that when Nate McMillan (the coach) “told Bayless he wanted him to play pressure defense, rebound and run the offense” … he did. 

          So … is there hope that he CAN do it? … ? does this mean? Or is it more ominous than that, when you really get down to it? 

          Somebody needs to send this article to DC. 

          • FLUXLAND

            All I know is that he played well in meaningless games and got benched because he doesn’t listen and goes in ME mode.  Not one but two coaches gave up.

            It’s also interesting what the expectations were (defense, REBOUNDING) keeping in mind all the players on those teams.

        • 511

          And btw, Flux … the point you make about ‘2 years and 2 teams later’ is obviously a good one. I just see a guy with terrific athletic ability and above average (I’m guessing) intelligence … and I figure, ‘why can’t Bayless be a guy who learns how to (slow it down enough to) see the floor, pass the ball, run the team and … ‘ .. you see where I’m going. A dream, I know. 

          Maybe that’s a bit of what Colangelo thought when he brought him here. 


    Gray gets 4 rebounds in what seemed minutes and is promptly sent to the bench.

    It then took over 34! minutes before a Raptor cracked 5 TRB and that was when the senior citizen (JM) on the team came in and got two quick ones to get to 6, with 4 minutes left in the of the 4th.

    UN BELIEVABLE.  Culture change = placing rock into locker room and having everyone imitate it on the court.  Well done, Coach.

    Also, Amir didn’t get his 5th until the last minute of regulation, and the guy missed a point blank dunk at some point during the game, I wouldn’t be spending too much time praising his offensive rebounding as some sort of force to be dealt with. He’s either collecting his own miss Moses style or they are falling in his lap, he’s not scaring anyone at that end. I’m not even mentioning how it seems he gets blocked at least twice a game.

    • sleepz

      Amir does look likes he’s lost some lift when trying to go up strong. Wall sended it back to him twice late in the game yesterday.

      • FLUXLAND

        I’m not sure he ever had any lift.

        The guy has legs that would make most girls jealous, I think the only time he gets above the rim is on a clear path.


        • sleepz

          I hear you, although in his defence he put on a lot of weight after he hurt his foot last year and having to guard 5’s can’t be helping his game any.

          All that being said we’ve certainly seen Amir finishing weak at the rim for the most part this year.

          • FLUXLAND

            Ya, that’s what I mean. Those little legs can’t left his upper body well enough even when he is in shape. It’s like he’s wearing body armor while playing; his knees must love the pounding.
            BC loves undersized, skinny and lean players at every position, no doubt.

            The around the rim stuff is…inexcusable.    

        • FAQ

          FLUX!!!  STOP pricking the tribal honking fan ballons … they are suffering massive fan withdrawal because their fantacizes are being neutered mercilessly.  Ratpors……..

          • FLUXLAND

            FAQ, good Sir. How wages the battle?
            BAH! What do I know, these players are just diamonds in the rough – we gotta keep pounding the rock, Coach says.

          • WHAT THE

            he’s jonesing for some Primo ok fanboy go get you fix on youtube

  • sleepz


  • FAQ

    Ratpor 2011-12 season … a race to the bottom.

    BTW, notice the rash of injuries now?  It was predicted to happen because of the jam-packed shortened schedule caused by the stupidity of the greedy owners locking out the players and denying them a decent training period.

    What it also reveals is the pathetic dearth of talent in the NBA… with only about 16-18 teams worth watching.  Barkley was correct when he said the NBA talent pool was too shallow, and with fewer teams the quality of play would improve.

    What is truly pathetic with the Ratpors is the delusion of the tribal honking fans fantacizing that a high draft pick will propel the team into the playoffs.  Yes, rookies one or two years out of high school will magically rescue the pathetic Ratpors.


      FAQ, injuries were going to happen 66 or 82 games, no? We won’t know until the end of season if it was dramatically different from previous ones, I think.

      I cannot take the draft talk. When is this team going to shed the farm team label? In his drunken wisdom, Jack pointed out (and I was going to point to Yertu in that BC discussion) the Clippers are a shining example of Draft Gone Wrong, as much as some of those teams were dear to me. Only when they went Alien mode did things start to turn.  

      The BC (No Alpha Male) Boy Scout Farm needs to shut down. I’m sick of watching kids in diapers “developing” and old men embarrassing themselves. 

    • CaseyDaMan

      Some prefer to spend their entertainment time focusing on whatever positives are available, rather than misery and tribal whining to demonstrate their superiour NBA management knowledge that couldn’t even get them in an NBA dressing room as a towel boy.

      • FLUXLAND

        Only in TO would those same “some” call perennial losing a form of entertainment. 

        Others actually stop and look at the big picture, rather than focusing on ‘whatever positives are available” on a game
        to game basis while continually proclaiming only patience is needed…year after year after year.

        I’m guessing the “some” you are referring to are equally as qualified to handle towel boy duties, or are you implying their focus on “whatever positives are available” make them superior NBA management material?   

        • CaseyDaMan

           No, the “some” I’m referring to are the ones that don’t try and demonstrate superior NBA management skills at all, but merely try and support their team by finding the good while hoping for better, yet get dissed as “fanboys” or “tribal honkers” by mouthy “experts” calling themselves “real fans”, while harping on bad day after fn day.

          • FLUXLAND

            Day after day?  Who’s here posting more, you or me?

            No one is demonstrating anything, expressing opinion, just like you.  Maybe you should try and counter some points instead of worrying about style and delivery. 

        • Kells

          Armchair managers like you and your alter ego FAQ over there are funny. 

          Take your bitter sky-is-falling attitude/agenda elsewhere, if you’re getting impatient and tired of watching the Raptors, there are plenty of other teams out there to choose from, plenty of room on the Heat bandwagon from what I’ve heard.

          If not, feel free to sulk in the doom & gloom that is the Toronto Raptors, but be warned, it might be bad for your health.

          • FLUXLAND

            See above. Don’t worry about my style – counter my point if you have something relevant to say.  Otherwise what exactly are you and your alter ego CaseyDaBum bringing to the table?

            • JustSomeGuy

              There’s nothing worse than watching someone point out the blatantly obvious, then act as if he’s the smartest guy in the room. Ripping on Bayless, Magliore, Amir, etc… This is essentially the same roster that went 22-60 last year, but you feel you’re somehow illuminating the masses by pointing out weaknesses in the team & these players.  Well done. You’re arrogance doesn’t stop there. You take a cheap shot at Devlin & Armstrong as well. Classy. And then, as should come as no surprise, you think anyone that dislikes what you say is someone that is happy with the current state of the team.  Horse****. You want people to take a look at the big picture but then say you’re sick of the draft talk. What a contradiction in terms that is. How can you say look at the big picture then refuse to acknowledge the draft is the best way for the Raptors to shed the farm team label. 

              • FLUXLAND

                Your problem is still my delivery? Why? Because I don’t sugar coat everything and sprinkle it with a lilttle Jack Armstrong silver lining? Because I don’t write one negative thing surrounded by five maybes, ifs onlys, hey at leasts and remember when he(s)..?
                Are you that sensitive or you get so bent out of shape that it’s the only thing you can focus on rather than type some counter points? I didn’t see you reply to my DD posts.

                I think you are just perceiving my arguments as ripping because your feelings are being hurt. What did I say about Bayless that’s untrue? Calling JM and praising the fact he actually cared to rebound (being virtually the mummy of the team) is ripping him? OK. Funny, I wasn’t on here “ripping” him about his missed those FTS. Amir has been overvalued since he got here and I have an issue with a PRO missing bunny shots and pouting because he’s not starting?  I guess I can see how you relate to Amir. We just need to baby him right?

                Devlin and Jack – two clowns who chose to put them selves in the line of fire. It comes with the territory. It certainly doesn’t help one barley knows how to call games when the game is not calling itself, and the other spends his time talking at length about his dog and his dog’s sandwich snatching skills, hi pet history or mentioning some dive bar he knows of in the city, or some half baked story about Niagara and ripping his jacket. No really, a class act all round that guy.

                Based on the many comments, it appears a lot stuff is not very blatantly obvious. Again, if this is the same roster, results have not changed why are still talking about waiting x years on x player? I don’t subscribe to the perennial Hopeathon and that offends you? 

                I don’t have a problem with people not liking what I say, it seems they have a problem with me being straight to the point, rather than babytalking. And yes, I would think calling me a Negative Nancy and the ‘let’s wait talk’ would imply their are happy with current status.

                What are you looking at the big picture, ( I assume this implies looking at the past) and think the Draft is to way to shed the farm team label?  Nothing and I mean nothing at all in BC’s draft history suggests otherwise.

                Calling me blind and not offering a single reason why I should think differently –  that’s some real horses*it. You want posts ending with some inspiring quote for your spirits to get lifted
                when you read about the Raps. 

              • FAQ

                @ JustSomeGay …. Really??? “… the draft is the best way for the Ratpors to shed the farm team label.”…??!!!!

                But the Ratpors are a ‘farm’ team and every rookie they attempt to draft will either crap out or struggle to survive on a team filled with losers.

                If I were a first round draft pick rookie, I would be praying 5x daily the Ratpors don’t pick me.

                Of course, BC realizes this reality, so he’s been picking a lot of Euros to give the Ratpors that ‘international’ flavour of borstch..!!!

                GO MORONTO RATPORS … (to Seattle maybe!)…!!!!


                • WHAT THE

                  Holeeee guy!! you almost made me choke ” but the raptors are a farm team”

              • Kells

                Said it all man, said it all. +100000

  • JustSomeGuy

    I don’t have a problem with your delivery, if you want to sound like an arrogant ass then have it at. But don’t complain if someone else doesn’t care for it. As for your ‘arguments’, I’ll say it again, this is the same roster that went 22-60 last year so pointing out the faults of the team/players & then patting yourself on the back for being straightforward is laughable. In fact it’s worse because it’s so easy to do. You strike me as the kind of guy that wakes up in the morning and then boasts to everyone “See, I told you the sun would come up.”

    You’ll get no argument from me that this is a bad team with bad players. Derozan, obviously disappointed with his regression. Davis, looks disinterested, etc. Personally, the only player on the team I’d definitely want around next year is Bargnani to see how he and Valanciunas mesh. But you preach like you’re the only one that sees the lack of talent, and it’s ridiculous. Hate Colangelo, fine, but don’t think for a second the draft isn’t the best alternative to turn this team around. Free agents don’t look at Toronto as a sexy destination at the best of times, let alone as they are now. A fact that has obviously, but not surprisingly, escaped you.

    More comedy comes in your criticism of Devlin & Armstrong. If you honestly think these guys don’t see the problems with the team you’re even dumber than you appear. But it’s their job to try and be constructive. Say things to try & keep the viewing audience engaged. How long do you think they, or any team announcer, would be around if they filled their broadcasts with constant negativity about their team?

    As for hurting my feelings, give your head a shake. Jumping to that conclusion only succeeds in proving your arrogance. A fact further reinforced by the fact you think people that dislike you are completely happy with the state of the team. My gawd, how could anyone possibly disagree with Fluxland???? If you’re so sickened by the team and feel there is no hope, then do yourself a favor, and by extension everyone else, take your ball and go home.


      I really don’t think you have been here long enough to make a call about what escapes me or doesn’t. 

      You don’t have a problem with my delivery, yet you want me to go home. Right.

      Like I said, where where you on my DD post, everyone is calling for him to ‘drive to the hole’ and worry about getting his while I’m saying that’s a formula for disaster.  That’s pointing out the obvious? That’s harping on the same old same old?  Are you drinking this early in the day?

      You strike me as the kind of guy that just picks the posts he likes, just to prove his point, while ignoring other posts by the same person. 

      I don’t really care what you think about the players on the team, you are still ignoring the point blank question that was asked of you, or give any reasons why you think the Draft is the way to go. 

      And I’m laughable? Do I get a snack with this comedy routine?

      “Free agents don’t look at Toronto as a sexy destination at the best of
      times, let alone as they are now. A fact that has obviously, but not
      surprisingly, escaped you.” 

      You have not been here long enough, obviously.  But I appreciate you displaying your know it all and smartest guy in the room demeanor. Obvious is obvious, I guess.   And I’m sorry, what was that you were saying about jumping to conclusions? Oh, in your case that’s an act of humbleness? Of course.

      I will agree, no one of note is coming here in a point guard driven league, when your starting point guard is at best, a tennis ball machine.

      Tell you what, don’t even show up to the court or bring anything unless you enlighten us with your pearls of wisdom on the Draft.

      • JustSomeGuy

        My gawd, with every subsequent posting you make it easier & easier to respond. In reply to Derozan, I’m not going to defend him because I think he’s been a big disappointment this year. Something I made clear in my previous posting. However, I will address your opinion of it being a disaster if  Derozan took it to the hole. I take it back. that’s not an obvious thing to say. It’s stupid.  If he’s going to get the playing time he’s getting, then driving to the hoop is a necessity because his jump shot isn’t good enough to rely on. Get to the hoop and draw a foul.  That doesn’t mean I think every offensive possession should be run thru him, but it’s something that has to be a part of his game. Suggesting it would be a disaster is ridiculous. 

        As for the draft…. I cannot believe you actually require someone to explain why it’s the way to go. I really can’t believe it. I could try and  insult you for asking me to elaborate but what could I say to make you look any more foolish than you actually asking?  I mean seriously this is what you said in your last posting, and I quote, “I will agree, no one of note is coming here” . But you want me to explain why the draft is the best way to go. Comedy, pure comedy. Okay, here ya go…

        Toronto is a bad team, with no superstar and based outside of the USA. What top-flight free agent is going to look at that and think, ‘Yea, that’s the place to be.’ And given your opinion of the players, how can they be used to bring in better talent? What team is going to deal a superstar for a couple of middling players? None. So, you have zero chance of snagging a top FA, and you have little chance of acquiring a top talent via trade, so what does that leave? The draft. In case you’ve forgotten, and clearly you have, the worst teams get the best picks. Assuming this year results in another top 5 pick, the Raptors will have two top 5 picks coming on board at the same time. And considering the consensus is that this coming draft is very deep, it’s likely they’ll get a good player.  Before you start whining that there’s no guarantee you’ll get a star in the draft, I’ll remind you this is professional sports and there are no guarantees. That’s my answer. Now I’d like, actually I’d love, for you to explain to everyone why building through the draft is soooo wrong for Toronto.    

        On a final note, your comment of ‘I haven’t been here long enough’ would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Claiming someone doesn’t have the right to comment on your drivel because they haven’t been posting as long as you is pathetically arrogant. And that’s why I want you to take your ball and go home, it’s not that you sound like an arrogant ass, it’s that you ARE an arrogant ass.  Now, get back to staring in the mirror and basking in your own glow. 

        • FLUXLAND

          DD – he doesn’t know what to do when he drives, it’s either a turnover after he beats the 1st man or a turnover from a spin move. He doesn’t get the bigger % of calls going his way. More importantly, let me clear up disaster for your since you are so sort sighted – including what I just said, no player is driving 20 times a game and risking injury. AND, you completely underestimate the impact that whole “plan” has on his teammates who are watching him get his and putting  at the same time putting rebounding on the backburner. Ridiculous, I know. Are you watching this game right now? No players over 4 rebounds, with 5:38 left in the 3rd.

          Draft – I don’t recall saying anything about free agents, do you?
          In you own words:”So, you have zero chance of snagging a top /FA, and you have little
          chance of acquiring a top talent via trade”

          Right, so we agree on the trade (involving a pick) has a better chance. And if we agree the draft has no guarantees… what road has less risk involved?

          Also, BC is involved – record is suspect. He already has a reputation of putting together dysfunctional teams, JV is coming in and he already has some of his eggs riding in that basket. Now you want add more new faces? And more via trades?  DISASTER CENTRAL unless all his stars line up… and I’m guessing, not likely.

          Blah blah blah, you are crying like a little girl and need to get your diaper changed. I didn’t say you didn’t have the right to comment, I said your were putting words in my mouth and you need to stop making assumptions – and I quote “A fact that has obviously, but not surprisingly, escaped you. ” Based on what? If you are gonna comment, go by what people actually wrote. That was the point.

          If you are going to insult me at least be a little more creative, you expending a lot of energy back there and it’s really weak stuff. Lots of noise, nothing of substance – like the Raps. You are well trained.

        • FLUXLAND

          As for the draft…. I cannot believe you actually require someone to
          explain why it’s the way to go. I really can’t believe it. I could try
          and  insult you for asking me to elaborate but what could I say to make
          you look any more foolish than you actually asking?  I mean seriously
          this is what you said in your last posting, and I quote, “I will agree,
          no one of note is coming here” . But you want me to explain why the
          draft is the best way to go. Comedy, pure comedy. Okay, here ya go…

          You spend all that time insulting me, while just picking parting of my quotes. You’re a weak coward, at best.

          • JustSomeGuy

            After reading your replies I’m reminded of a saying, ‘he brought a knife to a gunfight.’ FYI, you don’t have a gun. I reply with why I think the draft is the best way to go, and you somehow take what I said and mangle it. I use an entire paragraph to basically say the Raptors aren’t getting any top talent via free agency or trade. Yet, you somehow read that and determine that I say a trade is best. What the f*** is wrong with you? Also, your comment of Colangelo having his eggs in Valanciunas’ basket, like the majority of your comments, makes no sense. And yes, if this season results in another high pick, I definitely want that new face. How you can even entertain the idea that’s a bad idea tells me all I need to know about you. And that is you obviously have little ability to comprehend anything beyond your own thoughts, foolish as they are, and your attempt at insult can best be described as juvenile. A point keenly made by your use of this winning statement, ”
            you are crying like a little girl and need to get your diaper changed. ” I’d expect a comment like that from someone no more than 15 years old. As well, your inability to accept a different point of view and hear some criticism indicates a level of insecurity. A point that is reinforced by your need to make two replies to my last posting. A sign of someone desperately trying to save face. Having said that, you no longer elicit any form of animosity from me, but rather sympathy. I feel sad for you.   

            • FLUXLAND

              Oh now we are backtracking?

              You cannot even keep track of what you are saying and flip flip back and forth while accusing me of mangling what you are saying.  Sad, really sad.

              Here it is:

              “So, you have zero chance of snagging a top FA, and you have little
              chance of acquiring a top talent via trade, so what does that leave?”

              has now changed to

              “I use an entire paragraph to basically say the Raptors aren’t getting
              any top talent via free agency or trade.”

              Can you be this dumb?

              “As well, your inability to accept a different point of view and hear
              some criticism indicates a level of insecurity.”

              That’s rich, coming from you.

              You keep making this about my delivery, your points are based on pure speculation, I’m using history as reference – all you have said so far is that the draft is the say to go without backing it up in anyway.

              You keep yapping and saying absolutley nothing at all of substance other than attacking me. 

              This all reminds of an old saying “Don’t argue with fools.”

              • Kells

                This reminds me of an old saying, “Don’t argue with an idiot, he’ll only drag you down to his level, and beat you with experience.”

                You have beat JustSomeGuy with that experience, but feel free to continue clutching at straws with your guised  rhetoric.

                The fact is, you’re exactly as advertised. A master of hindsight, a told-you-so kinda guy that in fact told us nothing we already knew, you seem to think that Bayless and the like were sold to us as superstars, and everyone was fooled by this except you, right.

                You also, in your words, have said that you’re sick of watching the Raptors who you described as kids in diapers. I still can’t fathom how someone can waste the infinite amount of time they have talking about how sick they are of watching the Raptors….on a Raptors fan site. Read that sentence to yourself and you’ll see how odd it is.

                • FLUXLAND

                  Hindsight?  Please.

                  Pay attention to my posts. Some of us predicted this mess years ago and you of course, again, bring nothing of value to the table other than the holier that thou attitude, because you have the skin of a child.

                  Stick to basketball talk if you have something to say, otherwise apply for The View.

                • Kells

                  Again, no responses of substance to the content of my post, I’m sure you didn’t read  my last paragraph, try again, and cut the empty incessant rhetoric.

                  Ah, why do I even bother, you’re beating me with experience now…

                • FLUXLAND

                  Nothing you post has anything to do with basketball. I think you have a crush, that’s why you bother…

                • FLUXLAND

                  And to entertain you, just because I am sick of this edition of the Raps or the BC tenure, doesn’t mean I don’t want a competent NBA team in TO. I guess that didn’t occur to you. 

                • p00ka

                   Same sentiment as I passed on to JustSomeGuy above. Thank you for you’re participation on this board! I share your opinions, but don’t articulate them as well.

            • Nilanka15

              Please stop changing your screen name from week to week.  You seem to be a proponent of integrity on these msg boards, but constantly pretending to be someone else goes against this mantra.  It’s dishonest, and quite frankly, cowardly.  Go back to “p00ka” so that the few people who haven’t figured it out, know exactly who you are.

              • p00ka

                 LOL, you’re out to lunch dude. Not me at all, but someone else that sees the pathetic bullchit, anger management issues,  masquerading as “tell it like it is” fandom.

                “cowardly”, lol, you’re dead wrong about your dumb guess at the persona, but thanks for the challenge. Sooner or later, we’ll see who fits the insult.

                Off shortly for a week of sun, sand, and surf, but until next time.

                • FLUXLAND

                  Do you ever talk about basketball or do you run around in your vigilante suit playing fan cop? Who are are you to tell ppl how to cheer?  Get off your high horse and join the basketball discussion if you have any thing basketball related to say, you poser. 

    • p00ka

      Thank you for you’re participation on this board! I share your opinions, but don’t articulate them as well.