The Italian Stallion, meet El Semental Espanol.

The Toronto Raptors’ front office keeps lining ’em up, and Jose Calderon keeps knocking ’em down.

Possibly drawing inspiration from heros of the past, Jose Calderon has survived splitting time with six different point guards, three of whom were supposed to be the “future” at the position for the franchise.

Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago….T.J. Ford, Jarrett Jack, Jerryd Bayless. (And sure, Roko Ukic/Will Solomon can combine to be Tommy Gunn from Rocky V.)

And now we have Kyle Lowry, who is, of course, Mason Dixon from Rocky Balboa, the franchise’s sixth installment. In the movie, Dixon is the reigning champion staging an exhibition with Balboa to improve his public perception and to combat the idea that a computer simulation posited that Balboa, in his heyday, would have beaten Dixon. Balboa is not at all expected to compete with the much younger champion in the three-round exhibition, but when Dixon breaks his hand early in the fight, Rocky is able to hang tough enough to last three rounds and lose a split decision, a shockingly favorable outcome given the age gap.

The outcome with Calderon and Lowry appears to be just as clear as it was for Dixon and Balboa, separated by over two decades in age. Lowry and Jose, instead, are separated by Jose’s expiring contract, the asset surrendered for Lowry, and, of course, Jose’s advanced age (31 when the season starts).

But maybe we shouldn’t be so sure. Like with Dixon’s broken hand, strange things can happen in fights and point guard competitions. After all, Jose was expected to see his role swallowed by Ford, Jack, and Bayless, too, but remains the lone player standing from the pre-Colangelo era. Colangelo dealt Charlie Villaneuva for Ford to be the “PG of the Future and CB4 BFF,” only to turn around two seasons later and package him with Roy Hibbert for Jermaine O’Neal. Colangelo gave Jose the reigns in 2008-09 and he performed well, but the team appeared to have a point guard problem due to the atrocious back-up performances of Solomon and Ukic. So Colangelo signed Jarrett Jack to be the “PG of the Future and CB4 BFF.” Jack lasted just over a year, and in late 2010 was dealt as part of a multi-player trade that returned Jerryd Bayless. The “Bosh BFF” part was no longer a part of the job description, but Bayless was penciled in as at least a possible heir to the point guard throne. And here we are, two years later, with Lowry now anointed the point guard of the present and future.

And if you’ll recall, I love Lowry. I trumpeted this trade as a huge win for the team, and stand by that. Lowry’s defense is superior, he’s a more natural scorer, and his skill as a distributor could and should see improvement with a team more suited to the pick and roll game than the Rockets were. He’s not perfect, but he’s young, hungry, and talented.

But you may also recall that I love Jose…in fact, my dog is named Jose, a namesake honor co-held by Joses Bautista and Calderon. Calderon has been one of my favorite Raptors since Day 1, and I love that he’s the longest tenured Raptor and nearing in on some franchise records:

*Games played – currently 3rd, 64 games shy of 1st
*Minutes played – 4th, but he’s about 2-3 seasons shy of 1st
*Points – 5th, about two seasons shy of 3rd
*Assists – 1st by a long shot
*Steals – 5th, roughly a season and a half from 2nd
*3FG – 5th, less than a season from 4th
*FT% – 1st

These are somewhat meaningless, sure, but for a franchise devoid of long-tenured players not named Mo-Pete, it’s nice to have a guy to call our own. Calderon’s never been an elite scorer, but his passing and efficiency has been nearly unmatched in franchise history. I’m not at all saying that Jose deserves to keep making his $10M into the future because of seniority and years of appreciable service, but I am certainly in the camp that we should hang on to him to be PG2 for the year.

Alas, apparently Jose is upset with the Lowry acquisition, and you can’t blame him. Looking at the chart at the bottom of this article, it’s clear that Colangelo has never had faith in his ability to be a long-term stop-gap at the position, but has rather viewed him as a high-end back-up or mid-level starter. Lowry is, by most metrics, a top-10 or -12 point guard in the league, and Jose’s defense doesn’t allow him to reach that level.

Still, we’ve been here before, and you have to appreciate the fact that Jose has withstood it all and rarely complained. Now, there is some disagreement in the comments of prior pieces about this, but I’m of the mind that Jose has been a good soldier throughout the years. Imagine, regardless of pay scale, that your employer continually brought in people trumpeted to replace you, tried to trade/transfer you, constantly rebuilt the company’s image and changed directives, and think how upset you would be. Jose has never demanded a trade, and despite occasionally poor facial expressions (I actually think this is just the competitor in him expressing a desire to play, not the expressions of a malcontent), rarely says anything negative in the media. Remember, too, that it was Colangelo himself who recently disclosed Jose’s disppleasure, NOT Jose.

So what am I saying? Nothing, really. But while we wait for the Knicks to possibly match the Landry Fields offer sheet (maybe I should have written about the implications of that?), I think we should take a look at the current free agent crop and the current roster and appreciate that Jose should not get amnestied. The savings wouldn’t free up cap space significant enough to make a huge splash, and Jose has a great deal of value as a top-tier back-up, a steady fill-in in the event of injury, and as a large expiring contracts for potential trades later in the year. If he’s dealt, fine, because we’re bringing back talent, and I can put aside personal feelings about a player to improve the team. But no amnesty.

Jose has been good to us. I’m sure if we were to put him on trial publically as a point guard, his defense would be of the Gladiator variety, “Are you not entertained?!!” as he continues to slay point guard platoon-mates left and right. Lowry is now the point guard of the present and future, and I doubt this chart below will be too interesting in the next year or two.

But as Jose may warn us…“Yo Lowry…I didn’t hear no bell!”

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  • c_bcm

    I was hoping someone would post an article about Jose. What a trooper that guy is. I want him to be a Raptor for life. Period. BC can and should make this happen after this season. He is the consummate professional and a hell of a leader. The one word missing from BC’s vocabulary, since forever, is loyalty. Jose has shown it, time for the team to show it. 

    Sell Jose on the development role-player. Help teach the new guys how to run a pick and roll, especially Val and ED. 

    Jose could arguably be my favorite Raptor of all time, with Mo-Pete in the discussion as well. If this is the end of the Jose-era, I expect the fans and the organization to show him the respect he deserves.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGos2Go!!!

      Jose doesn’t cry to the Canadian media but he sure does to his Spanish media for those who have read those media reports in the past know the real deal not the pr spun one.

      His nice guy image is all pr related- he wants to start not back up anyone from TJ 2 Jack……and he got them all moved because he couldn’t handle the competition for playing time.

      Jose, the only reason BC continues to start him is that he plays the best with AB- BC’s Golden Child……point blank Jose shit does stank!

      This is the same Jose that couldn’t get the ball to CB, who had a smaller player pinned at the foul line, with a simple touch pass in the playoff game against the Nets.

      Jose has led the Raptors str8 to the Lottery- assists and all…..a 10 million dollar back up pg with current SF issues- no way Jose…….

      The Jose era needs to end in the TDot as does the AB era…the sooner the better…

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Left out my T….smh lol

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Still won’t print my T?

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            T please?

            • TOraps

              Here, u could borrow it from here……idioT.

      • TOraps

        lol u don’t stop….BC has tried to trade Jose before until MJ nixed at at the last minute.

        actually when TJ was here, jose said many times that he didn’t care whether or not he started, over time he outplayed  Ford for the PG spot as stated by your boy Sam Mitchell…… BC actually traded for Ford in the first place because he envisioned him being the every day starter fool..

        and now again, BC traded for Lowry cuz he envisions him being the everyday starting PG over Jose……jose era stfu there was no Jose era he just played better than any scrub that BC tried to replace him with.

        jose, BC, bargnani always heavy on your mind smh….

      • IBL5000

         NBARumorCentral ESPNCharlotte, Portland, New Orleans and Houston are all possibilities for Brendan Haywood.

      • Destro

        YEP lets TALK about it….he cried and TJ as a result got traded…

        team player MY FUCKN ASS

      • Chubbena

        Who has played better at the point in the franchise history? Mikey mouse? Alvin? Mark?
        Who has the best assist/turnover ratio?
        Come again?


      Da f?  Dude, get a grip. This clown has done nothing for the franchise at all. Put up personal stats and collected a fat paycheck along the way for someone that can’t
      deliver when it matters. He’s owed shit, BC over paid him plenty.

      What do you want, a Rocky Jose statue in TO? You gotta do something for that to happen; in the meantime nice guys finish last.

      The Pick N Roll is not Quantum Physics, why is everyone pretending like Jose is the one that invented it?

      The only reason he keeps staying is because fans have selective memories and have thrown his “competition” to the wolves, and post the drama Jose is a sure ticket seller to fans like you. 

      Just stop it. You expect… really now?

      • hater

        and why is jose a clown dummy? wut has he done to u? reject ur autograph?? hit it with ur gf? th fact is that hes makin more than u can ever wish to and hes laughin to the bank with it. all while he got some anonymous losers like u that havent even met him calling him a clown on the internet lmao. man he must be livin it up!

      • Brain Colangelo

        If the pick n roll was quantum physics we would have been better off drafting Andrew Nicholson over Terrence Ross.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Jose wants to start- as he always has, and since BC won’t amnesty him he wants a trade not to backup Lowry and be a mentor for young guys…..

      The Toronto Raptors and the representative for veteran guard Jose Calderon are working together to try to find a new home for Calderon via trade.

      After reported Thursday that Calderon would welcome a trade after the arrival of Kyle Lowry to become the Raptors’ new starting point guard, agent Mark Bartelstein confirmed Thursday night that he and Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo are “working together” to try to find a workable trade.

      “There’s a little bit of a logjam there in the backcourt now,” Bartelstein said. “Bryan and I are talking and we’re putting our heads together to see what we can do to find a solution.”

      Sources close to the situation say Calderon, while undeniably attached to the city of Toronto after spending his entire six-year NBA career there, is hoping the Raptors can find a trade home for him now that it’s been made clear the Raptors have no plans to release the Spaniard through the NBA’s amnesty clause.

      The Raptors, sources say, are open to a trade but want to send Calderon to a team with salary-cap space that can absorb the Spaniard’s $10.6 million salary, thereby creating a trade exception for Toronto and giving them added financial flexibility for further moves.

    • Destro

      fuck him!!!
      I hope this rejection sends his weak ass back to the euro league in tears…

  • rus

    first unit of
    KL, DD, LF, AB, gray
    2nd unit of
    JC, Ross, JJ / Kleiza, ED/AJ, JV

    I feel like with JC, the second unit has better chemisty than the first, with Ross / Kleiza  spotting up or pick n popping, JV rolling to the basket and ED cleaning the glass

    What’s happening with that first unit? imo it’s just blah to look at…..

    • mountio

      JV will be starting – not Gray. While Jose runs a “safe” pick n roll …. I think we will find Lowry more effective and will get JV easy dunks by blowing by the defender .. something that Jose isnt capable of doing.

      • voy

        i dunno.  i think jose has done a great job of getting amir a ton of easy baskets.  I think he can do the same thing with JV.

      • rus

         you may well be correct, however I think JV will develop better on the 2nd unit with some playing time with the 1st as well ( if his fouling gets under control)
        I think his development would be better served with JC on the 2nd unit
        JC runs the pick n roll, KL runs the pick and watch me drive
        He could play with Kleiza, familiarity
        less pressure
        weaker opponents, build confidence

    • me

      I hate it when people leave out the the mighty Q

      • rus

         I see the D league in the future of the mighty Q

  • Nilanka15

    I wouldn’t mind Jose in the 2nd unit assuming he’s OK with that role (which I doubt).

    On the other hand, if Jose can be exchanged for a legit SF, then I’m fine with that too.

    But I agree that amnestying him would be a the absolute last resort, and only considered if it’s the only option left to acquire a “must-have” player such as Gay, Iggy, Batum, or to a lesser extent, Wilson Chandler.

    • mountio

      much, much, much lesser extent Wilson Chandler. Hes Landry Fields part II to me .. no need to sign another middle of the road player who would be something like 5-8 on the depth charts ..

      • Nilanka15

        IMO, Chandler has a much higher ceiling than Fields.  A far superior athlete.  Chandler has potential to be an Iguodala-type player.  We can’t say the same about Fields.

        • mountio

          Ill grant you perhaps superior to Fields (although Fields is younger, so at least has that on his side). Although for a guy whose been in the league for 5 years .. I havent seen much that tells me he can be a star type (or even an Iggy-type). Hes a solid player .. yes .. but as I said seems like a fringe starter .. not a top 3-4 guy to me. Dont get me wrong .. Ill gladly take his 15 and 6 (35% from 3) from the year before last if he can bring that consistently then maybe hes a solid enough addition at the right price ..

          • Nilanka15

            At $6 million per year, Chandler represents very good value (especially compared to the $12 million required for Batum).  Both have put up similar numbers in their brief careers so far.

        • what the

          you also said your boy gary forbes could start on any team and is a potential allstar.

          • Nilanka15

            Actually no, I’ve never mentioned Forbes in any post ever. 

            But go ahead and keep “liking” your own posts.

  • FAQ

    Calderon represents at least 50% of the basketball IQ of this sorry excuse for a NBA team… and everybody in the league knows this.

    No Jose and the Ratpors sink to the level of cretins… and some tribal honking fans are even mentioning ‘playoffs’ this season. Oh, well……

    • Nilanka15

       Our championship 3-peat starts this season.


      His IQ is in Stephen Hawking mode – sure maybe it’s all up there, but he can’t physically deliver. And maybe he needs his voice generator with a translator built in, so people can actually understand him.  

      • Brain Colangelo

        Good one. Make fun of hawking.

        • p00ka

           class act, that boy

      • Rob

        Hawking has forgotten more than you’ll ever know.

        As a good friend of someone diagnosed with ALS, your abject misery has hit an all new low. Grow up.

        • FLUXLAND

          No one here gives a shit about your personal life or how you feel. Grow up. And when the f did I say I know more than Hawking?

          I was illustrating a point about Jose, nothing about SH. But of course leave it to you to take it how it suits your needs. What other feelings you wanna talk about today, Roberta? Go get your diaper changed.

          • Rob

            “Illustrating a point about Jose”

            Lol, so you need to bring up an ALS patient to illustrate a point about Jose? Not surprised, since it’s not at all uncommon for you to compare and contrast two totally different things and try to make outlandish similarities. Seriously, don’t you require a license to be this stupid?

            If there’s any diaper to be changed, it’s the one strapped to your face, because that’s where all the bullshit is coming from girly. What a pathetic little wimp you are.

            • FLUXLAND

              Need to? No. Did I, outlandishly, for effect? Yes. Deal with it accordingly, and try not to get your thong all up in a bunch.

              Pretty sure most got the point, but let’s all watch you play all self righteous some more, per usual. Carry on.

              Your diaper still stinks, btw.  Maybe you are just mad you parents won’t change it for you, is that it?

              • Rob

                Whatever Worthless Writer, I’m not going to play the semasiology game with you, you’ll end up skewing both the rules and the results in your favor. 

                “For effect,” lol, that’s a good one bumpkin. Anyone got a shovel? What about all the asinine fatuity that you constantly display? Is that also just “for effect”? For your sake, and my faith in mankind, I sure hope so.I think that stench you’re smelling is from having your head so far up your ass. 

                • FLUXLAND

                  It’s all just for you, clearly. I can’t get enough of your love notes calling me bumpkin, while showing everyone how morally superior you are.

                  Mankind was doomed when you were conceived, you can put your faith away now.

                  No, no, that stench is def your diaper. Better get on that, you may get a rash and then we are going to have to listen to you whine some more.

                • Rob

                  Bumpkin is synonymous with the term hick, which is synonymous with an unsophisticated slack-jawed inbred yokel like you, but if you take that as a compliment, and a love note, so be it. lol

                  Mankind relates to all things human, so on second thought, a ruminant like you would be exempt from the discussion, so find some cud to chew on instead, or a nice big trough filled with your favorite slop. Oink.

                  Looks like having your head up your ass has not only affected your sense of sanity and reality, but also your sense of smell. I can’t help you with the brain damage part, but at the very least, get a clothespin for Chrissake.

                • FLUXLAND

                  Not really interested in how you approach your love interests, or how much you like hicks, as you seem very infatuated with them based on the in depth description and knowledge, but if bumpkin works for ya… knock yourself out. 

                  Oink? Spoken like a true Jose the pig farmer fan. Calling me an animal; careful now, you were doing so well with that whole moral superiority bit up there, you don’t wanna lose any fans. 

                  And your diaper still not changed, obviously. Lmao @ helping. Tell me, are you in Pooka’s superhero club?

                  I’d keep this going in the interest of not providing you the right to say someone ran away, but your comebacks are getting weaker and it’s just too easy. Enjoy your day, Roberta.

                • Rob

                  You’d keep this going? It’s not like you have anything going for you anyways lol, so give it a shot, bumpkin, entertain me.

                  And let me be magnanimous for a sec here and say that I actually enjoy the daily “flux” of useless drivel your provide here, if for no other reason but a good laugh, although as a paid shill, I’m sure that’s not your intention.

                  Thanks, again, for validating everything I think of you, still waiting for that one day that you’ll shock me and say something intelligent….but I’m not holding my breath…..speaking of holding one’s breath, did you manage to pull your head out of you-know-where yet?

    • Raptorboy

       Fields can help in this respect as well. We could definitely use an injection of BBall IQ. Il Mago understands the game as well.

    • FAQ

      Minny amnesties Darko… grab him BC…. he’s a diamond in the rough and will fit in with the Ratpors of the future…. believe it.

    • FAQ STFU

      first of all if u do not remember we still have jb which is way better than jc in basketball IQ

      • I know where you live

        and in any other physical aspect 

  • me

    my pick for the ROY and fanchise player of the Toronto Raptors is TR

    • Nilanka15

      Ross has apparently impressed Casey quite a bit in Vegas so far.

      But it’s generally hard for rookies to win ROY without starter’s minutes.  And considering DeRozan (and possibly Fields), it might be tough for Ross….especially compared to Anthony Davis, Valanciunas, Beal, etc., who will be given a heavy dose of minutes from the start.

      • sleepz

        A team like the Raps would rather trot out Fields at an inflated salary and let Demar continue to languish at the 2 then give a skilled rookie minutes who might actually be able to develop into a better player than both of those guys?

        Where’s Colangelo’s philosophy of letting the young guys play? He did it for Andrea. He did it for Demar. Thus far both these guys look like role players imo.

        What about Ed, JVal and Ross? If you’re going to roll with that philosophy roll with it. Don’t be selective in who you give the opportunities to as I feel that those 3 guys with heavy minutes will show more potential and over-all ability than either Demar or Andrea.

        • Nilanka15

          Not sure if I agree with you on Davis.  It’s only been 2 short seasons, but I haven’t seen anything from him (yet) that warrants his lottery selection.  I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Acy eventually surpass him on the depth chart.

          • sleepz

            Davis hasn’t received the minutes to make any judgements on him yet, imho. End of his rookie year he showed enuff that it looked like he was going to fight with Amir for the starting job in his 2nd season.

            In that off-seaosn Colangelo decides that Andrea is a “natural 4” and now Ed is buried further on the bench without receiving a legitimate chance to compete for the starting job. With Amir as his competition he would have had a chance but with Andrea “placed” there he knew the outcome immediately.

            I haven’t given up an Ed yet as I don’t feel he has received a chance to get major minutes at the 4.

          • Destro

            So you missed the entire second half of his rookie season…


        • p00ka

          Fields played very well as a SF for NY. Where he faltered was when MMMMEEEElo showed up and pushed him to SG, out of position on a dysfunctional team. We’ll see how it works out here, but he isn’t the starter yet, as you assume in judging what you see as BC’s philosophy juggling. Besides, if he does start or play big minutes, playing a 24 yr old isn’t playing young guys?

          As with Fields, JVal and Ross haven’t even been to a training camp yet, so why are you complaining about their playing time, when we have no idea what that will be? You’re talking of BC being selective with his philosophy (do you really think he’s controlling Casey’s playing time decisions? You think Casey’s a puppet?), but isn’t that a tad premature?

          As far as ED goes, I don’t believe he has earned more playing time yet, but it’s not really accurate to say the commonly stated “ED’s not getting the same early treatment as AB and DD”. Facts:

          AB’s first 2 years- 25.2/23.9 MPG with 2 starts his first year
          ED’s first 2 years- 24.6/23.2 MPG with 17 starts his first year
          DD- first year- 21.6 MPG

          Are you seriously seeing ED being slighted compared to those 2 here? In his 1st year, he played more mpg than DD, and started more than AB, with very comparable minutes to AB in their 1st two years. Where’s this big disparity in how they’re treated in terms of playing time?

          • sleepz

            Couple of things.

            Fields was solid in his first year….. last year he wasn’t. You can blame Carmelo for Fields not being productive in year 2 (I know I don’t cuz I saw Fields shot go south and that had nothing to do with Melo) but no matter how you look at his stats over the first 2 years he’s not worth the contract he was offered. I’d rather play Ross on a rookie deal if he can play the 3 or if Derozan can play the 3 and let Ross play the 2.

            Do I think BC controls or influences what happens on the floor? Absolutely! I didn’t hear Casey say Andrea was starting at the 4 after training camp. I heard BC say it before that time, so yes I do think he influences what happens on the floor just like he did with Mitchall and Triano before him. 

            As far as Ed goes, the numbers you present are deceiving. Andrea came onto a Raps team that won their division that year. Harder to get minutes when the team has some talent or are getting production from vets on the current roster. Demar came onto a team that challenged for the 8th spot up until the last few games of the season. Same scenario for him.

            Ed Davis was drafted to a Raptors team with little talent on the roster and their record in his time here proves it. I do see Ed as being slighted here as he didn’t come onto a  team with established vets. He came to a young team that I’ve repeatedley been told by management needs “assessment”. I don’t think he has been given a real shot to be ‘assessed’ particularly when his first year he had the meniscus tear and missed a significant part of training camp and the start of the season.

            Davis has had more starts in comparison, the past few years as the white flags go up after the all-star break and the coach now looks down the bench to see who can get some playing time or due to injury of starters. Andrea got less starts because he was on a better team and yet I still remember him being forced into the starting line-up in the playoffs! Do you remember that?

            • p00ka

              We have very different perspectives on Field’s play with the Knicks, and so be it. That doesn’t change my point about you ranting about who is being given minutes, and where, when you don’t know what that will be until training camp is complete and the season gets underway. Also you can speculate all you want about how Ross will be, but if Fields does start, that is not against any philosophy that you speak of playing the young guys. He’s 24 for heaven’s sake, so saying that playing him would take away PT from young guys is simply wrong. He is a young guy! With skills coveted by coach casey (defense, rebounding).

              Davis: established vets, vs poor team blah blah blah. Seems like gobbly gook scrambling to me. There are all kinds of varying factors that one can use to try and justify whatever opinion, but bottom line is that despite no training camp yet, and the minuscus tear, he still got as much playing time in his first 2 years as AB did in his first 2 years. Virtually damn identical in fact, yet the doom and gloom crowd keep saying AB was gift wrapped minutes and ED has been slighted. You also said DD was gifted minutes, yet played even less MPG than ED did in his first year. Where were the established vets holding DD back from as many minutes as ED? A different “explanation” for that? Always something to counter the facts, sheeeesh.

              And what about you inclusion of JVal and Ross into the “play the young guys” fairly post? You were questioning their usage, yet they haven’t even been to camp yet, much less started to play actual games? What’s with that, dood?

              • ghost

                It’s dude…not dood. Jus sayin’

                • Lorenzo

                  This is an issue, we need to adress it.

                • me

                  before training camp

              • sleepz

                Fields is young and overpaid if the deal goes thru. Nuff said. You can say what you want about him but no one in the league is touting Landry Fields as an up and coming young player….. NO ONE and the reaction to the league wide reaction to the deal he signed with the Raps is proof of it.

                You can say”blah blah blah” about teams with established vets and rookies but you can’t deny the situations these players were drafted into. Your weak stats showing 2 years of playing time and comparisons of those players was blown up in smoke, hence the “blah blah blah”. Maybe you just weren’t a Raptor fan those times so the easiest way to brush off something you are unaware of is thru ignorance.

                You are looking at minutes played for completely different years and teams assembled and calling the situations identical? Get a grip poo.

                 And we will certainly see how minutes are dispersed this year for the rookies. BC’s comments about the 8th pick not being a starter or able to make an immediate impact on the team as well as Casey saying he wants more “horses” and experienced players is enuff of an indication to me that perhaps these guys won’t be playing significant roles on the team. I’ve already seen it play out with Davis. 

                Don’t tell me about ‘doom and gloom’. I will state my opinion when and where i want about this team. Andrea was gifted minutes since he was drafted. You can’t deny it. Demar was gifted minutes as Colangelo himself said thats the only way he can develop. Where have you been the past 7 years man?LOL I’ve been watching this team since inception. If I don’t see the rainbows over BC’s collars like you do, then so be it. The REALITY is this team has been in the lottery the last 3 years and you’re trying to call me out because I’m not touting the contender being assembled? LOL

                • FLUXLAND

                   “Maybe you just weren’t a Raptor fan those times so the easiest way to
                  brush off something you are unaware of is thru ignorance.” // “Where have you been the past 7 years man?”

                  ding! ding! ding!… Show him what he’s won, Bob.

                  That’s multiple times he’s been exposed on that count. Also, he’s stated multiple times he’s not a stat guy, yet he continues bring them into arguments, calling them “facts”, without any regards to game situations regarding those minutes.

                  Also, where was he when everyone was wondering about the dubious sub patterns and line up changes, when everyone with half a brain could see BC has instructions for coaches? I guess he was too busy getting his daughter a HS bball job.  Now he just runs around questioning everyone because he wasn’t there. F clown.

                • p00ka

                  Hey buddy!!! Getting help for that paranoia problem yet? ooooo, how many users do you see me today? You’re convinced I’m at least 3 users that I’m not, but hey, you have “half a brain” and know what instructions BC gives Casey, eh. lmfao

                  “exposed” on what count? lol. exposed by a bunch of gobbly gook, change the subject babble? lmfao, yeah, okay.

                • p00ka_is_a_fish

                  Lol your a fish.

                • I know where you live

                  no sir, you are a fish indeed

                • Destro

                  i bet your hipster friends think your a “swell” guy…

                • p00ka

                  Yup. I hope your imaginary gangsta friends appreciate you too.

                • Destro

                  Anytime you want to find out breh,let me know….we’ll bring a camera and contract for you to sign…

                • p00ka

                  Yet more scrambling gobbly gook to deflect the subject. Common reaction in these parts.

                  “Fields is young and overpaid if the deal goes thru. Nuff said.”
                  Nuff said about a subject (overpaying) that wasn’t part of the discussion? Nice deflection try, but it wasn’t the subject YOU raised. gobbly gook to change the subject.

                  “You are looking at minutes played for completely different years and
                  teams assembled and calling the situations identical? Get a grip poo.”
                  Never said situations were identical, but PT was virtually identical, which is what you were talking about, then brought up different “situations” as some lame scramble to say yeah but, but, but…. If you’re going to counter, at least “get a grip” on countering what I’m saying, not some imaginary version of it. The situations were different. So fn what? They got the same playing time, so grow the fuck up and stop whining about ED not getting the same break. Different “situations” in many respects, not just the factors that you find convenient to support your opinion.

                  “you’re trying to call me out because I’m not touting the contender being assembled?”
                  Have you got voices speaking in your head? Where did I say anything about contender being assembled? How is that concept, though not discussed, even remotely associated with a discussion about hypothetical playing time? gobbly gook that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

                  “And we will certainly see how minutes are dispersed this year……”
                  Yes we will see, but despite your interpretation of what BC and Casey have said, you have zero reality to go on to question PT. WTF is the point of ranting about unfairness about something you or me, or anyone else doesn’t know yet? You tell me to get a grip? That’s fn laughable.

                  “I will state my opinion when and where i want about this team”
                  As is your right. As is mine as well. I never said otherwise. If you feel i have, please point it out. Otherwise, get a grip on the reality of the discussion.

                  I’ve been following this team since inception as well, and I don’t see rainbows over BC’s collars. Far from it, but I was responding directly to your post, not some all encompassing state of the Raptors. Are you yet another poster on here who gets into the “fanboy” defense when your questioned? Sad. I thought you might be someone able to stand up to opposition, but alas, not so it would appear.

                • sleepz

                  What opposition?lol

                  Your argument is fluff and you are looking at your stats in one dimension.

                  Get at me when you get yourself together.

                • p00ka

                  It figures. Bitch about my using stats in one dimension, when you the one that started whining about PT opportunities of players that haven’t stepped on the floor yet (no dimension,,,,,,, or the flaky one Flux lives in too :).  Adieu for today.

                • sleepz

                  Not bitching, simply stating fact. If you think you can use stats and ignore the context surrounding them, why argue with you. Ignorance is obviously bliss for you bro, not I.

                • p00ka

                  You started this with ranting about BCs changing philosophy regarding PT for young guys, citing JV and Ross as examples of being selective. They haven’t stepped on an NBA floor yet, so what “context’ where you speaking in? Something other than your imagination? Gee, isn’t that a far more relevant context. Sorry, if I’m “ignorant” to the context of your imagination, and it’s great value.

                • hater

                  3 years and 20mil doesnt mean ur an up-and-coming player… up-and-coming player would get more yrs + more money. 

                  its 3 yrs and wut is this team gonna do with tht money?? buy a big name free agent?? ya rite, u said it urself that this team needs to rebuildd thru the draft, and can only get a star thru the draft. and now when he signs fields to a short-term contract u get ur panties tied up? 

                  cap space is only good for 1 of 3 things: landing a star or stars…..surrounding ur star with good players….or keeping your home-grown star/core around long-term.

                  we dont have a star, and arent gettin 1 thru free agency so why u so mad dummy? its 3 fuckin yrs, bad contracts are always moveable….hedo.

                • sleepz

                  Hold onto it until there is a player worth offering the money to.

                  Becuz bad contracts are moveable you should give them out willingly?lol

                  How did that Hedo contract work out for the Raptors after it was moved for Bosa?

                • hater

                  “Hold onto it until there is a player worth offering the money to.”

                  and who did u have in mind?? dwight howard lmao?

                  “Becuz bad contracts are moveable you should give them out willingly?lol”

                  no,,,who said that?? just sayin cuz ur the 1 thats actin like a 3 year 20m contract is an unmovable albatross thatll cripple th franchise for years. u need to calm down buddy,,,,

                  i told u wut cap space is for and its all revolves around havin a star,,,whether its keepin a star around long-term,,,signing one thru free agnecy,,,,or complementin them with othr pieces,,,,,the raps dont hav a star so its redundant and useless to argue about a short-term contract like u have for days. dummy. wut exactly wuld u have liked to do with th cap space?? u said th raps need a star wel we sure as fuc aint gettin 1 thru free agency thats for sure…

                • Nilanka15

                  Are you 12?

                • hater

                  no, unfortunately for you. go find some place else to explore your pedo tendencies.

                • Nilanka15

                  lol, thanks for proving my point with your lame ass schollyard comebacks.

                • Destro

                  Bad contracts of a certain magnitude are only moveable in deal where ur giving away a star and are willing to saddle it with a player like hedo…

          • Destro

            No he faultered cuz hes not a great player…..melo is not to blame for everyone in Denver and New Yorks inbility to perform you fckn lemming…

            • p00ka

              That was a very small part of my post/point, but hey, you amuse me sometimes, so why not?

              If you mean “melo’, as in the person, you’re certainly correct that the mere presence of a person is not at fault for others’ performances. On the other hand, if you were able to think even a little deeper than your pee-brain (one bad insult deserves another) is capable of, you might have realized I was referring to the whole circus of what went on in NY with the arrival of Melo. I don’t know if you can grasp all the factors at once, but the entire landscape changed. Ask coach D’Antoni about that.

              Anyway, my point was that if one objectively looks at what transpired in NY over his two years, there is a very big difference in his performances before Melo got there, and when Melo was out, when he was now playing SF (the role he played in college too, btw). Am I saying he’s “a great player’? Not at all, but I’m saying we don’t know yet if $6M/yr is excessive for a 3rd year guy (btw, the yr many hit their stride) whose game may be far more suited to what Casey is doing, than what he experienced in NY. We’ll see as the future unfolds. Maybe he’s a bust, or maybe he’s a good piece. I hope the future unfolds better for you as well. Anger hurts you more than those you lash out at on the internet.

      • Lorenzo

        Think about this for a second, we have DOUBLE the chance of having one of our players win ROY.

  • Copywryter

    “Only to turn around two seasons later and package him with Roy Hibbert for Jermaine O’Neal”

    It’s like Rocky just punched me in the head. Young Rocky. Last 5 minutes of the movie Rocky.

  • voy

    jose is like emma stone, the reasonably good looking girlfriend, who will never cheat on you, we’d drop in a second if kate upton or rihanna flashed us a little nip. 

    I think jose brings alot of positives to the team.  However, ideally you’d want a little emma stone and a little rihanna, in my opinion.  the question is, is Lowry Rihanna or is he closer to Macy Gray.

  • Nilanka15

    Dwayne Casey was just on Sportsnet 590.  He reiterated that Calderon wasn’t happy about the Lowry trade, but said any player would feel the same way.

    Also, he hinted that the starting position hasn’t been given to Lowry yet.  Casey could simply be playing lip service, but as it stands right now, there might be some “competition” for the starting gig.

    • Lorenzo

      There should be, gotta make Lowry work for it

    • sleepz

      So essentially the Raps MAY have traded a high lottery pick (potentially, not guaranteed of course) for a back up pg with only 2 years left on his deal?

      Lowry better start.

      Oh BC, where would this franchise be without your steady hand guiding the ship?lol

      • Destro

        Dont listen to this poster..Lowry is going to start,only these dumbass fans here think theres a “competition”

    • Destro

      Its Kyle’s job to lose….

  • Lorenzo

    Mike James averaged 20.3ppg?? Who?

    • Destro

      Mike James >>> Bargnani

      • me


        • Destro

          Bargnani he plays for the raptors….one day he’ll be a serviceable big man….


    This is f hilarious.  Oooor one could argue, Jose is “beating” out these PGs because no one wants an overpaid, one side of the ball, clutch less, hand clapping defense, can’t speak any English anyone understands, very little playoff experience, zero lateral, my hammy is about to go any second, hand mime communicating back up PG. If I had a dime for every time I’ve seen him waving his hands like a traffic cop on the sidelines trying to explain who knows  what to all the different coaches and players he’s been with, while they are staring off into space like he’s talking about a pig farm, I’d probably have a small fortune by now.

    A new Raptor era will only begin when he GsTFOH and goes back to Spain ala Rudy where he can be worshiped for eternity. If I have to read one more time about him staying here post current contract, I am going to vomit. He’s not mentoring or developing anyone that will listen, no young player will ever respect him, they can’t even understand WTF he’s saying FFS, and he hasn’t done anything to warrant any mentoring. 

    Oh yeah, and where are all the yahoos saying Jose never sulks, like people were talking about a f unicorn on wheels.

    Por favor, mo mas Jose. Adios y vaya con dios, criador de cerdos.      

    • p00ka

      Too fun to pass on: “If I have to read one more time about him staying here post current contract, I am going to vomit.”. JOSE IS STAYING HERE POST CURRENT CONTRACT!!! Enjoy.

      As always, can’t express yourself without childish name calling, but how does “not thrilled” equate to sulking? 1. This is BC saying this, not Jose going to the media. 2. Would you prefer he be the type of player who is thrilled with being supplanted? Naw, not really? you’re twisted version of the situation was just too good to pass on to get in some ungrounded tribal whining, eh.

      On what basis do you say “He’s not mentoring or developing anyone that will listen, no young player will ever respect him”? Your claimed exclusive pipeline to the dressing room knows what all young players think about Jose? A guy like Kobe tries to get the Lakers to trade for him, but no young pups coming into the league will ever respect him you say. That’s some valuable pipeline you have. i would think NBA teams should be lining up to sign you as a consultant.

      • Nilanka15

        Oh dear…this is going to get ugly.  I’ve got my helmet ready for the upcoming fireworks.

      • FLUXLAND

        JOSE IS STAYING HERE POST CURRENT CONTRACT?  Interesting. Do you have any sources to confirm this? Or are you stinking up the place with your assmouth again? You are really getting good at that.

        So, the alternative is BC is lying now?  Is that what you are implying? It’s been long enough, I’d say, and I don’t see your boy denying the accusation. On the other hand, your main man CaseyDaMan has confirmed it.
        How do you know what sort of “not thrilled”? Based on his previous whining, and his body language on the floor, this is not a guy that flips his lid, he acts like a sensitive little school girl. Even during the KG incident he went Constanza Jerk Store mode, gotta wait for play to stop and buy time to come up something to say.  After losses, in the interviews, this is not a guy who’s ever fuming, he’s looks like he’s about to break down on Oprah and starts talking about the next game, talking bout “butta aah, for sureaaa,aaaah, we did the best we couldaa, but, aaa, we keep working hard and tryaaa to improve and aaa getttaa readii for daaa next gameaa, for suure, no?”, his speeches are predictable loser talk.   And he never goes to the media here, last time he did it through his coach.  Way to pay attention to the pattern though.

        You can’t have it both ways, Pooka, like the Jose fanboys. One minutes he’s the ultimate team mate, who will gladly do whatever helps the team win, who’s never cried; but now he’s “not thrilled”and that’s a sing of him being ultra competitive and a warrior, not sulking? Spare me, he likely threw himself on the bed and started kicking and crying into his pillow like you used to after school when you got bullied. Now you’re on here trying to make up for it, thinking you are standing up for something. Tell us, do you put on a cape and mask every morning?  Are you The Fist of Goodness? You sure you don’t for work for the Raps marketing/pr team? 
        Think I already explained what I’d rather, and that’s for him to pack his bags and go back home. Be nice if he refused the money he’s due,  advising BC:”I’ve stolen enough, lo siento mucho hefe”.

        On what basis? Well, I guess I am going to wait on you to provide me some sources/facts/evidence of players coming here who glowingly speak of him helping them/developing their game in the NBA. I don’t see FAs tripping over themselves to come play with the mighty Jose, do you?
        Kobe did or Pau did? What is your source? Or did Kobe said he wouldn’t mind having him there because he likely wants to appease Pau? Did Kobe explain in what role? When was this even an option? Before or after Nash became an option? Please, enlighten me, since you and Kobe sound like pals.  The only reason Kobe wouldn’t be opposed is because he’d have an obedient ball servant on his hands. 
        Are you new to the NBA? Young guys respect ring winners or someone they admired as a kid, that’s it. What American kid is going to come out and say he followed the Raps or their winning ways and wants to be mentored by a Euro import? You really are dense.  Stop pretending you didn’t just switch to ball from curling, it’s becoming clear with each post.

        Please, if he were half the player people make him out to be, some GM would have put together a deal that would bring him to his team.  He’s a non risk taking, efficient tennis ball machine, and even then suspect in pressure situations. Oh, and a PR dream come true, if your sole objective is to sell tickets. 

        • p00ka

          “JOSE IS STAYING HERE POST CURRENT CONTRACT?  Interesting. Do you have
          any sources to confirm this? Or are you stinking up the place with your
          assmouth again?”

          Is your assbrain not functioning well today, genius? I quoted you saying “If I have to read one more time about him staying here post current contract, I am going to vomit.”, so i said it for you to “read” and wished you enjoyment while you vomit. DOH.

          “So, the alternative is BC is lying now?……….. ”

          You’re really losing it assbrain. As my post pointed out, the “alternative” to the statement being made by BC is that he’s “thrilled” to be supplanted. Is that what you would prefer he be? Point was that the statement was being blown way out of proportion.

          “How do you know what sort of “not thrilled”?”

          See above. Whatever your misery laden mind can fantasize it is, there is only one alternative; “thrilled”. Awwww, poor boy. Does it make you unhappy that Jose isn’t thrilled to be shifted aside. Awww, what’s the matter. You’ve been shunted around a lot and feel others must share your misery? Awwwwww.

          “but now he’s “not thrilled”and that’s a sing of him being ultra competitive and a warrior, not sulking?”

          Another example of the common baffle gab responses. Where is there anything said about “ultra competitive and a warrior”? Please explain, in your infinite wisdom how “not thrilled” is “sulking”, and “thrilled” would be better. *dieing to hear this choice response*

          “Spare me, he likely threw himself on the bed and started kicking and
          crying into his pillow like you used to after school when you got

          Thank you for sharing a kids imaginative take on it. Not that it means a damn on here, but never got bullied in my life, kid. I took care of a few though.

          “Now you’re on here trying to make up for it, thinking you are standing
          up for something. Tell us, do you put on a cape and mask every morning? 
          Are you The Fist of Goodness? You sure you don’t for work for the Raps
          marketing/pr team?”

          Awwwww, feeling a little hurt that someone’s taking the time to counter the whine honkers faction? Awwww, I’ll lose sleep tonight that you don’t like me.

          “Think I already explained what I’d rather…..”

          yes if you’ve said it once, you’ve said it a 100 times,,,,,,, however, that has nothing to do with what is meant by the BC quote….. the topic, remember that?

          “On what basis? Well, I guess I am going to wait on you to provide me …..”

          Once again, you shoot your mouth off with your imaginary bullshit and then tell those that question you to prove you wrong. Slick,,,, but juvenile.

          “Are you new to the NBA? Young guys………”

          Thank you for educating us what young guys respect. You’d know what you respect, but spare us the pretentiousness that you know how all your future contemporaries think.

          “Please, if he were half the player…….”

          Again, not the topic you created, and I responded to, but you figured it was a good time to babble it again anyway? Another reminder for a feeble memory: the topic is the BC quote and your twisted interpretation about it. Remember yet? The dementia hasn’t progressed that far has it?

          • FLUXLAND

            You really are something… a worm more specifically. 

            Here’s you typical M.O. when “arguing” with people.

            Person says A.  You then proceed to question A, and any normal person reasonably assumes you are disagreeing with A, and that you share the opposite stance, while your typical rebuttal is “show me where I said that”.  Well, you f asshat, if you present yourself in a manner that disagrees with the other person, it is FUCKING implied. I swear your IQ can’t be higher than a coffee mug’s.

            It then turns out, if you read back, you don’t have a stance or opinion on anything and hide behind: “We’ll see how it works out” and “we have no idea”, while continually questioning people’s opinions.

            Let’s go through Pooka’s hits from today, shall we?

            Post 1. Hides behind “you don’t know” as if people are not entitled to an opinion, because he clearly doesn’t share it. Tosses in “I don’t believe he has earned more playing time” – doesn’t explain why or provides reasons for. Tosses out selective stats, as if they prove anything, without any regard for context of coaching/opponent/game situations. Brilliant. 

            Post 2. Christ, that was painful. More of your “you don’t know, hence you can’t have an opinion”.  Says Fields is 24, (assuming he comes here), it’s reasonable based on experience, success and skills coach wants ( he even say himself) he would be ahead in rotation, but again more of  “you can’t have that opinion”.  It’s clear to anyone that actually followed the team AB minutes were pressure free and granted, and Davis was asked to deliver on the spot, 3 consecutive paragraphs he repeats no training camp… again, can’t have an opinion prior to training camp or the season is over, I guess.

            Post 3. My eyes are now bleeding, I’d rather someone pour Drano in them. Goes on a tirade of semantics and accuses poster of deflection, as he’s doing it. Pure f comedy. Here’s the clear winner of the day: “The situations were
            different. So fn what?” “They got the same playing time, so grow the fuck
            up and stop whining about ED not getting the same break. Different
            “situations” in many respects, not just the factors that you find
            convenient to support your opinion.”

            The nail in the coffin to anyone paying attention.

            Of course, when he presents stats to support his “argument” this is allowed and not convenient, it’s “fact”.  More semantics, more “nobody knows and what is the point of arguing” – the WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?

            The rest I’m not getting into, more of the same, semantics and BS,  thinks he’s rattling people’s cages and hides behind “no one knowing”.  Thrilled or not thrilled, who gives a fuck, at the end of the day it went against the “Jose ultimate accommodating team mate” garbage I have to read.  No back up about Kobe, no back up about FAs coming here or players glowing about Jose, just the typical duck and dodge we have all come to expect.

            Umm, why are you here again? Oh, that’s right, troll, question, offer no opinion, no supporting evidence of said “opinion”.  If it walks, talks and smell like a BC troll….

            Oh, and the only thing you took care of is the bruises you got from those ass whippings, but they obviously did you no good, although the could be a reasonable explanation why you are so incredibly dense. 

            • p00ka

              If you’re not just a little kid playing mouthy tough guy on the internet, get some help. a la prochaine 🙂

              • Destro

                Thats exactly what you do breh….

    • Dc

      Damn flux land one of the best and funniest posts I’ve read on here, good job sir.

    • guest

      I believe Jose also has a trade kicker in his contract which cost the team that acquires him an additional 10%.  They can’t get anyone to bite on that even if it just one year.

  • mountio

    From Hollinger’s article today. There is still hope!

    “Count me in among those who think the Knicks will match Toronto’s ridiculous offer sheet for Landry Fields. New York doesn’t care about salary. The Knicks have proved this, and they have just a three-year window with the Anthony-Stoudemire-Chandler group before they’ll need to blow it up anyway. Fields’ deal fits perfectly on that timeline, as do the arrangements for Kidd and Marcus Camby.

    Besides, New York needs somebody to start at the 2 this season while it waits for Iman Shumpert to return from his late-April ACL injury. If the Knicks don’t keep Fields, they need to use either Kidd or some minimum contract guy as their starting shooting guard. It will be bloody expensive, but New York has shown time and again that cost isn’t going to stop it from getting a player.

    Id love to see the extra playing time for Ross and salary cap space for this year or next to sign a SF would can actually be a difference maker ..

    • sleepz

      This would be a major blessing. I guess we will see what happens.

  • SR

    Waaaay too much hate for Jose. He’s a decent player on a slightly inflated contract in a league full of inflated mid-level contracts. Nothing too outlandish happening here – just a bunch of emo Raptors fans.

    • Shaimang


  • guest

     Neither Jose or Lowry is willing to be the backup pg, the shit will hit the fan. Right now the Raptors are doing damage control by acknowledging that Jose is not happy but he will not come to Toronto to backup can book it.

    • Nilanka15

      Finally something we agree on.  I don’t see this PG platoon working either.  Calderon can’t be happy about being demoted in a contract year.

      Calderon’s skillset would make a great “change of pace” backup to Lowry, but I just can’t see how he would be happy in this scenario.  Calderon could continue to be the classiest of professional athletes, or he could do what we all would do, and look for a better situation.

      • IBL5000

        Who needs a 10 million dollar back up pg that plays half ass defense?

        Or he could go complain to the Spanish media……like he has done in the past….class my ass….image over reality.

        The Raptors with Jose at pg are going nowhere fast- if defense 1st is a true BC/Casey mantra then Jose has no place in the TDot…

        Amnesty him and let him go as BC let Bayless- a nice 3.1m (Memphis signing) potential back up to Lowry, in this media hyped DEFENSE era of Raptors basketball walk away for nothing…

        • IBL5000

          Or he could take the fellas out for Sushi- who the fuck wanted to eat Sushi with Jose that was some funny ass shit shows that he doesn’t really know alot of stuff about his teammates off the court….lmfao

      • Theswirsky

        funny thing about Jose not being happy with the Lowry situation…. Colangelo and Casey made it public.  Not Jose.

        Why they even bothered to say anything about it is beyond me.

        • Lorenzo


        • sleepz

          Maybe Colangelo thinks he can get the type of return Houston got for their publically unhappy pg?

    • Destro

      Theres no controversy…Its Lowry job.
      They didnt give up a lotto pick for a guy to back up baldie….

  • Dc

    Lol the ppl on here. News flash we didn’t just trade for Lowry to watch him sit on the bench. Lol wtf why do ppl continue to believe Jose is all that good like he deserves a lifetime contract and a statue in his honor. Where has Jose took us with all those assists he’s racked up? Some of y’all acting like he’s the Spanish version of John Stockton or some shit. Gtfoh. He’s average at best it ain’t that hard to rack up assists when all u do is run pick and roll allday. He can’t play d dude still sucks. Anyone remember when j Lin pissed in his eye for that game winner? I was yelling at the Spanish conquistador to gtf up on j Lin and crowd him but no he stood about 2 feet away from him because he’s so fucking slow acting like j Lin is dwade or something with foot speed. Bottom line

    • Dc

      Bottom line Jose ain’t a top 10 pg in this league he ain’t even top 15. No one even talks about this dude with all the assists he racks up. So what he is all time in ft % too. Dude takes 3 free throws a night on a good night.smfh to the ones that actually still want this dude to start ove kl.

      • Ryan

         Dude did you not actually read the article. No one wants Jose to start. Everyone already KNOWS Lowry is number one now. The point of the article is to a) celebrate Jose’s tenure as a Raptor and b) say that it’s pointless to amnesty him and he would make a good backup.

        The article even SAYS that Lowry is top 10-12 and Jose isn’t at that level so I don’t understand what you’re bitching about.

        • Dc

          I’m bitching about ppl on here thinking that Jose is such a great player or something like he deserves to finish his career as a raptor. Or that he should be even in competition for the starting job. Jose ain’t that good and never has been I wasn’t responding to the article I was stating my opinion.what career accomplishments does Jose have to celebrate? Who cares? What has he accomplished 1 playoff series sweep. Let’s give Jose a round of applause.

          • Ryan

            Most people would ‘like’ to see him finish as a Raptor. If he gets traded for something that improves the team, no one will cry about it.

            “Never has been”? His defence on a defensively-challenged team was horrendous, but even with that he was an average or maybe slightly below-average starting point guard. Not a PG to lead a charge deep into the playoffs, but he’s not a scrub either. He does not “suck”, despite your opinion.

            No, he hasn’t “accomplished” much, but that’s not all on Calderon. It’s a team game. We can play that game with Lowry too. He went to the playoffs exactly once and I don’t think he was starting. You are annoyed about what people think, fine, but there’s no need to be a rabid hater of a guy who’s done nothing but play to the best of his abilities for six years.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    ESPNSteinLine Marc SteinBobcats just announced that they’ve withdrawn their qualifying offer to DJ Augustin, immediately making Augustin unrestricted free agent23 minutes ago     

    ESPNSteinLine Marc SteinRT MikeWellsNBA: Pacers have agreed to a one-year deal with DJ Augustin, according to a source11 minutes ago     

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    The Bobcats and Lakers are finalizing a sign-and-trade involving Ramon Sessions.
    Sessions became expendable for Los Angeles after they struck a deal for Steve Nash.Via Marc J. Spears/Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter)

  • mountio

    Chad Ford on Raps Offseason
    I like the Lowry addition. Valanciunas also has the change to be really good. I also like Terrence Ross, though they may have reached for him just a bit at No. 8. In short, the Raptors got better. I’m not sure they’re a playoff team, but they’re better. However, if the Knicks don’t match the Landry Fields contract, that’s a major negative in their column. They way overpaid. I was fine with it if they landed Nash. But without Nash? Ugh. B- with Fields. A- without him.

    • John

      LOOOL, the funny thing is the Herd mentality of some of the Raptor fans on the message board with the leaderships of Matt52 and Apollo !!!!

      When Amir signed his extension and the whole NBA was crying foul about over paying him, these guys defended BC and said NBA does not know, bc they don’t watch Raptors.

      Now, with Fields being in NYC and under media spot light, the whole NBA is laughing at us for over paying him but the herd and Matt52 still defend BC !!!

      Wowwwww !!! Ba Ba Ba , Sleep well herd.

  • Statement

    Listening to the Colangelo conference call.

    He’s talking about projecting Lowry’s on-court analytics, his usage rate and his efficiency! Who is this guy, and what did he do with Bryan.

    • Statement

      “on-court analytics” = “on-court performance using analytics”

      • Theswirsky

        another statement I don’t get from Colangelo.

        Lowry’s ‘effiency’ isn’t very efficient.  Jose’s on the other hand is.

        • Dc

          Jose also plays defense like he’s allergic to it. Kl does not.

  • I want Jose AND Bargnani out this year.  Please make it happen BC.  We need our softness to be replaced by toughness. 

  • guest

    Article on Hoopshype, Jose wants out of Toronto.  That happened faster than even I thought it would.

  • MLSESucks

    Jose just asked to be traded 

  • guest

    I knew when Coangelo and Casey started talking about Jose being unhappy they were trying to do damage control.  This draft and free agency period has showed that they don’t have a real plan and if they possibly did have a plan they did not think it through very well.

  • Rob

    They really should’ve traded Jose a while ago tbh, or at the very least amnesty him. Now that he’s verbally said he wants out of TO, that doesn’t really do much for his trade value as it makes it look like BC is urgent to get rid of him ASAP. He said in his conference call that he’s received “multiple inquires” RE: Calderon, well then get with it. Did a solid job for us, IMO, but it’s time to move on and turn the page, as if it hadn’t been already.

  • dribbles

    Jose Calderon is a very good backup PG in this league and appears to be a genuinely good dude. It’s not his fault that BC overpaid him or that he’s been basically forced to be a starter in most of his tenure here. I would have loved for him to finish his career as a Raptor, but as a backup PG getting paid around the MLE. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen now. Hopefully he’ll get a nice standing ovation when he plays here as a visitor.

    Honestly, what else needs to be said about the guy?

  • Blasphemous

    wow. Random decision to check out the Raps message boards and I witness this lunacy. As you were, kids.

  • CZ

    I can’t even with Jose Calderon. The man makes too much for what he’s actually worth and for his playing abilities. Yeah he may have been a raptor for a while now, but he really hasn’t done much for this franchise. I’m not a fan and I wish the dude would finally get off his heels and play some defence for once.

  • Now listen-up Raptorland. The way the season ended with Calderon coming back into the game with one-eye swelled the size of Lowry’s ego, and dishing assists and hitting 3-pointers, was an epitome of his time in Toronto. Blake’s piece captures the storyline brilliantly. Let’s cut the bull; our Raps were one-step up on The Washington Generals last year. And they have been doing auditions for the back-end of the Harlem Globetrotter tour for about 4 years now. Can you really say Calderon has been surrouned by anything resembling a formidable cast? No! Not only has he out-performed and survived all of the athletic PG’s who have shown up at training camp with the sole mission, to keep him on the bridge-chairs with slivers in his ass.. he has also performed at a very high-level, leading the entire league, in A/T ratio over the past 6 years! Is he a great defender? No. Half the guards in the NBA are not! Has he earned the right to lead a top-notch cast? For sure. Whether BC knows it or not, whether you know it or not, my dear friends, Calderon will be the last one standing. You’re all heart Rock!!