Chicago Bulls 107 FinalRecap | Box Score 105 Toronto Raptors
Ed Davis, PF 38 MIN | 5-12 FG | 1-2 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 2 BLK | 1 TO | 11 PTS | -16Up and down game for Ed, who got torched by Boozer in the early going but came back strong down the stretch with some great offensive rebounding. Wasn’t particularly effective offensively tonight, but he didn’t need to be given the way Lowry and Anderson were performing.
Landry Fields, SF 18 MIN | 0-3 FG | 1-2 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 1 PTS | -17Again, tons of effort, not a ton of results. Did a solid job on D when he was out there, though he got burnt by Deng a few times, and needs to find a shot, any shot, that he can consistently make. The team is playing 4 on 5 in the half-court when he’s on the floor.
Aaron Gray, C 5 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | -4I made it home from class 5 minutes after the game started and literally missed everything he did on the court tonight. Disappointed we didn’t get to see #letgraydunk, part 2.
Jose Calderon, PG 21 MIN | 3-10 FG | 3-3 FT | 2 REB | 6 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 9 PTS | -13Rightfully sat down the stretch as Lowry went bonkers, but seemed a bit hesitant when he was out there, though that may be due to the starters’ general unwillingness to work to get open in the first half-plus of the game. Had a great chance to win it at the end, but, alas.
DeMar DeRozan, SG 40 MIN | 6-13 FG | 6-6 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 18 PTS | -12This would have been an “A” grade at the end of the first, when his shot was falling like Quincy Acy in the lane. As the game went on, though, he began to cool off, but continued to force up tough, contested jumpers instead of drive into the lane. For stretches of overtime, the Bulls had Deng on Lowry, Belinelli on Anderson, and Robinson on DeRozan, which is telling.
Amir Johnson, PF 44 MIN | 2-9 FG | 1-4 FT | 10 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 5 PTS | +1Not the best start to the game as he was lit up by the Bulls bigs in the first half, but, like Ed, his size and effort was key in giving the Raptors all the extra possessions they needed to stay in the game. Got robbed on a shooting foul with the clock winding down in overtime, though he didn’t have a great night at the stripe, anyways.
Quincy Acy, SF 15 MIN | 4-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 0 TO | 8 PTS | +14The Charge Master! His best outing of the year, by far: he sparked the Raptor run with great work in a zone, played man on Boozer as well as anyone on the team, did a great job hustling on the fast break and making himself available for easy buckets, and even hit a jump shot! Oh, and did I mention he took FOUR charges?
Kyle Lowry, PG 34 MIN | 8-15 FG | 8-11 FT | 5 REB | 7 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 26 PTS | +16Left me speechless, for the second night in a row. Nobody can question his heart, and tonight, he was everything for the Raptors: sparking the defence with his leadership and ball-hawking skills, blowing by the Bull wings at will, making multiple “did you see that?” passes, and hitting the open jumper when he had a chance. The biggest reason the Raptors got as close as they did, and the best player on the floor in the second half, for either team.
Alan Anderson, SG 35 MIN | 10-18 FG | 3-4 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 27 PTS | +21Eighteen field goal attempts seems like a lot, but he took the vast majority of them in the flow of the offense, and hit enough that it was justifiable, especially when the rest of the team (Lowry excluded) went cold. I loved his D on Deng in the fourth quarter – realizing that the rest of the Bulls were desperate to get him the ball, Anderson worked his tail off to deny the bigger man to great effect. Love his effort game after game, and when his shots fall, I love everything about the way he plays.
Terrence Ross, SG 14 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | 0Was invisible tonight, again, though he got buried on the wing due to Anderson’s big night. He may be hitting the rookie wall a bit – I wouldn’t say this for too many first year players, but I really think he needs to shoot his way out of it.

Five Things We Saw

  1. *Exhales.* Wow, what a game, hey? The most exciting of the year, in my opinion. The fans were into it, the Raptors were into it, and our guys came back from down 19 against a superior team (not to mention the #1 defensive team in the league) on what seemed like sheer force of will. Final score notwithstanding, you have to be proud of the way they fought tonight.
  2. Both teams seemed to suffer from a case of missed-free throw-itis: the Bulls missed 10 on the night (especially our good friend Marco Belinelli, who seemed to be doing his best to give us the game on the stripe), and the Raptors 9. In a game this close, even shooting at their season averages could have pushed either team to a win.
  3. I wish I could come up with an analytical reason why the Raptors were able to come back after being down 19 in the 3rd quarter – a switch in plays, a defensive scheme, something – but the answer, honestly, is the effort and play of the bench, specifically Lowry, Anderson, and Acy. The three of them forced Chicago turnovers (and offensive fouls) and basically ran the offense themselves through the end of the quarter, pulling the Raptors back within 6 to start the fourth. Basically the bench bailed out the starters tonight, in both halves (just look at those plus/minuses).
  4. Carlos Boozer was killing the Raps to start the game: yet another example of my “strong bigs who can hit jumpers are the Raptors’ kryptonite” theory. It seemed like he was getting position on Ed and Amir whenever he felt like it down low – particularly Ed, who just doesn’t have the strength to contend with a big like that one-on-one. Casey switched to a zone in the second quarter at times, and the refs’ whistles got Boozer in foul trouble and on the bench for key stretches in the second half, both of which were key to stopping him.
  5. Speaking of the refs, I HATE complaining about calls in this space, but a few of those just seemed a bit… fishy, no? The Amir “step-in/step-out” call, which probably happens multiple times a game and is never called, the Deng push-off late in the game, and the Amir non-shooting foul at the end all come to mind off the top of my head. Maybe I’m just a homer, though, and Casey arguing with them/the fans chanting “ref you suck” probably didn’t help matters. In either case, a fantastic effort for the Raps, which the team will hopefully focus on more than the loss. Next game is Friday in Philly.

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  • mike,prague

    Truly a great game, but T. really should have one the OT, they should have eliminated Boozer and use there bigs to get buckets, but Hey Hey Hey Nothing left to say.

  • Sig

    DeRozan should have gotten at least a D for that Houdini he pulled

    • Milesboyer

      Other than the first quarter Derozan was absolute garbage last night – a complete liability on both ends of the court.  I’m starting to like him and his contract less and less.  $10 mil for a guy who can’t take ANYONE off the dribble and plays below average defense. Sad to say but the guy making $800k is the superior player (AA). 

  • Sig

    I did not watch Fields play in New York so I had assumed that all these proclamations of him being a good on ball defender were genuine.

    Three times this game I saw him get blown by pretty easily and one of these was the deciding game winning shot by Deng. The other two were cheap bail out fouls.

    Am I missing something or are his defensive rotations so godlike that it covers up for the fact that the rest of his game is so fucking awful?

    • Just saying

      Actually Deng pushes Fields on the winning shot. If, after a L in OT (thanks to ref 48 as well) you have to point someone of the team,well what about Big Boss Davis, used and abused by Boooooozer all night long. What about our Top 10 PF 6 reb in 30 + min an little to no Off. No screens as well. Ask Chicago commentator about TO inside presence. 

      • Hound

        yep, i am tired of listening to how good Davis’ defense is. He gets abused big time. Nice bench player, good effort most nights, but that’s it. If we received good value for him, I would ship him out in a minute! 

        • What the

          what no 7 years ?

          • Hound

            i wouldn`t give 7 years to Anthony Davis! If we could get value for Bargs i`d personally drive him to the airport.

        • CJT

          I don’t necessarily think his defense is as poor as you are indicating, he is very slight and is getting pushed around by stronger opponents.  He needs put on some bulk in the offseason without question.

  • ad

    I want to hear from those fickle calderon fanboys who were hating on lowry after the MIL loss. How did your boy calderon do tonight? Pretty invisible if you ask me. If it wasnt for lowry, raps would lose this game by 20+. Yeah, anderson had a good game but lowry can do everything. Anderson just jacks up shots. Once raps get some more talent on the wings they will win games like these with val in the frontcourt. BC is such a moron for giving fields that contract. Then again, its expected from him.

    • CJT

      Why do you always have to make it one or the other.  Lowry had a shit game against the Bucks didn’t he?  He had great games last night and tonight.  Jose had a strong first quarter tonight.  And kudos to Casey for rewarding the guy that was better with the bulk of the minutes in the second half.  Be a fan of the fucking team for a change and leave your agenda somewhere else. 

      • ad

         Yeah, but part of being a fan of this shittacular basketball team is expressing my opinion that lowry should be starting and playing the majority of the minutes. He gives them a better chance at competing against the better teams. Thats all. I just think a lot of fans on this blog fail to look at the big picture and just go game to game. For example, one game derozan is a budding all star and the next hes a scrub. Hes neither. People can have their own opinion, but thats mine.

        • CJT

          I hear you, and sorry for the rude tone, I just get frustrated that we all seem to hate on our players so much, when the fact is we need all of them to play well to have any chance.  I have said this before, but I don’t really care who starts the game to be honest, if Kyle can keep playing the way he has the past two games, then he should see more floor time, i agree.  I do believe that Jose is an important part of the PG situation it T.O.  He does get his teammates going very well.  KL is starting to find that balance where he makes good decisions with the ball, that wasn’t happening before his injury.  I like what he has given since he has come back.  Go Raps.

        • John_is

          Wake me up when Lowry leads the team to a win streak (8 of 9) like Jose did. You sure were quiet after that Milwaukee game though, that’s for sure

          • pran

            this is chicago. not a poor team like the ones we faced on the streak. your comment is the least intelligent thing I’ve seen today, either that or you’re clearly biased. give credit where it is due.

            • pran

              jose would never be able to carry the team on his back the way lowry did tonight. FACT.

              • canuck_eh

                Your thoughts on Jose’s triple-double against Houston? How about him avg a double-double while Lowry was on the shelf? Or perhaps Jose’s obscenely better assist-turnover ratio? Point being they’re two different players… Jose is pass first, Lowry is shoot first. Would be great to get them both firing at the same time, no?

          • What the

            like Dribbles did against those weak teams wake up dude Chi and Mil are playoff teams watch the movie this is the part where Dribbles picks up his fake injury, my neck my back just like that ,my neck my back just like that.

        • DumbassKicker

          whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I’m with you, man *sob*

          So did you enjoy the game?

      • knickz

         thank you!!!!!!!! this guy is so fucking annoing with his nonsense everytime we lose #letsblamejose

        • Confused Dude

           As Raptors fans can’t we spend more time focusing on the guys who played well rather than kicking the guy who played poorly?  I don’t care who on this team steps up, as long as someone does.  Why are Raptors fans so petty?

    • Adriiian

      Why are you hating on Jose?
      He didn’t even play in the decisive minutes, which I don’t know why? Sorry I’d rather have Jose forcing up shots than Anderson. Who is the best shooter on this team. Lowry plays inconsistently, and, usually even IF he plays well, WE LOSE.

      Usually when Jose plays well, we win? Or maybe I just am more of a fan of Jose? Which is true.

      Don’t want to be the devil’s advocate, but sure Lowry’s individual stats are nice, but if the team doesn’t win, it ain’t shit.

      • ad

         They win against WEAK teams when jose starts.

        • John_is

          And lose against everyone when Lowry starts

        • knickz

           I don’t understand why ppl make our pg situation a problem when it should be the least of our worries.  we need a damn sf we can put the ball in the net

          • What the

            it is a fn problem one has to go my dad just said “Two dag can’t rule one house” and i wrote it the way he said it , keep the pit pull and get rid of chewawa .

            • CJT

              That was because your neighbor was screwing your mom.  Nothing to do with basketball.

              • What the

                “nothing to do with basketball”

      • What the

        I wonder if we can play like this and lose games in 2014 while TANKING for Wiggins Cavs/Wiz style to make sure we get him ,what do you think Dumbass=Pooka =Kicker do you think the fans would be wasting their money attending games you are really a Dumbass

        • Adriiian

          You’re dreaming.

          • What the

            yeah it’s hard to Tank right just ask BC with his 5 years of tanking we got Super Duper Star in Dirk and Chandler [AB13 and Val]

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        And what have the Raptors been doing the past few years with Jose at pg- winning games?

        The Raptors don’t have players that can consistently create off of the bounce so Jose spoon feeds them passes while Lowry goes out and gets his making everyone else work harder to get shots. 

        The primary reason why Jose has started in the past is that he plays the best with Bargnani- point blank.

        Lowry is playing injured and has been a majority of the season- recognize game.

        That’s main reason why I was against acquring Lowry is that he is injury prone much less giving up next year’s lottery pick for a player that McHale/Houston didn’t even want back for 2012-13- BC be making moves just to make moves.

    • ad

       BTW this is a great article detailing the strengths and weaknesses of both players. Come to your own conclusion.

    • knickz

      he played 21 minutes, his shot was off, it happens. boozer abused our bigs like cousins did.

      • Amigo

        which bigs ? D Howard 32 ? What all this crap on ED ? He is just a bench   player, end of story (as B “the Juliette” Murphy would say)

    • knickz

       btw, why is it everytime we lose you blame it on calderon?

      • ad

         Huh? I never said we lost because of calderon. Just that lowry outperformed him.

      • unknown guest

        Dude, relax. This won’t end til Jose gets shipped out. He goes nuts and wins a game or two, all the haters go hide. He gets outperformed for a game or two, then they come out in full force.
        It would be so much easier if we have a fanbase that can appreciate that we have TWO decent PG’s who are COMPLIMNETARY to each other, but, people are people, right?

        • unknown guest

          and I can’t seem to spell complimentary ><

      • Jkwasia

        because dribbles is overrated with his “timid pound the ball until there is 3 seconds left and pass it so the player is forced to shoot to increase my assist” plays….he is a ok pg but fanboys like you make him seem like he is the second coming of John stockton. he cant defend/he cant break down defenders cracks at the first sign of pressure is making 10 mill….0.o

  • Jerry

    Demar is nowhere to be found again he is a choke artist. get rid of him

    • Sam Chen

      OK then who should we get?

      JEsus ppl like you cry about every player… when they become all stars you cry why didn’t we keep them

      Ex. Bosh. Shut up. 

      • Jerry

        I don’t cry about every player idiot, and I didn’t cry about Bosh who actually showed up every game and is actually a very good player and an all-star unlike demar. sad how you even had the nerve to compare demar to bosh. shut up

        • What the

          where was it said DD was or is an allstar, you see you guys read the stuff  Nilanka and others puts out about DD and come away thinking DD should be better than he is. thing is he’s not he still has two more year to improve his game while we Tank for Wiggins.

          • Steve

            It is pointless to ask Mitt anything as you will get 2 different opinions 🙂 🙂

      • Dan

         Bosh was an an all star while still with Toronto. Name a player that has been in Toronto that went on after to become an all star. The only one I can think of is Chauncey Billups.

        • ab4ever

          Andrea Bargnani

      • What the

        it’s friggin AB13 fault cause if he was playing we would be talking about him and only him, so we need him to come back so that we can talk about him instead of every player. “I am the best player and the team is…”

    • What the

      relax dud DD just need to cool down on the Mo Pete iron man thing that e has going on can’t you see the guy needs some rest. mybe he’ll get some in 2014 when we are Tanking for Wiggins .

  • Valit

    We managed to snatch the defeat from the claws of victory. Game seems very similar to the ones at start of the season when we always got so close but nothing to show for.
     Those people who can explain to me with a straight face the value of Fields vis-a-vis his contract should seriously consider politics ( same for Demar as a matter of fact).
     Poor Marco …he really tried to give us the game but Amir and Lowry didnt want any charity. The boys played to their possibilities but I come back to what BC said..” it’s the talent…stupid”.PS. The only different thing that I would have tried would have been to play offense-defense with Jose in overtime ( I think it would have been beneficial for Kyle)…moving on…

    • 2damkule

      i dunno if that particular witicism (snatching defeat from the claws of victory) really applies when you come back from 19 down.  had TO won, it would be an appropriate way for CHI to describe the game.

  • K.J.P

    Who the hell did the refs think he was passing to? They “will summit the video to the league”. Too bad all that will get is another “sorry we were wrong”.

  • Daniel

    I knew all the streetballers will go bonkers after this game. Garrett, you didn’t write an analysis but an eulogy. Lowry played well overall, especially in the second half. Our problem is spacing: we have only Jose as a 3 point threat in the starting unit and when his shot is not falling we are done against very good defensive teams. Derozan and Fields are useless against teams like Oklahoma, Chicago or Indiana (nr. 1 in defense and not Chicago). Anderson shot was falling so Lowry had some room to operate. He still made some boneheaded decisions and took some bad shots however he put pressure on a stiffling interior defense. Our defense was bad throughout the game against a bad scoring team. They killed us with off the ball movement and screens at the elbow. Hamilton, Belinelli and Deng had a field day against our wings going right or left after a screen. Dribble penetration from the wing position is killing us.
    Last and not the least Casey is really a bad tactician. Against the Bulls’ defense we needed 3 point threats so Derozan and Fields were useless, especially in the second half. I have no idea why are we not using Pietrus who’s ouir best wing defender and a 3-poin threat. A 2 PG line would have been useful, either Jose-Lowry or Lowry-Lucas. In OT we had no energy so Casey had to inject players bringing energy. He’s very stubborn and he doesn’t seem to feel what’s needed at the moment.
    Overall, an entertaining game with an expected outcome.  Anderson at 800k salary is overplaying overpaid Derozan and Fields by a large margin. Amir, Ed and Acy have a PER above 18 whereas Andrea and Jonas have a PER below 15. The organization is completely torn apart between competing priorities and the players suffer as a result.

    • Gavolt

      fields has his uses and his strengths, and would be much better playing more with a higher USG% guard like lowry than someone like calderon. fields is at his best when he can move into open space around the paint created by a penetrating guard, crash the glass, and shoot jumpers and corner 3s with his feet set. 

    • KJ-B

      Hmmm…did u see the last 5 or 6 consecutive stinkers by Anderson–that’s $800K worth of consistency right there!

      • CJT

        He is still the only wing we have that can beat his man off the bounce.  I will take a bit of inconsistency for what he has been giving us in toughness and heart.

  • FAIR89


    I TOLD YOU!!!!

  • Gregast

    Raps had a great game and everyone pitched in at different times to make this the most entertaining game of the season. Boozer is an animal with great great hands. Eddy was overwhelmed in the 1st BUT the team (including Eddie) came back from that run and made a super game of it. Chicago will NEVER come into Totonto and think they’ve got a W without trying and trying hrd.

    I’m not going to complain about different players who had a brain cramp or two. The bottom line is the Raptors played an excellent NBA team to a standstill.

    Good on you Raps!!!

    • What the

      yeah we can have games like this while Tanking for Wiggins it wont heart so bad

  • Smith time!!

    Fuck it, I say go all in for Josh Smith!!!! Not likely that he would ever play here but that would be amazing. You could build a solid team around him.

    • 2damkule

      just like atlanta’s done…

    • What the

      na dude Casey wants the Super Duper Star and that player is Andrew Wiggins… Val and Ross needs 2 more seasons this one and 2014 when we are Tanking for Wiggins.

    • WhiteVegas

      We don’t have any cap space to sign Josh Smith. We’d have to trade for him and we don’t have anything the Hawks want.

  • knickz

    tough loss for the boys. loved the way they played on the back-to-back. it was nice listening to the bulls announcers. they had high praises for calderon. basically said the same thing lawrence frank said about jose. also, they said we need a inside game 

    • 2damkule

      did they mention that the raps were missing their starting C when making that brilliant observation?  not that joval would have necessarily made a significant difference, but i can’t imagine it would have been quite so bad had he played.

      • Amigo

        No, cos they read RR lately  and really believed we had a Big Boss Double Double Machine. Lol

        • What the

          who AB13 the 7fter the ” I am the best player” guy

          • CJT

            You know what would be cool.  Try and think of a new line for 2013. 

  • Retep9

    IN PRAISE OF JONES AND SMITH. Raptors should be and indeed sometimes arE very entertaining. However, if you watch the Raps on TV the enjoyment factor is reduced by 90% simly because of the moronic clueless ccommentator. Devlin is the very worst on the whole NBA. On the other hand, Jones and Smith on the radio make listening a far more worth while exeperience than watching.They are articulate, very knowledegable and not driven by the same dreadful ego which makes Devlin so insecure and ultimately very annoying. Calangelo or whoever it is who makes these desicions must promote the radio crew. So we have a bad team… we also deserve and awful TV team?

    • mark

      This is so true! Can some blogger not create a professional petition to have smith and jones as new announcers?… Just a thought.

    • ad

       Jones and Smith really piss me off with their excuses for this teams poor play.

      • Alvin Trilliams

        Agreed. We need fresh blood. Someone who will keep it real and not insult our intelligence. We Raps fans have taken a lot of shit, and don’t deserve this lack of compelling observations, interesting banter, confidence, and being in tune with the current generation. 

        The TV guys all embody the “embarrassing dad” role to the T. Radio crew is not much better. The insecurities are glaring and it makes me cringe half the time I’m trying to enjoy my home team play (lose).Damn. All we’ve done for most of 18 years is lose. At least make watching the losses a bit more bearable with commentators worth listening to.

        • Dan

           Hearing let Ross dunk every time he touches the ball for the next month is going to be brutal. Just like hearing no props needed after every dunk Derozan made during the finals months of the season when he was in it.

  • NyAlesund

    DeRozan deserves F not C.

    He was on the floor and barely I noticed him. He is suppost to be one of the guys. Instead nothing and worse defensively was awful. It wasn’t the first time we saw him doing this.

    Ed Davis and Johnson
    Everytime they played against talented guy they suffer. Boozer and Noah have destroyed them. We will see this again and again.

    This man doesn’t read the game. If you have DD useless on both side on the floor what on earth you don’t try other solutions? With Nate and Belinelli Casey could put on the floor Calderon or Lucas. Two offensive threats, instead he preferred to keep DD. Great move………………….for sure………….OMG

    • Dan

       Ross is at least a threat to hit the three and is a better defender. Demar struggles a lot when teams really pressure him on D same as Jose. Thats why Lowry and Anderson are better options because they can get to the basket off the dribble.

  • 2damkule

    well, that was…interesting.  and entertaining.  and frustrating.  saw some really good signs…

    demar’s jumper is looking much more solid technically, he seems to be using less arm (ie throwing motion), and has shortened his stroke, relying more heavily on his elevation & wrist.  now, he needs to learn how to bring an overall game consistently, and remember not to rely on the jumper.  goes back to the old saw…if you’re driving, and getting contact (affecting your shot), and not getting the calls, the natural inclination is to stop driving.  or learn how to finish with contact.

    getting a bit tired of the ‘know your role, anderson’ meme that’s taken over the fanbase.  he has, arguably, the best jumper on the team from a technique standpoint, and is one of the few guys on the team who can reliably hit from deep.  we sit here & bitch and moan about not getting production from the wing, and then when we get some, we bitch that it’s from a guy like anderson (i.e. a scrub) who’s ‘taking too many shots.’  a guy who, btw, is also a good defender & hustles.  i have ZERO issue with him taking an open shot, because not only has he FUCKING EARNED IT, he’s pretty fucking good at it.  yeah, he (and most guys in the L) need to develop a better sense of what is/isn’t a ‘good’ shot, and yeah, he needs to look to create for others a bit more, but all things considered, i’ll take what he’s been providing.

    nice showing by acy, seems to have his sea legs now.  just have to build on the positive and be consistent with the effort…he’s got more than enough skill to be a solid rotation guy…at worst, and energy guy off the bench who can actually provide a smidge of scoring.  might not be be long before the reggie evans comps are an insult.

    as for the refs…in this L, any complaining just comes off as sour grapes…i’m sure CHI fans are pissed (for some reason) about some call here or there.  and don’t people know by know?  raptor games are the ones refs use to ‘even out’ the calls.  when people complain about how refs never call, say, travelling, or the line violation committed by amir, or 5-second inbound violations, or the 8-second getting-the-ball-to-the-frontcourt violation, or that they call too many bailout bogus foul calls…well, the league can point to raptor games & say, ‘see, look at all these examples where we made these calls/didn’t make these calls.  now shut up.’  just so happens they tend to (in our eyes) go against the raps.  i’m only half-kidding. 

    • Dan

       Agree completely about Anderson. If he were the same age as Derozan there wouldn’t be an issue about his shots. Not only is he a better shooter and defender he has a much better handle and a higher basketball IQ. When given starters minutes he seems to out play Demar.

      • mountio

        Love what he brings from a D and toughness perspective. Even from the perspective of having the balls to shoot when others dont. BUT – the numbers dont lie. 37% shooter from the field doesnt cut it. At all. AB having a HORRIBLE season and is shooting 40% (44% career) and everyone hacks on him for being a chucker. 
        DD shoots 44% from the field this year (45% career). There is a BIG difference between this and Anderson. 
        So – to be clear .. Im not necessarily saying play him less minutes .. Im just saying, know your role. Defense, rebound and shoot open shots. If he does this, his efficiency should improve. 

    • KJ-B

      Quincy Acy is what the NBA is ALL about–know your game, know your game, know your game…When Toronto “was winning” everyone was playing to their stregths–the problem about last night with Alan Anderson “taking over” is that he’s been trying to “take over” for the last week or so which has coincided with loss after loss…if he goes back to being an all around “everywhere man” player he and the team would be better served!

      If he keeps taking 20 shots a game, he ought to get hot one out every 5 lol!!!

      • The Truth

        Yeah, because in the current setup we would be getting so much more bench scoring if Anderson wasn’t shooting. Oh wait no we wouldn’t.

        The difference between when Toronto “was winning” and now is more to do with the quality of the opposition (most of those wins came against equally scrub teams) than any change in the way players are approaching the games.

        • What the

          you mean it’s not because Dribble had turned it up a notch?

          • The Truth

            That certainly didn’t hurt but I think Jose always performs at a consistently high level. One of the takeaways for me last night was while most of the time our two guard (Jose/Kyle) lineups make me cringe down the stretch (particularly in OT) they worked really well together on some of those key offensive possessions.

            Not sure if that is an argument for keeping both (regardless of who starts) or just an indictment of how bad the handles of the guys we usually play at SG are.

            • KJ-B

              Uhmm– wins & losses are the ultimate stat–check the facts when Anderson shoots less/passes more…

  • StaytheCourse

     NBA refs deciding outcome of games! Its bullshit and it hurts the game! Top dogs get calls bottom feeders get shaft!

    • What the

      Tank for Wiggins Top dog 2014 no shame in Tanking just do it

  • Dan

    I thought Casey calling a timeout at the end of the 4th was horrible. The defense was not set and Boozer was missing a shoe. Why would you call a timeout and let team with the #1 regroup.

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      That was an extra befuddling timeout completing took the flow away from the possession ie flow offense.

      Casey isn’t a coach but a ‘yes man’.

  • KaioKev

    Raptors need size in the post.

  • robertparrish00

    I am not understanding why Amir didn’t get continuation, there was 3 seconds left, what else was he going to do.  Earlier they called continuation for Belenelli when he was driving from outside the 3 point line.  

    Anyone else catch Leo hyping up Belinelli, ridiculous….we need Jack to do all broadcasts.

  • FAQ

    A+ for Lowry… are you friggin’ crazy??!!!!

    Kyle doesn’t know how to pass the ball to the bigs and when he tries he botches it up…. so he keeps the ball and goes for the hoop…. and you think this is okay???!!!!! 

    If you think Kyle’s heroics are going to win games, you have the IQ of a tribal honking  orangutang..!!!

    • 2damkule

      isn’t it obvious?  all those shot attempts are because that’s what the coach wanted out of him (and jose).  i mean, if that’s how it is when they don’t shoot at all, then the reverse has to be true as well, right?

      honk away.