• Nilanka15

    I can honestly say I’m numb to these losses now. Instead of the gut punches they used to feel like, they now barely even register on my radar. “Oh, the Raptors blew a double digit lead and lost a close game? In other news, the sun rose today.”

    I can’t wait for the trade deadline, Colangelo’s dismissal, and official start to this rebuilding process this summer.

    • FAQ

      Lowry is crap… sooooo obvious

      • K.J.P

        People like to hate Calderon but Lowry not so good a t defence either.

        • FAQ

          If Calderon leaves, the TRaps really become crap..!!!

        • Nilanka15

          Lowry is capable of being a good defender. He’s just stupid with his roaming and gambling.

          Calderon, on the other hand, physically lacks the quicks/strength to be a good defender.

      • ad

         No this organization run by Colangelo is crap. Complete misevaluation and mismanagement of talent has been plaguing this team for years now. Lowry is injured and its probably affecting his play somewhat. He needs to be starting and playing 36 min/nite and calderon needed to get shipped out like months ago. Same with bargs and every player on this roster except JV and lowry.

        • FAQ

          Lowry is not injured even though he plays as if he is. Lowry doesn’t know how to play PG and he is uncoachable because of his deficiency.  Trade him in a package with Bargs and Kleiza. 

          • NyAlesund

             Trade him and Kleiza. No Bargs until we can see him play some games with Calderon.

      • onemanweave

        That’s a good one!  A lot of folks don’t get your understated humor the way I do. 
           What you really meant is KL is a big box of talent that nobody has really found the key to opening. Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Got burned in team meeting, not a new experience, probably.   Half-pouting. Half-searching. Half-out-of-shape. 
           Yes, it was a  bad loss in a season of bad losses. However, being the optimists we are, we realize that we’re miles ahead of previous seasons. This  team can’t close, but it contends.  Opponents make it to the hoop, but not every time.  The defence is lacking, but at least there is one. A season or two ago, teams did EXACTLY what they wanted against TO. Now we occasionally get in their way.
           There is hope to be a decent team.  JV may develop. T. Ross looks like he’ll be a player. AA  is much better than we could have hoped for. Calderon may re-sign and KL may wake up.  Derozan is flawed but occasionally serviceable. Johnson and Davis are good, solid bigs.
           The sky is not falling. This team has improved. The endings could be much better, but at least we get to the endings.
            I knew you meant to say all this in your post so I said it for you. Hang in there, bro. Better days ahead.

    • ad

       I honestly cant take another full scale rebuild. The only potentially very good to elite talents on this roster are jv and lowry. Yes, sorry davis, derozan, and ross fans. Theyre role players. I wish a good GM would come in and package all the deadweight and mediocre talent on this roster for something better. I know its not realistic though so a full rebuild is probably necessary since the raps cant get stars to sign here or even traded here. Its so sad to be a raps fan.

      • Adriiian

        Youre on crack man. Lowry sucks dude.

      • NyAlesund

         Lowry? Really? I think Ross is goinf to be really good/excellent player, far better than DeRozan.

    • cesco

      The rebuild  start the moment Andrea is traded because his laziness preclude any improvement this team could make . Look at how well they do against team like Orlando without him .

  • knickz

    guts by kyrie to take that shot. no excuse for this loss, we should have ran them out the gym

  • knickz

    love the new design btw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sig

       Ya I like it too. Gonna take a while to get used to it though. Although there was nothing wrong with the old one

    • FAQ

      The right border should be shrunk down and the text part extended.  The proportioning is wrong.

  • Dbobb28

    Amir Johnson puts this game away if he goes up strong with the ball after getting a terrific, perfect pass under the basket. Instead, he decides for reasons he only knows, to stand there and pump fake. This allowed Thompson to recover and block the shot.
      Again Ed Davis on the bench during crunch time at the end. Again, Casey keeps a struggling Lowry in for too long before sending Calderon back in. DeRozan may have hit the winning shot in Orlando but once again, he settles for bad jump shots instead of attacking the rim. He was non existent in the fourth quarter. Irving showed us all how a real leader takes over a game. Time and time again he attacked the basket. Alan Anderson is still looking for a screen that was nowhere to be found. Lowry was brutal on defence.
      Plain and simple, blowing 11 games with a lead of 10 points or more is a coaching problem. Bad substitutions, poor timeout decisions, horrible offensive sets to put a game away and of course, awful inbound plays is coaching errors. Two times Ed Davis played well and was not on at the end of a game. The losses hurt more and more even though I am waiting for them to happen.

    • FAQ

      Lowry is struggling because he is deficient and it shows.. brutally.

  • knickz

    every other raptor site is fucking amateur (chrstian bale voice) compared to this one

    • FAQ

      so this site is fucking professional … with a buncha tribal honking whores..??!!!

      • hoosierpoet

        dude, your posts are always way too angry or over-confidently insistent. you need to chill

  • Guest

    Tired of us being up at the end of one only to see Lowry enter the game and squander everything.  If I were Jose I’d be so pissed.  Casey gets more and more exposed as a weak coach as these losses keep playing themselves out.

    • ad

       Ummm instead of blaming lowry why dont you take a look at who he is playing with on the floor. Fucking anderson jacking up shots everywhere when he has little talent. A black hole on offense at sf. And 2 offensively challenged big men (acy and johnson). BTW, how did calderon do the last 5 mins of the 4th q? Was he the saviour you think he is? I saw some really bad possessions with him at pg. Just saying. Im tired of people shitting on lowry when its clear hes way more talented than calderon. Admittedly, hes not playing at his best now but I think casey should take some responsibility for that. Also, I think he is playing hurt. Anyways, whether you like it or not no way calderon is here next year so deal with it.

      • Guest

        You must be Lowry’s agent.  Are you blind?  Did you not see the chemistry that all those guys were playing with before Lowry entered the game?  You’re making judgements based on individual talent, but the pieces have to come together.  Lowry undoubtedly has skills, but you put him with other people on the floor and he can’t facilitate their offense, which is one of his primary responsibilities.   If he needs to play 30 plus minutes to get his game going then he’s not worth it.

        • ad

           Yeah, so I say keep lowry and bring in players that can play with him. Talent wins in the nba, bro, above anything else. When you have talented players, dont waste them. Its not his fault his teammates are all mediocre. Also, I think if he has to play 30+ minutes then thats fine. He is a borderline all star caliber player when hes right. Keep val, keep lowry. Everyone else can be had for the right price.

          • CJT

            That’s a really interesting observation.  It seem like this collection of bad to mediocre players is consistently putting the team in a position to win until the late 3rd and first half of the forth, when your superstar comes in and gives back all of the points that they have put us up by.  How can you seriously blame the players that have consistently gotten us big leads in games and not the guy that has consistently squandered them?  

            • What the

              maybe we can play like the next season while Tanking for Wiggins no

        • knickz

           well said

      • FAQ

        “Im tired of people shitting on lowry when its clear hes way more talented than calderon.”

        Are you fucking out of yer fucking gourd?  Lowry is a pudgy and that’s what hurts him.  Also he can’t pass or make plays… he just stands around waiting to get the ball back into his hands.

        Lowry is an amateur compared to Jose… and stop saying “Kyle is prolly playing hurt”.  If he’s hurt bench him and throw in Lucas!!!

        • SukaTori

           “Lowry is an amateur compared to Jose…”
          wooow …. this is talk clear

          • Dabosskwasia

            “English motha f*cka !!!! Do you speak it!!!” (Samuel L. Jackson voice)

            • CJT

              “What?” (guy who is about to have his head blown off voice)

      • Ardefen

        whenever i look at individual scorelines i pay more attention to efficiency than anything else. don’t care whether ed/aa/dd etc score ten or twenty if they’re not wasting shots. and anderson, more often than not, has quite decent efficiency

        • mountio

          have you looked at his stats? 38% FG% is not decent efficiency by any standard. The guy brings a lot to the table in terms of effort, D, rebounding and leadership .. but lets call a spade a spade .. he is NOT efficient in any sense of the word…

  • guest

    Something needs to be done about the sub pattern. Demar was scalding hot in the first quarter. Then he sat for 10 minutes and went cold. Same with calderon in the 4th. Why is casey sitting players that are hot for extended periods of time? Against Orlando, Demar sat for short periods of time and was not allowed to go cold and we saw the end result. It just pisses me off that he allows players to go cold on the bench. This is definitely costing us games late when the bench turns into a black hole, then the starters come in but have gone cold.

    • FAQ

      T-A-N-K-I-N-G maybe… on orders from BC… because no NBA coach can be that stupid on his own… ya think??!!!

      • CJT

        no.  no reason to tank with no draft pick.

        • What the

          it’s next year right ? Tanking you know for Wiggins 2014 . We have to wait for the marble tiles/1st Can. projected to go #1 in 2014 is eady so this season is to pay OKC in terms of  the darft and then next season we Tank Cav/Wiz style  to give ourselves a better chance of getting Wiggins and may be the last part of the core .

  • Rob

    @theScore Twitter feed called this like 10 minutes before it happened lol….” Kyrie Irving breaks the hearts of Raptors fans…..oh sorry, we’re just getting our headline ready” …..And then it actually happened.

    • FAQ

      Kyrie pwned the Ratpors…. sooooo obvious.

      • Amigo

        No alpha male, best player in TO ? 

  • Amigo

    This loss is on Bargnani with his crappy D, cleveland was camping in the paint. He can’t close a game and never did. He’s the cancer of the team and the reason why is cold outside and I have to pay my heating.
    Who is the best player in TO ?, you are asking me ?. Clear, KL from Philly, the famous alpha male, finally TO has got PG with big balls, big ass, big mouth, not another soft euro like Claderone.We have finally a pitbull on D and a crafty attacker (who was blogging like that at the start of the year ? ).
    Yes, or better, a pusy brick player

    • ninevolt

      Calderon is at least 3 times the player Bargnani will ever be and it has nothing to do with race or where he’s from. Bargnani is lazy and soft, whereas Calderon has heart and Basketball IQ. Please never compare them again.

      • SukaTori

         “Calderon is at least 3 times the player Bargnani will ever be”
        olè Amigo !!! bingo….  zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz …..
        9volt i’d like to know your meaning on Low-ry at this point

  • Marksilke

    Let’s be fair: that was a terrible fucking shot by Kyrie. Lazy garbage. He doesn’t make it 80% of the time and if he misses everyone is calling him a piece of shit that was a lazy dog shot, if anyone on the raps took it I’d rip them). So he made it; god bless his soul. If that is what beats us so be it.

    • Nilanka15

      The shot was an instant replay of Lin’s shot last year. And just like Calderon did then, Anderson gave Irving waaaaay too much room.

      • CJT

        agreed, Anderson was preparing for the drive and gave up a bit too much room.  Great shot by Irving from way outside the 3 point line. 

      • mountio

        Im pretty happy if I force the guy to take a 28 foot shot. Lin was at the edge of the 3pt line .. this one was at least 5 feet beyond the line. Big difference .. 

        • Hound

          The only guy I can think of that would take that shot like that, would be LeBron (he would also make it). Not even Kobe would just walk up the ball, and then fire a 3 from way out there. Anderson just should have moved a bit closer as the clock wound down, but in the end, it was just a great shot.

  • NyAlesund

    Another idiotic lost game.
    Lead by two, Anderson left Irving to take his jump shot free. Calderon did more or less the same mistake with Lin. No pressure at all. Instead he would have been close Kyrie to contest the shot!!
    Mister Casey have had a great idea to keep LOWERY on the floor able to contribuite the Cavs’ run, 12-0 and shift the game in their favour. When Calderon came in we saw another team (with one mistake, when he served T-Ross for three point shot in transition. In that circumstance would have been better attack the rim) .
    Of course Irving played like an All Star and the layup in transition was impressive.
    My question is: why did Casey wait so long to put Calderon on the floor?  I can’t stand how we put us in position to lose this one. Crazy.

    • Lefthook8

      “Anderson left Irving to take his jumper blah blah blah” .. did you see how far he took the shot from? Anderson was respecting the drive attempt from Irving and was exactly where he should have been on D – no one in their right mind would be playing Irving that tight from that far out – its just too easy for him to pass you and get in the paint or draw a foul – omg

      • Jerry Garcia

        Totally….no one in the building expected Irving  to launch it from there…..as much as it hurts you have to give him credit for making that shot as well as the wild end to end ramble just prior.

      • daxel

        But why would you risk giving up the game winning shot on your home court?!  If you play him tight, what’s the WORST CASE SCENARIO then?

        – Kyrie drives to the hoop and gets a layup (ties game, goes to overtime where the Raptors still have a chance to win it especially since the Raptors didn’t play the night before like the Cavs)

        – Kyrie drives to the hoop and kicks it out for a three (but such a three would have likely been more contested than the shot Irving ended up taking and it would have been taken by a relatively non-clutch player)

        – Kyrie drives to the hoop and gets an and-1 (I think this would have been the least likely outcome when compared to Kyrie hitting a three that wasn’t really contested)

        Again, hindsight is 20/20 but bottom-line is that you don’t risk giving up the WIN.

        • daxel

          And when you look at the replay of the shot, you can actually SEE Coach Casey signaling Anderson to close out on Irving at like the 7 second mark….let’s face it, Anderson was sleeping.

          But the big picture is that this shouldn’t have come down to an game winning shot again.  The Raptors second unit led by Lowry squandered a comfortable lead again.  And then the starters get put back in when the other team already has serious momentum which puts too much pressure on them to win the game.

          So far, and there still should be some time given to Lowry, it seems like his NATURAL skill set doesn’t suit this team.  Most of the players on this team can’t create shots for themselves – they need to be babied and spoon-fed the ball.  Sadly, the only other player that CONSISTENTLY shows the capability to create his own shot even though he isn’t efficient is Alan Anderson.  Which is why, if you watch when Lowry is in the game, he passes the ball to Anderson a lot and the team just lets him go to work.  Otherwise, Lowry really seems to struggle to give the ball to the other teammates in their sweet-spots.

          It’s ironic – Colangelo may have been trying to build the team around Bargnani but it seems evident that the team is actually built around a pass-first/system point guard.  If the roster doesn’t get revamped then somebody up in management better start thinking about ways in which they can find their next generation pass-first/system pg; Calderon fits that right now but would you really want to pass up on the opportunity of getting something in return for a guy with such value right now?

      • NyAlesund

         You are lead by two, and normaly the guest team try to win the game with the 3point shot in order to avoid the OT. It is no written rule. In addition if you force the player to go in  the paint area,  he has to make a difficult shot. Instead AA left Irving to take a long shot in rythm……….Not a good idea.

    • Parlando

      God hates the Toronto Raptors!

  • Valit

    Was watching some years ago a similar end to a basketball game in Euroleague. The defensive team’s  coach ( I think was Obradovic) up by 2 with 13 sec to go,  .. asked his team to do a full press court. They won…I was wondering if this is allowed in NBA or you have to wait on your half; I was at the game when Linsanity burnt us same way.
    I hope BC doesnt stay 1 day after the end of the season;

    • CJT

      Full court press is allowed, but after a timeout in the last 2 minutes of a quarter the inbounding team gets to advance the ball to half court, so a full court press is useless.

      • Dreamz0120

         I agree with you , but if you  watch the replay they took the ball out from their own basket…maybe even partial pressure on the inbound..make them use a little more time getting over the time line and maybe his shot might have been a little more hurried ..even if he breaks you down and gets 2..your into overtime at least. 

  • SukaTori

    As Usual we
    miss the cherry on the cake

    I dunno
    understand why we lost !!!!!

    everything was ok ……

    Double Machine was a super beast

    Amir was a

    was a beast

    DD was a

    AA was a

    LFields was
    half beast

    TRoss was
    half beast

    Low-ry was
    Low-ry …. above evaluated as usual

    and we
    lost  against one of the worst team on
    the league

    and i ask
    to myself how is possible.


    is time to
    have the diner, a good Lasagna dish

    and some
    glasses of red wine to forget…. believe me it take you better


    • Matt52

       You don’t understand why they lost?

      The answer is right in from of you.

      The Raptors are not a good team.

      Sometimes the simple answer is the right one.

    • cesco

       The main reason they lost is because lazy lasagna was watching them .

      • SukaTori

         agreed – lazy lasagna watching is main reason

      • why

        the hard working tough euro garbo was also watching

  • Raptorsrepublic


  • Ppellico

    should have used Gray for 3 minutes…

    then HE could have been blamed for the loss!!!
    Isn;t that what this site does!!!

  • mountio

    Not sure if they showed it on TV … but was very interesting to see Lowry sulking at the end of the game. Jose hit the shot to go up 2, the whole team is celebrating and Lowry doesnt budge from the bench … sulking like a little bitch. 
    He was a great cheerleader early in the year … not sure what happened. We are seeing right now why HOU sent him out of town. Hes a goner in any AB trade .. .believe that. I said it at the time, and ill say it again .. VERY steep price to pay .. and looking steeper by the day …

    • FAQ

      BC will replace Lowry with some D-leaguer at PG… just watch… LOL

      • SukaTori


  • Guest

    At what point does Casey start apologizing to his players for the losses?

  • JHP

    Since we’re being negative…

    Every time they lose I think of what OKC will get for basically a backup on a bad team!!!

    Given his record every team would want trade with BC! 

  • trample54

    Funny how people are talking about Andrea like he’s the reason toronto blows double digit leads in the 4th quarter

  • Roarque

    It’s those Camos – check out the record. Wearing Camos 10 losses 0 wins.

  • grizzly73

    Gentlemen…..chill a bit It’s so easy to point fingers 9 we all like to do it) after a tough loss. But look at that last shot. Irving was 3 – 4 feet outside the 3 line. AA goes out to challenge and the quickest future best player in the NBA blows by him for an easier shot. We were beaten by a low % shot by an incredible player.

    I don’t know what is up with KL. But he can play – look at his start where everybody was raving about him. 
    How would you feel? Traded to a perennial bottom feeder and you’re still riding pine? Forced to pass to Bargnani all the time?

    • trample54

      Who is ‘forcing’ him to pass to Andrea? If he is a point guard that is his job first thing is to pass then to shoot.

      • What the