Maybe there’s some GMs converging at the All-Star break and hatching out hatching out trade-rumours in their drunken stupor and then feeding it to Marc Stein. Or maybe Stein is sitting outside Michael Jordan’s office in a white van with ridiculous amount of lab equipment tapping phone calls and internet data packets. Whatever the case, he’s got a rumour out that Charlotte wants to move out Ben Gordon and might consider taking on Andrea Bargnani.

This move makes little sense logistically since we already have Ross and Anderson, but whatever, stranger things have known to happen (like Kapono, Turk, JO) so I’ll suspending by disbelief. Stein goes on to say that Ross is playing well, indicating that he doesn’t watch the Raptors much and that despite Gordon being easier to swallow than Boozer (one less year on contract), we’re not trading a former #1 pick just for the hell of it.

RR wholeheartedly welcomes any trade that gets us to the magic number of 39 wins and an Eastern playoff seed. Also, child labour is cool.

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  • downtown

    Inasmuch the trade makes little sense for Raptors, it makes sense for Bobcats in the light of the recent events in Charlotte. According to, Gordon has had a well documented altercation during the practice with the head coach. A disrespect from a veteran on a young team is crucial and fundamental flaw in a rebuilding process. Gordon will surely go. In such a situation, Bobcats will trade him for anything, and Bargnani is denoted out there as ‘could-be-had-for-nothing’, and that’s where the rumor comes from. Charlotte already has a young center shooting threes, and way more productive defensively than Bargnani in Mullens. If anyone on that Charlotte team, I would seek Gerald Henderson, a multidimensional player with a great attention to defense, coachable, team player, extremely athletic, someone I hope Terrence Ross will turn into at a minimum. Henderson is playing at a high level now, while Gordon to me looks like an overpaid version of Alan Anderson. If Charlotte is so keen on offloading Gordon, I would offer them a bigger package of pieces we do not need, including Kleiza, Pietrus, etc.

    • Guest

      “and way more productive defensively than Bargnani in Mullens”

      Really?  Has the anti-Bargnani bias gotten this ridiculous?

      Let’s compare:

      Bargnani has an opposing PER of somewhere between 16.2 (vs PFs, 18%) and 18.5 (vs Cs, 12%) this season, which is up from last season’s 13.2 (vs PFs, 10%) and 15.1 (vs Cs, 30%).

      Mullens has an opposing PER of somewhere between 19.8 (vs PFs, 34%) and 32.5 (vs Cs, 5%) this season, which is up from last season’s 18.8 (vs Cs, 59%, sample size vs PFs, 0%, too small to note).

      Not exactly “way more” productive, if at all.

      If we look at on/off-court stats, we see a similar trend.  This season, lineups that feature Bargnani have the 26th-ranked Raptors defense giving up 2.1 points more per 100 possessions (109.1 -> 111.2).  Lineups that feature Mullens have the 29th-ranked Bobcats defense giving up 5.8 points more per 100 possessions (109.7->115.5).  While the effect cannot be isolated to each player, it is extremely unlikely that Mullens is simply a victim of the other players on the court.  While the Raptors aren’t much better in the defense department, the almost dead-last Bobcats somehow play even worse when Mullens is on the floor.  Food for thought.

  • Pecafresh

    include bobcat’s 1st rounder and youve got a nice deal for the raps

    • jeffdg

      Gordon and Biyombo for AB + Salary Filler?

  • Hound

    Bargs, Kleiza and TRoss to the Bobcats for Ben Gordon, Mullins and their first round pick top 3 protected.

  • jeffdg

    Ross in a deal for those stiffs? Not going to happen.

  • bunsworth

    best rumour ive seen for bargs that will acutually make the team better is the boozer deal 

  • bunsworth

    rest of the rumors are sideways moves or useless 

  • badbob

    I’d go for the deal of Gordon and Mullens for Bargnani and Klieza and that trade would work out fine! Other considerations would be Bargnani and Kleiza for Gordon and No 1 draft pick as we have no pick this year or maybe settle for 2014 no. 1 draft pick!

  • NyAlesund

    Bargs deserves this punishment. To go to Bobcats, the really worst team in the NBA.

    He deserves this, because of what he has done so far in this season, not mention the previous years.

    He deserves to go there and thinks how stupid he was, not doing his effort every night.

    He deserves this punishment to remember how bad he is.

    He deserves this treatment, to rememeber that he is the worst first pick in the NBA history. Yes, the worst considering his talent, considering  what he has done sometimes, considering his tools, his potentiality, considering what a shame to see him wasting the gifts he received and worst what he could be, even better than Nowiztki.

    He deserves to go there and watch the Raptors playing well and why not the po games, while him is seating on his couch.

    You deserves this Andrea, it is tough for me because I am your fan.

    • RaptorFan

      Rap of the day??? Lol

    • JerryGarcia

      And we can easily replace him with…….. Hamed  Haddadi

      • Canser

        Awesome. I’m at peace with this. It definitely projects an increase in our winning percentage.

    • robertparrish00

      That was awesome.  Maybe the Bobcats deal isn’t that bad.

    • thatpeterguy

      If someone ever asks me why Raptor fans hate Bargnani I’ll just send them this .

  • Morisset Georges

    I would do this trade because T.Ross has much more to learn from Gordon than Anderon. I would then trade a package of JL3 with AA to the Spurs for Corey Joseph an Dejuan Blair. I beleive Gordon can play the PG of the bench for Toronto wich would bring a defensive guard than Lucas. Blair is a serviceable big for SA an a good enough interior scorer. BTW it works for everyone of these teams!

    • Guest

      Yeah, it works for all teams involved according to who… you?  Why exactly would the Spurs want to make that trade?