Stop it.

No, this isn’t trolling. I’ve committed to not reading the comments on this post, so you’ll have to tweet or email me with your vitriol for me to see it.

But please, stop it. Sure, the booing of Andrea Bargnani was funny the first time. And I guess it still kind of is. But it’s also stupid. You should NEVER boo your own players without good reason.

I understand that Bargnani’s seven years in Toronto have been less than fulfilling. I’ve never been his loudest critic, but I’ve also never been his biggest fan. When he had “The 13 Games” last year, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. And every time I chirped him on Twitter this year, I was waiting for a three-ball to shut me up. If Bargnani has shown anything in his seven years, it’s that he’s never as bad or as good as he presently looks.

Regardless of that, even if Bargnani was deemed to be consistently and irreconcilably bad, you shouldn’t boo the guy. Vince Carter gave the fans a reason to boo by admitting he gave it less than his all and checked out mentally. Bargnani has just been bad and looks disinterested at times (mostly because he’s a stoic mouth-breather – I feel like he’d show no reaction if you stabbed him in the stomach), which isn’t quite enough to crucify him, really. We’re not Philadelphia Eagles fans, after all, and we don’t want a reputation for booing Santa Claus.

Now, you can certainly make a case for being unhappy with Bargnani. I’ll do it for you, actually: seven years in, he’s making $10M a year and providing less production than at any other point in his career. 41% shooting? Second worst of his career. 29.5% three-point shooting? Worst. 2.9 free throw attempts per 36 minutes? Worst. 7.4% rebound rate? Worst. 0.06 Win Shares per 48 minutes? Worst. In fact, if he kept that rate up long enough to qualify for the leaderboard, it would be the sixth worst mark in basketball, ahead of only Michael Beasley, Austin Rivers, Kevin Seraphin, Thomas Robinson and Norris Cole. Nice company there.

He’s been terrible. The team’s offense improves by 4.1 points per 100 possessions when he leaves the floor. The defense improves by 3.8 points per 100 possessions when he leaves the floor. Overall, the team plays winning basketball with him on the bench (+1.3 points) and terrible basketball with him on the floor (-6.6 points). He has been god-awful.

And you are MORE than welcome to gripe and groan over those stats. Tweet your heart out, comment here, post in the forums, make up memes, whatever. It’s our right as fans to complain about guys playing poorly, especially when they appear to have bottomed out at age 27. But don’t boo (if this sounds like an arbitrary line in the sand, it’s not – it’s the one place players are assured of knowing about it).

However, I have trouble believing the narrative that Bargnani simply doesn’t care and is mailing it in. I do believe that Bargnani is soft and is not the strongest player in the league mentally. But it’s difficult to imagine someone who cares that little making it this far. Success in sports can’t require just natural talent. At some point, hard work and dedication come in. Otherwise, how could you explain Bargnani’s improvement in man defense over the years? Yes, all of his numbers have fallen off dramatically, and even his shot selection has gotten worse as he’s struggled. But you don’t make it to the NBA and have stints as an elite scorer without putting in the work.

It’s why, despite the fact that Bargnani probably doesn’t read Twitter or blogs or whatever, he’s likely struggling right now. It has to be difficult to have an extended absence from a team only to see them thrive without you. He’s now being asked to change HIS game, when others have always adapted around him. He’s being asked to come off the bench for the first time since 2009 and he’s being asked to take a more complementary role when he plays with the starters.

Yes, he should respond by playing better defense, hitting the glass for easy buckets, and doing other things to help the team and build up the trust of his teammates. And maybe he will, eventually, develop into the scoring sixth-man that Arse has long pictured him as.

In the meantime, he’s going to continue to struggle.

And the fans have every right to be displeased. With Bargnani, with Colangelo, with the franchise, and with the last seven years of re-build-no-go-for-it-now-mini-rebuild-now-all-in kind of roller coaster. And after a terrible game or at the end of the year, if you’re disappointed, go ahead and boo the team as a message to the franchise.

But you don’t boo your own guys just for playing poorly. It’s not going to help Bargnani, it can frustrate other players on the team (see: Lowry, Kyle), and it’s definitely not going to help attract other players to town.

Toronto has gotten some really positive attention as a great re-emerging basketball market of late. The ACC has been bonkers since the Rudy Gay acquisition, and I’m really proud of Raptor fans for showing the NBA what we’ve long known, that we’re a great fanbase. But the booing has to stop.


(Credit for the hashtag idea goes to reader and pal Louvens.)

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  • Lightninghank

    Ah Jeez… I agree with the sentiment, but when you open with “You should NEVER boo your own players without good reason.” and then go one to itemize all of the good reasons… this was not a very persuasive piece.

    • j bean

       I knew he wasn’t playing well but those stats are scary.

      • cdub

        whats scary is the number of raptors shooting worse than Andrea….however they do other things so…

    • Adriiian

      Let me persuade you.

      BC offered him a 10 million contract, what was he going to do? NOT SIGN IT?  Say “pay me only 5 million, thats all i deserve?”
      This mans job is to be a basketball player, while we may say he sucks at his job, its still his job. Everyone has a bad day at the office, even if hes had more of them, its still only his job. The man is trying, and to be honest, I feel for him.

      Do you boo your janitor when he doesn’t do the best job cleaning up? I don’t think so.

  • Reggie_Evans

    booing also drops his trade value in the summer

  • KaioKev

    The last instance of Bargnani booing happened after the trade deadline passed, which is weird because now your booing a player that your stuck with for the last 6 or so weeks of the season. I do agree that you shouldn’t boo your own player(s). 

  • VoiceOfReason

    Here’s something that I recently posted in the forum:

    If you want the Raptors to have the best chances of success, then you SHOULD NOT boo Andrea Bargnani.  Here are some reasons why:

    1)  Publicly humiliating people decreases the chances of them performing well.  Bargnani’s demeanor and stats show that his play has been adversely affected by the booing.

    2) Even if you hate Bargnani and want him off the team, then him playing worse because he’s constantly being booed decreases his trade value, which increases the likelihood that the Raptors receive less in return for trading him, while also increasing the chances that he won’t be traded at all.

    3) Booing Bargnani can adversely affect his teammates’ play, such that other players don’t perform at their highest levels.  Watch the replays of the games and look at everyone’s facial expressions when Bargnani gets booed.  Does it look like they’re enjoying it and playing better as a result?

    4) Booing our team’s own players can reduce the likelihood of players wanting to stay on the team and/or other players wanting to play here.  Everything else being equal, would you rather play for a team whose fan base: A) Publicly humiliates you; or B) Supports you through the good times and the bad?

    In sum, if you want the Raptors to have the best chances of success, both now and in the future, then I highly recommend that you DO NOT boo Andrea Bargnani.

    • Vanlivin

      I dont think it is the healthiest way to do it. But seven years later this booing might just be the perfect remedy for Bargs to get his shit together.  It certainly is sending message half assed isn’t good enough. This booing might actually spur him into playing the way he is capable.  Which would be the best situation on the whole for the Raptors.
      Gonna need him against Miami.

      • DumbassKicker

        I may be a tad off on exact numbers, but since his return from injury, eFG% of 65% on the road, 30% at home. Yeah, looks like it’s the perfect remedy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, to fight intelligence.

      • NyAlesund

         You have to try for once to get booed from 19800 fans, even when you commeitted a foul to prevent an easy basket (against Chandler). After that, you can write here your emotions. I am sure you don’t reaally be pleased or positive effected from this.

        How can you think only for one second, that one player get booed 4 times in 4 games can possibily play well, not considering that he was out of shape and worst he got the flu.

      • What the

        yea Bron Wade and bosh are just shaking

      • KR

        You know nothing about human motivation

    • DumbassKicker

      There have been a number of good posts highlighting just how counter-productive (if one actually wants their team to do well) this boorish neanderthal behaviour is. Lowry’s tweet solidly confirms that it’s affecting other members of the team, and they’re not impressed. Enough to ask fans to STOP, yet many dolts seem stuck on stupid and seem incapable of anything other than their own self-serving, and pathetic need to feel they’re making a difference, and willing to hurt the team in their quest for attention.

      They can’t argue against the logic of how fkn stupid it is, so just keep reciting the same simplistic chants over and fkn over. Listen to the on-going arguments. It’s like some are quite content with their intellectual development going no further than the likes of watching Sylvester Stallone flicks. To paraphrase the biggest idiotic argument: “It’s a democracy, I pay my $, so I have a right to hurt the team I “cheer for”. How fkn more dumbass can it get?

    • Raptogram

      1. Who cares. That’s the point. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
      2. His trade value is at an all-time low. It will only go up when he plays better, and increases his PER and +/-. Booing is all about make or break…
      3. Baloney. Professional athletes, the REAL ones (you know… the kind that win),  they thrive on adversity.
      4. Players want to 1. Get paid 2. Play for a contender. Booing Bargs is a declaration that Toronto fans won’t put up with losers. Only contenders need apply…

      The best chance of success is to rid ourselves of the last vestiges of our  “nba-doormat” loser culture. Bargs is immersed in that culture; he’s one of the biggest softies in NBA history. Like I stated earlier, the boo’s are about make or break for Bargs. Either he toughens up, or leaves. Both ways, it’s the best thing for this team.

  • SamMitchell

    really!!! if bargs wants the booing to stop he needs to grow a pair & through it.. play hard, play well. make it look like he actually gives a shit! & maybe the booes will stop….articles like this only prove how coddled this clown really is…we’ve been through 7years of the same lazy shit with bargs & done everything an team & fanbase can do to support him & it hasnt helped any!!! its about time he got some tough love!! & its about time he showed us what he’s really made of!!!my guess though is he folds under the pressure & ends up amnestied in the summer!!!

    • The Rub

      But we already know “tough love” doesn’t work on Bargnani, it only makes him worse.  It’s like saying beating your dog didn’t make him obedient and giving him treats didn’t make him much better so you better go back to beating him.

  • Oldschool

    “It’s not going to help Bargnani, it can frustrate other players on the team (see: Lowry, Kyle), and it’s definitely not going to help attract other players to town.”

    True Raptor fans will read this quote and understand it. 

    • Raptogram

      Many “True Raptor fans” read that quote, and don’t give damn what KL tweets. The writing’s on the wall, Toronto wants winners. 

      If a player wants to be a winner, than TO is the place; if he wants to collect a paycheck and give 60%, he’s going to get booed. 

      Personally, I’m glad the point has been made, that is, that Raptor fans aren’t wishy washy tepid Canadian door mats who perpetually pull our pant’s down for sub-par performers and say “hey, let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings”.

      This isn’t teacher’s college. The teacher’s union doesn’t own the MLSE anymore. Enough with “CSNY-Teach your children well…Barney the dinosaur love and acceptance perpetual loser” mentality. TORONTO WANTS WINNERS.

      It’s the mentality of all you anti-AB-booers that is keeping the Raps from being a contender. You all complain that Toronto gets no respect around the league, it’s because we have a reputation of being soft and forgiving. 

      Well, no more. Booing Bargs is exactly THE right thing to do. Steve Jobs was a hard-ass who expected performance from his subordinates. That’s why Apple took over. Raps fans are finally taking one out Steve’s playbook…

      • Raptogram

        BTW, I really like CSNY. My parents played them endlessly growing up.

        Neil and the boys rock. Just dissing on the willy-nilly teacher love in thing. It’s good for grade-schoolers, but professional athletes need to forge a resolve to win, at all costs….

      • Gman

        Nobody is going to want to come here period.  As I’ve stated in other parts of this forum, what Toronto is doing is unheard of.  Booing their own player before he even touches the ball.  That’s not strength.  That’s the Maple Leafs effect.  It’s created an entire fan culture of reactive idiots who drool spittle out of the side of their mouths…and because they can find a few other people who do it, it becomes cool.  

        Being a professional athlete has pressures that the rest of us can’t imagine.  Optimal performance under those bright lights, TV cameras, fan volatility and the natural competitive situation has to be unbelievably hard…but that’s why they make the ridiculous money they do.  But then you add a fanbase that boo’s the guy before he even touches the ball…I challenge anybody (who’s not a verifiable sociopath) to excel under that kind of pressure.  

        I would bet a rather large sum of money all of the people bitching the loudest would fold like a dirty napkin before they got flushed down the toilet.  

        • DumbassKicker

          “reactive idiots who drool spittle out of the side of their mouths”

          That’s what we’re dealing with. Well, that and the trolls, some in several costumes.

      • NyAlesund

        The reality man, is simply. You are booing him because you are upset not seeing him in another team. Instead, you have to boo Colangelo, you have to boo your GM unable to trade him because this “man” wants to have a perfect trade.

        Yes Bargs earns 10 mln, but who gave this contract? Me, you, my freinds, your friends or Colangelo? Who convinced us, himself, the coaches, the media that Bargs was a legit go-to-guy of this team? Can you consider for once, that this guy is simply a 6-man at his best and the role that he has performed for years was not exactly right for him?

        • Bob_zagas

          Totally agree. Can’t blame the guy for not being good enough to live up to some peoples expectations. Blame it on management and media for making him up to be something he isn’t (a star). 

  • j bean

    As bad as it is for AB at the moment, he can take solace in knowing he is being booed because he has tantalized us with some stretches of great play that raised our expectations. If he was just an average player that was having a bad stretch he wouldn’t be hearing the boos. 
    Unless he just gives up on himself and the team his shot is going to start falling. When it does he’ll receive more than his share of applause and the booing will die out eventually.

  • Matt52

    I disagree with the booing before he has even stepped in.  Not quite fair.  Someone else made a good point that it could be interpreted as booing Casey.  Either way, if he stinks up the place *ahem* BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Casey has said it best:

    Casey on booing: “The only person that can control that is Andrea…You hush the crowd up, whether it’s at home or the road, by your play.”— Holly MacKenzie (@stackmack) February 24, 2013

    Enough of this Nannyism.  If Bargnani wants the boos to stop, give disgruntled fans reason to.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      [” If Bargnani wants the boos to stop, give disgruntled fans reason to. “]

      He Has … only it’s on the road.

      Road efg% = .520 
      Home efg% = .326 

      Since his return from an arm injury (7 games). 
      Home games (4)…. efg% — .304
      Road games (3) ….. efg% — .694   [Raptors 3-0]

      Those numbers suggest a serious issue with home games (whether it’s season total, or back from injury). Fan treatment of Bargs,  is a major factor adding to his woes.


      [” “The only person that can control that is Andrea…  ” – Casey via Holly ]

      Ms. MacKenzie takes this statement out of context – to make her inferred point that Andrea is responsible for the booing. Dissing Andrea as he steps on the Court for the FIRST  TIME, is in the hands of fans – not him. It affects AB, and the players – as Blake eloquently pointed out.

      To be honest Matt, you’ve contributed to this situation as well. You chip away at what I call a Raptor fan, with your perspective and #tradeBargnani crusade. How does that do any good for his value, if you’re ideal is to trade him. Do you use this kind of bargaining technique to get good value when negotiating something ….. anything.


      One is not a true Raptor fan, when a selfish desire (or hate/anger) impacts the team. If that booing costs us ONE win, and ends up costing  Toronto a play-off spot (whether you agree with play-offs this year) ….  that’s NOT a true fan.



      • ad

        ” Dissing Andrea as he steps on the Court for the FIRST  TIME, is in the hands of fans – not him”. They did not boo him the first time he stepped on the court. The booing is the cumulative effect of 7 years of uninspired, lackluster play. Quite frankly, if he doesnt perform well, which he hasnt for the better part of 7 years, fans have the right to boo. Not saying I would but he has to suck it up and perform. Tell me if Im wrong but didnt he do great in that caliper test which means he doesnt give a shit what anyone thinks? Bottom line, bargs is simply not the passionate about the game of basketball. He needs to find something that will motivate him to play harder, simple as that. Not sure its possible though.

        • Gman

          You’re wrong.  If that was the case then why has it not happened before?  Name another situation where a player would get boo’d by his own fanbase before he even touched the ball.  

          Way to go Toronto…

          • Raptogram

            Gman, you’re whole mentality is the reason that the Raptors have been the NBA doormats for so many years. You are entirely off base.

            All the Bargs coddlers are perpetuating a culture of losing. “Hey, it’s OK Kobe dropped 80 + points on us, we did our best. That’s what counts…”

            Bargs represents everything that’s made Toronto the derision of the NBA. No wonder Charles Barkley laughs every time he has to say something about the Raps. 

            The fans are booing everything that AB represents. That’s a good thing. If Andrea doesn’t like it, only he can change it, and that by taking all the negativity and using it to fuel his desire to win.

            If Bargs becomes an All-star, he’ll owe it to the booers, not to you soft, emo-girls.

            (cue in “Don’t you  know that tears are not enough….”)

        • RapthoseLeafs

          Being able to mentally focus in for a game – as per the caliper test – isn’t equivalent to “not giving a sh!t”.  Nor does a good score shield AB from fans.


          At this point, Bargnani’s value is with Road games. That helps, as Demar is the only one with decent averages. Fact is, he’s better on the road – just not as much as Andrea. One would think it’d be the other way around …. DD more comfortable in front of his fans. Cheering him on. Jonas plays better away, although that can be explained. Never-the-less, is there a pattern here?
          Ask a Leaf fan.

          For what it’s worth, Rudy and Amir sport much better records at home. On the road though, and amongst Raptor volume shooters, AB has the best efg%. And that’s with bad Andrea. Since his return, he’s bumped it up quite well – albeit, in limited minutes (22 per).


          It’s unlikely you will get fans of AB to dispute a number of things that have gone wrong when he’s on the Court. Or appear to go wrong – myths get generated easily enough. In time they merge with his cursed caliper – I have no feelings – test, that has somehow morphed into a laisse faire persona.

          That test does have some value, evident by Andrea’s contribution when the team is in Enemy territory. At home though, that “Shield” shows its’ vulnerability ….. his own kind.


        • NyAlesund

           The first game, coach Rivers conforted him before he come in on the floor. Some booes and cheers. 5-10 from the field. The next game 7-10. He got the flu, played bad the two games. Coach Casey admitted that he made a mistake to ask him to play. He came back and he got booed, when he stand up,  when he sit on the bench, even when he committed  foul to Chandler.

          Not mention some factors: he is out of shape, he is playing in a different team, he playing as role player doing exactly what Casey asked to him, Colangelo bullying him costantly like a cheated lovers adding fire on him. The crowd hate Bargs, hate the missing trade, but they love Colangelo for Gay. They simply forgot the disaster that him as GM made in the last 7 years………………………..

      • Matt52


        Wow.  Keep making those excuses.  Forget the fact
        the guy has shown the ability to play at an all-star level and a D-League
        level…. all in a matter of 12 months!

        I find it interesting you have reached those conclusions
        based on such a small sample size but I will work with it.

        Pre injury he had played just 7 home games and 15 on the
        road.  On the year he has played 10 home
        games and 19 on the road.  Pretty dicey
        sample size.  Also, lets take a look at
        team record for the road with Andrea’s ‘good’ showing: preinjury 1-14/overall
        4-14.  Lets look at the homerecord: preinjury
        3-4/overall 6-6.

        His return from injury is interesting.  Yes, the Raps are 3-0 on the road but they
        are 3-2 at home.  Also you have to factor
        in to the equation the flu he was going through causing him to miss one home
        game after coming back strong in his first 2 games (1 at home {5-10} and 1 road
        game {7-10}) and then returning for the next home game where he reportedly was
        still under the weather.  Then there is
        the fact that one of those games in NYK he played absolutely horrible in just
        12 minutes and was 1-1 versus 13 minutes at home vs NYK where he
        went 0-2.  Skew the stats much?  Finally, since he came back from the flu, he
        has played just one good game which was on the road versus Washington.  Every other game has been against top
        opponents where he has been awful.  That is interesting and certainly highlights the fact when the going gets tough Bargnani disappears.

        You may come to the conclusion that “those numbers suggest a
        serious issue with home games (whether it’s season total, or back from injury).
        Fan treatment of Bargs,  is a major factor adding to his woes.”  Personally my conclusion would be it appears
        to me that when Bargnani plays well the Raptors have a tendency to lose.  I thought being a fan of the team was to want
        the team to succeed over any individual player? 

        And here is the thing about bargaining and negotiations: if you
        are trying to pass off a steaming sack of sh!t as fresh baked bread, unless you
        are bargaining with a person missing the sense of sight, touch, and smell,
        everyone is going to know it is a steaming sack of sh!t no matter how much you
        bargain and attempt to negotiate. 

        This ‘issue’ or ‘debate’ of to boo or not to boo is a great illustration of our
        society in general.  Accountability is something is sorely lacking. 
        Blame everyone and anyone except the person directly responsible for the
        outcome and result.

        Bargnani has a sample of 7 years for GM’s to base his abilities on.  They
        know he isn’t as bad as he is currently playing.  They also know he isn’t
        as good as his contract due to his lack of motor either.  Fans booing – which really hasn’t started
        since the trade deadline has passed – or #tradeBargnani has no  impact on his trade value.  He is what he is and it is no secret.

        The fact you (eFG%)  and Bargnani (I’ll never be able to shoot again – sarcasm) continue to go on about his shooting as a root of the problem highlights how out to lunch you both are.  His shooting efficiency is certainly one area you could examine to come to a
        conclusion on his season.  But how about this:
        in his career he is averaging 1 rebound per 6minutes.  This year he is averaging 1 rebound in
        12minutes.  That sums it up right
        there.  EFFORT will solve a lot of
        problems and only he can control that. 
        Fans booing?  Shut them up by
        playing hard…. Or actually how about just being a professional and playing hard because you get paid over $10M per year to do so?

        • sleepz


          You’re always going to get pro-Andrea commentary from that dude, whether it’s justified or not. 

    • NyAlesund

       Easy for him to say these words. On the other hands, I didn’t see him make a single player for Andrea.

      • Matt52

         Funny because I don’t see why DC would considering Bargnani didn’t get a single rebound in 2 games vs. the Knicks.  Is the message we wish to continue to preach “Do jack shit and get rewarded.” ??  I hope not.

  • rustywalton


  • Buschfire

    “Sure, the booing of Andrea Bargnani was funny the first time. And I guess it still kind of is. ” it was never meant to be funny…?  I never booed him, though I was at the NYC game, it was crazy how loud the stadium booed him. Fine maybe we should stop but If not anything it should be a wake up call for Andrea!!!


    • Mopola

      First you booo him and then you want him to take the ball and drive to the basket to get to the FT line… A guy feels a lot of pressure and he knows that if he fails to do anything – he will get booed again, so he just doesn’t do anything in the offence – just passing the ball…

      • Yes, and when a professional athlete loses total confidence in his game, then it’s time to shut him down for the year, and ship him out of town for almost anything. the man has no value, he’s even bringing down the primo pasta brand/product!!! 7 years is long enough to  know what you are in any league. especially a player drafted 1st overall. you are what you are, and eventually potential means nothing. Impact and production is everything. at least dive on the ground for a loose ball. that takes no talent or skill….BUT EFFORT… EARN YOUR CHEQUE. 

        • Gman

          He does know what he is…before this year he was a 20 point a game scorer with good to very good man on man defence, crappy rebounding and crappy help defence.  That’s who he was…and pretty much who he could be if he could A) find his identity in this new team concept  B) Be given a couple of f*ck ups before the boos started every night.  

    • NyAlesund

       You know him well. Really…………………….

  • mobchester

    The way bargani runs on the court fucking even pisses me more off .

  • What the

    Kids cover your eyes, it’s a fn Barney whine feast going on all around and up in here for the last few days now. whine whine by the AB13PLUS2-FLU+1+STINK  fan boys  I tell you it’s a shame,so this is what it comes down to we are Booin Barney with no reason you must be on crack or all of us who were Booin were on the same crack and in the same crack  house called the ACC… you guys want to see Booing  put Barney back into the starting line up…BELL/ROG. needs to do a DNA test on Barney and BC  just to make sure there is no Arnold Swartsaniggering  going on hence the payment/childsupport was what 10 mil. and this Micheal Jacksonish type of bond  they  seem to share … next up Kyle better shut the f#@k up he’s lucky he’s not getting booed  by the Caldonites (Dribbles) fan boys you just keep playing street ball and then we’ll take a  look at your tweet then…come hell or high water Barney will be BOOED every remaining home game BOOED when he come back to play against the raps  

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Hey … just wanted to point out. You moniker got cut off by accident …….

      Some good points ….. What the f*ck am I talking about


    • Gman

      Crystal Meth is a hell of a drug…

    • Sig

      wtf? lol

  • bboyskinnylegs

    I think we need to utilize him better off the bench. Instead of giving free reign to Anderson and Lucas to chuck away off the bench (and relegating Bargs to being a spot up shooter), why not try running a structured offense with some of the same plays out of the post that we did for him as a 1st option last year? I think he’s much more effective playing in the midrange/post area than receiving the ball at the 3pt line. 

  • Dr. Dread

    BOO him every time he steps on the court. Hopefully he will suck so bad he will get pulled off and back on the bench where he should be. I would rather see Acey in there instead of AB. Acey cares!! Trade value!? lol that’s a shitty reason. If you can’t trade him now. Your not going to get anything over the summer. amnesty his ass already and be done with it!

    • rob babcock

      man – glad you aren’t the gm – advocating turning an asset into nothing. did you think the carter trade was a good trade?


        Asset?? Hahahahahaha

        No one wants him! They know what he is! He’s the scarecrow and the tinman in ONE. You’ll likely have to amnesty him, take a bad contract back or continue to boo his ass.

        • trample54

          Booing does nothing you dumb shit. GM’s will see that and not want him.

        • Gman

          Yikes, I can smell your breath from here.  

    • CJT

      It’s so hard to distinguish fans of the team from those who are not.  Usually you can tell because they don’t know who the players are.  How the EFF can you mispell a three letter name?  Its Acy shithead.  Andrea plays better than you spell, that has got to be comforting for you to know.  If you are this shitty don’t you think you deserve to be booed everywhere you go? 

      • What the

        and it’s also not hard to distinguish a fan boy from those that are not  BOOO

        • CJT

          Glad to be a fan of the team.  Call it what you want.  There are many things that I would like to have improved on the Raps, but I will continue to cheer my team through the good and bad.  I know it’s easy to be cynical about everything when you don’t have any talents or abilities of your own to be proud of, but I think you should aim higher.  Why compare yourself to the worst fans in other cities and use them as examples of the way to treat your team.  Aim higher.  You don’t have to like the players but not supporting your team is a different beast all together and it is sign of weakness of character.

      • Cottonclub

        rap of the century….ETHER.

  • Ds

    On the one hand, pay me $10,000,000 a year, and I’ll let you boo me all day, all night. So, Bargnani, grow a pair, and play well enough for the boos to stop.

    On the other hand, I think it’s not Bargnani’s fault, but Colangelo’s. He coddled the guy and made him someone he never was. Remember the comment about “judging him in 5 years”? Remember the comment about “other teams constantly knocking on his door to trade for Bargnani”? He set the bar very high, and by trying to save his own skin, Colangelo created expectations for the fans that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

    • NyAlesund

       That is the point. Everybody blame Bargs and not Colangelo, that now is the hero.

      Honestly I despise him. He is saving hiss ass and leaving Bargs to get all the booes.

      • Cottonclub

        its completely obvious hes throwing bargs under the bus to save his own job…….hes distancing himself from bargs in a tactical move plus the trades to get an extension.

  • why

    personally the only two raptors, x-raptors I would have boo’d would be carter who intentionally sabatoged the organization while under contract and hedo who took big money and didn’t bother to get in shape. not bosh or mcgrady who fufilled their contracts and not bargnani ’cause it is totally counter productive.

    I think andrea might have been someone who got pushed into basketball because he was tall and athletic not because he really loves playing.

    • What the

      buddy give up ,do you know when sometheing is past due?  Well Barney  is past due and there isn’t gonna be any 13 game thingy in the next few games unless Mr.Tweetie stop the  snitchin i mean boooin come to a teammates aid wow!!  i must have  missed all those alley hoops  360/windmill dunk him and Barney had  well i’m looking forward to seeing  the Tweetie and Barney show cause you know that  tweets got Bs back we will see against the WIZ  EPISODE: hush no boooin Cuddles is sleeping/playing  you can bet the fan boys would love to see that movie . The Dribbles(speedy gunsalez and Tweetie stop snitchin/boooin movie was good and now we have the Tweetie and Barney show i love  you ,you love me lets no booo Barneeeee

  • Truuth

    did you have tears in your eyes when you wrote this, it’s a little on the whiny side…..

  • Orange

    Suck it up, PRINCESS.

    When you do absolutely nothing in almost 13 minutes of play your ass deserves to get booed right out of the fucking building and out of the country.  

    The second he stepped on the floor?  Not so much.
    At the end of the day, when your getting paid as much as he does he has to figure it out.  Talk to a sports psychologist, talk to Tony Robbins.  FIGURE IT OUT!!! 

    Fake an injury and let things cool down.  This shit really isn’t rocket science.


    NO EXCUSES.  He signed the extension and should have known what he was getting into.

    We’ve been waiting way too long for this guy to suck this bad.

    Sure BC has some blame but at the end of the day the only one that can change their performance is Bargnani.

    I love how this site used to bash his ass all the time and asked for his head.  Now they are on BC’s/Bargs nuts.

    Go figure.


    • jacobdrichards4

       Your a disgrace go support another team.

    • Jimi

      Comments like this make me wonder the in the hell is going inside the minds of the most anti-Bargnani dudes, about five of whom have commented in this thread. You guys literally sound like psychopaths. Bargs has been frustrating, but not nearly as frustrating as the insane aggression that your typing suggests. Please, for your own sakes, take a step back and relax a little bit. It’s only sports. 

    • Gman

      I know you’re having trouble figuring this out…because your a simple minded cretin.  Really, you are a stupendous idiot who probably makes the peoples lives he touches worse just by knowing you.  You can smell the fetid self loathing just radiating from your words.  I think it’s sad that you choose sports instead of therapy…this giving in to your weak ass ridiculous frat boy self is what makes you the Princess.  Real men know what honour is.  Real men know what strength is and don’t feel the need to bash their chest like a rabid gorilla.  

      Do everybody in your life a favour, read a book.  And not one that is primarily picture driven.  Put the porn down for ten minutes and go do something that will stretch your incredibly limited perspective on the world.  Start fighting for something instead of against everything.

      At some point in time you can make the decision to actually add value to this world.  Or maybe you’re too cool for that, which of course is a synonym for stupid.  It really is.  Don’t kid yourself.  

      What’s interesting is that there’s a common bit of psych knowledge that states, when people have strong vitriolic reactions towards other people, it’s often times because they see characteristics in that other person that they share, 
      and because they hate themselves they have to express hate towards the other person.  
      Just saying, if it quacks like a duck, has webbed feet and a bill…

      “I love how this site used to bash his ass all the time and asked for his head.”

      Wow, you are one messed up puppy.  If this is who you are in the light of day, who the hell are you when nobodies around?  
      How deep does your sickness go?  Do the people in your immediate vicinity need to fear you?  

      Do everyone a favour and get the help you so obviously need.  

      And this comment is applicable for the other dozen or so commenters who feel the need to fling their feces through the bars of their cage…seriously, life is too short to be this angry over a f*cking game.

      • Raptogram

        GMAN, we’re talking professional sports.

        Let’s look at some achievers as examples: Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Byrd, Magic Johnson…

        These are guys who would feed off of boo’s, or any adversity, grit their teeth and carry their games to the next level. These are winners. They have the edge, they want to be the best. 

        I don’t hate myself because I think booing AB was warranted. I’m simply someone who is passionate about basketball, loves the Raptors, and wants their players to adopt a winning mindset.

        Andrea is getting paid to be a winner, and he’s disappointed time and again. He’s got a few boo’s coming his way.

        • Gman

          You just named four of the best players to ever play the game.  Nobody is going to confuse Bargnani for anything like them nor should he even be mentioned in the same breath.  

          My comment was primarily for the guys just seething hate towards a player on their own team.  Real genuine ugly messed up hate.  

          I have no problem booing any player, if that player warrants it at that moment.  If he comes on the court and misses three or four shots in a row and blows a defensive assignment then let the boo’s come down on him like acid rain.  Otherwise support your team.  Stop booing your team.  They are a team.  They are supporting him and they are going to stand in front of him and take some of the damage as well.  That’s what I don’t get.  Do people have so little perspective that they don’t think this winning attitude and culture could disappear just as fast as it appeared?  

          Is Andrea the first player to ever play badly?  What the pundits and experts are talking about is how weird and F8cked up it is in Toronto booing their own player.  That’s going viral right now.  And nobody can think of another time or situation that they can compare it to.  That’s right, Toronto fans are so messed they’re going to have to name some kind of mass hysteria psychosis after our city.  

          Andrea is getting paid to play basketball so everybody needs to let him do that.  He’s not getting paid to get abused by five thousand psychotic T. fans every night.  A guy earlier in the thread cited the difference between Andrea away and at home since they started booing.  And the stats are undeniable.  Considering we’re winning games by such a tiny margin don’t you think that maybe every basket counts?  

          I’ve followed this team since the first tip.  I care a hell of a lot about this team.  I do…but I’m not going to sacrifice my self respect or dignity by getting caught up in this ridiculousness.  This is the avenue of bully’s and cowards.  

          • DumbassKicker

            “avenue of bully’s and cowards”

            and too dumb to realize it.

        • Hound

          Do you kick your dog and scream at your kids when they mess up? You should, that would make them tougher wouldn’t it? You Retard. You know nothing about coaching and motivating people.

          Casey is an embarrasment as a coach. He comes in saying how great Bargnani is last year and to begin this year. Then turns on him like a snake when Gay shows up.

          MLSE please do not resign BC and hopefully the new GM will retire DC sooner rather than later.

      • Paul

         You sound sort of angry yourself there chum..


    Another PATHETIC attempt to CODDLE this kitten (AB)???



    Grow a pair! He sucks!! Top 5 WORST player in the league! NO ONE WANTS HIM! That’s why you don’t run plays for him! Amnesty his ass! BOOOOOOOOOOO

    I don’t understand why you guys still want this soft PILE of shit on your team!

    • Jimi

      Calling another human a “soft PILE of shit”…it’s amazing. You should really find something else to do. 

      “That’s why you don’t run plays for him.” Dre’s a very flawed player, but he’s a top-tier offensive talent. Either you don’t understand the game well enough to have recognized this, or you’re making yourself willfully blind to the truth of the situation because you really, really need something hate. 

  • Webskeet

    People can boo bargnani if they want. I personally wouldn’t, but the guy is obviously playing like shit. He also doesn’t give a shit about defense or his team. I think he’s only out there to pad his stats and try to look good doing it. Bargnani has had all sorts of special treatment in his career. if he wants more playing time, make the fucker earn it. We can all boo if we want, no more cruising through games

  • Candyman

     I mean really, he is a human being. The guy has faced immense pressure since day one in the league and nothing has been good enough, well except for the all star level he was playing at last year before being injured but… Yes he has struggled this season at 15 ppg, 4. somethin rebounds and a block a game. But really thats not to bad if you discount that he has shot the ball at a low % which is where his struggles really lie as he was rushing, pressing so hard at the start of the season. & yes we hope that he can pick up his rebounding and activity level, anticipation and nose for the ball when it comes to rebounding and defense but he has been a good player his whole career. He hasn’t totally just let the Raptors down.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    In all this Bargnani discussion, I see a timeline that could become reality. And like an episode of Sliders, this alternate reality may not appeal to some of the folks around here.

    BC gets extended for 3 years – call it the Gay effect
    Andrea is here till the summer – or late summer. Potential for more. Call it the cap mess, or what some refer to as the CBA, but there is more to the numbers then some people recognize. Or care to experience.

    But for those haters bummed out by any additional roadblocks, I’d remind them that Colangelo does have a pretty sharp numbers guy on the payroll. As for Andrea, he could end strong if given the opportunity. Raptor fans can have a great affect on that outcome. 

    Yes … there’s that pesky free speech right.
    But like the 2nd Amendment, it’s just a bogus way of complicating the right to be civilized. As in we’re supposed to have some sense of good, whatever that may be. Free speech gives you the right to use the N word, or call AB a wop. You can join the Klu Klux Klan if your heart so desires. Point is, the vitality of Free speech, is knowing that to get to some ideal purpose, one has to make room for allowances. In the Business world, they call that bad debt.  They write that off.


    If Raps make the play-offs, AB has the ability to make it interesting. He is the wild card in any play-off series. Lots of possibilities, but one thing is for sure. BC is most likely staying. He’s well liked by the upper gang, as opposed to Burkie – who kinda says what’s on his mind. Funny how this new & humming along Leaf  “playoff ” team is his creation. It must be that persona that’s been embraced in many ways. 


    As to Bargnani’s salary, people shouldn’t dismissas it as some albatross simply because it’s a big number – regardless of the player value argument. In fact, his value at the 2014 trade deadline – 11 million – would be a huge asset. Especially if the Raptors snag 5th or 6th place, with a chance to go 2nd Round – essentially becoming strong Buyers. That tradeable 11 million – packaged with another 5 or 6 million, could snag a premium paid player. And that’s disregarding any value Andrea brings as a player. Mostly though, to get guys like Rudy, you need guys with large salaries going the other way.


    What’s frustrating about the booing, is that Raptors are on a roll. Who boos during winning?
    I think Toronto has 3 ways to expand on what they currently have, and to which may define Andrea’s future with this club.

    1) Draft.
    Make the play-offs and Raps have a draft pick. Either 15 or 16th pick. Don’t make the play-offs and the Raps have 18 chances (top 3 protected) out of a couple thousand combinations – depending on how the order breaks down. I’m counting the chances of owning a chicken better.

    2) Free Agency
    Pretty much minimized, except for those middling contracts. Toronto has enough of them right now, so this option doesn’t sound promising. Still, could affect who gets traded or the chances of it happening. And the packages involved.

    3) Trades
    I think some fans don’t pay enough attention to the CBA, and all the complications it offers up. With that being said, Raptors have some nice assets to move around. Kleiza. Bargnani. Fields. Even Derozan – if Ross starts up strong – could be added to the mix. What could a AB, DD and 1st round pick bring back. That would be 20 million – good enough to lure a Star I would expect.

    It might even be that the better value entails DD plus 1st round pick. With the possibility of adding Kleiza (expiring), or Fields (glue guy) as salary matching – notwithstanding the difference in what those two bring. This scenario could mean Toronto keeps Bargnani for longer then just next season. He will still be amnesty available – assuming Kleiza is not – as well as a 12 million dollar EXPIRING contract (in final year). That’s when his value could be the greatest. Two options to move him to go with the expiring part.


    As this title defines ….#SupportAndrea …. and as the story suggests, this goes beyond just one player’s feelings and the judgement thrown his way. It goes beyond the baggage some are carrying with respect to the enigma. This is about the Raptors, and their success on the Court. Not about one particular person’s right to free speech. You have it. Always should.

    Just remember …. I also have the right to dismiss it as idiotic. And completely stupid. Even consider it a fabric of the Loser mentality. And not the one who’s been bullied during their formative years. More the one who has been so engrossed in losing, that they can’t let it go. As some would say …. “can’t see the forest for the trees”.

    Right now that forest is winning. Join the crowd. It’s more enjoyable this way.


    • Paul

       “With that being said, Raptors have some nice assets to move around. Kleiza. Bargnani. Fields.”

      You don’t understand the CBA buddy.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        “Nice assets” would probably be better described as assets with value. That aside, please explain the CBA to me, and where I’m misunderstanding it.


  • Fresh_Prints

    I love the team but I really hate some of the fans.

    • Gman

      Amen to that…

    • Raptogram

      Is it the booers that you hate?  They’re the ones who are holding management responsible right now.

      • Gman

        Holding management responsible…don’t be ridiculous.  This is not a picket line in front of the crappy company you work for.  

        Do you think Colangelo knows what they fanbase thinks of Bargnani?  Do you think he doesn’t have somebody trolling sites like this?  It would be part of his due diligence as somebody running a business to know what his customers think of his product. 

        Let’s calm down the illusions that the boo’s do anything but damage the team, the reputation of the city and ultimately our chance at the playoffs.  

      • RapthoseLeafs

        [” They’re the ones who are holding management responsible right now. “]

        You mean for winning.

  • alboy

    The only thing being shittier than Bargs rebounding skill are those fans booing him , it’s a disgrace having not traded him and a disgrace having this kind of frustrated fans that instead of helping the team prefer to express their frustrations .
    “booing one of our players isn’t cool and it should NOT be done!!”

  • Phez

    What a load, blake.

    You know who else has been asked to come off the bench?  Amare Stoudemire.  And he’s making 20 million this year alone.  

    The reason people don’t boo Amare because unlike Andrea, he gives his all every game. whether he hits one basket or goes off for 20+.

    How quick we are to forget Andrea getting BENCHED for his complete lack of effort in the first game vs NYK?

    So again why do we have to coddle and praise this guy?  Respect is earned, not given !!

    • Statement

      Not coddle and praise, just not boo.

    • alboy

      Amare gives it all ? WTF are you talking about ? He’s a ballhogging , worst defender than Bargs and he is paid twice .
      People booed Andrea in the first game before he even entered the game while in the Madison Squadre Garden they were all cheering for him .
      After Bargs’ return Raps are 5-2 so instead of booing him fans better cheer for the team (I’m not saying cheer for Bargnani , just don’t boo him and cheer for his teammates)

    • sleepz

       Blake. Typically i’m feeling the articles but this one left me with a few follow-up questions.

      You acknowledge that VC gave the fans a reason to boo because he admitted that he didn’t give his all and he checked out mentally. VC wasn’t always like this but he defintely laid down
      before he was traded. How do you know Andrea is not feeling the same way?

      Players that don’t strive to improve their game year to year imo, have somewhat ‘checked out’.

      I don’t have a strong opnion about it either way but I think it’s  stretch to expect fans not to communicate their displeasure. He has been terrible at home and decent on the road. Andrea was playing poorly at home long before the fans started getting on him.

      I do think the fans sentiment might be misdirected a bit as hs been hyped
      and propped up as the next face of the franchise which had probably little to do with his own intent.

      I also think the notion that it ‘affects other players’ is presemptuous.
      Fan reaction is part of the game. Lowry probably tweeted what he did cuz he was starting to feel the heat a bit from fans before the gay trade. I assure you that the next losing streak will be pinned to ‘lowrys inability to run an offence’.

      • CJT

        You know you have some good points here, but I also believe that fans don’t have to demonstrate their displeasure this way.  Don’t support the team, stop buying tickets, merchandise, 20 dollar beer etc.  I went to a Duke vs. UNC game in ED’s last year there when he was hurt.  UNC won like 2 games that season and were getting hammered most games.  Their fans did not boo them, they cheered them harder to try and get them going.  I know this isn’t college hoops, but if you look at OKC during the tough years, their fanbase cheered them on and kept supporting them through it all.  We have had a bunch of lean years no doubt and I hope that we are starting to turn a corner and I think there is plenty to be optimistic about. 

        • sleepz

          I don’t think they are booing the team. I think Andrea has now become a target of the fans. That being said I agree with Casey. The thing that will shut them up is your play. Nuff said.

      • DumbassKicker

        That’s fn precious.

        First “I also think the notion that it ‘affects other players’ is presemptuous.”.

        Immediately followed by “Lowry probably tweeted what he did cuz he was starting to feel the heat a bit from fans before the gay trade.”, which you feel is somehow less presumptuous???

        That’s fn laughable. According to you, a player having the balls to publicly address the fans saying he’s got his teammates back, isn’t a sign that it’s affecting the players, but is a reflection of some fantasy land psycho analysis of yours, based on nothing but wild presumption.

        You can’t be fn serious!! After spouting that babble, attempting to “assure” anyone about anything, may be a little too presumptuous that anybody gives a damn.

        • sleepz

          So becuz he tweeted what he did you know for a fact that he’s challenging the fans and has his teammates back?

          You know how he feels about Andrea and their relationship off the court?

          What was Lowry trying to accomplish with that tweet? You think the fans are going to stop because Kyle said it wasn’t cool?

          My argument to Blake was based on the assumption that booing affects other players play, and creates the attitude with these players like ” I don’t like Toronto” or I “don’t want to come here”. There is no facts to indicate this which is why I called it presumptuous. You think Lowry is going to want to leave next year because of the booing of Andrea or is more likelyto want to sign one of BC’s infamous contract extensions?  

          You’re going to call my post babble but you haven’t said a damn thing in yours other than look at what Lowry did by tweeting! What’s your point? What does it mean? You ain’t saying nothing.

          LOL, come again bro.

          • DumbassKicker

            “So becuz he tweeted what he did you know for a fact that he’s challenging the fans and has his teammates back?’

            Well, you changed my wording from “addressing” to “challenging”, but what the hell. If you don’t see telling fans that what they’re doing is wrong and asking them to stop, isn’t challenging them (my aside version: to start wearing big boy pants), and having his teammate’s back, then I’m unfamiliar with the world you live in, because in any real world it’s exactly what he’s doing.

            However, you wish to know what “my point” was? I thought that was pretty simple to understand, but let’s try again. I’m sorry I can’t draw pictures for you, but you said that stating the booing was affecting other players (no specifics mentioned by you about how it’s affecting them, as you now try and muddle the water with) was presumptuous. Hey, just the fact that Lowry is tweeting ANYTHING about the issue is telling anybody who will listen that it’s affecting other players, and they aren’t impressed, so there’s no presuming involved. The tweet makes it a “fact” that they’re affected. Specifics of how they’re affected is up to individual imagination, but there’s no mistaking that they are affected, and asking for it to stop is clearly stating that it’s not about being positively affected.

            On the other hand, after stating that you feel that thought to be presumptuous, “my point” was that it’s laughable that you would follow that up with some wild imaginary “Lowry probably tweeted what he did cuz he was starting to feel the heat a bit from fans before the gay trade.” psycho analysis. “My point” being that you actually think this psycho analysis presumption, based on nothing but pure imagination, is somehow less presumptuous, which is laughable, imo. Get it yet?

            • sleepz

              You didn’t read my commentary properly. I never said the booing was affecting any of the players. This was in reference to Blakes claim that it does.

              “The tweet makes it a fact that the players are affected.” Really? Players plural or players singular? Because an individual player decided to tweet something this is proof of it affecting the team negatively? LOL. Did you ready my commentary in full in response to Blake?

               I’m not going to break this down for you but forming an opinion or making an observationabout something doesn’t necessarily mean it has had some type of impact on you. I know you will argue that it does, but I can comment on something casually and not have it affect me in the least. And I agree with you that the extent to which the players are affected are indeed left to the “individual imagination” some of which are more finely honed than others (i’m referring to you).

              Interesting then how you try to deride my opinion on the Lowry tweet as using my imagination. ???
              So, I guess what you are going on about is that it is fine for you to “use your imagination” as to the extent in which it affects player(s) (btw, only Lowry voluntarily made any public ommentary about it) but when I present my take it is presumptuous use of the imagination.

              Got it. Do you truly understand what you are saying? 

              • DumbassKicker

                 You and I are reading, understanding, and thinking on different planes, so hey, good luck on yours and have a nice day, eh.

    • NyAlesund

       You deserve Stat instead of Bargs. After that believe me, you are going to swear every single minutes…………..

    • Ardefen

      no booing, but pretty good point.

  • Urbanmonk15

    Listening to butch carter on the fan this week he put it right. It’s the coaches job to put his players in positions to succeed. Especially on the second unit. He had to take a slice of humble pie listen to mugsy and dell and run a few plays they wanted and liked to get them goin when the second unit came into the game. Casey is not a good enough coach yet to manage in game decisions and put his players in positions to succeed. I love the guy but he is not putting Andrea in a position to succeed plain and simple.

    • NyAlesund

       I couldn’t agree more.

  • What the

    News Flash:  Andrea Bargniani sets  new NBA   record  as he becomes the  first  NBA player to get boooed while coming off the bench there has to be some other record broken where is my stats guy POOka or CESCO  haven’t they heard  BARNEY gets  to stay

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Harvard Study – The Dwight Effect
      2011-12 / 2012-13 Seasons 
      Caveat:  Stats based on SportVu systems – equipped in only 15 NBA arenas (as of January 2013)

      Top 5 Proximal fg% …. Bottom 5 Proximal fg%
      – defined as the opponent fg% when the qualifying defender is within 5 feet of the shot attempt.

      1) Larry Sanders –  34.9%
      2) Andrea Bargnani – 35.2 %
      3) Kendrick Perkins – 37.3 %
      4) Elton Brand – 38.0 %
      5) Roy Hibbert – 38.7 %

      48) Kevin Love – 52.1 %
      49) Jonas Valanciunas – 52.8 %
      50) David Lee – 53.0 %
      51) Jordan Hill  – 53.9 %
      52) Anderson Varejao – 54.2 %

      study. Dwight Howard Effect refers to how his presense minimizes
      Opponent willingness to enter the paint. They called it “invisible


      • Axl t

        This is bizarre because it always seems to me like Bargs is a good luck charm when a guard is attempting a difficult shot over AB’s outstretched hand.

      • Ihatehaters

        Simple explanation for that: Bargnani is usually out by the 3 point line on defence, so any shot “within 5 feet” is either a 3-pointer or a chuck.

        • RapthoseLeafs

          So you’re saying most of the shots he defends, include many that are up to 5 feet beyond the perimeter. Isn’t that a good thing.

          The chuck part sounds random – relative to this Harvard study. And any reference to distance from the Rim escapes me. But … if they’re chucking, isn’t that a good thing as well.


    • cesco

      I borrows this from RapthoseLeafs comment above .

      SEASON Road efg% = .520  Home efg% = .326

      Since his return from an arm injury (7 games).  Home games (4)…. efg% — .304Road games (3) ….. efg% — .694   [Raptors 3-0)

      I believe those stats says a lot about the IQ of the fans attending the games at the ACC ( since the 19000 in attendance minus a few all booed ) and how it affect a player performance .

      • sleepz

         It doesn’t really matter to me but how do you explain his performance before he got hurt? He has been playing poorly at home all season. The boos just started

        • cesco

          At the start of the season he was the primary scoring option but his shot left him perhaps because the whole team ( him included ) was playing bad and nervousness set in . Now the team is playing good basketball , no reason why he can’t recover his shot , the boos don’t help .

          • sleepz

             I think everyone is just seeing what many have suspected for years.

            Andrea doesn’t suck but he was definitely never a good basketball player to begin with.

  • trample54

    All of you are saying what he should do. Go do it, you have the balls to boo you can have the balls to play too.

  • George

    When we stop booing Andrea we start supporting the team

  • Andrea has treated the game with such indifference. I guess it’s the fans turn to treat his feelings indifferently.

    • Gman

      Welcome to high school and the my Daddy is bigger than your Daddy rationale.

  • Cottonclub

    Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear’em, but
    u can’t see them. When you walk right by them, they’re very quiet.

  • Cottonclub

    the booing was essentially a pack of mob mentality retards….stand them alone in front of bargs and would they boo?…these are also obviously rejects who grow up hating canada’s class and societal morals so they rebel because they feel inferior to the americans they idol worship….but remember losers,were canadian…were not classless have some dignity and self respect.

  • Statement

    I get the Bargnani booing, but I would never do it because he doesn’t mean that much to me anymore.

    All the booing is a function of Colangelo et all building up Bargnani as a legitimate player when he isn’t.

    Rebounding is a talent, that’s why it’s the same people who are at the top every year in rebounding.  Defense is a talent that Bargnani just does not have.

    He simply doesn’t have it in him to be a good player.   This has been obvious since the end of his 2nd season.  The blame for all the booing falls at the feet of Colangelo for pushing somebody who didn’t have the skills to be pushed.

    Just as an aside, while Colangelo has hyped up Bargs, his pay doesn’t match his hype.  Franchise guys aren’t paid $10 mill a year. 

  • SukaTori

    is there here someone that knows Andrea personally ?

  • Prelude2279

    Anyone have a video clip of the booing?

  • dddday88

    You want entertainment ?  Support quincy Acy, he is a defender and hustle player.

    Rich boy Bargnani doesn’t hustle.

  • Paul

    Typical pro Andrea  post:

    “All you people who are booing are fucking idiots. You need to learn some class and respect.”

    Oh the irony…

    • DumbassKicker

      A dumbass, trying but failing to seem intelligent. What screen name(s) do you usually troll under?

  • CJT

    Also I don’t think this is an Andrea Bargnani issue at all.  There is no doubt about how he has played this season and for large parts of his career.  I am not standing up for him, but I do believe that we are better than treating anyone like this.  The issue to me is the Americanization of our society.  There was a show on NBATV the other day about the Raptors that was sponsored by a personal injury lawyers.  He need to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that of our neighbors to the south.  It is about respect and self respect.

    • Cottonclub

      canadian youth idol worship the american black man.they dont wanna root and cheer for a euro unless it mock worship like when rasho had superpowers……gay shoots 5 for 21.he gets blown.bargs shoots 5 for 21.all hell breaks loose…..the hood rats are just kickin a dude when hes down and will find any excuse to hate him even when he plays good.weve all seen it ……comes back from torn ligaments in his elbow and gets booed?…..classless….and funny….like chimps at the zoo.

  • Mark

    I just noticed ed davis has the exactly the same number of EWA that Ray Gay does in half the minutes. Gay has a usage rate like a star and the production of bench player yet we choose to blame the guy who got his minutes cut and shots trimmed. Typical. The raptors have really made a mess of this team.

    • jacobdrichards4

      I don’t think anyone can reiterate this enough, were winning. We weren’t with Ed Davis and Jose Calderon, can we please get over the trade.

      • Phat AlberG

        I’m going boo Jose Calderon that’s fo’sure 

      • Jimi

        The issue with the trade was never whether or not it would make us better now, it was what it would mean in the future. 

  • The booing will cease the moment he only plays defense and concentrates on rebounding the rest of the season.

    Fans will notice, and his value will increase because he will show that he wants to be a complete player

  • Cottonclub

    why dont these monkey see monkey do imbeciles get that booing an active member of the team during a playoff push  is extremely retarded and classless all at the same time?…… embarrassed for you dirtbag losers.i really am.

  • raptorspoo

    Booing Bargnani is like booing a mentally or physically (or both) disabled kid. It’s not his fault he’s an idiot.

    BUT it is BC’s fault for putting all his egg into an idiot’s basket. BC deserves all the boos in my opinion.

  • 2damkule

    someone else mentioned it earlier in the comments, but IMO, the booing during the NYK game was 90% because he wasn’t traded…BC built up that option so much in the months leading up to the TD…and allowed his mouthpieces during broadcasts to openly discuss bargs in a ‘new reality’ kind of way (vs. previous years in which they focused on only the positive & making excuses).

    so, frustration from not seeing him pan out, coupled with raised expectations that he’d be dealt, with the rudy gay deal thrown in, all just sort of created this perfect little storm of idiocy amongst the masses. 

    further…it’s not like 19000 fans all at once – and all on their own – decided to START booing him.  there was likely a small but loud section that started it, and it gained steam, as so often happens with a mob mentality.  i’m sure that a good % of those who partook would never do so without prodding, and many others who were doing it as a joke, something to laugh about (‘haha, this shit is CRAZY, why are we booing again?  oh yeah, BOOOOOO HAHAHA BOOOO’).

  • redyraptor

    Dude. Bargs is being booed for a lack of effort. If Bargs thinks he can be lazy whilst the Franchise is making steps fwd he deserves to be booed. He Shows no effort. Boo his ass until he shows effort. Forget the shots. Show effort bargs. How about u write an article about showing effort before u defend a guy making 10mil n showing noooooo effort.

  • Stephen

    For all theose idiots who think booing Brgnani is helpful, consider this. If you want to get him out of town and would like to get more than a bag of balls back for him then he needs to play better so other teams will pay attention. Do you seriously think booing this guy is going to help him play better? This guy is mentally soft and very sensitive. Booing does not help. So stop it and then maybe he can get back to being a marginally useful part of the team and ultimately become more attractive to other teams.

  • ezz_bee

    Fans have a right to boo.  I’m not necessarily a fan of a collective arena boo for bargs, and I don’t know whether I’d join in on the booing if given the opportunity.  But there have definitely been times… LOTS OF TIMES where I’ve boo’d him from my living room.

    I mean is it really THAT HARD to give a shit? Isn’t 10 million enough to give a shit?  I’ve never had any agenda against Bargnani and don’t even dislike him as a person, because, you know, I’ve never met him.  I’ve watched him every season, and actively cheered for him for the first 3-4.  But then something weird happened… he didn’t get any better!

    Yes, a lot of our frustration lies with Coangelo, and necessarily bargnani, I mean he never asked to be coddled, or to be paid 10 million a year, or to be the face of the franchise, or the first option.

    To me booing bargnani is no different than booing coangelo, because the fates of the two seem inextricably linked.

    Maybe Bargnani shouldn’t be boo’d before he enters a game.  But maybe he should have been boo’d on countless other occasions where he wasn’t playing help defense, wasn’t rebounding, and jacking contested mid range jumpers early in the shot clock.  

    It may not be the most intelligent or even effective mode of sharing your perspective, but I’d much rather have a fan base that gave a sh!t enough to boo than one that never cheered or boo’d.

    I also agree strongly with MATT52’s perspective, that all bargnani has to do is start making some shots.  We’re not even that picky.  He doesn’t need to improve his rebounding, or defense.  We all know barg’s is only good for one thing (insert eating primo joke here) and that’s scoring.  As jack armstrong recently said in a game I rewatched about bargani (before the booing) “If I got a guy on my team who can only do one thing, he better be give me that one thing otherwise he’s going to sit on the bench”.

    If he starts playing well, all the boo’ers will go away and we’ll go back to being a unified fan base.  Well, as much as we ever are.

    The guy is (supposed to be) a professional.  A boo is an opinion of who you are as a player, and every possession you are on the court you have the opportunity to throw that opinion back in our faces.

    so BOO to you andrea bargnani, boo, boo, BOO!


  • Raptogram

    Churchill once said “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. 

    For 7 years Bargnani hasn’t shown any attitude.Churchill also said “…we shall never surrender.”
    For 7 years Bargnani has surrendered baskets without any resistance, without any will to resist. 

    The boos were warranted, yeah, even necessary. All Andrea needs to do now is to galvanize internally, listen to Churchill “Never, never, never give up…”  and go out and prove his mettle.

    Either that, or curl up into the fetal position and cry like a baby.

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