A seemingly innocuous “avulsion sprain” has now sidelined Andrea Bargnani for the rest of the season.  The decision to pack him up for the season was undoubtedly helped by Bargnani no longer fitting in with the Raptors plans, and this was the most graceful way of nailing him down to the bench.  I’m not doubting whether he’s injured, just the Raptors response to the injury.

Frankly, nobody including myself can be bothered much to think about this, but you can’t help but ponder what Bargnani’s future holds and what his past has meant.  I remember seeing him in his rookie season, and this game comes to mind, He had played with a fire and shot-making ability that we only saw in glimpses from that point on.  His defense was bad and his rebounding was poor, we all knew that and chalked it up to being an imported rookie, and expected both to improve to levels where they would be passable.  Neither happened, and I’m left to wondering why:

1. Lack of proper coaching / front-office meddling

After giving him the leeway due to a #1 pick, Sam Mitchell had Bargnani figured out the best and was intent on making the big man pay for his neglect on defense.  The tough love approach that Mitchell had started with Bargnani involved him coming off the bench, and management didn’t take kindly to that.  Sam Mitchell, the man who understood Bargnani’s mentality the best, was fired.

Mitchell had his flaws, most notably not having a playbook but motivating players wasn’t one of them.  His approach of giving Bargnani playing time proportional to his production and effort was frowned upon.  This is probably the only way to build a rookie unless you’re in full tank-mode season after season, which is what the Raptors were not between 2007-10.  Bryan Colangelo’s intervention, or better yet, interference, with the coaching duties was a huge mistake and it also resulted in Jay Triano taking the helm.

Under Triano and Colangelo, we saw an era of cajoling Andrea Bargnani, a distinct lack of accountability, and unlimited playing time.  Bargnani played more than 35 minutes a game in the two full seasons under Triano, while posting team-worst net differentials for rotation players (-5.4 and -3, respectively).  To add to the problems, he learned nothing of rebounding technique or defensive principles.  His effort level during these two seasons was also poor, and it was clear to see that whatever motivation techniques were used by Triano were not working.

It’s these two seasons that I feel hurt him the most.  Combine the lack of accountability with lack of instruction, all pedaled by the front office micromanaging his career, and you have two key developmental years in a player being lost – years #3 and #4.

2. Lack of desire

There was little desire from Bargnani to improve his game.  He played in a couple summer tournaments, but never did I hear a single story about how Bargnani stayed after the game to work on his jumper, or defense, or anything.  The phrase “gym rat”, that we all love to hear of players was never used to describe him.  Not once did I see him hustle down the court and get a block on a guard on a breakaway. Not once.  The eye-test of watching him on the floor lazily try to defend or jog back on defense only irked fans and it wasn’t soon after that the attributes of laziness went from rumour to fact.

Couple this with a wholly undeserved extension at $50M, and suddenly a player who has trouble staying motivated is given a bigger incentive not to.  The extension can either rejuvenate a player where they set out to prove the franchise’s belief in them (e.g., Zach Randolph) or it can go wholly south as it did for guys like Rashard Lewis, Gilbert Arenas and countless others.  Unfortunately, Bargnani falls into the latter category and you didn’t need the benefit of hindsight to see that.

3. Undefined offensive role

Other than Mitchell who had him slated as a bench player in the early part of the 2008-09 season, nobody has quite defined Bargnani’s role clearly.  Jay Triano is mostly at fault here, and to some degree so is Dwane Casey.  I’m not sure what qualifies as “running the offense through somebody” but it surely can’t be giving the guy the ball at the top of the key and asking him to make a move.  Not for a big man, at least.

The Raptors never made a consistent effort of establishing his post-game, or running the offense in a dedicated and consistent manner using an area of Bargnani’s offensive game that is the most underrated and, believe it or not, rather efficient.  Instead, we saw him in face-up situations which ultimately led to a barrage of step-back 21-foot line drives that everybody hates.

Even his spot-up shooting ability (which has since gone down the tank) wasn’t used well.  Find me video of Bargnani stretching the floor by staying in the corner. You’ll be hard-pressed to do it.  His pick ‘n roll game was never given much focus and instead he drifted to the three-point line 80% of the time after a screen.

Even to this day, being in his seventh year, one cannot tell just where Bargnani’s offensive role lies.  Given that he started off his career as a good three-point shooter, a capable one-on-one guy, it’s startling to see him seven years later as basically the same, if not worse, player.

This situation is so convoluted that I’m not even sure if this injury helps or hurts his trade value. He was playing awful basketball and on top of it he’s now injured. The good news about the injury is that it prevents him from playing awful basketball. I’m sure some GM will be interested, but given the fiscally responsible focus of NBA teams as they contend with higher penalties on luxury taxes, which in-turn forces them to make most of the salary cap, the biggest roadblock in trading Bargnani will be his contract, not his career.

As has been stated countless times in this space, I still believe the guy can play a role on an NBA team. He does some things well, like post-up defense, post-up offense, and can shoot. Given the fragile nature of his psyche, it could be the poisonous atmosphere at the ACC and his standing with the fans and franchise that may be preventing him from doing that. It’s a stretch, and as much as I would have liked to see him contribute to the Raptors in a reserve role, that ship has likely sailed and it’s time for a change of scenery. Probably more of his sake than the Raptors.

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  • Adriiian

    Great article on Andrea.
    I basically started paying attention to the Raptors when they got the number 1 pick.
    SMitch should not have been fired. He took this team to the playoffs with a shitty roster, much worse roster than Triano  had. I remember the season when SMitch was coach. The guy knew what he was doing.
    And then BC with his improved roster plans and the hiring of Triano, yep. It all went down the drain.

    Adios Andrea.
    From a fellow Euro, I feel you man. Not even 50 million dollars would make me feel good knowing I suck at my job, which is playing basketball, and the fans in the town I’ve played in for 7 years are starting to boo me. 

    You are totally right Arsenalist, he still has talent and capable of playing the NBA game. He was just mis-managed by moron coaching and most of all BC.

  • MorganC

    Balanced and fair analysis. Honestly, his lack of desire and complete careless attitude will probably cause a regression in the until now okay post defense and offense you mention. Not even sure he can shoot anymore, as evidenced by his numbers (not just this season, but last – never been a good 3 point shooter even based on percentages). I deeply fear that he will still be a Raptor on opening day 2013. Pray that I am wrong, but I just don’t see him getting traded, and Colangelo is too stupid and fatally “proud” to amnesty him. Bargs is quite possibly my least favorite athlete of all time.


  • cb

    “Useless on the court and as a trade chip, Bargnani was one of the emptiest commodities in the league this season.” — SI.

    suck on that Barg lovers. shahahahahahah

  • Ds

    All the problems mentioned, we all knew about them, hoped he can improve them, but expected little in that regard. However, The problem for me is that his shot, the one thing that was keeping him on the floor, is completely gone.

    No defence, no rebounding, no hustle, no playmaking, no shot.

  • KR

    So is it not likely that his shot – which was his meal ticket as you point out – is gone because of these injuries?  Once that’s stripped from him, what else can he bring to table, when the one thing that he had is now gone, as Ds points out?

  • NyAlesund

    He has to leave Toronto.
    This guy has enormous talent he is gifted and even this year I saw him doing good things offensively and defensively. Some times I saw him with the right attitude, I saw him moving his feet really well, to be a D factor but it happened few times and for few plays.

    Why this? I don’t know but I am quite sure he doesn’t want to stay here. He is not more involved in this organization.

    Many mistakes…..

    He never developed as we expected, his potential was never explored completely and worst he was coddle to much.  BC protected him a lot, from the coach, from the media until when he defined him the enigna of the enigma. There BC made a big mistake not to trade him.

    I am sure at 100% that if AB had been selected in another team, he would have been another player, absolutely better then he is now. Because other GMs and coaches probably never  protected him from his mistakes.

    Now everybody pointing at him like a big bust, someone unable even to play in the NBA…..C’mon

    If BC wanted to trade him he would have the chance to do it. The real problem is the stubborness he showed so far and I am not surprised to see Bargs  here the next year.

    The good news is the lenght of the contract: “only” two years.

    I am sure about this: when AB will change the team, we will see another player. Probably better.

    • DumbassKicker

      he is a bust you fucking idiot.

      • NyAlesund

         You’re so kind…………………and polite. ……

      • DumbassKicker

         trolling imposter

    • smh

      Out of curiosity, what team do you think would have had the chance to bring out a positive outcome for Andrea?

      • NyAlesund

        Every team. He is annoyed, frustrated, disappointed about Raptors, coaching staff, his teammates and even the air he is breathing now.

        I am not defending him, but when you perceive a toxic environment around you, well it is difficult to play at your best.

        For him, every destination, even the Bobcats, are welcomed. He wants to play with other players, in a different environment, in another city, for another coach…….just having a new fresh start. When this will happen we can see the real Bargs. Not necessarily a big one, but better than now.

  • sham

    From my perspective, the one event that changed AB for ever was the moment that Bosh yelled at him in a time out when he was a rook.  He was never the same after that one….

    • Roarque

      So that’s why cb4 ended up in Miami. I assume AB went to BC and told him to get Bosh off his back.

      • smh

        AB didn’t have to. BC never intended to resign Bosh. All the roster moves were to build around AB.


    • Nilanka15

      I distinctly remember that incident.  Bosh, sensing Bargnani was going to cry, went back to him afterwards to make sure no offense was taken.

  • Jamshid

    Before the trade deadline, I kept on saying that trading AB should be the highest priority for BC. I said that AB has a very low trade value at that time but knowing the fans, this team and AB’s personality, I knew that his value can ONLY go lower if he comes of the bench for the reminder of the season. Many from the herd disagreed and thought we can raise his value and ….

    But now, even that low value that he had is gone now and he is basically worthless. Heck, he has a negative value due to his contracts. 

    The only way, AB is not going to be here next training camp is for BC to amnesty his contract now.

    Does anyone know how many games did AB play last season and this season ?

    • Statement

      I’ve been on the trade bargs bandwagon since the end of his 2nd year.  His play was so pathetic that year that there was no way I could see an all star out of the guy.

      Other guys were even more precient, like Tim W. who didn’t want Bargs selected at all because of his no defense and rebounding tendencies.

      • Jamshid

        I was never on that bandwagon till this year. I believed that AB has a unique set of talents that under right coach, right system and right players around would be quite effective. 
        I thought he was over paid by BC but so is everyone else that BC signs. However, this year, with the direction that the team was taking and how fans turned on AB and … I thought it is necessary that BC move AB before the trade deadline.
        AB has no place here and his presence now in Toronto is both toxic for him and the team.

        • Statement

          His talent never translated to productivity on the court though, so I think we have to reconsider what we define as talent.

          IMHO, there are different forms of talent.  If somebody hits a tough shot, that is a momentary display of athletic and basketball talent.

          However, if that same shooter can’t make shots consistenly, (i.e. Bargs, Gay), yet continues to shoot, then I would argue that they are deficient in this other form of “talent”.

          Taking the thought to the extreme, suppose somebody can hit a 3-pointer from mid-court.  That is a display of talent, no doubt.  Suppose that same person continues to shoot that 3-pointer from mid-court.  He isn’t going to be very productive and as a result, I would argue, is lacking basketball talent.

          On the flip side, take somebody like Amir, who doesn’t have a pretty jumpshot and couldn’t hit the type of shots that Andrea does.  However, I would argue that he is more talented than Andrea because what he brings overall is much more valuable to a team than what Andrea does. 

          • Nilanka15


            At the end of the day, production (a quantifiable, measurable quality) is more important than “talent” (a subjective quality).

      • smh

        Wasn’t Tim W. continually ridiculed for never wanting AB on the team?

        • Statement

          Yes he was.  In my opinion (and I’m obviously not an expert at all), he seems to have a good understanding of the game.

          I enjoy his blog, though does come off as arrogant sometimes, which is a turn-off.

  • Puffer

    ” …the one event that changed AB for ever was the moment that Bosh yelled at him in a time out when he was a rook.  He was never the same after that one…”

    All Bosh’s fault. 

  • robertparrish00

    Does he really get paid 10 million for this season?  Is there no way to get around paying him in the future, other than  trade?    

  • ad

    The 3 issues mentioned are all true. However, the fundamental issue with bargnani is he doesnt love the game of basketball. He just likes it. If he loved it, he would play with a passion and give consistent effort as most players in the nba do. That huge issue combined with the ineptitude of the organization run by MLSE and BC= current reality.

    • Statement

      Also he doesn’t have rebounding instincts or talent and is terrible when it comes to team defense.

    • Statement

      It’s possibly a partly effort or passion issue, but I think more fundamentally that he lacks the basketball talents of rebounding and team defense.

      Those are flaws that he will never correct, full-stop.  You can’t have a big man that plays like that and expect to win in the NBA.

      I can’t believe Colangelo held on to him as long as he did.  That is major stubborness and ego. 

      Bargs shouldn’t have been coddled and pushed as “untouchable”.  The resentment that the fans feel towards Bargs is Colangelo’s doing, at least somewhat.

    • Superjesusman

      He loves Primo pasta.

    • smh

      “he doesnt love the game”

      That might actually be it. I mean, does anyone know if he plays in the off-season? Or for fun?

  • Pong

    You can’t compare Gilbert Arenas to Lewis. Arenas at one point was the best player in the nba. He jus wasn’t the same player since his injury. Whereas Lewis did some nice things in the playoffs but he had d12 as a teammate. That whale of a contract was a mistake.

  • Theswirsky

    I don’t buy #3.  Since we already know about a coach’s inability to actually coach him properly (due to management interference), its not at all fair to claim that coaches used him improperly.

    Bargnani has always played how he felt comfortable.  Which was 16+ft out between the 2 ends of the foul line extended.    Even in the rare times he did post up, he’d just as often turn – face the net – take a couple dribbles – back up – fire off a jumper.    This is because coaches had no recourse.  You can’t bench him, you can’t cut his minutes,  you can’t sit him, you can’t punish him – the rules were set.  He was the franchise player who demanded the same ‘respect’ from coaches as any other franchise player.   Your job was on the line otherwise .  So in response coaches used him how he wanted to play, and the rest of the team had to adjust instead.

    Problem #3 was not the coaches.  Problem #3 was that Bargnani he was soft.  Teenage vagina soft.

    But this is really much more simple.

    Chronological order of what went wrong with Bargnani:

    2006 – Bryan Colangelo becomes GM of the Toronto Raptors.  Drafts Bargnani #1.

    2007 to present – Bryan Colangelo can’t accept that his #1 pick was a bust and his ego forces Bargnani into roles and responsibilities he is not capable of, and down the throats of Raptors fans for the next half decade.

    Thats what went wrong.

    • FAQ

      That’s so stupid … and you just can’t arbitrarily blame BC without considering all the coaching and player changes… as well as the culture of the team.  He just doesn’t fit into a streetballin’ ballhogin’ style of play, and that’s what the Ratpors have been for many a year..!!!

      • 2damkule

        agree COMPLETELY.

        you can’t blame BC, because it’s not like he put together this roster…this ‘streetballin’ ballhogin’ style of play’ team.  that was someone else.  ditto the coaching staff.

        so yes, you CANNOT blame BC for drafting bargs, or for sticking with him through think & thin.  and you certainly can’t blame BC for all the coaching changes.  or the roster construction – deconstruction – reconstruction – tweaking – rebuilding – retooling. 

        NOT HIS FAULT.

        • Theswirsky

          you know after reading all the sarcastic responses I feel like perhaps I was a bit wrong in my assessment.  The real blame lies on:

          1) Smitch and Triano.  Mitchell for holding him accountable, and Triano for not holding him accountable.  Both were huge problems with his development

          2) Chris Bosh and Reggie Evans for stealing his rebounds.  Honestly it just wasn’t fair.  Bargnani had no idea those two were playing rebound ball

          3) Language barrier. Just like all international players, everyone always has problems understanding each other.  When Andrea says he’s lazy, does the hard stuff, and is the best player it was all just lost in the translation.

          4) Non-Italian fans.  Italy has a long history of peace and tolerance.  The Roman Empire, the Medici family, Machiavelli, the Holy Roman Empire, Mussolini and today’s Roman Catholic Church.  So Andrea doesn’t understand this culture of of hate, bias and racism he’s surrounded with by fans and the media.  Clearly the tea party and fox news  like vocal minority, whose expectations were to high and ignorance to strong,  just never understood how great he was and could be which held him back. 

          Suck it you black-jew-homo-fuckwad-racists.  Italy forever bitches!

          5) Statistical analysis.  This really has nothing to do with Andrea’s development, but its tough to understand and what I don’t understand scares me.  So it must be wrong – unless it says what I want to hear and then its right!

          6) NBA refs.  They’ve always treated Andrea unfairly and didn’t call fouls on every shot he missed.  They hate Andrea.  They really do.  He knew it and it made him a sad panda.

          7) Defense.  No one understands it anyways.

          • smh

            omfg. crying. dying. 

            *clap clap clap*

        • smh

          LOL, 2awesome

  • Cottonclub

    he had a bad season and for the past 3 seasons was the only player doing anything….i hope hes back and with a real coach that utilizes not only him but this gloriously flawed roster.

  • Cottonclub

    and those lableing him as a bust and making general type comments that he sucks are just dumb.

    no one player makes or breaks a team……and so many silly idiots were happy today that hes done for the season and yet we go out and get blown out by the celts.

    bargs fault?

    • Superjesusman

      No, not his fault. But, he is a bust and he does suck.

      • FAQ

        … and he will laugh all the way to the bank with MLSE money…!!!!

  • Tonious35

    If Bargs was in San Antonio, he would of been the SUPER RYAN ANDERSON with 45% 3Pt and 50% FG without the good rebounding numbers.  WHY? Because POP and RC Buford would both make him accountable of as much as possible, evaluate him, and make him the 6th man of the team.  Sometimes certain players need proper parenting for them to fulfill a certain potential through great habits.

    • Nilanka15

      Disagree.  San Antonio would never have drafted him knowing his tenancies.

      • smh

        I always agree with you, but in this, I dunno, SA may be the only team where AB would at least have had better growth.

        • Nilanka15

          It’s definitely an interesting discussion.  Whether Bargnani’s lazy tendencies can be changed by anyone, or if he’s simply unable to change at all.

          • 2damkule

            optimistically, the ‘right’ team would size him up, assess what he can do for them, and try him in that role…and if he fails, well, buh-bye.  teams that are serious about stuff like winning don’t waste years trying to shoe-horn a team around a player that they KNOW is deeply & fundamentally flawed in the areas of the game that help to win.

            the question isn’t so much ‘can bargs be changed,’ but rather, ‘why would a team bother trying?’  it’s just a drain on resources.

            • smh

              “why would a team bother trying”

              I ask that about the Raps. I mean, we can discuss how/why, there’s is a multitude of speculation, and probably only BC or MG know for sure.

          • smh

            The other thing is, had he come in not having been burdened with being a primary option + getting to play with Parker/Ginobili/Duncan, would that have a positive impact? Maybe Pops would have handled him better.

            It’s all moot, but it is an interesting thought.

    • 511

      Funny you say San Antonio … cuz I was thinking about them. Reason being, if Bargs is amnestied, which means another team could pick him up for next to nothing — Raps’d be on the hook for the balance of his deal of whatEVER somebody else would give him (if I understand how it works) — and I could see Pops thinking about what we all saw for that bakers-dozen last year and thinking “… what could I (emphasize ‘I’) get out of this guy. How motivated might he be to stuff it up everyone’s ass – especially in T.O. – to show how good he really is if I gave him a chance to do just that? Ya … I think we’ll have a look … maybe for a season or so.” 

      I could see it. 

      • cdub

        I really am having doubts about the raptors using the amnesty on Bargnani.  It doesn’t really free them up to do anything more than if the amnestied kleiza.  I doubt they are going to pay him that much money.  If using the amnesty meant they could free up 10 mil to sign someone else than yeah of course you would consider it but I don’t think that is the case.

        • 511

          I don’t disagree at all. Actually, it boggles my mind just knowing that some believe Bargs *should* be amnestied. Personally, I think it’d be nuts. That said, with the repeated mentions by fans and commenters of wanting us to use the amnesty on Bargs, it’s had me wondering how GMs of other teams would react if it did happen. Little question in my mind that he’d be snapped up in less than a heartbeat … and I think some would be surprised at who’d be first in line.

          In reality, I can’t see management – no matter who’s in charge – doing that. But we are talking about the Raptors. So who knows?

  • FAQ

    Does anybody remember Barg’s spectacular start to last season before his first injury?  Where did that Bargs go?

    I suspect that Bargs is disappointed with his career experiences in Toronto and all the coaching changes.  I also suspect that he has lost respect for his teammates and coaching staff with all the blundering over Bosh, Jose and now himself.

    Simply put… he’s demotivated by his experiences in Toronto… and so he should be, because it’s been an absolute mess.

    To now lay all the blame on one player, Bargs,  is just the idiocy and stupidity of all the t.h.f.’s and pundits … in the stands and even on TRap forums.  Of course it’s easier to focus your hatred on one person than being able to see the big picture.

    You haters are pa thetic……!

    • NyAlesund

      You’re right.
      If we want to see his real value, we have to wait the trade. After that we could see what kind of player he is.  And I am suspect a really good one.

      Is time to trade/amnesty him.

      BC has to move in that direction, no second thoughts…….

    • Statement

      You sir, are wrong.

    • Statement

      For the record, I disagree with people booing him. It’s not his fault that he was shoehorned in as the face of the franchise, nor is it his fault he was coddled.

      That said, the problem with Bargnani is that he is a net-negative player, period.  What he does “well”, he doesn’t do that well and what he is deficient at, he is horribly deficient at.

      That isn’t a confidence thing, that’s a talent thing.

    • Roarque

      Or maybe he tried Dwane’s style for 13 games and got injured.

      While in recovery mode, he spoke to his agent who told him he should NEVER take a chance on playing so hard and physical again. The role his agent agreed on with Brian was strictly as a shooter.

      Defense is hard work man – forgetaboutit.

      • Sig

        You must be kidding.

  • grizzly73

    Incredible damage overall to what should be a great franchise.He was supposed to be part of the foundation which crumbled. I always felt his overall conditioning never looked great except for when he had that run last year. 

    I can’t stand that I don’t give a f expression he has 90 percent of the time. No passion no emotion in that guy.

     A management clusterfuck if I’ve ever seen one

    • FAQ

       “No passion no emotion in that guy.”  WTF ….!!!!!

      Bargs is Bargs and he must maintain his “cool” to stay in a good shooting groove.  He just tries to perform to the best of his ability without all that in yo’ face ghetto histrionics …. stretching your mouth open, baring your teeth… and roaring gorilla-style.

      Of course, the t.h.f.’s love all that bravado gesticulation because that works them up into a tizzy… non-athletic crud mentality because they have never experienced high level game stress and performance.  Lot’s on this forum are crud and reveal their nerdiness by crying and attacking Bargs… just a bunch of jerkoffs… soooo obvioius.

      Do you ever see Nash, Ginobili, Parker going ape-shit animal-like during a game? No, because it’s a cultural difference.

      Open emotion is a powerful motivating force, but it can also destabilize those who prefer to play a structured “thinking” game … a game the t.h.f. cannot comprehend nor gain base pleasure.  All you Barg-haters are obvious jerk-nerds with no athletic ability… other than tying up your MJ sneakers that never see a gym floor.  Now ShTFU before I verbally bitch-slap you again…!!!!

  • Andre

    I would like to say this. Lets forget that Andrea was number 1 overall, BC’s love child or anything like that. The dude is 7″1 in socks. My problem with him is EFFORT. He is either slow in the head or he doesnt care, he just does want it. he doesnt TRY to rebound, he doesnt TRY to switch and play with defensive intensity, his conditioning sucks, hes not ready to play, only likes to shoot the three. HE NEEDS TO MAN UP! We lost the window to trade him, but its time for BC to go. IF HE GOES, no one protects Andrea, so that means tough love! 

    • Nilanka15

      In 7 years, have we ever seen Bargnani sprint?  I mean, full out run down the court?

      He plays like he’s going for a Sunday afternoon jog.

      • Andre

         Very true. it just irks me. He is paid so much to do so little. sigh

      • 2damkule

        i dunno man…bigs just look different running than smaller guys.  does an irish wolfhound look the same running at top speed as a german shepherd?

        i don’t know.  but now i’m curious, and bored, so…


        ok, bad example.

        but what about an irish wolfhound & a chihuahua?  i’m sure if i look hard enough, i can find something that ‘proves’ whatever imbecilic point i’m trying to make in support of m’boy.


        ok, another bad example…not a great comparison of bargs to a wolfhound, as in this video, the wolfhound actually gets up & moves after getting abused repeatedly…

        • Nilanka15

          How does Bargnani look sprinting next to Jonas, Davis, Amir…..or dare I say, Bosh?

        • Andre

           LOL too funny. SIGH THE DOG!!

          one play I saw of Andrea that really irked me. It was a pick and roll. Him and demar switched players, only it took 1 second to figure out what player that was. once that happened, player pumped fake (of andrea jumped, kinda) and BLEW right by him. saw it 2wice in the game. Dude is done

    • Statement

      Re: Height.

      Shawn Bradley was like 7’4, nobody is gonna put him in the hall-of-fame, unless they make a posterization wing.

    • FAQ

      You jerks are like a bunch of little beady-eyed rodents with little sharp teeth attacking… attacking Bargs because he doesn’t satisfy your t.h.f. mentality …. sooooo obvious.

  • NikolaTesla1

    Fragile nature of his psyche?
    Not quite. 

  • smh

    Smitch. Where is he coaching now?

    • 2damkule

      raptor stank is tough to get rid of…

      • smh

        LOL. Good gig on TSN though. That’s got to pay a bit of $$ at least

      • DumbassKicker

        The Nets gave him a chance to prove his worth, and he lasted 1 year. I guess it was the Raptors and Bargnani’s fault though.

  • DumbassKicker

    The glee being felt may not last, so y’all enjoy while you can. I can see the angst meter go nuts when he rolls into training camp in September.

  • Roarque

    Andrea: if you’re planning to return in the Fall, may I suggest an off season FULL of yoga and cardio so you can play defense for more than 13 games in 2013/14.

  • Rocco

    At this point, the Raptors’ best option is to amnesty Bargnani’s contract. I doubt they can trade him for anything of value (even a 2nd round pick, if that were even possible under  the Current NBA financial structure). Exchange Bargnani’s contract  for another bad deal? Upon closer examination, a lot of what’s available there is certainly very unappealing to the Raptors (longer contracts, more money, dubious talent). No, I beleive  Bargs will be amnestied, and the Raptors will bite the bullet on Klieza’s deal (being shorter and for less money).  Ultimately Bargnani plays elsewhere and I beleive will become a very effective NBA player, owed in no small measure to his unpleasant experiences in TO.

  • Cottonclub

    lol…..if you are one of the people who mention we should amnesty bargs go look in the mirror….and see what a retard looks like.

    amnestying bargs does nothing beneficial for the raptors.

    …..and theyre not gonna do it to please morons who hate the guy.

    man,we really do have a minority of fans who really are dumb.