Brooklyn Nets 87 Final
Recap | Box Score
93 Toronto Raptors
Amir Johnson, PF 39 MIN | 5-12 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 10 PTS | -3

Got maybe the quickest foul in NBA history when he fouled while the ball was going up on the tip-off. He played his usual reliable game, defended the paint well and rebounded. He didn’t shoot all that well, but he did his job.

Rudy Gay, SF 42 MIN | 10-19 FG | 3-4 FT | 10 REB | 3 AST | 3 STL | 1 BLK | 4 TO | 26 PTS | +6

Filled the stat sheet, didn’t disappear in the fourth, and took some shots in the paint. He still takes way too many long twos and there were too many lackadaisical plays, for my liking, but he (almost) earned his paycheque, today.

Aaron Gray, C 34 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | +15

The Raptors are 2-0 since inserting him into the starting lineup for the injured Valanciunas. Obviously the missing link to take this team into the playoffs!

Seriously, he held Brook Lopez in check, grabbed some rebounds and had the biggest +/- of the game.

Kyle Lowry, PG 37 MIN | 2-10 FG | 3-8 FT | 9 REB | 6 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 7 PTS | +7

He was definitely outplayed by Deron Williams, had trouble scoring, but worked hard on the floor, helped out on the boards, as usual, and did his best to find the hot shooters.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 42 MIN | 12-22 FG | 9-9 FT | 5 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 36 PTS | +1

The reason the Raptors won. He took a lot of shots, and seemed allergic to the paint, today, but helped carry the team, at times, offensively, and didn’t get lit up on the other end.

Quincy Acy, SF 23 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 4 PTS | -2

Memo to Quincy: DON’T FALL FOR PUMPFAKES! Actually played pretty well, except for getting worked by Andray Blatche in the fourth. He rebounded, brought his usual energy and showed again that he’s got a place on this team.

John Lucas, PG 11 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 2 PTS | -1

The restraint he showed by not shooting ANY threes, especially when he had a number of opportunities was astounding. He still went 1-4, but took mostly good shots and remembered he had teammates on the floor with him.

Alan Anderson, SG 12 MIN | 2-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 4 PTS | +7

If he ever stops trying to do his best Kobe impersonations, he’ll have his choice of where to sign. It’s his penchant for trying to do too much that hurts him the most. Other than his usual handful of bad shots, he played his usual feisty game, with good defense.

Dwane Casey

The fact that he didn’t have much of a bench to go to probably worked in his favour, as his substitutions patterns didn’t hurt the team, this time. He should have insisted the team score more inside, but otherwise, none of his usual head-scratching decisions.

Three Things We Saw

  1. Without Valanciunas’ inside scoring, the team relied on the jumper, and they just happen to be making them today. It was 8:54 in the first before the ball even entered the paint, for the Raptors, and 7:25 before there was a shot attempt in there. The first post-up came from Amir, with 4:10 left in the first.
  2. The Raptors took a 20 point lead with 3:03 left in the first off a Rudy Gay ally-oop. But with the Raptors taking so many outside jumpers, and Brooklyn fighting for playoff seeding, you knew they’d make a run.

    And they did.

  3. The Raptors actually outscored the Nets in the paint, but that was mainly due to the Nets shooting so horribly inside. While you have to credit the Raptors defense somewhat, the Nets just played poorly and looked off their game.

    Yes, the Raptors have won 3 in a row against playoff teams, but you can’t downplay that Chicago and Brooklyn lost those games as much as as the Raptors won them.

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  • Duncan

    klow should be higher, he got 9 boards as a pg. he ran the offense well. give the kid a break

    • yousefelso

      This site is all about hating Lowry. Didn’t you get the memo?


        fn CALDERNITES

    • Lowry had an okay game. Not good, not bad. 9 rebounds is good for a point guard, but he shot poorly, let Deron score too much and he didn’t run the team offense all that well.

      • Super Mario

        No offence, but how do you lt a atm shot shooter shoot to much? thx.

        • I have no idea what you just said.

    • Ahmed

      Lowry can get a triple double but won’t get higher than a B.

      • If he got a triple double and played well, I’d give him an A. I have no real problem with Lowry. I just expect him to play better than he did today.

  • Yousefelso

    So negative around here. Are you guys who write this stuff even Raptor fans? Lowry played well tonight and made a lot of hustle plays. He deserves more than a C.

    You complain about long 2’s which are the worst shots to take and yet we outscored the Nets in the paint… You then attribute that to the Nets playing bad. Just like the Bulls playing bad in their last 2 games. It is possible that our defence was looking great today and it resulted in a lot of good opportunities on the other end of the floor. Did you notice the zone defence that we played in the second quarter? That was why they didn’t score in the paint.

    • Negative? The team faced a Brooklyn team that clearly had taken the night off, the nearly gave up a 21 point lead, shot 43 percent from the field and really didn’t play all that well, yet I gave out two A’s and four B’s. I think maybe you need to raise your standards. You’ve gotten used to a crappy team.

      • Milesboyer

        I completely agree – the Nets took the first half off probably thinking they could beat the Raptors without much of an effort. They started trying in the second half but came up short. The biggest problem with the Raptors is their lack of resolve and maturity when the going gets tough and Kyle Lowry (yes a “C” is an appropriate grade) is the leader of that shortcoming with his constant complaining and expectation that things should go his way just because they’re ahead. They pulled it out but I still don’t have a lot of confidence in them winning on a consistent basis unless Lowry and Gay all of the sudden start “getting it” aka figure out that when the intensity cranks up a few notches they can’t whine their way to victory. They also need to be less deliberate in their execution at the end of close games.

        Maybe it will all come together………….next year.

        • I think if the Raptors ever do get a good team on the floor, some fans are going to be shocked at how different that looks than what we see right now. Years and years of mediocre to bad play have lowered some expectations.

          • Leftovercrack

            I hear what you are saying, but if you take away their 4-19 start, they are 28-29, basically a .500 team. Yet bloggers seem to talk about the Raptors as if they are worse than the Bobcats and every time they win it’s only because the opposition took the day off or is injured-riddled or something, and if they lose the Raptors were shown up by a ‘real basketball team.’ The Raptors’ problem is that they are without cap space or draft picks trapped in mediocrity, not that they are that bad a team. With a year together, a year more for JV and a tactically better coach i could even see them nudging above .500 next year. Yet, every Raptors blog out there seems to treat them is if they are a joke unworthy of the NBA

            • The thing, though, is you can’t take away the 4-19 start. They lost those games for a reason. As for them being mediocre and not bad, I don’t see that being a big selling point. A mediocre team that is close to the luxury tax, without an elite player, with the three leading scorers also being inefficient shooters, and with inconsistent, at best, defenders is not really a better position to be in than Charlotte’s, quite frankly.

              Mediocrity, especially with so many bad contracts like the Raptors have, is one of the worst positions a franchise can be in. They aren’t good enough to make any noise in the playoffs, they don’t have the tradable assets to upgrade their roster, much, they are too close to the luxury tax to add much salary, and they aren’t bad enough to get a high enough pick to find a player who can make a real difference.

              Charlotte will get a high draft pick this year, and most likely be in a good position to draft an elite player in 2014, at which time they’ll have only $11 million in guaranteed salary.

              • ppellico

                agree 1000%…you can’t ignor the losing earlier. But the defense tonight was bigger than you say. Lts of those missed shots were because bigger players were in their face even though they got inside. And this is my point about Gray. He did do a temendous job defensively you are not allowing for. If his 4 points are whats bothering you…so what. The defense is what I crave on the team and has been missing all season.
                They had some seariously big and talented bigs and we still controlled the game overall.
                I worry more about who we will have for deep threat shooting. Jonas will never be free to be his best as long as they knw we get cold and can’t hit long.2
                That…and our defense had better come back next year. I will not watch another full year of poor defense.

                • Roarque

                  Good post – I’m hoping Landry Fields can get his shooting stroke back because his basketball IQ on offense and defense is irreplaceable. Easily our best three point defender.

                • I think the defense was pretty good, and a lot of that was due to Amir and Gray. But the Nets also missed a lot of shots they wouldn’t normally.

                  As for next year, with how inconsistent Lowry, Gay and DeRozan are defensively I can’t see there being THAT much of an improvement next year.

    • Oh, and the defense wasn’t nearly as good as you let on. Th Nets missed A LOT of inside shots they normally would have hit. And the Nets at had the majority of their inside shots in the second quarter, when the Raptors were playing zone. They were able to slip their bigs in behind the zone quite a number of times. I guess you didn’t notice that.

  • ppellico

    aaron gray just an a-?
    the guy should get that for his having no fouls going into the second half having played the bigs from brooklin to a dead stop.
    his minutes on the floor were immense…and his picks were awesome.
    what does he need to do for a regular a?
    score the most points?
    play point guard?

    • I thought Gray had a very good game, but if I give him an A+, then what happens if he has a game like this but scores more than 4 points? I really don’t understand how you can complain about an A-. He had a good game, but it wasn’t exactly one for the ages. Even for him.

      • ppellico

        well…just thought he deserved an A…but you managed to tweak out a minus sign.
        so if you saw fit to that little adjustent…I was also as anal.

    • Gray’s Boyfriend is here.

      • ppellico

        his mother, dude.
        so…with all the love and press and posting love given Jonas…i can presume its all a group sex thing?

        • smh

          LOL @ his mother comment.

    • Axl T


  • jafari_lindon

    kyle lowry with a C, get the fuck outta here? Extremely underrated defender, as evidence by play in the 2nd half where lucas was matched up with deron williams and the nyets (russian for “no”, see what I did there?) went on a run. He pushed the tempo, and the ball was moving. He deserves a B, it’s a poor statline sure, but we’ve seen lowry run the offense a lot worse.

    • So because we’ve seen Lowry run the offense a lot worse, I should give him a higher grade? I should grade on a curve? As for his defense, I would actually say it’s over-rated. He certainly has the ABILITY to be a very good defender, but he doesn’t do it consistently and gambles WAY too much. And his defense was okay, today. Hence, the C.

      • jafari_lindon

        just don’t ever do the quick reactions again, and we can agree to disagree.

        • I will do more of them. And I will continue to to keep my standards high. How about that?

          • Jerry Garcia

            I thought Kyle played hard….put himself in harms way…..kind of a guy you would want as a teammate…

          • ppellico

            no…don’t stop. its what I look forward to after each game.
            a lot!
            you understand we are an emotional bunch…and the internet alows us to say things. we would be a lot nicer if we were all together around a bar and drinking. its just that you can’t hear our voices and giggles…we , or I…do not wish anything more that good for you.
            i appreciate your efforts.
            I do not mean to sound off on you.
            I truly enjoy your stances and just offer mytakes.
            keeeeeeep doing it!!!!!
            a real fan of yours…just a little weak at this social networking stuff.

            • Not a problem. I have no problem with your comments. There’s a difference between disagreeing and insulting. And you’re not even close to the insulting side.

          • smh

            I’m onboard.

          • Roarque

            Tim, you know the kids are just trying to do to you what they perceive you doing to their faves, right?
            Keep on keeping on TimW.

        • picket door

          carefull Tim W will delete your comment

  • Tee

    Great D
    Smoother offense
    Nice transition passes by Lowry

    I really want to see the starting 5 on this roster play together for a extended period of time.

  • knickz

    in the off season season I want everyone fired and a change to the huskies. this organization needs to do something to fire up the fan base.

    • smh

      tbh, I always though it would be better to be the “Huskies” and keep the blue/white collor scheme instead the bs “naming” promo that happened

  • Fresh_Prints

    Calderon is gone and not coming back. Need to accept that.

    • Roarque

      Very very hard to do now that he’s unrestricted.

  • ITT, people that should write their own blogs and give grades they want to see.

    (my impression of what is ITT)

    WHAT?!?!? Alan Anderson only gets a C!!!
    He’s the greatest superstar of all time and deserves an A+ EVERY SINGLE GAME!!
    Tim, you are completely awful at quick reactions

    • Jerry Garcia

      Before we lose the opportunity……R Evans vrs Quincy Acy….who hae the better beard ?

      • I like Acy’s beard cause it’s so clean around the edges

  • Roarque

    Didn’t see the game. Sounds like Deron tried to pull it out of the fire all by himself – and failed.
    The Nets are a team in trouble – talk about cap issues. Cap issues with aging legs on “used to be” all-stars.
    I’ll take Brooks Lopez now but i think Jonas will make him look average in 2014/15. And by then Joe Johnson will be …what? Probably.retired?
    This is a team that’s paying Chris Humphries $12 Million / year. Really.
    And Reggie Reggie’s their star rebounder – at 34?
    If you want to feel better about the Raptors, just look at the Nets.
    Oh, and BTW, glad to see the Raps won. I don’t see the Raptors being a .500 team next year. I see them replacing a few teams like the Nets in the Eastern Playoffs. Just a few parts for the bench and we should be able to trade for them with Bargs as the bait.

    • robertparrish00

      Should we trade Bargs for Hump? Both contracts are ridiculous. Just wondering.

    • DeRozan played very well. No big complaints about him. He shot a lot outside, but was hitting.

      As for New Jersey, I actually see a lot of the Raptors in them, but not as talented, and down the road, a little. Both teams are vastly overpaying over rated players, many of who don’t play consistent defense, and whose contracts have completely restricted what the team can do in the future to improve. I read an article a few months back about how the Nets made a big mistake when they traded for Deron Williams because it put them on the path they’re on right now.

  • Bouncepass

    Tim W. would like the Raptors to follow Charlotte’s “tankapalooza” strategy. Well, let’s recount how that has worked out for Charlotte. In the past 8 years they have had a 3 top-3 picks, 4 top-5 picks and 7 top-10 picks (8 if you count Bismack Biyombo, who they acquired in a trade). How is that working out for their franchise? What Tim doesn’t seem to understand is that even if the Raptors try to tank, the likelihood of getting Wiggins is very low. Even if they manage to beat all the other teams that will be tanking hard and end up with the worst overall record, they have a 1-in-4 chance of Wiggins.

    • There are so many things wrong with your comment, I really have no idea where to start. Let me start out by saying that I never understand why people bring up perennially mismanaged teams as a reason not to tank. I’ve never suggested that the Raptors make bad personnel decisions, which is what most of the bad teams do. New Orleans tanked and landed Anthony Davis, but the fact they drafted Austin Rivers 10th, despite it being obvious to everyone except for Dell Demps and Austin’s father that Austin was going to be a bust, tells me New Orleans isn’t necessarily one of the teams to watch out for in the future.

      As for your comment in how small a chance the Raptors have of landing Wiggins, that tells me you haven’t read the article I wrote on this very subject a couple of weeks ago.

      I have no problem people disagreeing with me, but when you attempt to tell other people what I think, make sure your argument is sound.

      • Bouncepass

        Yeah, I saw how you were projecting high school players as being elite NBA players more than a year before the draft. Wiggins might be okay to project. Jabari Parker? Maybe. The others? Highly speculative.

        Remember Shabazz Muhammad?

        My point is that deliberately gutting a franchise in the hopes that it will yield high draft picks that will rejuvenate the franchise is not a proven strategy. There are plenty of teams that have failed miserably doing that, and Charlotte is a plain example (I used Charlotte, by the way, because you had alluded to them in a positive light in an earlier post).

        I do agree with your premise that a team has to be built the right way, with the right kinds of players for a winning system. I would argue that the problem with the Raptors is largely connected to not having a top-notch coach with a winning coaching philosophy. I hoped that Casey would be the answer, and still hope that he might come around. But when I see a team that can’t even consistently inbound the ball from a time-out, it gives one pause.

        I’m not sure that the current configuration of the Raptors is anything beyond mediocre, but I think it might be much better. In truth, much of their early struggles on D were related to JV’s inexperience. Starting a rookie C in the NBA is not a recipe for winning. I’d like to see this roster improved a bit with secondary scoring, another good interior defender, and a great system. Maybe Gay and DeRozan just don’t have the chops or demeanour to play winning ball, but until we see consistent coaching with a reasonable rotation, I think the jury is out.

        • Well, I never thought Shabazz Muhammad was a potentially elite player in high school, just as I didn’t understand the hype behind Harrison Barnes, who I argued didn’t look anything like a franchise player before he entered college.

          And I never said that tanking is a PROVEN strategy. I said it was the one that had the best chance of succeeding for a team like Toronto.

          I do agree the team needs better coaching, but a better coach isn’t going to change the obvious flaws in Gay, DeRozan and LOwry’s games that prevent them from leading a team anywhere beyond mediocrity. In the NBA, you need the talent and the Raptors simply don’t have that.

  • alboy

    “Yes, the Raptors have won 3 in a row against playoff teams, but you
    can’t downplay that Chicago and Brooklyn lost those games as much as as
    the Raptors won them.”
    In every game there is a team that wins and one that looses .
    In those games the other teams were playing for playoff placements , so continuing to not acknowledge even when the Raps make good games does make you , at least in my eyes , an untrusted critic . You can’t criticize when Raps loose “because they are bad” and do the same after the wins “because the other team gave them the win” , by doing this you look like a hater .
    Now , lets see the “three things you saw” you wrote :
    “the team just happen to be making jump shots today” while you should really praise DeMar performance , the other guys shoot at (or below) their standards (Lowry 2/10 , Gay 10/19 , Amir 5/12 , Acy 2/4 , Lucas 1/4 , Anderson 2/7) , so how can you explain these numbers by writing the above sentence ?
    The first point should have been a praise to DeRozan who was on fire , making almost every kind of shot although most of them were spot-up jump shots so the team did a good job of finding him (he did also make a couple of threes and missed only one at the buzzer , by making the Nets pay for leaving him wide open on the 3 , if he can make them in regular bases he becomes a very good player , although Gay’s 3point shooting has improved in the last games)

    “But with the Raptors taking so many outside jumpers, and Brooklyn fighting for playoff seeding, you knew they’d make a run. And they did.”
    Same thing here , you make it sound like it was a coincidence that Raps were 20 up , while a good part of that was due to their good man-to-man defence and good rebounding . A big part of that was also because of the help defence on Lopez even when he got the ball early in the shotclock with the defence not set .
    Although the fact that despite being caught the Raps did win pretty comfortably isn’t something worthy of being noticed …

    “The Raptors actually outscored the Nets in the paint, but that was mainly due to the Nets shooting so horribly inside.”
    This is hilarious : in fact this seems to counter the first 2 points , where you criticize the Raps for jump-shooting too much .
    But hey , even in this case , obviously , it isn’t the Raps ability that made this happen , it were the Nets themselves that shot horribly inside .
    And there’s come the only “praise” for the Raps “While you have to credit the Raptors defense somewhat” …

    Sorry for my bad English , but come on mate , you can’t make points after a win like that only for criticizing the Raps which won enough comfortably against a top 4 seed in the East still fighting for a playoff placement . I hope you to be more realistic next time instead of looking everything black .

    • Roarque

      What bad English? Posting here can improve your “bad English” and besides, it keeps us entertained. Good Post!

    • tmk

      Completely agree, great comment.

      Personally, I don’t think this team is all that good and I don’t take too much away from these past few wins, but damn…give credit were credit is due. You can make all the excuses you want, but they earned the win.

      I’ve already ranted about this but this seems like the response to wins or loses by some most of the time is:

      We beat a terrible team: wow, good job! Open up the champagne bottles! We’re contenders lololol

      We lose to a crappy team: wow, we cant even beat a team this terrible, just blow it all up

      We beat a good team: well they clearly weren’t trying/they were on a back to back/they played down to our level/we got lucky

      We lose to a good team: pssht…obvious. This team can’t beat any team with a hint of talent. Blow it up.

      Again, I don’t take too much away from meaningless end of season wins but being so negative all the time is just…tiring.

    • Guy

      You are bang on. As I’ve said before, there is nothing Tim W wont find fault with.

    • Did you watch the game? I stand by everything I said. The Nets played down the the competition and couldn’t hit ANYTHING inside, despite getting loads of chances. It was as much the Nets losing the game as it was the Raptors winning.

      And just a pet peeve I see a lot of. A team will “lose”, not “loose”. Loose is pronounced differently and means something different.

      • alboy

        I watched the entire game and I also read your entire post , while
        you didn’t read mine as I suppose it was too weird for your eyes to
        read , so I’ll make you a favour and copy part of the last paragraph of
        my first post
        “Sorry for my bad English” . I’m aware of my problems
        and I already demanded pardon for my English , I cannot do anything
        about it (using google translate would have messed up all I had to say)
        and because there is no Raptors site in my language , I checked for
        Canadian sites and I found this one which I did follow for almost the
        entire season

        You can stand by whatever you want if that makes you happy , I’m not going to attack you personally like I didn’t do before as I want to talk about the Raptors and not about me or you . Next time
        I’ll pay attention to the author of the Quick Reaction and if I see your
        name I won’t comment again , I hope this too makes you happy .


        • I know you said “sorry for my bad english””. I just see that mistake a lot and thought to correct it. If English isn’t your first language, I thought you might appreciate knowing that. A lot of people whose first language IS english seem to make that mistake.

          I didn’t take your comment personally, and thought I my reply was fine. A lot of people who comment haven’t actually watched the game, which is why I asked.

  • Calderonfansmoveonorgetout

    The raps were the better team today, that’s life in the NBA. Both the Nets and the Bulls had a lot more to play for than the Raps. I feel like there are a lot of calderon fans who want this team to fail. Can’t judge this team until next year. The raptors always have so much change and it takes time for a group to start playing well together. I think next yr well have changes on the bench, but cohesion with the starting 5, leading to a playoff appearance. Probably a first round exit, but it’s the necessary next step.

    • I don’t think there are as many Calderon fans as you might believe. And the teams prospects have nothing to do with who was traded away and everything to do with who is on the team, who is managing the team and how much he is paying those players.

  • C-low

    lol once again Rudy no love guess he’s gotta go for 30,10,5 and 1, 2 to get some love