Howard Beck reported the story:

The Knicks are offering a package built around Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and two future draft picks, one in the first round and one in the second. Several teams have pursued Bargnani, but the Knicks have emerged as the “strong favorites” to land him, and a handshake deal could come soon, the person said.

Adrian Woj is reporting that it’s a 2016 first round pick:

The Knicks will send their 2016 first-round pick to the Raptors, and a package that includes Marcus Camby and Steve Novak, league sources said. The Knicks will also send two future second-round picks to Toronto, sources said.

Unlike the Bargnani-Clippers rumour which saw Doc Rivers, a notoriously defensive coach, acquiring one of the worst defenders in professional basketball, this rumour is more believable.

The 2016 pick is protected, as is usually the case with any future first-round pick being traded these days.

Here’s what the deal breaks down like:


Getting anything in return for Bargnani is great, but getting multiple picks is simply unreal, and I don’t even care where they are in the draft. Add to that Steve Novak, who at the very least, provides outside shooting (43% career 3FG), and this is a trade which not only sheds an unwanted player but makes the Raptors better.

The Raptors would be saving approximately $3.5M in salary, as Bargnani is owed $23M over the next two years, Camby is owed $7.5M over the same period (partial guarantee of about $1M for the 2014-15 season), and Novak is owed slightly more than $12M over three years. Money again, is not the primary factor for both teams. The Knicks are trying to add variety to the roster and spread the floor, while the Raptors are trying to find Bargnani a change of scenery.

This is a deal which makes sense for both teams, with the Knicks heavily counting on Bargnani to rejuvenate himself in New York. What the Raptors do with the 39-year old Camby remains to be seen, but waiving him would likely make sense, unless Ujiri feels that Camby would provide the veteran leadership that has been missing for some time on the roster.

What’s good about this trade is that the Raptors are not adding a sweetener for a team to take on Andrea Bargnani, which was the case in the Clippers deal as DeRozan was part of the package. This doesn’t mean that DeRozan’s safe, but it does give the Raptors the option to trade DeRozan to actually improve the team instead of to simply shed a contract. The amnesty would also be preserved, which would no doubt be used on Linas Kleiza. The immediate cap relief here is minimal, with the Raptors saving $1.36M for the coming season, but that is not even the point here.

On an entirely emotional note, it’s nice to see Marcus Camby return to the Raptors, if for nothing but a game or two. Andrea Bargnani never worked out in Toronto, and the writing was on the wall for quite some time. Bryan Colangelo simply chose not to read it, and Ujiri has.

The initial reaction to this trade has the Raptors winning it hands-down, and has ESPN New York scratching their heads:

Bargnani, 27, is due to make $23 million in the next two seasons, which makes the potential trade a bit of a head-scratcher as the Knicks are already over the luxury tax threshold. In addition, Bargnani, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 draft, has missed 98 games in the past two seasons due to injuries. Last season he had to shut it down in early March because of an avulsion sprain in his right elbow.

Bargnani, 27, is due to make $23 million in the next two seasons, which makes the potential trade a bit of a head-scratcher as the Knicks are already over the luxury tax threshold. In addition, Bargnani, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2006 draft, has missed 98 games in the past two seasons due to injuries. Last season he had to shut it down in early March because of an avulsion sprain in his right elbow.

Of course, given the luck of the Raptors, I’m pretty sure that Bargnani will smoke them at least on a couple occasions next year. The talent is there and he does have the physical ability to pose a threat, it just has never consistently manifested itself on the court. Whether Woodson is the guy to make him realize his potential is questionable. What this trade does show is that the Knicks recognize that they have a problem and a solution is to try something drastic.

Here’s a nice headline by Knickerblogger.

Good luck to Andrea Bargnani.

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88 Responses to “Andrea Bargnani Traded to Knicks For Marcus Camby, Steve Novak and Multiple Picks”

  1. NyAlesund

    I hope it will happen to Bargs. Bargs for two picks, Novak and Camby!!!!!!!

    Bargs will be out of his mind for happiness……………..and he will play the European competition at his best.

    The life is strange: from Toronto Raptors that hate him so hard to the NY Knicks. From lottery team to team that wants to win the NBA titles.

    This is best for all of the parties.

    I am really curious to see if this happen for real, but if this happen well I do not want to lose the first game as Knicks against the Raptors.

    • Kid-Canada

      My understanding is that we will receive three picks: 2016 first round, 2014 and 2017 second round. Denver has the option of switching their 2016 pick with ours.

  2. Borg

    Hahahe’s gonna burn us in all 6 games we play Knicks in the future.

    Sad how we forget that so many of us ‘experts’ called him a potential all star not too long ago, maybe a couple seasons back, when he was healthy but hey that’s life of band wagon fans.

    I’m all for trading him as I know it will be a good thing for his career but trading him to a division rival, PLEASE NO!

      • Van Grungy

        Is this good enough, really? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

        Tyson Chandler 2013 Playoffs Statistics
        PPG 5.7
        RPG 7.30
        APG 0.3
        EFF + 11.92

        • NyAlesund

          Defensive center. Not offensive. He has to protect the rim, not score 20 points. Do not forget that his job was valuable in Dallas. One ring.

          • Van Grungy

            Dallas had an overall stacked team.

            A REAL center is a two-way center that will get you crunch time easy buckets.

        • guest

          Which is a rare commodity in the current NBA. The 2 teams who fought for the NBA finals both did not have a “real center”.

          • Van Grungy

            Duncan is for all intents and purposes a center

            but whatever
            as for Miami, they are the most anomalous team ever.

            • guest

              “For all intents and purposes”, Duncan is a center but so is Chris Bosh. And both will not fit your definition of a “real center”. Only Hibbert, Howard, M. Gasol and probably Bynum would fall under the criteria.

              • Van Grungy

                Chris Bosh is not and can never be considered a Center, or even a POWER forward. He has no ability to play with his back to the basket against real post players.

                you need to stop now, you just tried to equate Bosh with Duncan. You are obviously ignorant.

                • guest

                  The problem with your arguments is you keep using the term “real” i.e real center, real post player. That would have been accurate in the 60’s or 70’s where every player would have a defined position. That is not the case in the modern NBA, where we have PG’s who are 6’9 or 7’0 PF’s who could shoot the 3.

                  I did not equate TD and CB in terms of basketball skills or legacy, however, they would both fit your definition of “A REAL center is a two-way center that will get you crunch time easy buckets.” Don’t tell me CB does not fit the bill. In Miami’s line-up he is the center. When he plays with Haslem or Andersen, sometimes he is the PF. Not because Iverson’s scored more than he passed, we stop referring to him as a POINT guard. Or cause T. Allen or Sefalosha don’t score that much then they are not SHOOTING guards anymore. CB is a natural PF, who plays C in Miami’s lineup.

                  You’re probably stuck in Wilt Chamberlain’s NBA where PF’s and C’s has to have the “ability to play with his back to the basket against real post players”. There is a reason why the NBA in the latest all-star game got rid of the usual positional tags and redefined players as being either a G, F, or C. Andre Miller and Billups have the ability to play with their backs to the basket, even though they are G’s. LBJ “for all intents and purposes” is a SF, but is probably unstoppable in the post.

                  Calling me ignorant is really classy of you, especially when all you can argue about is how NBA players are not “real” in the positions that they play.

                • Van Grungy

                  they would both fit your definition of “A REAL center is a two-way center that will get you crunch time easy buckets.”
                  Nope, there you go ascribing skills to Bosh that he most certainly does not have.

                  stopped reading right there.

                • guest

                  There you go again with using words without backing it up. “Most certainly”??? I am no fan of CB but I am open-minded to accept that given the opportunity, he would get a team “crunch-time easy buckets”. He did that in Toronto as proof. That’s why he is an all-star and that’s why he got the (almost) max money in Miami. You on the other hand, did not even mention one reason why he “most certainly” does not have those skills.

                  It appears you have no knowledge of basketball…or in conducting a discussion for that matter. Using words such as “you are obviously ignorant” and “stopped reading right there” are most often used by people who could not deliver a good argument.

                  You should look at the votes on my (and NyAlesund’s) posts as compared to yours to open your eyes.

                • Van Grungy

                  Bosh had the offense run through him.

                  You didn’t pay attention to the playoffs. Miami had LeBron do the post up easy buckets because Bosh CAN’T.

                  I don’t argue with the deluded. Good day ‘guest’. Get an account so your comments can be reviewed.

                • guest

                  LOL “Miami had LeBron do the post up easy buckets” because he’s the best player in the world. If TD or KG were playing with LBJ in Miami instead of CB, LBJ would still do the post-ups. TD or KG would have to shoot mid range jumpers because that’s how Miami’s offense runs.

                  You argue about how the offense runs through CB in Toronto because he is their best player, then come back with how the offense runs through LBJ and not CB, without acknowledging that LBJ is the best player in the world right now??? Now that my friend is deluded. Having an account does not make you right. How is an alias such as “Van Grungy” better than ‘guest’???

    • NyAlesund

      No man. Bargs is so happy and he will play as better as he can. Do not forget how he played two years ago.

      The Knicks needs desperately a 4 with points and Bargs is perfect. Also they have a big fella to pretect the rim. If you compare Stat and Bargs is easy to understand that the Knicks has got an upgrade. Because Stat is no longer a consistent player and cost almost two times Bargs.

      The boos. No problem. Everyone in NY got boo but the differences is the Knicks are not Bargs team but Melo team.

  3. Guest

    Yes, the money isn’t the biggest issue, but your math is way off. Just under $11M over three years isn’t the same as “slightly more than $8M over three years.”

    • NyAlesund

      Your right. Unfortunately this day is not pefect getting Camby 39 years old and Novak………gosh.

        • NyAlesund

          Really? Mister Masai Ujiriu didn’t have time to wait one week, not one month to evaluate other offers?

          You as GM trade Bargs for a almost retired player like Camby and a spot up shhoter unable to stay on the floor for 15 minutes before he becomes a huge liability on D for the sake of get rid of Bargs and save 3/4 mlns.

          Do you think that nobody would have offered something slightly better? So trade him 2 minutes later the opening market?

  4. Bendit

    I believe your trade machine pic has outdated info…it is a capture inclusive of the past year as well that Camby’s last year is non guaranteed.
    Are the Knicks doing this to mitigate what the Nets have done? They need to make a “splash” of some kind I suppose. And interesting choice of the Novak shot….I can see AB way late getting back on defense. LOL.

  5. Jamshid

    Are the salaries shown here correct ? HoopsWorld is showing different number.

    Camby: 4.3 this year and 4.1 for next year which is not gurantee.

    Novak: 3.7, 3.5, 3.7 for next 3 years.

    AB: 10.7 and 11.5

    In coming Salaries: 15.2 over next 3 years
    Out going: 22.2

    This is an amazing trade if it goes through for Toronto.

    • NyAlesund

      About salaries is perfect. The issue is about the basketball players. Novak is going to play 10/15 minutes as a liability on D, worst than Bargs, Camby is old and he can also be a good mentor for Val.

      I understand the desire to get rid of Bargs but do this for Camby+Novak and first pick over 20/25 is not a great deal.

      • Tom

        and 2 second rounders, you would hope that by 2016 the knicks will not be a top team, thats two years and Amare and Melo will not be at the top of their game, who knows they may bottom out, I think this is a great read on the pick. Come 2016, knick fans will be cursing about not having the pick.

      • Jamshid

        It is fantastic deal when you consider that the whole league knows about AB and his situation here and how close Raptors were in the past to amnesty him. AB had zero value and this is the best you can get for him. This is a great deal because now, UM can move Novak or Camby much easier than AB. Both players have much smaller contracts which is much easier to trade. Both are reasonably paid. Plus, we are getting picks … something that we need if we want to rebuild this team.

        What did you guys think you will get back for AB ?? Over the years, I said here over and over that Raptor fans should be realistic when it comes to their team. After the events of last year and how fans became alienated with AB and how he was basically push aside from the team.

        I am sure BC would have not been able to pull this trade. I am impressed by UM right now. Plus, I am very happy for AB … NYC is a great place for him and the rule that he will play for that team. Good luck to AB. I have a feeling that he will shine in his new role.

        • NyAlesund

          Only one thing: the Bargs value was so bad that the Warriors offered Lee for him. Maybe is not too bad. UM declined the Warriors’ offer

          • Tim W.

            Take a look at Lee’s contract and you’ll understand why the Raptors turned it down. Lee is owed nearly $45 million over the next three years. For a guy who doesn’t play defense, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of takers for that contract.

  6. mountio

    While, it seems like this baby is done, which is great for us. As a long time AB supporter, I will be interested to see how he does in NY. I will admit hes been absolute shit the last couple of years and he 100% had to go. All things considered, this is a pretty strong haul for him. Its really about flexibility and the pick. Novak will bring a little bit to the team .. but we hadnt been getting anything positive out of AB .. so its not like there is anything to replace.

    Its also nice to have a GM that is thinking the right way, in that the flexibility and picks are coming in our direction (as opposed to the opposite with BC).

    All in all .. Im pretty happy. I do think people undervalue AB pretty significantly .. I think he will be helpful to the Knicks and certainly bring more than Novak/Camby did.

  7. Marz

    Camby *could* be waived, but he’s more likely the tough veteran presence who can actually play (even at 39) that Casey has repeatedly asked for.

  8. joshua reynolds

    i love it!!!!!!!!!……a decrepit camby and pylon novak for bargs!………KNICKS BABY!… original team….cant wait to see bargs drop 3’s and dunk all over the raptors……you got your wish idiots…..although i like the picks.BWHAHAHAHAHAAH

    • Duncan

      josh, be careful. the enigma of bargnani is complex. those players will not be used. we had to dump salary. now we can get some solid FAs and build our team. the trade was mutually beneficial.

    • robertparrish00

      Read what the real NY fans say on that knickerblogger post. If you are a fan of the Knicks, wouldn’t you also think like the knick fans that this is a bad deal for them? Figure yourself out man!

      • joshua reynolds

        much like our fanbase they have retards as well….gg knows what hes doin…..and once dre starts droppin 3’s.postin up and playing fabulous man d…..they gonna be chantin his name at msg…..BOOKIT.

        • XanderZ

          I would love to see another comment from you next season regarding barg. I just hope he’ll live to ur expectation! =)

  9. Cap space....HELLO!!!

    Should also mention that only 1 to 1.5 million is guaranteed on Cambys deal after 2013-2014 season.

  10. Right Clique

    I would like to point out that in the image used in this article, Andrea Bargnani is late getting back on defense and will clearly not be in rebounding position if the shot is missed.

  11. NyAlesund


    Bad decision has made. He would have waited a little bit to evaluate other offers for Bargs. Because ther were other offers. Instead he trade him immediatelly for who? Novak and Camby……

    • ac1011990

      We get a veteran presence in Camby, and a deadly 3 point shooter in Novak. To top it off reports are saying we get the first round pick in 2016 The 2nd round pick in 2014 via okc and the 2017 2nd round pick. Nobody would have given more to us than that. Raps have waited long enough, this is a great deal, go cheer for Knicks if it hurts so bad losing beloved Bargs, he clearly was not helping the raptors, this deal will.

      • joshua reynolds

        camby will never play one game for us and novak is worse than kapono…..this is all about dumping a player to appease idiots and get picks and tank for wiggins.

        • ac1011990

          Don’t need Camby to play, he can serve as a veteran leader, someone the raps desperately needed. Raps were awful 3 point shooters, we are getting an absolute deadly 3 point shooter in Novak. He’s exactly what Bargani was supposed to be for the raps, someone who spreads the floor. Neither Novak or Bargnani provide anything else other then a few points and floor spacing, so why not take a guy who averages 43 percent over his career. This isn’t a move to appease idiots, its trading something worthless to us into 3 draft picks and a serviceable shooter. Draft picks are super important in the league right now, and people are forgetting that Ujirir is a pretty decent drafter so if we keep them they could turn out to be even better down the road.

    • RaptorFan

      You are too emotional for bargs….this is a VERY good trade for us!!! We save cap space AND get 3 picks!!! WTF else could we hope for???? I’m glad AB is finally gone. I dont care if he has Vince Carter types of games against us in the future…..he needed to go. He was a disappointment! I hope you plan on leaving with Andrea….I’m tired of your love affair with the lethargic enigma! He’s someone else’s problem now! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

      • Michael Jensen

        I agree. The truth is that even if Camby and Novak are not what they used to be, this was a great trade. The reasons are:

        1. Bargnani’s stock wasn’t more more than the draft picks anyway. In fact, this was hands down the best offer we would get for him.
        2. Camby may be old, but if we can use him on a limited basis, he may give us a few good minutes, but more so he’ll be a great mentor for JV
        3. Because Camby’s last year is only partially guaranteed he becomes a use able trade piece down the line for a team who is desparate for a cheap center, no matter the age (This happens all the time. Remember the Heat with Juwan Howard?)
        4. Steve Novak is not what everyone hoped he would be, but he’s an upgrade of Linus Kleiza who we can now amnesty. And he’ll do what we brought Kleiza in for (But has only ever been able to do well in Europe) and that’s spread the floor as a backup
        5. This gives us some cash relief.

        However in the end, this not only fills our bench (which is important because we were over the Luxury tax with only 12 players on the books) but this also gives us trade options down the line. Novak and Camby are not valuable right now, (Novak potentially wont ever be unless he revives his career in Toronto) but Camby will be if he doesnt die first, and those draft picks are FANTASTIC value. Plus, trading Bargs away means an Amnesty on Kleiza or possibly (less likely) Fields. Which is perfect.

  12. Paul

    Doug Smith is reporting that the 2016 first rounder is protected. Any idea what the protection is??

    • ian

      I do believe Denver has swap rights to the pick, making it unlikely that it’ll be a lottery pick and more likely in the 18-23 spot

      • ac1011990

        Haha now Knicks will be sitting there with 3 defensively worthless players all hoping to chuck p shots for the fun of it. Remember there is only 1 ball, as long as Carmelo and Smith are around Bargs on most days will be standing around hoping Carmelo or smith accidentally lose the ball so he can chuck up his 18+ footers. The only player on the Knicks team I would truly want on my Team would be shumpert, the rest of the team is just a bunch of offensively talented players looking to get theirs. Enjoy Bargs, I sincerely how he provides something for your Knicks, meanwhile wel let Ujiri cash in on your guys first round and 2 second round picks.

  13. One relaxed guy

    Well… all I can think of is: how the hell Ujiri brainwashed Knicks to make that deal actually happen? Hoping that Bargnani will be better in the future than he was the last two seasons is highly optimistic to say the least. It’s a long shot for Knicks, but hey, he’s their problem now. And for the Raptors – I think it’s a good deal. The reason why Ujiri is hurrying? Maybe he wants to move on further and make another deal (Bledsoe). Those extra picks might come in handy in other trades (again, Bledsoe). Overall it’s an interesting deal. Camby is a waste of money and obviously Knicks wanted to get rid of him. Well, let’s hope he can be useful in developing JV with some minutes on court. And Novak is an interesting peace, good shooter, can be really good as a rotation player. Raps needed some consistent 3pt shooter. And the picks. Knowing how good Ujiri is at finding young prospects and making good decisions in draft those received picks might help to build some young and promising talents in this organization.

  14. WhiteVegas

    Wow, what an amazing trade. Ujiri is the man! We get one of the best shooters in the league in Novak, instantly boosting our bench. Novak can fill the role Bargs should have been able to, the big man off the bench who can stretch the floor with deadly accuracy, and he does it for $8M less per year. Camby is washed up but his contract is really only 1 year long, as the second year he is only guaranteed for $1M. We also get 3 draft picks, a 1st and two 2nd rounders. This is the kind of magic I thought would come when we hired Ujiri. So awesome to see it coming to fruition.

    • Duncan

      dont be so high on novak. he’s not that great. but he could do well in catch and shoot situations with klow

    • Leftovercrack

      This was a fantastic trade. Colangelo gone, Bargnani gone, turn the page and move on to a new era. And we are stockpiling draft picks for the future, instead of trading them, a la Colangelo. Now it is the Knicks’ turn to realize that scoring 15 points on 20 shots with 2 rebounds and lazy defense is not the way to win in the NBA. Camby is old, but he can be let go after one season. Novak only makes a bit over $4 million a year, not that expensive a bench player

  15. Marz

    I don’t think this was mentioned, but I read that DENVER CAN SWAP THEIR PICK WITH THE Knicks’ 2016 first round pick.

    • WhiteVegas

      This is true. I expect both of those teams to be in the 5-8 seed range then, so can’t see it making too much of a difference. We also don’t know what the protection is yet, so the pick could be pushed back to 2017.

  16. Ds

    Good trade overall. It’s unfortunate that we wasted 7 years waiting for him to become something we’ll never be.

    I’m hoping for Denver and NY to both suck beyond repair, so that we can get a lottery pick in 2016. The second rounders will probably be wasted on other trades, so an asset is an asset.

  17. Dagger

    As a Raptors fan, this is my favorite trade, ever.

    To receive a first round draft pick (!!) and two second round draft picks for Bargnani: that might be the biggest NBA steal in years. I understand that the Knicks want to space the floor for Anthony and maybe Amare to work in the paint, and Bargnani has a reputation as a stretch four. Which is funny, because he shot 31% from the 3 last season and 29% in the previous season. Good luck stretching the floor with that guy!

    Obviously not enough people realize how atrocious Bargnani has become. Leave aside the stunningly bad help defense (probably worst in the league), abysmal rebounding percentage (all-time worst for a center?) and obviously flaky commitment to basketball. This guy shoots 43.7% from the field for his career! He’s averaged more turnovers than assists! Oh, and he’s played more than 66 games in a season only once. Did I mention that his winshares are basically as close to zero as you can get, and that some advanced stats actually show that he costs his team wins when he plays? Which is born out by reality, because the Raptors played like a decent team when he’s sat in recent years, but were abysmal when he played.

    This is a guy who’s making $10 million/year. He was selected first in a week draft, but the selection was still so appalling that it probably did more than anything else to get the responsible GM fired. Bargnani is a player you should have to package with draft picks and young talent to trade, and then you should expect the bloated contract of Amare or Boozer in return. To get draft picks? What were the Knicks thinking?

  18. Guy

    With Colangelo out of the mix & now Bargnani apparently gone, I have to wonder…. what will the usual suspects around here complain about now?

    • ac1011990

      Lolz if I was a Knicks fan I might have become a bit more worried after that video. In 6 years he has a 3 min video of 7 blocks and him going to to the rim. That video pretty much sums up exactly what the problem with him was. He is an insanely talented player who rarely tries. If he did more of what we saw on the video I doubt we would be discussing this trade. The sad part is Knick fans will most likely only get another 3 min video of the same stuff over the next 6 years.

      • Van Grungy

        yes, you are correct
        someone dropped that on the espn comment thread so I just wanted to pass it along here

  19. Alb.perjet

    Howard Beck ‏@HowardBeckNYT15m

    UPDATE: Knicks trade for Bargnani will NOT be approved by NBA tonight. As a result, teams will have to restructure under 2013-14 cap figures.

    F U Stern! F U…






    • Duncan

      its bs. apparently, all they need ot do is add another player, and it clears.

  20. Craven Moorehead


  21. Whitekage

    Apparently there are problems with this trade.

    RT @HowardBeckNYT: UPDATE: Knicks trade for Bargnani will NOT be approved by NBA tonight. Teams have to restructure with 2013-14 cap figures— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) July 1, 2013

  22. Mugsy

    Bargnani has a great track record in playing for Italy. With the worlds coming up it might have been smart to hold on to him until then and let his draft stock rise a little. It couldn’t be lower than it is now, and despite his ineffectiveness with the raptors he always showcases his skill playing international.

    Still think this was a decent deal, but waiting a month could have made things even better.

  23. multipaul

    Terrible trade..Camby is injured, old, and worthless, low draft picks years ahead, and a no defense jason kapono lite. I agree we needed to trade bargs but really is this the best we abmn do? Hopefully a precursor to a derozan full tank mode trade. Otherwiise ujiri just pulled a vince trade pt deux, ripkingbargs

  24. turdo sandwoich

    For whatever it’s worth, reaction as a longtime Raps fan: “Those poor Knicks, they must be so desperate.”

  25. Kujo

    It’s about time time. Finally. I would have been happy with just 1 draft pick. Freeing up cap space is just icing on the cake. I don’t think he could have gotten a better deal. I fully expects the Raps to waive Camby.

  26. Beagle17

    I’m quite impressed. Novak is exactly the type of reliable role player the Raps never seem to have. I feel he qualifies in the leadership department by the same measure. Nice acquisition.

    This trade also does go to show how stupid some posters were talking a couple months ago saying Bargs couldn’t net anything. He’s always been more valuable than most here were willing to admit. He didn’t fit into the picture very well here, but paired with Chandler and Melo, I think he’ll help the Knicks win a lot of games. He can get hot.

    Novak should help us win a few close games like we couldn’t seem to do last year. At the tail end of a close game defense doesn’t matter at all in comparison to scoring threes.

  27. Name

    I wonder if we will see Spike Lee courtside at MSG wearing a Bargnani jersey.

  28. morgan c


    I mean, seriously, what the hell else can you say. No shit, if the
    Raps were able to simply unload AB for NOTHING (and not have to take on
    anything at the same time), it would have been great. But they get a
    first round pick, two second rounders, a legitimate 3 point shooting
    role player, and an old as balls but still somewhat potentially useful
    Marcus Camby (no matter what happens with him). I mean, da fuck?!

    Please, can someone explain, or attempt to explain how Uriji did
    this? This move alone, I mean, I am literally hyperventilating with
    excitement. How did he do this?

    Okay, step back and think about that haul: an old big, a useful role
    player, and THREE picks (one first rounder). That is for an all-star

    but no… instead the raps get that for giving up bargnani? I just don’t understand, but lord am I happy.

    I challenge ANYONE to point out a more lopsided trade not
    involving hall of fame level players in the last 10 years. Seriously. I
    will happily admit it if one can provide an example.

    At the end of the day, even if I, like many raps fans, are maybe
    overly negative toward Bargnani, okay, but objectively, this guy is
    simply not good. Maybe not one of the worst (certainly least useful)
    players in the league, as I seriously think, but straight up bad.



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