Raptors Need Some Point Guards – Some Options For Ya

Let’s run-down some names as Ujiri tries to avoid having to play Kyle Lowry 48 minutes a game.

Jeff Teague: Good year in Atlanta where he got to start pretty much every game in the last two years. Made $4.5M last year and would be expecting a raise, which the Raptors could offer with a sign-and-trade, unless he comes in for the mid-level. Would provide some healthy competition for Lowry. Bucks are interested.

Darren Collison: If this were two years ago, we’d be all over him, but he’s been found out of late and the fact that he’s not signing offer-sheets left and right says interest has cooled off. He’s an RFA with a $4.53M qualifying offer, and would be had at the MLE, I imagine. Him and Lowry could potentially provide some great defense at the point, but you have to wonder if the assist total amongst them would be considered a little low.

Devin Harris: A UFA signing that would mostly be made for defensive reasons, Harris would be an underwhelming signing but could find a home in Casey’s defensive system. He’s would essentially be Jerryd Bayless. He made $8.5M last year which was part of a 5yr/$42M deal which Dallas bestowed upon him before shipping him off to New Jersey.

Aaron Brooks: Another guy who was considered a value player a few years ago has now fallen on hard times. He was waived by the Rockets, and is how searching for a home. Any home. It could even be a dumpster underneath a highway, Brooks will take it. This would definitely be a buy-low move, but on the plus side, he would add a little bit of herky-jerky quickness that the Raptors lack.

Benu Udrih: He’ll be looking for his fifth NBA team in 11 seasons this coming fall, which says something about the guy, which is that teams expect something from him, he fails to live up to the expectations, and is moved on. He was signed for the MLE, and is now an UFA. Apparently, there are 10 teams showing interest in him, which is surprising. He made $7.3M last year in Orlando and better not make half as much next season.

Greivis Vasquez: Essentially a slow combo-guard that surprises you with his shot-making at times, Vasquez is essentially an expiring contract at $2.15M (QO after that). He’s hardly an untouchable in New Orleans, so if the Raptors needed him they could pick him up quite easily in a simple flip while addressing the power forward position: Linas Kleiza’s expiring for Jason Smith ($5m owed over two years) and Vasquez would do the trick.

Jose Calderon, Jarrett Jack: Considered and un-considered due to being former Raptors.

I was going to profile more PGs, but I’ve sort of lost interest in this post, so you may as well just check out the whole free-agent list of PGs here. Much more importantly, make sure to get in on the chance to shoot some hoops at the ACC and attend a Raptors game with RR for below-cost. It’s gon be gud.

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