Test your knowledge of the Toronto Raptors’ off-season transactions

Note: I stole this idea from Sean McIndoe of Grantland. He’s one of the most best hockey writers in the business (he likes to crap on the Maple Leafs). Pay him a page-view sometime.

The NBA offseason is really rough. All the excitement happens in the first week or so and once all the superstars change jerseys (and finalize multi-million dollar contracts), the NBA settles into hibernation.

It’s been especially difficult for us Raptors fans. Sure, you remember Ujiri replacing Colangelo and the Bargnani trade, but I bet you forgot all about the other small tid-bits. Take my quiz to find out what you’ve forgotten:

1) What was Glen Grunwald thinking when he traded 3 picks for Bargnani?
A) He wants to cement his status as the best Raptors GM ever.
B) James Dolan wanted Danilo Galinari back and thought Ujiri was still the GM of the Nuggets.
C) He wanted the Melo-Amare-Bargnani front line to be a thing.

2)” DJ” in DJ Augustin stands for:
A) Darryl Gerald
B) Dee Jay
C) Deblue Jayssuck

3) Steve Novak’s defensive ability is most analogous to:
A) Jose Calderon
B) A pylon
C) A cut-out of Jose Calderon

4) Andrea Bargnani sharing the same locker room as Metta World Peace, Kenyon Martin and JR Smith will be:
A) Hilarious
B) Tragic
C) Hilariously tragic

5) Austin Daye only exists in:
A) Two-dimension
B) One-dimension
C) Tayshan Prince-dimension

6) Rudy Gay’s eye surgery will correct his:
A) Field-goal percentage
B) On-base percentage
C) His shot-selection

7) Which picture of Elaine Alden Landry Fields will be most frequently utilized in RR posts?
A) This one
B) This one
C) This one
D) all of the above

8) Having Tyler Hansbrough and Jonas Valanciunas in the same locker room will likely result in:
A) Tyler Hansbrough becoming Jonas’ personal acting coach
B) Casey giving JV’s minutes to Hansbrough because he wants more “toughness”
C) Tyler “accidentally” breaking Jonas’ arm to get minutes in the rotation

Bear with us, RR readers. The season is less than two months away.

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  • Casey Sherman

    6 is none of the above, William. I think it’ll be court vision and offensive awareness that improves. Not by much though

    • DDayLewis

      Nah he’ll walk more which will increase his OBP

      • Casey Sherman

        Didn’t you find that not to be the case for baseball players? Anyway the court vision thing is no joke–I genuinely think the corrected vision will help trim off a few turnovers and add on a few assists

        • DDayLewis

          This whole article was mostly for fun. I really don’t want to reopen the eye surgery conversation (see the comments in the two quick reasons article), but what the study found was that there was no statistically significant difference in performance.

          It’s really crazy to think that his eyes were that bad. I wear glasses for nearsightedness and I keep them on (stupidly) when I play pick up. It’s impossible to play without them.

          • Casey Sherman

            I know I know. I kill fun.

            Hey, I’m not one of those people who thinks the surgery will have a big effect, especially on shooting. But I think it could improve him subtly (keyword: subtly) as a player. There are so many moving parts in a basketball game–players coming off of screens, defenders bobbing in and out and switching, people cutting etc. It’s all about how quickly you can analyze all this visual info and make quick (subconscious) decisions. If his vision is truly improved, I think he’ll be that little bit quicker and more accurate. Hitting a cutting teammate in traffic instead of turning it over, reacting to help defense a split second earlier etc.

            Or that analysis could be total BS. We’ll see

            • I don’t see how corrective surgery will have any effect whatsoever. Shooting, passing and defense are all done with instinct, reflex and muscle memory. Unless the guy is so blind he literally can’t tell who is who from 15 feet away, then corrective surgery should make little difference. If he could see his teammate, then he should be able to pass to him without a problem. Especially considering you don’t actually look at the player you’re passing to most of the time.

              If Gay’s vision was really so bad that surgery would have an effect on his shooting, passing, etc, then I think it’s unforgivable that he didn’t wear glasses or contact lens to correct it earlier.

              • Casey Sherman

                I don’t know too much about vision, I’m just saying maybe correcting it will actually help his instincts and reflexes—these actions are based on visual input after all.

                And I agree, vision correction won’t help muscle memory. Accordingly, I don’t expect him to shoot much better as a result. I do, however, think he will improve at shooting and other aspects of the game. But for other reasons. And of course people will cite the vision correction should things improve, but whatever

                As to why he never had surgery, two things: 1) I don’t think it was ever that bad. Again, any effect this season will be subtle. 2) Sometimes you just get used to things. Especially if you’ve never known better

                • DDayLewis

                  Re: Why he didn’t wear glasses/contacts:

                  He’s very squeamish about putting things in his eyes and they couldn’t get him a comfortable pair of glasses.

                • They’re paying him $16 million to play at as high a level as possible. If it’s actually affecting his game, then you suck it up and either put on contacts or wear goggles, as many others in the past have done. If it’s not really affecting his play, then it really doesn’t matter because the surgery is going to have little to not effect.

                • If his vision wasn’t that bad, and I really doubt it was otherwise he wouldn’t be able to play, then the surgery will have absolutely no effect. And that’s my point.

                  If his vision WAS bad enough to affect his play, then the fact he refused to wear contact lens’ or goggles because he didn’t like them, despite being paid $16 million, then I have a really big problem with that.

                • Casey Sherman

                  What I’m saying is the difference might have been small enough for him not to notice, or care about. And that’s kind of the point–the real benefit is going to be for subconscious actions such as instincts and reflexes. Will it be a big benefit? Probably not. But who knows

                • That sounds rather fishy to me, quite frankly. I expect Gay’s play to improve over last season simply because last season was well below average, for him. I expect him to be closer to average, but that would have nothing to do with his improved eyesight.

              • ItsAboutFun

                “I don’t see how corrective surgery will have any effect whatsoever.
                Shooting, passing and defense are all done with instinct, reflex and
                muscle memory.”

                Huh? Though it’s certainly true that muscle memory is important in shooting, good vision is extremely important, as the muscle memory has to constantly adjust to distance and height, all determined to the brain from sight. I have no idea how someone can say better vision will have no “effect whatsoever”. …. eyes—–> brain ——> muscles as far as I know, but I’m open to enlightenment.

                • Guy

                  I would tend to agree. I’m not sure how an argument can be made that better vision wont be beneficial. I’m no eye doctor, but I would assume eye surgery improves vision, sharpens what is seen & improves depth perception. Aren’t those things important when shooting & passing the basketball? Reflex & muscle memory might carry the day if a player’s every shot was like a free throw…uncontested & from the exact same spot.. but that isn’t the case. Shots are taken from different spots/distances, with the player on the move & almost always contested. Having vision that adjusts quicker & to a sharper image has to be a positive. But…… opinions vary.

                • Casey Sherman

                  Yep. Tim W, this is what I was trying to say, just articulated better. Instincts and reflexes require visual input

                • He has had visual input. If he was so impaired that it affected his play, then he should have worn goggles, contacts, or given back part of his $16 million salary. If he has trouble reading road signs at more than 25 feet, then that’s not enough to have any affect on his shooting, passing or any other aspect of his game.

                  I am a shooter, and my vision has gotten worse over the years, so much so that I have trouble reading things from a distance. But I can see the hoop and I can see the other players on the team, and that’s all I need.

                • Guy

                  I’m wondering how you can speak with such certainty about Rudy Gay’s vision & the effect it had on his game when you have no knowledge whatsoever of how good or bad his vision was. Doesn’t it make sense that if his vision was poor, the visual input he was getting was also poor & that would have a negative effect on performance?

                  Your own visual impairments are exactly that, your own & have absolutely no relevance to Rudy Gay. I like to play golf & I had similar knee surgery to what Tiger Woods had a few years back. Does that mean I’m qualified to speak matter-of-factly about how his knee problem affected his play? Of course not.

                • I’m speaking with the exact same amount of certainty you are.

                • ItsAboutFun

                  “I’m speaking with the exact same amount of certainty you are.”

                  That’s simply not true.

                • “I would tend to agree. I’m not sure how an argument can be made that better vision wont be beneficial.”


                  “I don’t see how corrective surgery will have any effect whatsoever.”

                  Yes, it is. Just because you disagree with my opinion doesn’t mean I’m being more certain than others. It just means you disagree with it.

                • ItsAboutFun

                  Holy …. I was sure you understood the English language better, but anything to “win”, eh. To be sincere in saying those two statements are expressing equal certainty, is mind boggling, but now you try and turn the discussion into “Just because you disagree with my opinion”…. *head shake*. When all else fails, eh.

                  Let’s bring it back to why you don’t see how better vision “will have any effect whatsoever” on his shooting, and try not to misdirect the subject again to his failings to do something sooner. You say it’s all about muscle memory. I say the muscle memory is useless unless you have proper vision of where you are on the court, or in the air, in relation to the basket, as in the brain, which controls the muscle memory, uses the input from the eyes. Please tell us how you don’t see how better vision won’t affect shooting.

                • The first paragraph was completely unnecessary to the conversation. Next time leave that kind of thing out, please.

                • ItsAboutFun

                  Oh, for heaven sake. The 3rd re-direction. Okay, I’ll modify it slightly.

                • Guy

                  Certainty doesn’t equate to credibility.

                  My opinion that better vision is a good thing, a positive that can only help has credibility. Your opinion that better vision is meaningless does not.

                  As well, your opinion that what an NBA player does on the court is all instinct, reflex & muscle memory lacks credibility because it ignores, or rather fails to realize, that all those things are triggered by what a player sees & how soon he sees it. A player will process information quicker & react faster if he sees things better & sooner.

                • Casey Sherman

                  I suppose if the problem was for far away objects then that’s a different story. Was that the case? I just read that his vision was “bad”…

                • Being near-sighted would be worse than being far-sighted. I’m not sure what else it could be, considering it could have been corrected with contact lens or goggles.

                • DDayLewis

                  Okay, I’m not getting into this conversation again, but I’d just like to point out two things.

                  1. Gay had astigmatism (http://www.sportingnews.com/nba/story/2013-08-21/dwyane-case-raptors-coaching-record-contract-rudy-gay-demar-derozan-terrence-ros)

                  2. Information on astigmatism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astigmatism_(eye)

                  Play nice, kids.

                • ItsAboutFun

                  Who is not “playing nice”? Or is disagreeing with Tim not considered nice here?

                  PS. Your first link doesn’t produce,,,,, and what’s the point of linking wiki’s definition of “astigmatism”?

                • DDayLewis

                  Refrain from making personal remarks and antagonizing the other commenters. This goes for everyone.

                  I can’t get the first link to work for some reason. Here’s another link that states that he had astigmatism http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2013/08/raptors-coach-dwane-casey-is-hopeful-eye-surgery-helps-rudy-gay-improve/

                • ItsAboutFun

                  You keep going on about you’re beef that he should have done something (glasses/contacts) sooner, but that has nothing to do with your argument that the corrective surgery won’t help his shooting. Pure baffle-gab.

  • guest

    I can see 8B becoming a thing, sadly…

  • SR

    Nice post – if I were an LOL kind of guy, I’d give it one of those.

    – I’ll go with #3 d) Novak’s defense is analogous to a cut-out of Jose Calderon – with his pants down.
    – #4 wouldn’t worry me – in spite of uninspired play on the court, Bargnani is a cold-hearted bad ass who doesn’t give a sh*t. Period. He’s not about to be intimidated by a couple of inked-up millionaires who talk like gangsters but live in the suburbs and sleep in silk pajamas.
    – #8 – Landry Fields has already won at life. It’s over. Let’s go home. No wonder he doesn’t care if the ball goes in or not anymore.

  • Statement

    1A gave me a good chuckle,
    Thanks for that. I must say that you are one of the better Raptors writers that I’ve ever read (and I’ve read them all).
    This offseason as been highly magoo. I mean, I’m happy Colagenlo is gone and all, but it’s high time for the games to start.

    • DDayLewis


  • Right Clique

    “Deblue Jayssuck.”