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It was a systematic destruction, not to mention an inevitability. Once the Heat got used to the Raptors’ attack, they pretty much dissected them. Despite a size advantage, Casey opted to use a smaller lineup to match up with the Heat when James played power forward. Amir Johnson did not play for the entire fourth quarter, while Jonas Valanciunas only came on with 3:58 remaining, when the game was more or less unwinnable. It was curious. “I don’t think the small lineup had anything [to do with the loss],” Casey said.

Raptors overmatched against LeBron and Heat | Toronto Star

There aren’t many things in the NBA more certain than a Ray Allen three-pointer and when he made it for a 12-point Heat lead, the game was over. “Being in the moment, making big plays at the right time is huge,” said Raptors coach Dwane Casey. “Our guys are battling, believe me, we put ourselves in position against the top team in the league and now the next step for our team is to be able to bust though that and make those plays. “Are we there yet? We’re not there yet. But I see us getting better, I see us improving.”

Raptors Rapid Recap: Heat Pull Away from Raptors in 4th, Win 104-95 | Raptors HQ

Jonas Valanciunas was the best Raptor on the floor tonight. With no real interior presence for Miami; Toronto took advantage of the glass early by grabbing 11 offensive rebounds in the first half. Valanciunas continued to impress and gave the Raptors some momentum in the second half when he dunked on LeBron James.

Raptors can’t beat the Heat, fall 104-95 | Toronto Sun

At the morning shootaround, head coach Dwane Casey told the assembled media: “We’re not going to out-talent them, but they’re not going to outwork us.” He was right for about the first 18 minutes, but from that point on, the Heat had the better work ethic, not to mention the agreed-upon talent excess. Casey pointed to the start of the fourth quarter, which the Raps entered down four points and managed to string together seven turnovers and a missed three-pointer from Terrence Ross over those first eight possessions. The lead went from four to 14 in that span and the game was all but over. “We gave our starters a blow and I thought they broke our back a bit there,” Casey said.

LeBron on verge of becoming NBA’s greatest | Sportsnet.ca

The Raptors made it a game through three quarters but were overmatched in the fourth, but given the crowd was at least as interested in seeing James, the 104-95 final score didn’t seem to matter as much; there was still a crowd gathered at the edge of the stands shouting his name at the end of the night. And why not? What they’re watching is something amazing. His continued evolution indicates that his character is as remarkable as his rare collection of athletic gifts.

Raptors vs HEAT: Too Much LeBron James | Pro Bball Report

Raptors start the quarter slow again, quickly down 86-74. Timeout Coach Casey, but HEAT go on a 19-3 run before the Raptors respond aided by 8 Raptors turnovers in the first 4 minutes of the fourth quarter. Run ends at 90-74 with 7:47 left in the game. Hansbrough leads a 6-0 Raptors run back by making 5 free throws. It took 8 minutes before Lowry finally got the Raptors first field goal of the quarter on an and-one drive to the hoop. Credit the Raptors for not giving up.

Heat Flex in Fourth Quarter to Outlast Raptors, 104-95 | Dino Nation Blog

Bench boss, Dwayne Casey, opted to match the Heat’s vaunted small ball lineup in the second half, despite the success of big men, Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas. The pair combined for 19 points and 10 rebounds – 5 offensive – in the first half. Johnson only saw 12 minutes of floor time in second half, zero in the final Q, while Valanciunas only logged 10 minutes.

Heat Reaction: Heat at Raptors | Heat Index Blog – ESPN

For the Raptors to reach their potential, catalyst Rudy Gay must shake off his horrible start to the season. Gay entered the game shooting just 33 percent from the field, and never had much of an impact on either end of the court against the Heat. The Raptors led by double figures early and kept making runs in the second half, but fell to 0-12 to Miami since the 2010-11 season.

LeBron and Wade shine as Heat take apart Raptors 104-93 | Hot Hot Hoops

After a slow start, this was a game in which the Heat steadily gained momentum and got stronger in the second half. So far this season, the defending champs have showed lots of stretches of up and-down play and weak fourth-quarter defense. Even still, the Raptors closed the margin to just 6 points near the end of the game before a LeBron three-point play on a driving move to the basket along with a Ray Allen three-pointer doubled the lead and iced the game. LeBron also had this special message in his post game interview with Jackson: “Back home to the Bosh family, congratulations on Dylan. It’s an unbelievable feeling – I know – and I look forward to having you back.”

Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors 11/5/13: Video Highlights and Recap | Bleacher Report

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8 Responses to “Morning Coffee: Movember 6th Edition”

  1. JV

    I’m loosing my patience with Dwayne Casey, the heat walked all over our smaller line up. Jona Valanciunas was the raptors most efficient scorer and had a healthy size advantage over Haslam and Birdman. It kills me to see a guy like JV on the bench for the majority of the second half. He plays with more fire than anyone on that team… maybe minus Quincy.. I cant wait for this 45 day “trial period” Masai’s got goin on and hopefully he sends Casey packing, (alot of great coaches are out of jobs after last season) heck who knows maybe even Rudy Gay might be on his way out. He hasnt been playing great and i dont see him pulling in alot of double teams, his mid range jumper will always be spuratic and he’ll never stop shooting them.

  2. oioi

    Give JV some more damn minutes!!!! The guy’s too good to be sitting on the bench for most of the game

  3. robertparrish00

    My posts are 98% against Casey. But this game I actually think was more on the players defence. How do you allow all those switches on defence playing man to man. Fight thru a screen. . Amir and lowry switch men off ball so Amir has Wade and Lowry has Battier. Wonder why JV was matched against LeBron. Don’t settle into the other teams mismatches. It wasn’t till Casey ordered a loose zone that the nonsense (and scoring) slowed.

    Also Common sense: Ray Allen should never be open. Period. T ross and DD should be on him like a backpack.

    But yeah, Casey still sucks at player rotation.

    • DanH

      The switches seemed like a play call. They were coming too frequently for it to be the defense breaking down – it was a strategy, and a terrible one at that. Casey needs to go. He’s bad for the team no matter what direction you want to go. Bad for winning, bad for development.

      • robertparrish00

        It was so bad, maybe he did call it in, lol. Amir on Wade, and JV on Lebron I could see Casey on board with that.


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