You know things are bad when...

You know things are bad when…

Rudy Gay

Gay Shot Chart

Andrea Bargnani


 Annnndd side-by-side:


It’s going to be a long season, folks. Embrace your loved ones and find the silver linings in Casey’s playbooks (there aren’t any).

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8 Responses to “Presented Without Context: Gay and Bargnani’s Shot Charts Through Five Games”

  1. OzRapsFan

    He’s not good at it, but at least Gay is trying to get to the basket, maybe the coaches fault for trying to make him a small ball 4.?

  2. AxlT

    If both these guys are pretending to be power forwards, I’ll take my chances with 40 attempts at the rim versus 6

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed. Gay’s taking a lot of shots in the paint, but inexplicably missing them. I assume those will drop eventually.

  3. Andre

    sigh… that sucks… but at least hes defending the best players on the other team and grabbing rebounds. at least hes trying.


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