You know things are bad when...

You know things are bad when…

Rudy Gay

Gay Shot Chart

Andrea Bargnani


 Annnndd side-by-side:


It’s going to be a long season, folks. Embrace your loved ones and find the silver linings in Casey’s playbooks (there aren’t any).

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    is there a way to tank but still fire casey?

    • StabbyRaccoon

      Hire a worse coach? One who emphasizes the merits of the half court shot, because who’s going to guard that?

      • Killianbk

        and plays JV 15 min a game instead of 20

  • OzRapsFan

    He’s not good at it, but at least Gay is trying to get to the basket, maybe the coaches fault for trying to make him a small ball 4.?

  • AxlT

    If both these guys are pretending to be power forwards, I’ll take my chances with 40 attempts at the rim versus 6

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed. Gay’s taking a lot of shots in the paint, but inexplicably missing them. I assume those will drop eventually.

  • RNsteve


  • Andre

    sigh… that sucks… but at least hes defending the best players on the other team and grabbing rebounds. at least hes trying.