Per ESPN’s Chad Ford recent chat:

Masai is keeping his cards pretty close to the vest. He’s been active on the phones according to other GMs, but he isn’t letting on whether he’s looking to blow the team up or to make a push for the playoffs. I’ve heard mixed responses from other GMs who have dealt with him. I do know he loves Wiggins and the fit in Toronto is so obvious — that seems like the right direction. But remember, the best he can get is a 25 percent chance at the No. 1 pick. There’s no guarantee he can land Wiggins and while Jabari, Exum (who Masai is also a huge fan of) or Randle would be prizes too … they might be a disappointment to Raptors fans.

If the Raptors did blow the team up, would you be disappointed with Parker, Exum or Randle?

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  • Matt52


  • Raptor_11

    chances are, at least 2 of them will be much better than anyone on this roster. So yea, I wouldn’t mind

  • StabbyRaccoon

    If they got any of them I wouldn’t be disappointed but of course Canadian fans will probably want Wiggins. There’s also a good chance that Wiggins won’t be picked first, it could easily go to Jabari. Still a small chance, and there’s the possibility of trading for him too if they draft high. It all depends on the teams involved though.

    • I have a feeling this will be the most watched NBA draft ever in Canada.

      I don’t care who they get, as long as he ends up being the best player from the draft.

      • 2damkule

        in this draft (top-5-ish, anyway), the guy they end up with doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘the best’ player to have a huge positive impact on the franchise’s future. if they wind up with, say, the 3rd pick, as of now (and obviously, things could change between now & june), one of 3 ‘franchise-type’ players will be available.

        as is customary for this team, however, they will almost assuredly perform a fine anti-tank movement in Mar/Apr., and will end up picking in the spot immediately following the selection of the last consensus franchise-altering prospect.


        • I agree. They could end up with the third best player and that would still be great. I’d just like them to get the best player, for once. That would be nice.

      • raptorspoo

        And an even more watched draft lottery~

  • Jack Hodgins

    Ujiri please read this Wiggins would be great but a frontline of Valanciunas and Randle would be amazing!

    • northernguy65

      Not without a good point guard. The need an elite point guard to find ways to get them the ball. Would be a great tandem though

    • Elarmthecity

      Well said… But also having Dante exum would be amazing…a great pg, keep derozan and valanciunas …I’ll be honest though..the raptors can use anyone

      • Andre

        Exum would be nice with a team with Jonas, Ross, derozen. ship out lowry and gay

    • raptorspoo

      Not as amazing as a Drummond / Randle frontline could have been 🙁

      $*%&# BC

  • rick

    this team is terrible I don’t care if he tanks or retools but something has to be done immediately its a pain to watch them

  • Rey

    Jabari is a TOP of and imagine this Lowry,gay,derozan,Jonas, and jabari as our starting 5, automatically contenders

    • Lopez

      Jabari’s a 3….

    • OldSkoolCool

      Any lineup consisting of both Gay and DD will struggle to make the playoffs, much less contend

      edit: any starting lineup containing either will struggle to make the playoffs, much less contend

    • Chris Read

      I don’t think its realistic to think we’ll be a bottom 5 team while still having Lowry, Gay, Derozan and Jonas.

  • c_bcm

    Don’t we have new Yorks pick this year? Is it protected? It’s not like they look good. So that encouraging.

    • Lucas

      Nope, 2016 pick, and apparently it’s lottery protected. On top of all that, Denver has the rights to switch picks with them that year, so don’t get too carried away: that will be a mediocre pick, most likely.

      • c_bcm

        Thanks. Didn’t think that asking a reasonable question about something I didn’t know about was getting carried away. But thanks for the behavior-correction. I will do better next time.

        • Lucas

          Miscommunication there: I didn’t mean the “don’t get carried away” in a direct, critical way like that. I see how it comes off as such in writing, so my bad.

          I meant that in general terms. “Let’s not get carried away,” might have been a better choice of words (meaning for all of us to not get our hopes up).

          You definitely weren’t getting carried away. It was a good question and I wish the reality was more of a “best case scenario” than it turned out to be.

          • 2damkule

            agree, but i view the future picks acquired in the bargs deal more as trade assets…things that can be included in a proposed trade to give MU an edge over a competitor in acquiring an asset.

            • onemanweave

              BC viewed them exactly the same way.

  • Tbird

    Tanking for picks is pointless, isn’t that how we started the current situation.

    • johng_3

      No we are in this situation because of BC’s terrible moves.

    • No. Poor management, including bad drafting, bad trades and bad free agent signings, as well as poor cap management, are why the Raptors are in the predicament them are right now. Blaming their situation on tanking is like blaming a plane crash on the ground.

  • Ujiri has made it pretty clear he’s keeping every option open. We just don’t like that answer and try to words in his mouth.

  • Andre

    I would take randle, parker, exum wiggins. give me any of those!

  • MJP

    We have exciting offensive talent but no REAL PG to set them up.
    Damn, I really miss Jose Calderon…
    Masai get us a PG and then you can see how the RAPS truly stand this year.

  • bobjoe

    Why does everyone forget about Marcus Smart? Raptors have a 100% chance to get a franchise player if they were at the bottom.

  • ZZV

    I wonder if Boston would ever accept this trade: Lowry, Gay, and 2 1st Round Picks FOR Rondo and their 2014 1st Round Pick. Even if we don’t get Wiggins, Any one of those guys partnered with Rondo, DeRozen, Ross/Johnson, Valanciunas, could make a lot of noise.

    • Thimble

      That sounds like a terrible trade for Boston.

  • MrBoe15

    I would be very disappointed if the Raptors tried to blow this team up this season. With so many other very bad teams, I don’t think we’d even get a shot at any of the 4 guys talked about. Besides, The Raps have played well these last few games, and if they build off of them, they could challenge the big boys in the East, and I think that experience would be much more important going forward into future seasons than a really crappy season trying to get a top pick that isn’t guaranteed anyway. I just think with the young talent on this Raptors team, blowing up the team, trying to make it really bad, will send the wrong message to that young talent and create a culture that encompasses losing.