Ujiri Active, but is he a Buyer or Seller?

Per ESPN’s Chad Ford recent chat:

Masai is keeping his cards pretty close to the vest. He’s been active on the phones according to other GMs, but he isn’t letting on whether he’s looking to blow the team up or to make a push for the playoffs. I’ve heard mixed responses from other GMs who have dealt with him. I do know he loves Wiggins and the fit in Toronto is so obvious — that seems like the right direction. But remember, the best he can get is a 25 percent chance at the No. 1 pick. There’s no guarantee he can land Wiggins and while Jabari, Exum (who Masai is also a huge fan of) or Randle would be prizes too … they might be a disappointment to Raptors fans.

If the Raptors did blow the team up, would you be disappointed with Parker, Exum or Randle?

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