David Lee hits open layup against the Toronto Raptors

Raptors set franchise record by blowing massive lead against Warriors | Toronto Sun

It was a devastating blow to a Raptors team that really needed a positive of any sort after dropping three in a row at home and heading out west looking much the worse for wear.

Warriorsworld.net Reactions: Warriors 112, Raptors 103 | Warriorsworld.net

“This is a special group.” – Mark Jackson

Raptors blow 27-point lead in loss to Warriors | TSN

“It’s one of those where they started hitting the 3 in the third quarter and we couldn’t turn the water off,” Toronto coach Dwane Casey said. “We did an excellent job in the first three quarters and then we couldn’t score in the fourth quarter.”

Epic Raptors Collapse In Loss To Warriors | Pro Bball Report

In the end, it was an epic collapse by the Toronto Raptors as they squandered a 27 point third quarter lead and were out scored 42-15 in the fourth quarter for a 112-103 loss to the Warriors at Oracle Arena on Tuesday night.

Hansbrough taking to bigger role with Raptors | Toronto Sun

“When I was in Indiana I felt like the opportunity wasn’t good enough for me, in my opinion. So I wanted to come to Toronto and be a bigger piece. I didn’t come here to try and start, just be a bigger piece of the picture.”

With Toronto Raptors’ struggles starting to wear on DeMar DeRozan, is it time for team to trade him? | National Post

DeRozan sounds like someone who has spent too much time invested in the welfare of the Raptors. We have seen this before from other players drafted into the organization who grew to become the team’s face, or at least voice — primarily Vince Carter and Chris Bosh. Eventually, being a part of repeated Raptors implosions can wear on a basketball soul. To be clear: DeRozan has not asked for a trade, and remains positive about the city and team.

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15 Responses to “Morning Coffee: December 4th Edition”

  1. Rick

    As usual with this team. They play so hard and 4th quarter let downs. Masai it’s time to look for changes!!!!!! Fans are getting tired. But my no means trade demar and jonas plz. They are to young players who still have lots of upside and want to be apart of this city! Why trade near with all these rumors speculating him being traded with his value high when any future players coming toronto would just leave! We want guys who wanna be here. Don’t tank as well because it’s pointless. Let wiggins become a free agent and sign with raptors if he truly wants to come.

    • Sham

      Wiggins isnt the only player in the draft, there are some real gems. They have made up their minds their tanking something is going on but GM cant tell the fans. Something just aint right with the way the coach and players, exept they forgot to Demar hes playing like a all star

    • Sham

      There is a reason why the coach isnt fired yet and trading Rudy Gay right now wouldnt get us much. Everyother GM sees how much of a cancer he is. Trading him would only make tanking a better alternative.

  2. Rick

    Let’s see what mu is going to do after this crazy loss. Same thing with raptors. We know what they are now. Time to make them better. Get different pieces that share the ball and play better defense.

  3. nyStef

    The good news might be that the team *can* look as good as they actually did for the first 3 quarters. The bigger and badder news of course is that maybe this IS what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to tank. Nasty. Putrid. Uncomfortable as hell. But to actually-actually do it (it’s easy to say; very likely not-at-all easy to do), it probably takes more than one pair of extra-large bowling balls swinging away where needed, in the organization. And it’s easy to guess who on the front line would have to have the absolute biggest pair. If … ya know, that is what’s going on here.

  4. Amigo

    I m calling now before the bandwagon :

    Valanciunas is slower than last year / take too long for his moves on the post / has only one move / is mechanical as boozer / easily moved on D / no reaction on D / no showing emotions /

    Whats App ?

    • Jam

      He’s frustrated…he’s our best piece for the future and never gets the ball. He rolls aggressively on every pick he sets, and is usually pretty open, and no one gets him the ball! A passing PG could be getting an easy 5 assists/night just on him. Big men need more development time to get used to the size of NBA centers, so he needs to be out there playing. He needs 1/3 of our offensive sets to run through him. He has the talent to be a star, but Casey is standing in his way. Marc Gasol could have been a bust too if Lionel Hollins didn’t believe in him. Hollins built his offense around his bigs and now Gasol is an all-star and DPOY.

      • robertparrish00

        Agree 100%. Toronto hasn’t had a potential all star centre in the history of the club. IMO he was the most dominant player on the floor in the 1st quarter by a landslide. Stats don’t show how many shots he changes because of his length. We need coach that can develop a young big man. Casey loves small ball and pushing the ball because he can’t draw up plays.

  5. Annoyed TRUE Fan

    ANY talk of trading DeMar is ass backwards and STUPID!!! He has proven to be the best player on the team, hands down, right now. EVERY thing we ask of a player, year to year, he HAS done. What now???? I’m feeling this is the wrong fan base for ANY team. Smfh

  6. guest

    If this team is actually tanking without even trying then this is one of the greatest sports gifts this city has ever received.

  7. regression

    Not only do we have very questionable coaching decisions, our young players are not developing…even worse than the JV (who is clearly regressing) situation, T-Ross has so much skill and potential and he is only taking a baby step forward (if that)…fast, hops, sweet shooting stroke and yet by this time next year, he will be a role player at best. This is a crucial year for JV and T-Ross to develop…I call BS on Masai…he had 82 games on tape from last year to watch in the summer and realize this structure was not going to further harm the future of the team…why wait until 20 games???? it makes no sense and what little raptor fans are left deserve better. If you are not going to help the franchise this year, at least don’t impair its future further

    • jjdynomite

      On December 15th players who have been signed/traded over the summer can be moved. Wait until then, regression, and bitch if Masai doesn’t do something soon afterwards.

  8. jjdynomite

    Before Rudy said “we stunk”, he said that the “offense was stagnant”. Too f*cking funny, coming from him.

  9. Pippen on a 40

    Biggest problem is Rudy Gay. People thought Memphis was crazy for dealing him for next to nothing but they knew what everyone now knows. Gay is one of those players who’s stats actually hurt a team. His shooting numbers are closer to power-play percentages for hockey, has the lowest offensive touch to assist ratio in the NBA and seems as interested in playing defence as my cat eating that new food I bought him. He’s almost impossible to trade with his salary so realistically we have to eat a huge chunk and at best get a quality rotation player and maybe a late first early second round pick. I would love to see Demar stay a Raptor I just don’t see how that’s possible. He’s putting up eye popping numbers, has a very intriguing contract to potential suitors and his only major flaw is his average defensive ability, which to the right team (Houston) won’t really matter to much. All in all the east is so bad that the whole “tank” option for teams seems almost impossible, but Masai should do everything he can to make this team competitive long term and that means getting in place for a top 3 draft pick this off season. (Parker,Randle,Wiggins,Exum,Smart) All potential franchise players. None of which play the only locked in position the team has going forward. (JV) F*CK I wish I didn’t love this team so much.


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