Tell us in the comments why you want to go to the game. Highest rated comment wins. Simple as that. Good luck. You’re automatically disqualified if you use the word ‘tank’, ‘troll’, or ‘the’. Just kidding about the ‘the’. But yeah, bonus points for not using the word ‘the’.

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  • BlakeMurphy

    Well shiiiiiit, nobody is gonna upvote anyone outta self interest!

    • arsenalist

      This is less a ticket giveaway and more a psychology experiment.

      • Nils L.

        We should of run this contest as a “hot or not” contest instead. #imadirtyoldman

    • DDayLewis

      I upvoted both of you because nepotism

  • Ryan Turvey

    When DeMar DeRozan hit those big shots at the end of the 3rd on Sat the ACC went nuts! I want to be there tonight when we go nuts again!

  • Ragin_Cagin

    I want to see the Greek freak in action before he becomes frustrated in MIL and demands a trade.

  • Carbon

    Nothing better to do on a Monday

  • Painless

    Oh yeah? Well I don’t want to go to the game. Reverse psychology, bitch!

  • Blair

    Daring to start hoping. It’s time to show my son what a playoff-bound Raptor team looks like.

  • Pat Davis

    Going to the game means seeing Devlin and Leo’s mouths move without having their insipid thoughts infiltrate my brain box, thus preserving fragile Monday sanity.

  • Will trade u tickets

    If I leave now can I make it there from France?

  • Drew Mason

    Been a hometown fan for years and haven’t had a chance to hit up a game yet this season. Ive been loving seeing young guys like Jonas (Christ Superstar) Valanciunas and T-Ross show some growth and potential (even Greek Freek, Giannis Antetokounmpo) and it would be awesome to catch these guys live! But also being both a huge Derozen/ Johnson fan respectively would really put a cherry ontop!

  • Michael-Kelly Ojelade

    As a little boy, I always wanted to see a real dinosaur.. and even though Chris Bosh is no longer here, i still want this once in a lifetime chance

  • Azfar S.

    First half I wanna see Demar and Kyle runs circles around Greek freak and put this game out of reach. Second half I wanna see Landry Fields score 30 points to let us win by 50. BAM!

  • Parm

    So that we can start a refs-suck-bucks-c@#k chant

  • GetLicks


    • GetLicks

      Who the f*ck voted my comment down?

      • Nils L.

        Türkoğlu’s ghost.

        • GetLicks

          LOL can’t believe I didn’t think of that one

  • Herb

    The championship belt. The beasts of the East…and Giannis Ante…to…well I need to learn the alphabet as well. Go Raptors!

  • JLT

    Alphabetical History of Toronto RaptorsAmir johnson – chris Bosh – vince Carter – Demar Derozan – Eric montross – t.j. Ford – jorge Garbajosa – tyler Hansbrough – “Il mago” bargnani – Jose calderon – Keon clark – Leandro barbosa – Muggsy bogues – mamadou N’diaye – charles Oakley – Popeye jones – Quincy acy – Rudy gay – damon Stoudamire – Tracy mcgrady – roko Ukic – jonas Valanciunas – alvin Williams – aleXis ajinça – junk Yard dog Williams – Zan tabak

  • james

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVAAAAAKKKKKKKK… If anyone heard the aggressive Novak chant from the 300-level on Saturday night, prepare for a repeat when he enters in the FIRST HALF!

  • Bill

    The Bucks and Raptors started the season with relatively similar talent levels, but have since gone in completely opposite directions. I’m personally conflicted because I want a good draft pick in the upcoming draft, but I ALSO WANT THE WINNING TO NEVER STOP. This psychological torture is eating at my very soul… wouldn’t it be PURE EVIL to send someone like me to the game so I can squirm as I watch the physical manifestations of my internal struggle clash?

  • Huskies2Raps

    Because I’m as confident that RAPTORS will beat MILWAUKEE tonight as I was back in 2001 (sigh) that IF* Toronto had beaten Philly in 2nd round of Playoffs they would have certainly beaten MILWAUKEE in a 7 game series!
    (oh my BOSH it is difficult to not use ‘the’ !)

  • Robert Lovell

    It is a basketball pleasure to go and watch the Raptor’s play ball now!!! Who would want to miss this chance of going to a live game the way they are playing!! It is actually fun now to go to a Raptor game as they are playing some of the best basketball we have seen for years so yes I would love the free tickets to go and cheer my team on to another win!! Go Raps Go !!

  • Kokonor

    Because my co-worker rubbed the fact that he had a Raps game ticket for the game against the T’Wolves in my face and it would be so glorious to hit back and show him my free ticket.

    And also because I have a thing for Giannis Antetokounpo and I can spell his name without looking it up. This important fact should merit at least a sideways consideration from the fine panel at RR. You guys look great, by the way. Good weekend? How are the kids doing?


    • james

      Apparently you do need to look it up… *Antetokoumpo (or alternatively Antetokounmpo)

      • theycallmeZZ

        Or Adetokunbo

  • lino

    Means I can go to the game instead of home to my nagging girlfriend who has been asking me to clean the basement for the past week.

  • Willy Ridge

    Because my date is a 10 and she actually knows the game of basketball. I’m trying to put the ball in the net if you know what I mean.

    • arsenalist

      Pic or it didn’t happen.

      • Willy Ridge

        I need likes not comments…ticks for pics

  • Billy_Joseph_Ma

    This game isn’t a trap. This game is an opportunity for the Toronto Raptors to define themselves beyond a .500 team and DESTROY the bucks. We need a good 20+ point win.

  • Minks77

    Because my day has consisted of mad rush job fixes while les femmes to my left n right yapped all morning about some dumb awards ceremony

  • DayDayLarge

    Can’t wait to see kyle dominate Knight and DeMar take it to the apparently constantly growing Greek freak!

  • Viktor

    I need a reason to get out of work early…

  • Michael

    I want to see how demar and lowry pound the rock

  • ms

    Because I w@nna go!

  • Balls

    My son needs to see Giannis’ hands wrapped around an orange ball.

  • jd

    I have had no chance to go to the game this year, i love the raptors and ive been so busy with my two girls, I cook and clean * wife doesn’t know how to cook, so i do most of that, Been a big fan win or lose, and i believe we can do big things this year! I really want to go and convinced my wife that if i win, she can buy take out feed my toddlers and put them to bed if i win these! so I am hopeful for a break and a good time tonight!


      LOL give it to this man, hes a househusband! i feel sorry

      • jd

        just trying to get a break from home buddy, i work with children 9-5 mon to fri, just wanna watch my home team my friend. 😀

        • Nils L.

          Before Arse sends the tickets, we require 2 references confirming your status as “Mr. Mom”.

          Congrats jd! Hope you enjoy the seats and the game tonight. Well deserved.

          • jd

            haha, thanks a buddy, ill send them with a trey of beef lasagna!

    • arsenalist

      You win, email me at in the next 15 minutes.

      • jd

        thank you! i have sent an email

        • arsenalist

          All done – enjoy the game!

  • feylines

    I plan to commandeer a Leafs Zamboni before tipoff, so we can witness Bucks On Ice Part II.

  • Rupert

    Because watching a Raptor game live is like watching Terrence Ross shoot a 3 which is like watching batman do something awesome which is like watching da vinci at work.

  • Daniel Wilson

    Because I’m a die hard leafs and blue jays fan, and i should see what a winning toronto sports team actually looks like in real life

  • Minks77

    Snap, got a better reason: Forgot about a freelance meeting tonight that I’m totally unprepared for. Client is a hoop nerd though so he’d understand if I cancelled for free tix 🙂

  • iwearsuits

    It will be my first Basketball game since arriving to canada. I wanted to attend for the Brooklyn nets game but sold out

  • lil_moh23

    Raps are a .500 team when I go to games, that should be reason enough! Plus I should be able to witness the Buck’s offense in person (!!!)

  • theycallmeZZ

    Beats watching it on streams. I’d cheer as hard against a weak Bucks team as I would a strong Heat team.

  • Kevin

    Tonight is Master P night?

  • john

    I want to see what it’s like for a Buck to turn into a Doe in person.

  • peter

    I want to marvel at the freakish length of Antetekoumpo and try to start a fishman chant for Salmons

  • P.D.

    Because I wanna see the Raptors shift down from 4th to 3rd smoother than my 1999 Civic. commmmmon

  • Lots of empty seats and you have one of the hottest and most fun teams to watch in the NBA..I don’t get it guys ..comments please..