Landry Fields, for all intents and purposes is already out of the team, now he has a medical reason to be so:

Reports indicate a three-week stint on the sideline. How will this affect the Raptors? It will not at all. Dwane Casey chose to play Julyan Stone ahead of him when Nick Young needed stopping, so that should tell you what he thinks of what Fields brings to the table. I expect him to be traded at the deadline, completing the triumvirate of trades that shed unwanted players and salary.

In other news, the Raptors are the 18th most valued franchise in the NBA. This is pretty remarkable considering we haven’t had two playoff gates in a decade. As Sportsnet puts it:

The list—which factors in revenue and operating profit—says the Raptors are currently valued at $520 million, up from $405 million in 2013, a 28 percent increase. The Raptors also boasts the league’s 12th highest operating income at $28.8 million. However, the team’s overall evaluation is still off the pace of the average franchise, now worth $634 million.

What does all this mean? Season ticket prices are going up. Why? Because money, that’s why.

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12 Responses to “Landry Fields Has Reason To Sit; Forbes Values Raptors”

  1. Zimdim

    The nerve issues in wrist explain the horrid shooting but what’s the explanation for him looking lost and almost guilty for being on the court whenever he plays?
    Certainly not worth the dough but dude had an efficient game in NY. What the Field duck happened to his brain?

    • SR

      He didn’t have long enough to establish himself as a player – he’s now been thrown off by nerve damage for longer than he performed well. I’m guessing he’s just pysched out in general, with pretty low confidence at the moment and no regular role to depend on. I hope his wrist gets better, or else this is likely his last NBA contract.

      • morgan c

        Right, but assuming he’s not a moron (Stanford dude, so I’m assuming he is not a moron), he is set for life. He will have made over $25 000 000 in 5 years in the NBA. Damn right that’s more money than probably anyone that has anything to do with this site will ever make, and that’s okay. Just saying this dude is rich.

          • Roarque

            So, beautiful women who make hundreds of thousands of dollars in their chosen profession feel the uncontrollable urge to marry multimillionaires so they can be kept happy? Dan – listen to yourself. She doesn’t need him for his money, she needs him for something you (and I) will never be able to provide.

            Deal with it.

            • ScottSegal

              ” she needs him for something you (and I) will never be able to provide”

              An above average reproductive apendage?

    • Copywryter

      He really only had one good year in NY and was already reverting to the mean — which is that of an 8th-9th guy. His good basketball IQ notwithstanding he doesn’t quite do anything well enough to carve out a place on most teams. Not at that salary level anyway.

  2. tonious35

    Has a hot girlfriend, smart, articulate, very nice guy, graduated from Stanford….if his shooting arm never heals, he should join Tas Melas & JE Skeets on theSTARTERS on NBA TV if he gets released.

  3. Roarque

    Much sympathy for Landry – nerve damage can change your life as many prostate cancer survivors have learned over the years. Nerves do grow back but the growth is tediously slow and once complete may not provide the same sensations that one had before the damage.
    Landry Fields properly healed could provide the Raptors with a wing player who can provide exactly the kind of skillset that their current strategic passing offense needs. He could be an interchangeable part with Demar or Terrence next season.
    Good Luck Landry.

    • tweed8

      Yup, stuff sucks. I’m dealing with nerve damage from a fall I took two years during a material art exercise. It really doesn’t take much sometimes and the effects can be long lasting.


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