You can listen to the audio below where Van Gundy had his say during the telecast of the Thunder-Nets game on ESPN:

How Kyle Lowry got left off that All-Star team is beyond reason. I think he’s one of the most valuable players in the Eastern Conference right now.

When quizzed by Mike Breen about who Lowry should have been voted over, Van Gundy did not mince his words:

I would say anybody with a losing record. I know it was a fan vote, but you have to put him in over Kyrie Irving and Joe Johnson…and DeMar DeRozan.

It’s not a knock on any of these guys. I do look at what Kyle Lowry’s been doing, and he’s just playing great basketball.

You can’t trust the fans or the coaches right now. The fans, to me, should have their license revoked because it’s important to the players and to give it over to the fans who are just voting who they like makes no sense to me. And the coaches sometimes don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, because they always have the next game. So I have no idea who should vote for it.

And I would’ve taken Lowry over John Wall too because he’s playing for a winning team.

You can watch it on YouTube as well.

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  • Adriiian

    Gotta agree with JVG. Love how he speaks his mind.

  • SR

    JVG knows what’s up!

  • Quest

    jvg is a boss

  • Jeffrey Yau

    JVG tells it as it is.

  • CashGameND

    I think 2 things. We as raptors fans did mess up by not being involved enough in the voting process, they have such a huge fan base with the entire nation behind them & theres no excuse to not get our guys in (look at the blue jays, the fans get behind them & get their players in). But in that same process, the Raptors organization are to blame too, how do they not have a vote for Lowry & Derozan campaign? Back to the blue jays again, they had vote for campaigns & I think that really made the fans aware & get out & vote for the jays, if the Raptors had done the same thing I think we would be seeing Lowry in the Allstar game instead of Irving.

    • airforce

      toronto should have pushed to campaign within the city for kyle and demar. That at least gets part of the fan base who are not invested as some who commit to voting regardless of campaigns because we watch and we believe. Thats toronto fans sadly, bandwagon the team that is doing well at the time to fit in instead of rooting for the team you actually care and love.

  • Louvens Remy

    We should let the writers vote for it. Hahahahahahaha. Shieeeeeeet! Lowry for Most Vindictive Player in second half.

  • Guest

    I can’t imagine how this feels for Kyle Lowry. I know he said he doesn’t care about these kinds of stuff but hearing all these analysts and writers make a case for him is heartbreaking. The guys from ‘The Starters’ had a great idea where the coaches votes would be revealed to the public. Never gonna happen but it’d really shed light on who made such a boneheaded and ridiculous decision to choose Joe Johnson over all the other more deserving candidates.

  • vino


  • regina rap fan

    JVG, u da man,,, plz explain this to the TNT panel. They just plain dumb. And I agree that fans/coaches shudnt vote. Should be the sports journalists that cover the NBA

  • Draphoenix

    Completely agree!!

  • HogyG

    Glad that a respected member of the NBA media like JVG took a stand on Lowry’s behalf on a national level. Here’s an idea he can borrow if he wishes, they should consider getting the former/retired NBA all Star alumn (not working in the media) to vote on who goes to the All Star Game. All the former players watch games and know the game better then anyone. I imagine there would be interest from both sides to be a part of the process. They already use former players to vote on the dunk contest, so it could be an extension of that. It would also be a way of linking to the past players and highlight the history of the NBA as well.

    I agree with Van Gundy, take the votes for All-Star appearances out of fans hands (as well as disinterested assistant coaches). I suggest instead to allow them to vote for the rising stars contest. The NBA wants fan participation so they still need a place to vote. Better yet, they could add a single blank space to enter a person’s name for who you want to see in the dunk contest. This could be the push needed to get players like LeBron to participate. Players value their popularity and going against what the fans vote for will often hurt your popularity, especially once they have spoken with their vote… it’s just a thought.

  • ozrapsfan

    I know PER wouldn’t be 100% , but they should work on a formula to see who gets the nod, something like PER times wins, with a minimum qualification to avoid a Kobe selection