I’ll let TSN explain it:

The Raptors, who finished the season with the same record as the Bulls, lost the coin flip tie breaker with Chicago this afternoon — as a result, Toronto will pick 20th in the 2014 NBA Draft on June 26th. The Bulls will select 19th.

Last time we lost a coin flip we got Terrence Ross (over Harrison Barnes I always presumed), so this may not be so bad. Here are the 20th picks from the last 10 drafts:

Year Team Player From
2013 CHI Tony Snell University of New Mexico
2012 DEN Evan Fournier
2011 MIN Donatas Motiejunas
2010 SAS James Anderson Oklahoma State University
2009 UTA Eric Maynor Virginia Commonwealth University
2008 CHA Alexis Ajinca
2007 MIA Jason Smith Colorado State University
2006 NYK Renaldo Balkman University of South Carolina
2005 DEN Julius Hodge North Carolina State University
2004 DEN Jameer Nelson Saint Joseph’s University

The guy currently slated to go 20th is K.J. McDaniels, a SF from Clemson, Junior who DX describes as:

K.J. McDaniels has emerged from obscurity to develop into one of the best all-around players in college basketball, helping his Clemson squad to a 8-6 record in the ACC thus far. McDaniels has been stuffing the stat sheet all season long, ranking very highly among top-100 prospects in a variety of categories, including points per-40 pace adjusted (6th overall), rebounding (4th among wing prospects), steals (4th among wings), and blocks (1st among wings and 8th overall).

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  • Ballaholic55

    Let’s try and get Kyle Anderson, I like his game and can play PG/SF positions

    • Ballaholic55

      Or maybe even Shabazz Napier


    welcome to the raptors adreian payne

    • RNsteve

      We can only hope.

    • GetLicks

      A rotating front court of Amir, Jonas & AP? Yes please

  • Benji Walker

    I hope we trade up. Payne would be good. Nurkic as backup center. Or Stauskas as a perimeter role player.

    • FREEJV

      bulls wont pass up on stauskas . they need shooting. they have 2 picks

  • Quest

    maybe a pg or a foward a la payne? i would not mind stauskas either

    • plaid coast

      no way in hell stauskas goes that late

  • Ted

    Do the Raps ever win these “coin tosses”?

  • CashGameND

    why the hell do they do a coinflip anyways. if a team gets a higher rank in the playoffs, the draft picks should be based according to that. We could have advantages of a 3rd seed & a higher pick? makes no sense imho

  • CashGameND

    would love to see the Raps get rid of Salmons & draft Stauskus, could be a solid 6th man almost immediately & over time possibly challenge Dero or Ross for a starting roll.

    If not Stauskus, get a center who is big & can battle for boards & be very tough defensively. We get beat up by allot of the bigger centers in the league, having a guy who can put up a fight vs them would be great (no clue if there is anybody like this, don’t follow ncaa enough, but it is our biggest need in my opinion)

  • Abused Raptors Fan

    If you hadn’t already, check out the scouting reports on McDaniels. He could end up being a late round steal with his two-way potential. If nothing else, he could develop into an excellent 3 n D small forward, who can guard multiple positions and thrive in transition. If he improves on his shooting stroke and ball handling, he could provide some value at 20 if the Raptors aren’t sold on keeping both Ross and DD. Other than him, there are a few other small forward and power forward prospects that should be considered for where we will draft. After all, the Raptors should still be able to draft decent pg with the Kings’ pick in the 2nd round as Burton and Napier – among others – are projected to late first to early second.

    • FREEJV

      man we already got tross as the 3 and d guy. dont need another one. we got salmons the veteran off the bench hes our saviour.

    • FREEJV

      we re gonna take sim
      bhullar in 2nd round lmao. but in seriousness, if he gets in shape he can clog up the paint with his 7″5″ frame.

  • ZQ

    Im a Raptors optimist at all times, but I gotta say the history of the 20th spot says it’s cursed…
    Let’s start praying early

  • Maputo88

    I like Elfrid Payton at pg & Jarnell Stokes as a 3rd big man for us. He seems like a younger version of Chuck Hayes, a guy who has been valuable in the league for many years

  • raptorspoo

    Unless you’re sure all the teams before you missed a hidden gem, with 20th pick I’d say forget about the most well rounded player… just go for the best “specialist” for your needs. Shooting, rebound, defense, etc.

  • JonasBrutha

    I don’t see any mention of Clint Capela. Anyone high on him?