What’s Your Starting 5?

For some of you, its clear as day as to who your starting 5 for the Raptors would be for next season. For others, its still up for debate. Who do you have in your starting 5 next year?


Raptors 2014-15 Projected Wins

If you enjoy the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data, then you’ll enjoy this discussion posted by RR member DanH on our forums.


Learning From the Pacers Mistakes

Some say the Raptors can learn from Indiana’s mistakes, while others think you can learn from what they’ve done right. Either way, they’re a model that most fans would like to see the Raptors in many ways should emulate. Thoughts?

Pau Gasol

Bucher: Gasol to Raptors Make Toronto a Contender

Ric Bucher shared his two cents today on moves that could elevate some teams into some of the league’s elite. Thinks a move to acquire Gasol could help make the Raptors a contender. Thoughts?


Let’s Play Pretend! Kevin Durant In 2016?

I know, I know … laugh all you want naysayers but how beautiful would Kevin Durant look in a Raptors uniform? Come fantasize and then crush our dreams with your two cents.


How Does This Raptors Team Stack Up Against VC’s 00-01 Team?

Sportnet.ca just recently did a piece asking if this current Raptors team is the best ever. Arguably Vince Carter’s 2000-01 team who finished with a franchise best 47 wins is still considered the best to most. Does this current squad rival that one?