Live Blogging the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery


As it stands now, the Top 3 looks like: Sacramento Washington LA Clippers I’m predicting Sacramento gets screwed, and the Knicks win the Lottery – taking take home Blake Griffin, stay tuned… BC representing, let’s hope he brings some luck (last time we got the #1 pick) Joel Litvin shouldn’t be allowed in front of… Read more »


Spots of great defense win games


Golden State Warriors 108, Toronto Raptors 112 (OT) The Raptors were a hair’s breadth from losing this game in regulation and if they had the theme of this post would’ve been completely different. Instead of focusing on Anthony Parker’s great defense on Maggette in overtime we would’ve focused on the -10 rebounding, missed FTs, bad… Read more »


TJ Ford, villain or hero?


Toronto Raptors 106, Golden State Warriors 117 Good fightback by the Raps but in the end it’s awfully hard to beat the Warriors at their own game. We fought valiantly but came up just a few chucks short of pulling a memorable victory at the Oracle. The Warriors just wouldn’t miss, they shot a blitzkrieg-like… Read more »