Kyrie Irving

Beyond the Raptors: Houston Rockets

With the playoffs starting to wind down, and free agency & the draft coming up quickly; we decided to talk to other bloggers about their team, and how they might figure into the plans of the Raptors come this offseason.

Kyrie Irving


Part of me wants to put a bullet through my brain than write this recap but have you seen the price of bullets lately? Hopefully you turned this game off after halftime because it stopped being a family show after that. The Rockets were spanking us by 21 at halftime and the game was already over, but the Rockets had had a very miserable evening in Utah a couple nights before and they wanted to erase all memory of that, so we were forced to take it deeper than we’d prefer.


Podcast: Weekly Review/Preview

A quick one today. Another roller-coaster week, two disappointing losses sandwiched between an expected and an unexpected win. With injuries to Bargnani and Calderon, there was a chance for some reserves to make their mark and Jarrett Jack made the most of the opportunity. Sonny Weems had a nice run against Houston which many of… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Feelings can be confusing

Not sure what a win or a loss here means. A loss would go right in hand with what’s been going on with this team and a win would be just plain confusing. We’re at a very precarious stage of the season, after 25 games the record isn’t exactly brutal but at the same time… Read more »