Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raps run out of air in second half

Raptors 112, Nuggets 130 – Box Let’s make an obvious statement: The Toronto Raptors just aren’t in the same league as the Denver Nuggets. Even the homerest of all homers will concede this nugget of wisdom (pardon the pun). While it took some time for that sobering reality to manifest itself, the prodigious talents of… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Weekly Review/Preview

A 2-2 week which could’ve been 3-1 or 4-0 if we had played a lick of D in San Antonio and Turkoglu’s effort had rimmed in. The disappointment in San Antonio was followed by two poor first half showings against the Bulls and Clippers, but the team found a defensive gear and pulled out wins… Read more »


Watching the Nuggets with the Raptors in mind

As the playoffs continue and team after team falls by the wayside, the cream slowly rises to the top which gives us a better and better view of the wide gulf between our team of choice and those still playing basketball. Take the Nuggets as an example, when you compare their build and composition to… Read more »

Zero quality wins for 2008

And this kids is how you DON’T play perimeter defense. Nuggets 114, Raptors 107 That Bosh brick clanged so loudly that it was mistaken for an early New Year’s eve firecracker. More on that later but first, Golden State beat Boston, Miami beat Cleveland, Indiana beat the Lakers, could the Raptors beat the Nuggets? No…. Read more »


A dark night in Denver

Every single Raptor should be ashamed of themselves after this one. Raptors 93, Nuggets 132 You have to start with effort, if the effort’s not there, nothing else matters. Nobody was expecting the Raptors to win this game or even win a game on this roadtrip, all we wanted to see was some improvement and… Read more »


Raptors vs Nuggets Live Blog

45-26 Denver: Wow, this is getting ugly. We’re camping out on the perimeter, not playing any defense and have not run a single cohesive offensive set. Jamario Moon just threw the worst cross-court pass I’ve ever seen. Denver’s just bombing away from three and we’re not contesting. 53-43: A little bit of a run. Mostly… Read more »