6-6, and four things to say about it:

No time for a regular size post today. So here goes Dino-lite (hopefully still Dino-mite!)

1. Did anyone else get a deja-vu feeling when we almost let the lead slip away in the fourth…twice? Lucky for us, Pau looked less interested in stealing a victory than he did in getting home to catch the end of “Private Practice”.

2. In the past two games Bosh has been HUGE, smelling a bit like our PF of yesterseason. How huge? Like 53 points and 31 boards huge. That’s pregnant J-Lo huge. Return of the Messiah huge. Captain Stabbin’ huge. Bosh finally woke up and realized that his jump shot should be used to keep defences honest, not to prove he attended the J.R. Smith Shot Selection Academy over the summer. He plowed through the lane, crashed the boards, and literally ripped rebounds out of the hands of the Grizzly bigs. He played with grit, determination, and what’s that word? Oh right, passion. Made me proud. Now let’s see him keep it up.

3. Mitchell 1, Iavaroni 0, according to Doug Smith. Let’s get this straight: Sam has 258 coaching games under his fancy italian belt. Iavaroni has what, a round dozen? Though I guess with Mitchell’s inferior absent coaching style, we can call this a wash.

4. I saw Derrick Martin step onto the floor, and immediately looked outside. Sure enough, the sky was blood red and zombies were walking the streets. Immediately frightened, I was calmed by the following thought:

“Surely Derrick Martin, half coach/half potato, is smarter than to jump into his first game of the season (!!) and start jacking shots, driving wildly into the lane, or giving up turnovers.”

Less than 40 seconds on the court, he fulfilled the trifecta. It’s time to revoke his jersey for good. Give him a full-time Smitch suit – the little bugger’ll like that. But in terms of contributing on the court, the timer’s up, bread’s done, and it’s starting to get stale.

Derrick Martin, pictured here right before the game. No wonder the li’l fella was so hyper.

P.S. Because I know no one’s getting sick of hearing about them, the Bobcats are 6-5 following a loss to the Washington Derrick Roses.

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