More workouts scheduled + Gilbert Arenas is annoying

There’s more workouts scheduled for Friday. Players include:

F Darrell Arthur, 6′ 9″, 225 lbs, Kansas
G Tyrone Brazelton, 6′ 0″, 180, Western Kentucky
F James Gist, 6′ 9″, 235, Maryland
G DeMarcus Nelson, 6′ 4″, 200, Duke
C David Padgett, 6′ “11, 230, Louisville

This means one thing: more Jim Kelly.

Remember how Michael Curry used to clank those jumpers when he was with us but somehow always got playing time under Kevin O’Neill. Remember how we used to call for his benching because he produced nothing on either end of the floor and how O’Neill frustrated us with his “Curry can’t play worth a lick anymore but deserves burn because he’s an extension of the coach on the floor” type attitude. Well, yesterday Curry finally got his chance. He’s the new Pistons head coach, the toughest coaching gig in the NBA where getting to the conference finals without a superstar year and after year just isn’t good enough. Interesting to see how he performs in a pressure situation, I would think it’d be easier for a rookie head coach to start in a losing environment where he can coach through his mistakes, you know, like Sam.

The NBA’s little bitch, Gilbert Arenas opted out of his contract because he’s not guaranteed to share the same bed with Antawn Jamison. You could look at this as player solidarity or completely bullshit, I chose the latter. Anytime players start becoming pseduo-GMs it’s never good for the franchise. Just for kicks I’d like to see the Wiz resign Jamison but let Arenas walk. The Cleveland series this time around confirmed a lot about Arenas – he’s a selfish player that has a me-first attitude and hardly cares about his mates on the floor. TJ Ford is John Stockton compared to him.

If you’re a championship team looking for a veteran shooting guard, would you go with Allan Houston or Anthony Parker? I say this because that role happens to be the few that can be seen fitting of Parker if he’s traded. With Allan Houston wanting to play you’d think teams would go the NBA experience route first – after all at one point he was a proven scorer in the league. The Rockets are looking for bench scoring and if Colangelo can feed them Parker for anybody from Carl Landry to Chuck Hayes, I’d call it a win.

What do OJ Mayo, Eddy Curry and Andrea Bargnani have in common? They have the same agent. More Ron Artest hilarity.

I got nothing else.

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