Roll Call – Nov 26 vs Bobcats

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The “it would have been better if we lost” edition.

Adams – Captain of Useless.

Bargnani – horrible shooting night (4/15 from the field, 2/6 from three) but his efforts may have won this game for us. If he put up those numbers early last year, you would have to put up with him looking like he arrived too late for the Italian buffet at Alice Fazooli’s. Instead, tonight he took a couple of great charges, moved well with his feet, and grabbed 9 boards. I said 9 boards.

Bosh – 39 points. Our own RapsFan called it, something he has a history of doing. Bosh came out like a man possessed shooting it almost perfect from the floor in the first (9/10) and ending up 15/20 and getting to the line 10 times. Hard to imagine that some say getting the ball into his hands isn’t a good play call by Mitchell.  Bosh hit’s 20ft jump shots better than HO can hit layups. And for that, he is thankful. So are we.


Calderon – as hot as Bosh was to start, Jose was horrific. 2 poor turnovers and looking very disjointed. After being replaced by Roko, when he came back in he was settled down, but the lapses on D reared their ugly head again. I do believe his injury has a factor in this, but as the man said himself, he needs to improve. Badly. He is playing D lately like this guy.

Graham – hot like fiah. True, he committed fouls at a Bargnani v1.0 rate, but he had his best game of the season by far. He outplayed Kris and deservedly earned 21min of playing time. Moon had the chance to shine, but Joey stole the spotlight and reminded me of this. If ever there was an epitome of Joey’s career, that frog is it.

Humphries – pretty much any game he has had the opportunity to be a star, he has turtled. If he wanted to earn some more PT, this game should have been used as a jumping off point. Going up against some big bodies he could bang with, he disappeared and allowed himself to be outdone by a teammate who should have been in Humphs shadow. Not good, Kris.

Jawai – Dear Bryan, Please watch and listen. Thanks, Nathan.

Kapono – well, he took 4 shots tonight. Break out the champagne. To be considered a great floor general, you need to find your shooters. To be found, you need to run off some screens to make yourself open. JC has to remember he has more options than Mr. Bosh. Maybe Kap could use one of these.

Moon – that sound you hear is his agent crying at watching a few more 10s of thousands going through his fingers from his commission potential on Bama’s new contract. Of course, he could be getting 10% of euros at this rate. 2 quick fouls to start the game was a telling sign, although it should be said he didn’t commit any more. He also didn’t commit to his game. Opportunity knocked and Jamario did this.

O’Neal – he ain’t as pretty as this. Hopefully he can come back faster than her.

Parker – Indeed.

Solomon – I remember when Arse wrote a season preview and said he didn’t know much about Will. Nobody really did. But we do now know that his collar size is the same as Joey’s.

Ukic – nice active hands, a beautiful dish to Bosh…and then nothing. Gotta agree with the Mitch haters on this one. Give Roko the time to learn and rest Jose. Even another 5 minutes a game for a little stretch. Is Roko an answer to our backup issue? I still don’t think so, but use what you got. After all he could be just what we need.

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    Jamario Moon

Game Theme:      Never Satisfied

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