Roll Call – April 4 vs The Knicks

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The “6 meaningless wins in a row” Edition

Banks – Hoping for a bail-out.

Bargnani – I’d still rather have Brandon Roy, but it doesn’t sting as much anymore. We know he can score, awkwardly as it may be; we know he can grab a few rebounds here and there; his defense has been coming along, 4 blocks on Jeffries. Hey Jarred, Dimmi come il mio asino gusti!

Bosh – Quietly went about his business, anchoring this team to the win. Unbelievable there is talk that he isn’t a max player. I concede he isn’t the offensive force that Wade/Lebron/Kobe or even Carmelo is, but the game of basketball is more the putting the hoop through the basket, and Bosh is a winner, he’s a pansy, but a winner.

Calderon – Duhon used and abused him, but he kept it down. Pushing the ball on the break and, looking for his shot, moving the ball around and generally doing a good job. Nothing more, nothing less.

Douby – Why hasn’t anyone said anything to him about the uni-brow yet? 4 coaches in 4 years and none a mentor who cared…

Graham – Enjoy it while it lasts – 7 more games till you become the next Jason Winkle aka Who?

Jawai – Overheard in the visitors dressing room pre-game:

Jawai: “coach, I’m ready to contribute today”
Triano: “err, yea man. I need you ready to go whenever Curry gets in the game”
Jawai: “uhm, isn’t he out for the season?”
Triano: “you still here?”


Iz comin babiez

Kapono – Was almost under the bus, but hit a couple timely jumpers to thwart runs by the Knicks. Will never be a $6million player, we need to get over that. But 3-9 for 8 points is just ridiculous.

Marion – How nice is it to have a solid wing player? 8th double-double as a Raptor, 3rd most on the team in only 19 games. Microcosm of the season.

Mensah-Bonsu – Will work for blood pudding.

O’Bryant – I got nothing here.

Parker – What you witnessed today is why Parker should be brought back in a more limited role. He played solid defense on Chandler, hit a few shots and put a nail in the coffin late in the 4th.

Ukic – Horseface Killah upset me today. Committed more fouls then he had points, assists, steals and rebounds combined. Even got his ugly azz-shot blocked…

Voskuhl – I got nothing here either.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Roko Ukic

Game Theme:

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