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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee July 23

The Raptor Salute

I think it’s also important to note the fact that the two times Jack was confronted with the issue of starting, the former Pacer did not say he planned on being a reserve. In fact, when asked by Adnan Virk of RaptorsTV about whether Colangelo had gone into any specifics about his role, Jack was honest with his answer.

“He didn’t go into any specifics. I think he’s going to leave it up to coach Triano and myself.” Jack replied. “And come training camp, everybody will let the chips fall where they may.”


– Toronto withdrew their Qualifying Offers to both Mensah-Bonsu and Delfino but did not renounce their rights.

– When the Qualifying Offers were originally issued, both players became RESTRICTED free agents.  However, once those Qualifying Offers were withdrawn, both players returned to UNRESTRICTED free agent status.  Buuuuut …

– They are still, technically, “the Raptors’ UFA’s” until they sign with another NBA team or Toronto renounces them.

Again, that info comes straight from the Raptors … and from folks with deeper knowledge of the league rules and the CBA than you or I will ever have.

Of course the bigger question is … Will either player be on the Raps’ roster this season?


Instead, if you haven’t guessed by now, I would much rather see the Raptors take their money and spend it on Pops Mensah-Bonsu. By starting to offer $3 million a year and going no more than the $4 million a year, the Raptors will address some of their athleticism and depth questions.  As a player who helped change the energy level on the floor at times, Mensah-Bonsu would give an almost Jerome Williamsesque presence to a team that last year suffered from lethargic play on many a night.   As a cheaper alternative, Mensah-Bonsu addresses depth issues that are prevalent on this roster without affecting their remaining exeptions, allowing the Raptors to still spend their money to further strengthen their front-court with free agents.

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