Free-Agent Big Man Watch

Colangelo said he'd be looking to sign a center so I figured let's take a look at what's available in the market.

Colangelo said he’d be looking to sign a center so I figured let’s take a look at what’s available in the market. These names are taken from here:

Kwame Brown, UFA: Improved rebounder, good active defense, not much of anything else. Has gotten better with age, but you can technically say the same thing about Sobey’s wine.

Nazr Mohammed, UFA: He’s a center, hence he is on the list. At 33, he’s too old and he sucks.

Tyson Chandler, UFA: Tried to get him last summer, is still the ideal fit if the Raptors have a hope in hell for making up for Bargnani floating at the three-point line. Not sure how much it would go against the whole rebuild thing.

Nene, ETO: An absolute beast who will command a lot of attention this summer, if there was ever a use for that TPE this is it. Too bad it would mean abandoning the rebuild, not that anybody would be too upset.

Yao Ming, UFA: Remember the Ming Dynasty? Me neither, whatever happened to T-Mac, Yao and Jeff van Gundy building a contender in Houston? Yao is 30 years old now and has played in 57, 48, 55, 77 and 5 games in the last five seasons. What he would do is sell some seats so I wouldn’t count him out.

Jeff Foster, UFA: Jeff Foster has been in Indiana for 12 years, his entire career. He’s averaged 7 rebounds in 20 minutes for his career, that is a rate almost identical to Reggie Evans. What am I getting at? If Jeff Foster played in Toronto he’d be worshiped.

Theo Ratliff, UFA: Never recovered from this.

Joel Przybilla, UFA: If it’s rim-defense you want, Przybilla gives it to you in spades. At 31, he’s got at least a couple good years left and could be an addition that won’t demand touches and do his job silently. He made $7M last season, and will likely command the same. With teams looking to make defense a priority, expect him to receive attention in the market.

Marc Gasol, RFA: He’s 26, already a proven player, plays hard and plays great team defense. Rebuild or no rebuild, the Raptors would be wise to open up the bank and target Gasol as their center for the next five years. He’s not a shot-blocker but the Raptors have that base covered with Johnson and Davis, Gasol’s defense, passing and post-scoring would be an ideal fit with YGZ®.

Erick Dampier, UFA: Time-waster.

Dan Gadzuric, UFA: He’d come cheap.

Ronny Turiaf, UFA: Always liked his game, but he’s not a starter which is what the Raptors are looking for.

Spencer Hawes, RFA: I’d rather stick with Bargnani.

Greg Oden, RFA: The Frankenstein of the NBA. He intrigues me in the same way an expired carton of milk does. Remember, he’s only 23 and can’t get any worse. If Colangelo’s willing to give James Johnson a chance, why not Greg Oden. The former #1 pick would appear to be a good defender until you look closely and realize he can’t guard anyone without fouling and appears to have very low basketball IQ. Nothing to lose here.

DeAndre Jordan, RFA: Could be a great fit but I don’t see the Clippers not matching any offer with Blake griffin to please.

Samuel Dalembert, UFA: The story goes that when Dalembert was born he was immediately called for a three-second violation for staying too long in the “painted area”. A good rebounder but an overrated defender who every Raptors fan would be frustrated with. Still, I’d like to see him here just to piss Leo off.

Kyrylo Fesenko, UFA: I’d rather sign the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Francisco Elson, UFA: He’s 35 years old.

Ryan Hollins, UFA: He could start a fight in an empty house. Makes Bargnani look like a decent rebounder.

Troy Murphy, UFA: I do believe Colangelo said the new center should be able to play defense, so let’s scratch Murphy off the list.

Solomon Jones, UFA: Great example of an athlete confused for a basketball player.

Hamed Haddadi, RFA: Believe it or not, this guy can actually rebound and block shots. If he wasn’t so slow and had even a little agility he could be a serviceable player. I often think my TV is frozen when watching him play.

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  1. Excellent list. On it, the three I think they should target are Gasol, Nene, and Chandler. Unfortunately, I can’t see Memphis not matching any offer Gasol gets and I think Nene will get too many rich offers that over value his services. I think the guy they have the best chance at getting is Chandler. They almost had him last year and I believe Triano coached him last year with the U.S. Olympic team. Chandler would be a terrific fit here beside Davis, Johnson etc. It was allow AB to do what he does best, float around the perimeter. The other guy that was left off this list is DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers. He’s restricted. Knowing how dumb Clippers management can be, this might be a guy whom you could get too.

    • It’s going to be difficult to pick up either of the 3 you mentioned. Memphis just signed Z-Bo to a 4 year contract worth $66 mil. so they might not be able to sign Gasol to they type of contract he would command. The problem for Toronto is that every team in need of a Centre will be looking to sign the guy. Fat chance that Cuban would let Chandler go after the season he’s had in Dallas. I like Nene, but he’s not a 7 footer and can’t rebound well enough to compensate for his running mates lack of rebounding.

      • Mediumcore, of course you’re right.
        Dumb fans in TO think other people in NBA are blind, or don’t need a true center! There’re so many teams needing someone like Gasol, Nenè or Chandler, it’s not even funny.
        Simple question: how do you prefere to end up, being one of those 3 and supposing you are not staying put?
        Simple answer: Toronto is one of the very last places where you’d like to be (even if the Raps had tons of money to throw your way. Which is not).
        That’s why there’s still room for Bargnani: because better players go (or stay) somewhere else.

        • Gasol being Spanish, I would assume he doesn’t have any particular reasons to stay in the US. If he’s friends with Calderon, perhaps Jose can put his best recruiting hat on this summer.

          And although a lot of teams will be waiting in line for Gasol’s services, there probably aren’t too many teams with as large a TPE as we’ve got.

          As for Memphis, they’re a small market team who have maxed out on Rudy Gay, Conley is owed $45 million over the next 5 years, and Randolph is locked in at $66 million. Do they really have the guts to match any team’s offer, regardless of how large it is?

          Even if the Raps have to overpay to get Gasol, they’d be wise to do it.

          • The Grizzlies have huge amounts of cap space. Financially they are in great position. They’ll resign Gasol. No-one can stop them.

              • But then we’d have to ask ourselves, would Gasol be a better option for us than Kanter (if you take into account their relative age and contractual obligations)? We might be better off running with Kanter….assuming he’s polished enough to contribute right away.

                • Kanter could be good but Gasol is established good and is young as well. I’d go with Marc if given the option.

                • Gasol >>> Kanter & his knees

                  Polished enough to contribute right away? When was the last time Kanter played competitive basketball again? 2010 Nike Summit?

                  We need proven vets not more young rookies- did you not hear Jay repeatedly cry youth, inexperience after every mounting Raptors loss in the post game pressers?

                • No way in hell. Im all for the rebound, but Kanter is a project with many, many questions. Gasol is a proven commodity. I think our chances are long .. but if we can get him, its worth the risk. Of course, people have to realize, he will command more $ than AB – so you are gonna have a lot of dough tied up in two big white guys and that will inhibit our flexibility to some extent with DD/Ed, etc ..
                  I still think its worth it though .. if we could somehow by a stroke of luck get Kyrie plus M Gasol .. we arent that far off. I could live with JJ or another defensive plug at SF..

                • It’s very likely that if Gasol is acquired, Bargnani is expended. Maybe not in the same transaction, but still.

                  A frontcourt of Gasol and Davis has FAAAAAAR more potential than Gasol and Bargnani…at least in my opinion. With every missed shot, I’d feel much more comfortable with BOTH our frontcourt players cleaning the glass, than just one.

              • Plus from my understanding, the have signed Zach Randolph to a four-year $71 million contract, which would have him making around the same as he is now. From a Grizzlies standpoint they are better off choosing Gasol over Mayo, but here’s hoping they pick Mayo 🙂

              • Randolph has already signed his new deal w/ Memphis.

                Grizzlies will most likely let Mayo go in a trade before not re-signing Gasol.

          • Gasol has played with Jose and experienced his matador defense firsthand. That’s a negative, actually. Jose’s best recruiting pitch would be something like,… you come, I go.

          • Gasol may have been Born in Spain, but was actually rised in the States. More Specificly, MEMPHIS!!! That’s right, the boy is playing for his childhood team!

            When P. Gasol was draft to the Grizz, the whole family upstakes and moved in. Marc attended highschool in Memphis and was draft by LA, then traded for his big bro himself (this was the first time two brothers were every traded for each other).

            I think leaving Memphis will be a tough sell for Marc.

            I think Nene would interesting. Big guy and all that jazz. But remember there is still the draft to consider. What if the Raps win it? will they trade Irving for a legit big man if they are happy with a Bayless/Jose Combo?

    • Gasol & Nene will be back with their respective current playoff teams- book it. Gasol & Randolph together make an imposing frontline for the Grizzlies.

      Chandler, an injury waiting to happen, had nothing against the Raptors but he won’t be coming to this BC/Gheradini/Jay created mess plus he’s sure to get offers from other above .500 teams including Dallas as well.

      I remember a few years ago watching the Rap’s draft special & they showed the draft room (BC, Sam, Gheradini, Jim, etc) and when discussing a second round pick to use DJordan’s name came up and BC laughed it off like he (DJ) was a scrub- I’m sure the video of it is floating around somewhere.

      I say let’s go after Canadian UFA center Sammy Dalembert at a fair salary, define his role- defend/rebound, and play him next to both Ed & Amir in a 3 man big rotation.

      • Sadly, Dalembert might be the most realistic scenario.

        You never know, he might be rejuvenated playing on home soil. It could be one of those career-defining transactions where a player thrives under the right circumstances.

        • As I looked around the current f/a class that’s how I see it as far as decent big men go.

          Unless a trade is made by Embry (he may be taking over for BC before the draft) to acquire a big man like Kaman or another Sammy may be the best option.

          Just got to get (the “new” coach) Sammy to stop shooting the ball so much as he did when he 1st got his big time contract in Philly and focus on defense, rebounding, running the court & shot blocking- the things that got him his big time contract in the 1st place.

    • You are correct. Under normal circumstances Gasol & Chandler would almost certainly be resigned.
      BUT, new CBA may change all that.
      WRT to Clippers, I don’t know if I would call them stupid. Their interest seems to be making money and the have done a great job at that. I believe Jordan is the “right player” to grow with these young Raptors. Would it make sense to expand the deal: Kayman & Jordan for Amir & TPE?

  2. Check this quote by Rick Adeleman (who’s now available, by the way):

    “I had three experiences (before Houston),” he said. “At two, I had a lot of talent and at one, I didn’t. I won at two places and didn’t win at the other. I figured it out that talent is pretty important, especially if you have a unique blend of a big guy who’s one of the best in the league and a perimeter player who’s one of the best in the league.”

    Maybe all the Triano supporters have a point…

    • Triano supporters?lmfao

      Ever since he snaked Sam for his coaching job- who told BC that the team stopped listening to Sam- Jay?

      I remember CB, JO being miffed that Sam was fiired at 8-9. Jay finished up at 25-40 and got a contract from BC- imagine that?

      Jay had a playoff caliber roster last season- one better than Sam ever had, and mismanaged that team right out of the playoffs because he couldn’t control the lockerroom.

      Jay has been exposed as nothing more than a puppet coach following BC’s orders to coddle King Bargnani and play whomever BC instructs him to play/start in the Raptors rotation ie the often mentioned BC cult like Raptors consensus.

      Jay- I liked the effort (in a late season 20 point blowout loss to the Bulls in the ACC while Rap’s were fighting for the playoffs) is full of BullChit!!

      • man, oh man. even in a dream this would be wrong. seriously give your head a shake. take a deep breath and watch other teams and coaches work. please. it can only improve your “insight”. yes, the raptors sucked this year. and yes, everybody on the raptors sucks. but just stop with the nonsense. stop with the 911-is-a-joke conspiracy drivel. it’s hurting my head and i’m trying to read about the raptors basketball club. i will include you with the rest of about five to ten people who post here all the faffing time who have no business posting their relentless, repetitive, caveman, border-line racist “basketball insight”. NOTE to everybody who posts their “insight” about bargnani’s lack of dee and reebs- gotcha. next point, please.

        • U mad?lol

          A potential conspiracy takes only two people- BC & Jay- do the full BC consensus math not the self serving half.

          The less you worry about others and the more you tend to yourself the happier you’ll be. Step off! (Melle Mel voice)

  3. I’d be willing to pay Nene quite a lot to come here if we keep Bargs. Those two would compliment each other very well, better than Chandler since Nene is a better offensive player and would have a lot of room to operate with the space Bargs would give him. If we move Bargs then Gasol is target number one, but I do not want to see a Gasol/Bargs front court: neither of them have a good rep in terms of their toughness and neither is an elite rim defender. Oden and Jordan are also on my list and I think they may be our best bets, depending on what the Clips do with Kaman.

    • Nene and Bargs would be great offensively, but you’d be in the same position defensively as with any combination of Bargs with Reggie, Amir or Davis…now subtract Bargs from that equation and pair up Amir or Davis with Nene or Gasol….SICK!

      • I don’t know about Ed and Nene working together, I think you would clog the paint and you spacing would go to hell. Amir would work well since he mostly plays pick and roll up top so he wouldn’t be hurting our spacing too much.
        I’m more interested in Jordan and Oden than Gasol and Nene. All four are beasts, but Gasol and Nene are not excellent rim protectors/shot blockers which is what I would personally like to see going forward. My order of preference (of the four) at the moment is:

        • I disagree. Look no further than Marc Gasol and Z-Bo, and you see a prime example of two players that operate primarily in the paint. Also Pau and Bynum. Nene and Davis can work.

          I’ve not seen anything from Jordan other than some monster dunks. Taking a chance on Oden would be repeating the J.O. mistake again, so I’m pretty sure BC would not go down that avenue.

          • Except that Oden would only cost reasonable salary, not Hibbert and a NBA-level PG plus exorbitant salary. Disagree. The problem with JO was the price paid to get him and a bad, bad contract, not the fit with the team or even his play and injuries.

          • Marc plays more in the high post then Nene, but I see your point, it could work
            Jordan blocks 1.8 shots in 26 minutes of play and is a freak athlete. In terms of offense, he’s very raw, almost like Dwight was in his first year. It’s basically dunk or nothing. He actually reminds me of a smaller Dwight: super athletic big with shitty touch and terrible free throw shooting. I like my centers to basically be shot blocking monsters, so I’m fine with that.

  4. .
    I know I’ll get hit for saying this again, but Bargnani or not, Raptors may have to “make” their Centre. And the closest thing to that, is Davis. Centres are not just gold in the NBA, they’re platinum. Fact is, if you move out Andrea, and we’re not willing to allow Davis or Amir in that role, then who plays Centre? Ajinca? Reggie? Alabi?

    Ed Davis’ dad guaranteed he’d add 20 pounds before the season starts, so who knows. And for all those who said we tried this with Andrea, I don’t think Ed is the same kind of player. If the experiment doesn’t work, or has limited effect, then BC can keep scouring for a true Centre.

    Drafting a Centre will take 5 years, and do we really want to wait that out. What happens if this new pick gets injured. We start all over again?

    As for Oden, we’d have to pay a premium to get him here, and I’m not interested in giving up something for a maybe.

    [” Remember, he’s only 23 and can’t get any worse. “]

    Yes he can. Oden could find himself never playing again. That bottom is still there for him.

    As for Gasol.

    “That’s one of the reasons why I signed,” Randolph said following Monday’s workout at the AT&T Center. “They told me they were going to sign Marc back. That’s what they said.”

    • .
      ” Drafting a Centre will take 5 years ”

      That should have been …. “Drafting a Centre AND developing him, could take 5 years.

      • sorry where is the official rule about a C taking 5 years? I can make a list of Cs a mile long that did not take close to that long to become the player they were for the majority of their career. For alot of them it was just a matter of minutes (playing time) rather than years in the league.

        Ex. Tyson Chandler, in 24 minutes, averaged 9 pts, 7 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in his 2nd year. Vs this year in 28 minutes, 10 pts 10 rebounds and 1 block. Vs Career avg of 28 minutes, 9 pts, 9 rbs and 1.5 blocks. Not really that far off.

        This whole concept that players take X amount of time to develop is nonsense. yeah some may take longer than others, but those who will be quality starters in the league (or better) show those signs early. Most of the time when they don’t, its because they were stuck behind someone in the depth chart (ex. Gortat) and even then they show clear signs that if given an opportunity they produce.

        This 5 year nonsense was picked up on by Bargs boys to help defend their man. Not so coincedently he showed there is little truth to that “rule”. (in fact other than points… due to shot attempts…. and fg% (2% difference), Bargnani’s rookie per 36 min numbers are better than year 5……)

    • Regarding Gasol, stranger things have happened in terms of decision-making. After all, Baron Davis chose the Clippers because he thought he’d be joining Elton Brand. And just 2 summers ago, it was Hedo making verbal commitments to join the Blazers, and we all know how that turned out. Both of these examples involved the player changing their minds (instead of front office), but it does show that nothing is certain until a signature is on paper.

      As for Davis playing centre, he’s listed at 215 lbs. Add another 20 lbs, and we’re still only talking about 235 lbs (the same weight as Bosh). Let’s put that in perspective:

      – Marc Gasol = 265 lbs
      – Pau Gasol = 250 lbs
      – Andrew Bynum = 285 lbs
      – Dwight Howard = 265 lbs
      – Andrew Bogut = 260 lbs
      – Jermaine O’Neal = 268 lbs
      – Brook Lopez = 265 lbs
      – Kendrick Perkins = 275 lbs
      – Nene = 250 lbs
      – Eric Dampier = 265 lbs
      – Zydrunas Ilgauskas = 260 lbs
      – Al Jefferson = 280 lbs
      – Andrea Bargnani = 250 lbs

      The only noteworthy skinny centres are Noah and Horford (232 and 245 lbs respectively).

      Unless our goal is to seriously injur Davis, a player with previous knee issues, moving him to centre is not the answer.

      • The raps need a true bigman who can match up against those guys. But let’s not pretend that you can’t have both Ed Davis starting at the 5 against smaller centres plus a big man to match against the guys above. A bunch of those guys play 20-25 minutes anyway or are not tall and can be guarded by squat PFs (reggie, Joey Dorsey) or are not offensive threats at all. I think you’re making too much of the matchup weakness of having an undersized centre. You can work around it if the undersized centre is worth keeping on the floor.

        BTW, JO was 240-245 for much of his career.

    • Why force Davis to play out of position? So that Bargnani can be accomodated?

      Davis usually has to guard the 5 anyways when they are on the court together if the opposing center is the tougher check but to play him at that position continually would be ineffective and would break down his body that much quicker.

      I’d rather they draft a Biyombo and try making him a center but I would not put a good young player like Davis in a position to say he has to play the 5 when he clearly is not one.

      • .
        [” So that Bargnani can be accomodated? “]

        Did I say this?

        I was trying to illustrate a point when I said – “Bargnani or not”. It doesn’t matter whether he’s here or not. Personally, I don’t see Andrea with us beyond the trade deadline – so can we give it a rest.

        • No you didn’t but what other reason could there be for making Davis play the 5?

          If Andrea is not here I agree that there is still no clear cut solution to that position but to play Davis at the 5 shouldn’t be one of the options.

          • [” No you didn’t but what other reason could there be for making Davis play the 5? “]

            Because the odds are not in our favour, that Raptors snag a Starting Centre. I think some people are dreaming.

            That Chandler trade BC almost made (and where all the participants were told they were going – even tweeted it), is why I think BC should be our GM for the future. He may have made some errors, serious and not so serious, but he has the magic touch – post Hedo.

            • He should be the Raptors GM (& President) because of the trade that he didn’t complete?lmfao

              He has the magic touch- post Hedo?lmfao

              So was 22 wins, Kleiza, Bayless, Peja buyout, JJ, Ajinca- another one of BC’s magic touches- post Hedo?lol

              • Whats wrong with bayless by the way??? he played well and so did jj both players can be part of our future going forward but i would like to see us trade Andrea for a bag of balls sign jordan from the clippers and sign wilson chandler for our sf spot and hopefully draft irving if were lucky then we can trade bayless or calderon with andrea for one
                of those 2 players in a sign and trade.

                • Bayless, whom I like as a player, is a NBA back up- point blank, he’s not even better than JJack.

                  JJ? He was handed a starting position by BC via Jay and played like a rotation bench player- inconsistent. It’ll be real interesting to see what players are available @ #28 come draft night.

                  Both Bayless & JJ are tradeable assets.

                  Hopefully we will get some real quality assets back for Barg’s- he has value around the League.

                  I like WChandler as a f/a SF for the Rap’s to pursue.

                  DJ is most likely going to stay a Clipper and line up next to BGriffin in my mind.

                • i agrea that bayless and jj r probably backups but good ones . dj might stay a clipper but they already have kaman signed for big bucks so the money might not work out with 3 bigs making big money in the future lets hope we win the draft and get irving please god make it happen then maybe we can trade andrea and bayless maybe for lewis from washington he has a big contract but so does andrea and andrea could move to the 4 spot in washington beside mcgee i dont know about lewis just a thought

                • actually nevermind lewis his numbers been going down in the past few years what you think we can get for andrea and maybe bayless thrown in there if we were to get kyrie??????????????????????

                • Blake is still on his rookie contract though and they could always try and move Kaman or DJ later on. Kaman, Blake & DJ is a nice 3 man power rotation.

                  RLewis- no thank you. I followed him in Seattle and Orlando and he’s not the same player as he was back then plus his contact is huge- pre the new CBA.

                  After the lottery order is determined we will have a better grasp on what the Rap’s may or may not be able to do with their draft pick.

                  Andrea has value- let’s hope it gets done before next season begins- if there is a 2011-12 NBA season.

              • .
                22 wins
                was the result of an injury riddled direction, that’s not typical of Colangelo’s style. In this case, he resisted for the good of this club – draft picks – adhering to the solution that many have felt should be the way to a Contender. As opposed to his predilection for free agent signings.

                was a European with American college roots, who could provide veteran leadership to a young team. His dual European/American persona, had potential to bridge what some viewed as a divide amongst these groups. Unfortunately he was injured – I think well before he shut it down.

                Despite my belief he’s not a Starter – was a great pick. If he can overcome his sometimes/somewhat petulant persona (of needing to start to play good), then I think he could be a decent back-up that splits time between PG and SG duties. Which role is greater, is still to be determined.

                However, if Raps could snag an Irving in the draft, I would rather Jarryd be moved, as I think Jose is a better mentor. Calderon only has 2 years left on his contract, so the timing works perfect. Kryie (or any other top PG draft pick) could slowly work his way into the rotation, until Starting becomes permanent. If the mood is right, Jose could remain a back-up at a more reasonable cost.

                Peja Buy-out
                This is marketing 101 – build goodwill and you have a chance to overcome other barriers. Like being in Canada. Or sucking too often. His contract wasn’t a great marketable asset, while his time with us wasn’t relevant to the cause. This was a great move.

                or Miami’s 28th pick – Only way this is a bad choice, is if 27 teams make a bad decision and let a promising pick slip through the cracks. Chances are though, Johnson will surpass (I’m guessing), 10 – 15 players in that top 27.

                Ajinca’s contract was paid for, so that was a risk-free opportunity. Plus Raptors were needing healthy bodies – as demonstrated by Ajinca averaging 15 minutes in April.


                • The 22 wins are a direct result of a Raptors roster that BC put together. Milwaukee lost more player games due to injuries thannthe Rap’s and still had a better record than the Rap’s.

                  Portland had injuries galore (Oden, Roy, Camby, Pryzbilla) and is still currently in the playoffs led by McMillian & Aldridge. Every NBA team has to deal with injuries that’s when coaching & roster depth comes into play.

                  Kleiza is part of BC’s bad karma in action. A bad signing from the jump as he’s not a NBA starting SF or PF but a combo forward best suited to come in off of the bench but in the TDot he was given a starting spot by BC via Jay based on his FIBA play. I don’t know how well he’s going to recover from micro-fracture surgery but it is usually a 2 year process to get back to where one once was even after it has fully healed. By then Kleiza might just be an end of the bench player.

                  Bayless is a good back up, nothing more nothing less. I don’t want Irving- I don’t like rookie pgs. I’d rather the Rap’s go after either Felton or Lawson of the Nuggets.

                  Jose is no Once his starting spot is taken he will sulk, truss. Jose needs to be traded away as well.

                  22 wins and you’re talking about buying 14 million dollars worth of goodwill? Peja is currently playing for Dallas in the playoffs- BC helped Dallas out moreso than the Rap’s who got Ajinca from Dallas as a side trade out of that Peja buy out transaction. The Rap’s badly needed veteran leadership and 3 point shooting this season but BC bought it out all for goodwill? The Peja buyout was a great move to you?lol

                  We will see about JJ come draft night and the couple of years after as to who will emerge from the draft at the 28th spot and beyond it. I love how BC handed him a starting job though in order to make it look like he traded the Miami pick for a NBA starter- slight of

                  Ajinca was a gift from Cuban- one that the NBA investigated, for BC giving him Peja by buying out his contract. Not to mention that Ajinca is Bargnani light the last thing the Rap’s need in a center is another soft jump shooting Euro- especially a rail thin one.

          • Why should Ed not play 5? Whether AB is here or not has nothing to do with it from my perspective. Ed has a very good chance to be a solid 5 in this league. His game fits the position. He will gain weight for sure, which to me is the only missing piece.
            If he plays 5, you can pair him with either a smaller (skinnier) guy like Amir or a 4 that has shooting range (or even another big banger) .. one way or the other, to me Ed is a) our player who has the most potential at the 5 and b) would probably be on the list of the top 20 or so in the whole league (given how few big men are out there).
            Can you help me with what Im missing?

            • Ed would have to gain almost 50 lbs (up to 265) to be able to guard fives in this league night in night out. You see guys like Horford who try to do it at lighter weights and it just isn’t effective as evidenced by Atl’s attempts to move him to the four.
              I think the best position for Ed is the four since it will but him against smaller players and better let him exploit his rebounding and post game. It’s not that he can’t play center, it’s that he is more effective at the four.

              • I think 265 would be great, but thats a bit of an exageration of what is NEEDED to play the 5. Hes probably more than the 215 hes listed at (maybe 225). 240 would be plenty big from my perspective.
                AB was listed as 225 when he was drafted (same as Ed) and now hes 250 and everyone on this site swears hes a 5 because of his body only (because his game sure aint a 5).
                Anyways .. I agree weight is a factor .. but look at the guy’s game .. hes designed to roam the middle. And hey, if M Gasol was beside him, Im fine with that too .. but if we are thinking of Dalembert or someone like that, Id rather wait a couple years and groom Ed ..

      • Ed’s game screams 5 (other than hes a few pounds light). Shot blocker, good rebounder, 10 ft range or so on his jump shot. Having him play the 5 is in no way, shape or form having him play out of position (espeically if he gains a few pounds). Am I missing something here?
        AB on the other hand, roams the 3 point line (or shoots 20 footers), cant rebound, barely blocks shots. You tell me whos better suited at the 5?

        • I think Ed’s weight is the biggest issue. Even if he gains 20 lbs this summer (not exactly an easy task), he’ll still be a lightweight compared to other 5’s in the league. His body will take a lot of abuse, and that’s not something that would sit well with coaches and management.

    • Chandler (28-9yrs exp) 7′-235, 74gms 10.1pts, 9.4rbs, 1.0blks

      Ed Davis (21-65gms exp) 6’10-215, 7.7pts, 7.1rbs, 1.0blks
      add 15/20 lbs of muscle, more experience and you have a PF/C with the same double double skillset as Bosh, who played PF/C.

      An experienced professional defensive center is a prequisite for any and all NBA teams, Raptors included, a known fact that BC attempted to remedy with the failed Diaw, Chandler trade.

      Bargnani has been in his developement, is now, and will be a scoring foreward, who can rebound and play some defense, and is being asked to play defensive centre due to his size, and lack of a true cente since Nesterovic left. Learning a new position and skill in the NBA is a tough task for anyone.

      He has on occasion (40% of his games this year only, averaged 8 rebounds) while on other 60% of games only averaged 3 rbs, as his concentration and focus is on developing his offensive game. He can rebound and play better defense if he focuses.

      If Colangelo wants more rebouning and defense out of Bargnani, it is within his, and Triano’s control to insist that it is his focus, with scoring becoming a secondary focus, and accepting that less scoring from him is acceptable.

      Since the loss of Bosh at the start of the season it was the focus of everyone, media, fans, coaches, to find a replacement
      for the offense and to draw the double teams and Andrea was nominated, and his main focus has been to achieve that, and has pretty much achieved the role to the detrement of the defensive part of his game improving.

      Colangelo and Triano, or whoever else evolves from the current
      ownership management laughinstock mess, need to decide what they want to acheve from this core group, Andrea included.

  5. There seems to be a lot of talk about gambling on Oden.

    Althought he’s not a free agent, does anyone see any risk on taking a chance on Hasheem Thabeet? After just 2 years in the league, it might be too early to write him off as a “bust”.

  6. Another thought would be to look at what teams have depth at C and would be most likely open to trading one of their C for any of the following Raptors assets:
    – Bargnani
    – Amir
    – Barbosa
    – Calderon
    – Bayless

  7. If the Raps could find a multi-team deal that nets them Oden while dumping salary (ie: Barbosa, Calderon, Amir), I think it would be a good risk. Oden would fit so nicely in with a core of Davis, DeRozan, draft pick (hopefully Irving) and maybe even Bargnani, as the #3 big / 6th man.

    Definitely a risk, especially if Amir goes the other way, but would be tempting…

    • Amir is not going any other way. The kid has been in the league for more than 5 years now and has reached his ceiling. This is what you get from Amir Johnson. He is 3rd big off the bench in a good team so if you can dump that salary and actually get something in return, do not hesitate.

  8. The Canadian bretheren Samuel Dalembert or bust!!

    Plus sign Canadian Jamaal Magloire as the 4th or 5th big man behind Ed & Amir.

    Sam Kanter Jamaal
    Ed Amir Evans

    Just a thought.

    • SirChillyMost, why’d you change your screen name?!?!

      4 bigs in the front court seeing regular minutes might be too much. Add a backup PG, and a backup SG/SF, and we’re looking at a 9-man rotation with just 1 player used to back up both DeMar and J.Johnson.

      Once the season winds down, and teams get ready for the playoffs, most coaches trim down to an 8-man rotation. If we had Dalembert, there would be no use for Kanter or Magloire. Amir could backup both PF and C.

      • I never implied 4 bigs seeing regular rotation minutes as a 3 big man rotation works best in the NBA but there will be injuries over 82 games thus the need for quality depth up front.

        Magloire would do what he is doing in Miami sit on the end of the bench and battle bigs in practice. Magloire did hit the Rap’s up for 19 rebs in the last game of the season showing that he has something left in small spurts. Plus he’s Canadian.

        I don’t think that JJ will be starting at SF next season he will most likely be a back up combo forward ala Kleiza if the Rap’s upgrade their collective roster talent.

        Both Kanter & Magloire could provide depth against foul trouble/injury or Kanter (if drafted) could be used as a trade assest.

    • Did you watch JM in that last Heat game we played against them? It was the battle of the scrubs and he could barely keep up. If we could somehow transport the JM from 4 or 5 years ago, Im all over it .. but this guy’s a corpse now … hes gained weight and can barely move out there. Not what the raps need at all …

      • Jamaal had 19 rebounds against the Rap’s- I think that he more than did his job in that game.

        His body looked in shape to me- pause.

        Playing Jamaal all those minutes against Toronto sure he looked a bit slow but play him 5-10 minutes every few games and then you’re in his working space.

        I’m not looking for Jamaal to be the primary back up or a rotation big just to continue doing what he is doing in Miami.

        As the 4th or 5th big man on a team NBA veteran Magloire will be just fine- better than end of the bench roster centers Solomon or Ajinca.

  9. “An absolute beast who will command a lot of attention this summer, if there was ever a use for that TPE this is it.”

    Read more:

    The above quote regarding Nene is not possible. His current contract is over $9M and the TPE can’t be used to sign free agents, it can only be used to acquire someone in a trade and the entire contract must be able to be absorbed by the amount of the TPE.

  10. Listening to the presidential summit on 590.

    Colangelo worked as a real estate developer. He sounded pretty passionate about it too, very businessman like. He also referred to trump as a “brand”

    Mr. Colangelo, Salesman.

  11. I’d like to see either Yao or Oden, but at the right price. Sometimes it’s worth taking a chance. I’d rather forgo the Kleiza/Jarret Jack type signings for a year or two and put that money towards a potential difference maker.

    50 games of Yao at 50% effectiveness is way better than what we’ve got in the pipeline and would be very exciting for the city. Hope he gets better and trade BArgnani for a good PG. In a world where Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson are PGs for playoff teams there must be a Bargs for PG deal that can be done.

  12. Time to clear up the revisionist Raptos draft history behind the Araujo selection where Babcock is the fool for selecting him that alot of fans are propagating:
    **Click on the above link for full article

    Really do we need to go over this one?

    Yes. Yes, we do.

    I really need to exorcise this moment of stupendous dubiosity because it’s not just about a colossally bad draft pick. When you look back at all the decisions made that led up to this night when Raptor fans justifiably booed their heads off, you begin to realize just how dysfunctional this organization is (was? hope hope).

    The seeds of the the Araujo pick were sown in the previous year when Lenny Wilkins was fired. Dick Peddie decided that the Raptors needed a fiery defensive-minded coach and basically over-ruled GM Glen Grunwald to select Kevin O’Neill as the man for the job. Grunwald ended up taking the fall for the debacle that was the 2003/2004 season and O’Neill went with him.

    Given the opportunity to install his own basketball management team Peddie waited. And waited. And waited. In the meantime all the other teams moved forward with their draft analysis and scouting. Still Peddie wanted to make sure he got the right guy for the GM job and less than 3 weeks before the draft finally selected Rob Babcock… the very same person that Raptor consultant Jack McCloskey had touted for the job nearly two months earlier. At the same time, Peddie was not including Vince Carter in the decision-making after promising him to do so, thus alienating the team’s star player and noted sucky-baby.

    With no time to evaluate players Babcock is left to make a decision based on McCloskey’s recommendation. That recommendation is Utah centre Rafael Araujo, despite the fact that Araujo was rated about 10 to 12 picks below the Raptors spot at #8. But Araujo was the pick. The fans showed no mercy. I should know as I was there on the ACC floor that night and just moments after the pick Chuck Swirsky walked by me and gave me the quote that proved he has a soul.

  13. Anyone watchin the Spurs game tonight (for some reason were getting their home announcers) .. talk about homers. Matt and Jack got nothin on them … wow

  14. My dream line up for next year tell me what u guys deandre jordan soloman alabi power forward ed davis amir johnson small forward wilson chandler jj shooting guard demar derozan leandro barbosa point guard kyrie irving jose calderon

  15. Tyson Chandler is the right guy with the right game. his injuries worry me, but i love his game. blocks, rebounds and put-backs. a front court with ed davis with amir and bargs off the bench would be nice.

    • I like him but injuries scare me to i would rather have deandre jordan numbers r pretty much the same better shot blocker and much younger and cheaper.

  16. “Greg Oden, RFA: The Frankenstein of the NBA. He intrigues me in the same way an expired carton of milk does. Remember, he’s only 23”

    It amazes me whenever I see his age. Dude looks like he’s about to retire.

  17. spencer hawes, elton brand, iggy, young, holiday, won 41 games. don’t you guys think that a heavier amir and ed davis could hold the fort for most frontcourt matchups in the league.

    there might 10 teams with two bigs that we would struggle against. (denver, lakers, celtics, memphis, magic, to name a few) but with lightning quick permiter and transition play in combination speed/athleticism on the defensive end, anything is possible.

    im’ thinking if ed can be our post up player of the future with a mix of free throw jumper range, he is sufficient at pf. Amir has the high pick and roll, just needs the weight so he is not bodied by opposing centers.

    i guess i just want to see, a super fast pg like kemba or irving, derozan, johnson, ed and amir start a whole season together…i know it would be exciting and everyone would play extremely hard for eachother.


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