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Hey everyone! As we gear up for an exciting 2016-17 season, Raptors Republic is looking to fill out its roster. The unfortunate reality of the blog game is that we can’t offer much to start beyond our large audience/platform, some staff parties, and occasionally some other benefits, but we try our best to make contributing to the team fun and worthwhile.

If you’re interested in helping out with any of the following positions, please email me at [email protected] with the name of the specific position in the subject line. We are an inclusive team that welcomes all applicants and contributors.

Comment Moderator

So, our comment section can kind of be a mess. And unfortunately, unlike the forums, we don’t have moderators on hand to keep the conversation clean and welcoming. It’s gotten a bit out of hand this summer, and since I generally won’t have the time to wade through comments once the season begins, we’d like to give someone from the community a moderator title to help manage the conversations. Essentially, you’d delete spam, flag offensive language use, and generally try to keep the discussion to where everyone feels comfortable contributing.

Preferably, this person would be someone who is already involved in the community here.

Social Editor

We’re also looking for help on our social media channels. Specifically, we could use someone to help facilitate conversation on Facebook, tweet during games, and post interesting things to Instagram. This role may also involve occasionally posting short/buzzy things to the Raptors Republic main page if I can’t get to them quickly enough.

We’d like to find someone who is already fairly comfortable with social media, so please include your account handles if you inquire.

D-League Writer

We get a fair amount of email from people looking to contribute writing to RR, and while we’re always on the lookout for new writers, we have a pretty good roster at the NBA level. Where we could use some help is with Raptors 905, where I’m unsure I’ll be able to cover all 50 games this season. Last year, I was fond of saying “it’s the D-League for everyone,” and I found the season to be a good learning experience. I’m hoping someone else will feel the same in helping us with our 905 coverage this year. It’s possible we fill this role internally, but if the D-League is something that interests you, I’d love to hear from you.

If you send an email for this position, please include a link to a writing sample.

As a side note, I get asked fairly often by people who want to contribute to RR what they should do to get started/get noticed. The answer is to just write. Set up a WordPress or Medium account and just get reps in, both to help you find your voice and build a bit of an audience, however small at first. William Lou and Cooper Smither, for example, were both kind of just found doing their own thing on their own blogs, and we scooped them up for RR. Others have landed at RR by simply sending me guest posts/writing samples, and that works, too, but having your own spot with frequent posts is probably the best way for us to notice and evaluate.

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