We’re Going Streaking – Confederacy of Dunks

This week we're talking about how the pressure is on for Bobby and Masai, take a stroll down the memory lane of dark Raptor moments, tunnel dances, redemption players and AI responses.

Season 10, Episode 274

RAPTORS: This is now the 3rd biggest losing streak in the Masai era. How will Masai and Bobby respond to this ongoing slump? We’ve all been Raptors fans for a long time. There’s been years of some real opaque darkness. We end up talking about our darkest moments as fans of this franchise!

NBA: The Grizzlies posted a video where they do a big walk to a song they love before every game. What other teams should do a bit of a tunnel dance? What player is having the best redemption year so far?

With Adam Christie and Dan Galea!

This is our final pod of the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! We’ll see you in the New Year. Thanks for listening and supporting us! Keep your chins up! Raps will figure this out.

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