Rasheed to Drink Bosh’s Milkshake

Y.M.C.A.! This TSN2 debacle has been a blessing in disguise; since we were spared eye sores for many a game. I still curse Rogers and TSN2, but it is followed with a shrug. Misery continued in Philly on Wednesday for the Raptors, but you know what, she likes company, and her name is Detroit. The ... Read more

Raps Fan’s 3 Point Shot – March 12/09

Is it me, or does Bosh seem more excited to give a weather report then win games? #boshsucks if you are on twitter (we have to call him out, can’t let him get off scott-free!) If Smitch was still the coach, would the Raptors be in the playoff hunt? (do we even care?) Is it ... Read more

No Pirates in Philly

Bargnani defending the paint while everyone else watches. They got Cheese Steaks and clean up after our drafting messes, but they don’t have any damn pirates, which the Raptors can be thankful for. I was half wrong about Philly at the start of the year; I pegged them for a 50 win team ahead of ... Read more

Crushing Defeat

See that look on Deron’s face? It’s called focus and being a winner. Notice Jose’s? lol Raptors 101, Jazz 109 Crushing, absolutely crushing. The stage was set for the Raptors to steal one from the Jazz: DST meant the Jazz were playing at 930am Utah time and on the road; no Carlos Boozer; Pops Mensah-Bonsu ... Read more

Wade Came. Wade Saw. Wade Conquered.

“…Scottie Pippen defense my ass” – @RapsGurl Raptors 102, Heat 108 It wasn’t the game that Arsenalist was looking for (Joey vs Moon), in fact, both were small bit players in what was Wade vs Bosh. Not a head-to-head match-up, but we saw potential future teammates battle it out like titans. Normally I am extremely ... Read more

Another Day. Another Raptor Game. Yay.

I don’t have a clever title, sorry. Normally, RuPaul would respond to being called Bosh “sashay shante“, but he’s in Bush country and you can’t blame him for looking over his shoulder. We know how dem rednecks like dem der colored transvestites…they don’t. The Mavs rolled out the welcome wagon with a 109-98 spanking. Bosh ... Read more

Raptors Look to Make it 3 Wins in 4 Games

90 points-in-the-paint. That’s what the Raptors gave up to the Suns on Friday. Fortunately for them, the Mavs are far more perimeter oriented. Dampier isn’t the threat that Shaq is in the paint, and the rest of the guys work outside in. Not that it matters, because ultimately the Mavs are playing for a playoff ... Read more

Raptors are BBQ Chicken

1 of 3968 dunks put down by The Big Aristotle Suns 133, Raptors 113 Q: What do you call the Suns when they are missing both Nash and Stoudemire? A: Good enough to beat the Raptors. This marks another occasion (last time being against the Bucks) that the Raptors couldn’t take advantage of a team ... Read more

Need to Handle Business

What-choo-talkin-about? The Raptors need to take this one as they head into a tough stretch of games where they play 7 teams who are .500 or better. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, there is a game against the Wolves. Don’t get too excited, but it could mean two wins in a row for ... Read more

Round Two

I need help Only the Denver game that “cost” Smitch his job was by a larger margin. At what point will the rhetoric and idiocy about the playoffs stop? Sure they are 5.5 games out of 8th spot, but what has happened this season that has certain idiots suggesting the playoffs? 21-36 seem like a ... Read more

Knicks Host The Raptors on The First Night of a Home-and-Home

Krypto-Nate is in the House. Anyone else lifting their eyebrows after the moves the Knicks made? Donnie Walsh divined Malik Rose, Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Anthony Roberson and some cash into Chris Wilcox and Larry Hughes. That’s what a great GM does, he turns useless pieces into better ones that can contribute now without impacting ... Read more

Fool’s Gold

Maybe this will buy BryCo some time till the summer… It’s times like this where I wished I could smite BC for his idiotic abuse of this franchise and its fans. The latest obscenity happens to potentially be the most expensive. When this team was in desperate need of a wing player who could create ... Read more