Breaking It Down: Three plays that make you go ugh

Raps started out on an 8-0 run. GSW called a timeout, and that was the end of it. The run following GSW's timeout put them in control of the game and they never looked back. Here are three plays from that run focusing on the Raptors' defense (or lack thereof).

Breaking It Down: The Good, The Bad and The Bargnani

We'll start the first segment of Breaking It Down with a defensive set, one in which Andrea Bargnani does some good and bad. This is taken from the Boston game where Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett are about to run a fairly routine pick 'n roll on the right wing. On the play Bargnani has two main defensive responsibilities, one he does well and the other he blows.

Breaking It Down: Anticipating the action

Here's a defensive possession from the first half where it's evident what the Lakers are about to do, but only one Raptor anticipates the action while the one that was supposed to see it coming, didn't move an inch.

Breaking It Down: Creating Fastbreaks

One of the things that stood out against Philadelphia were the Raptors' 26 fastbreak points. Many of the points were the result of a convenient rebound combined with an aggressive mentality to run. We examine two such instances.