Free Agency Tracker 2019

UPDATE: He don’t stay after all. Louis Zatzman has already explained in great detail that the ‘Kawhi Leonard is a Toronto Raptor’ has come and gone. He’s off to get married today (!) but we will keep our free-agency-and-off-season-moves tracker going.     While we wait on *any* Raptors-related news, here is a chart containing ... Read more

Weekend Open Thread

It’s weird having so little to discuss after such momentous events so recently. Here’s an open thread. Be free to chat. Also be nice.

2019 NBA Draft Day Open Thread

I will continue updating this open thread with the latest news, rumors, and deals. Here’s a look at the Raptors current draft position and trade viability. Here’s our final draft rankings. All of the players that have worked out with Toronto can be found here: Group one Group two Group three Group four Group five ... Read more

Taking Q’s For the Championship Mailbag

The Raptors won the championship, everything is beautiful and hope springs eternal. Because of the love I bear for Raptors Republic and it’s supporters/readers/commenters I think it’s only right that I do a mailbag in the hopes of treating the readers as well as the Raptors have treated the fans. Whether you’re genuinely interested in ... Read more

New Gear Alert!!

Need something to flex at Jurassic Park? We gotchu… KYLE LOWRY OVER EVERYTHING Couldn’t come up with a more fitting Lowry t-shirt if you tried. Wear it proudly! Buy – $28USD   GRIT GRIND GASOL Appropriating a whole era of Grizzlies basketball and making it our own. Buy – $28USD  

Talking Raptors Show & Party for Game 3

Thursday night Talking Raptors will host a party for Game 3 at Wenona Lodge! The original plan was a stand up comedy show for the night but when it was announced that Game 3 would happen May 2 the things got updated. The game will be on a big screen with sound and following that ... Read more

Taking Q’s For the Mailbag

58 wins in the books and a real shot at the Finals. The whole roster (excluding Patrick McCaw) is healthy for the ensuing playoff run and you can feel the excitement mounting in the Raptors fandom. Magic Johnson put out a HOF presser, and hopefully I can emulate some of his magic via the Mailbag. ... Read more