Raptors Roll Call March 30 vs Heat

Ashamed at first, then proud, then excited, then let down. Sex with Miley Cyrus or the night as a Raptors fan? The Heat win 113-101 and drop us to 17-35.

Raptors Roll Call Mar 24 vs Bulls

Heartbreak City.......102-101 the Bulls take it in overtime. Raptors fall to 16-33, but this may have been the game of the year when it comes down to heart and hustle.

Raptors Roll Call March 16 vs Grizzlies

We entered the den and killed a grizzly with our bare hands. 114-110 the Raptors win in overtime, displaying why it's important to practice free throws and in-bounding the ball. We are 15-29 and a Jeremy Lin injury away from the playoff hunt.

Raptors Roll Call Mar 14 vs Nets

Our playoff hopes take a hit with the-man-we-all-wish-we-were takes it to the Raptors with 16 points, 21 rebounds and a 98-84 Nets victory. Our record drops to 14-29.

Raptors Roll Call March 11 vs Bucks

A nice sized lead, then a slugfest, then the usual fade in the 4th. Bucks win 105-99 and we slip to 13-28. Bright side: we still have more hopes of getting into the post season than the Leafs.